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The Stanford Graduate School of Business (also known as Stanford Business School or
Stanford GSB) is one of the professional schools of Stanford University, in Stanford,
California. It is one of the leading business schools in the United States.

The Stanford Graduate School of Business offers a general management MBA degree and
thus does not offer degrees in specialized areas such as finance or marketing, although it
does offer certificate programs in public management and global management. The school
also offers the Sloan Master's Program, a full-time ten-month MS in Management for
accomplished mid-career executives and entrepreneurs, and a Ph.D. program. The school
also offers a number of dual degrees jointly with other schools at Stanford University
including Education, Engineering, Law and Medicine.

Student Life
Whether you choose to live on- or off-campus, the Stanford community offers unmatched
opportunities for building relationships with your classmates. Students from more than 70
countries call Stanford home during their two years here. Single students, married students,
and students with families meet here on common ground.

On-Campus Housing

Stanford MBA students have multiple housing options. On-campus housing is guaranteed to
all students for one year. If you come to the GSB with children, we guarantee you two years
of housing at the same address.

On-campus options include:

The Schwab Residential Center

Schwab houses approximately 200

unmarried first-year students in a
community of small, modern
apartment buildings. Residents share
access to beautiful open courtyards, a
fountain, comfortable lounges, a
computer lab, and study rooms. Each
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student has a private living area and bath, plus a shared kitchen.

The Center is adjacent to sports venues and the University's main athletic facilities. MBA
students who don't live in Schwab frequently visit the Center to meet with classmates and
use its facilities.

Stanford University Graduate Housing

The Graduate Housing Service manages all other housing accommodations on campus,
including dormitories, small group houses, apartments, and suites.

· Escondido Village apartments house approximately 3,200 single students, couples

without children, and students with children
· The Liliore Green Rains Houses include two-and four-bedroom apartments, all of
which offer a private bedroom for each student
· The Richard W. Lyman Graduate Residences are two-bedroom apartments housing
224 students on the west side of campus, close to the Medical Center and the Science
and Engineering Quad

Off-Campus Housing

If you prefer to live off-campus, a wide variety of neighborhoods near campus offers
housing to meet virtually any need. Community Housing Services (CHS) can provide basic
information about finding housing in the Stanford area. A comprehensive portfolio of
information is available by mail, free of charge to admitted students. Other off-campus
housing information is available online, in local newspapers, and through local property
management companies.

Interests, Activities, And Clubs

The following activities are just a sample of your extra-curricular options. Families are
welcome at virtually all activities:

· BizPartners & BizKids—clubs run by partners of current students that organizes

social events and offers resources to help MBA partners and families settle in and
become part of the GSB community
· Books on Break—a program encouraging students, staff, faculty, and alumni to
interact through book groups
· Career interest groups—including arts/media/entertainment, nonprofit boards,
consulting, entrepreneurship, finance and investing, environmental management,
global management, government and politics, health care biotech, high tech,
manufacturing and design, marketing, education, public management, real estate,
retail, sports management, and telecom
· Challenge for Charity, Children's Holiday Party, Start Up, IHAD, and other
groups who focus on charitable activities or lend their expertise to the community
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Fees and Expenses

The following is the estimated budget for an average student entering in fall 2008. While
living expenses vary, this is the standard estimate used in determining financial need.


Tuition for the 2008/ 2009 academic year is $48,921. To assist with your financial
planning, your tuition is guaranteed for two years based on your start class. Depending on
marital status and other factors, you should budget an additional $25,000 to $35,000 per
year for living costs, books, and other expenses.

Sample First Year Student Budget

Nine-Month Academic Year, September 2008 - June 2009
Single Single Married Married
On Campus Off Campus On Campus Off Campus3
Tuition $48,921 $48,921 $48,921 $48,921
$19,932 $22,602 $28,116 $31,923
Week Zero
$634 $708 $861 $967
Books &
$1,869 $1,869 $1,869 $1,869
Course Reader
$1,845 $1,845 $1,845 $1,845
Transportation $864 $1,818 $2,679 $3,624
$2,259 $2,259 $2,259 $2,259
TOTAL $76,324 $80,022 $86,550 $91,408

(updated 3 March 2008)

Sample First Year Student Budget With Study Trip4

Single Single Married Married
On Campus Off Campus On Campus3 Off Campus3
Study Trip
$77,824 $81,522 $88,050 $92,908
Study Trip
$80,324 $84,022 $90,550 $95,408
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Stanford's MBA program was ranked #1 in the 2008 U.S. News and World Report
ranking, #3 in Financial Times and #6 in Business Week business school rankings in

Forbes ranked Stanford Business School #6 in its fourth biennial ranking of business
schools in 2005, up from #7 in 2003.

The Economist magazine ranked Stanford #4 in its 2005 business school ranking. In its
biennial report

"Beyond Grey Pinstripes", the World Resources Institute, and the Aspen Institute
identified the Stanford Graduate School of Business as the leader among business schools
that are incorporating academic content involving ethics, corporate social responsibility,
and environmental sustainability into their curricula and activities. The ranking was based
on an extensive survey in which schools were asked to describe cases, research, and
course content that address these issues.

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