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About Surya Softline Systems(SSS).....

Surya Softline Systems(SSS) has built a reputation as a provider for quality com puter education. SSS is one of the finest Computer Training centre, managed and run by the young and ambitious ones with complete commitment & dedication. We ha ve setup in the year 1997 with a objective of providing Career Oriented Computer Education and Training to the Students. Surya Softline Systems (SSS) was regist ered with Softline Institute of Computer Education (SiCE) From introducing computers to the people of Srikakulam, to providing advanced IT Skills to students and we are enabled ordinary citizens to achieve computer and internet literacy by offering a wide range of long-term and short-term IT Cours es to enhance your computer skills. Surya Softline Systems (SSS) is offering its services in different versions of c omputer education,Hardware, Networking, and Internet services. SSS having a good training centres across the Srikakulam. "If you have WILL, We have the Power and together we can achieve What is called SUCCESS". Objectives: To impart value based training to the students to their Satisfaction. To Provide extensive training to the students with personal care and attention. To Provide Quality Computer Education with expertise staff at a reasonable low cost. To Provide more practicals for imparting practical knowledge so that our Studen ts can compete in the Industry. Infrastructure... Surya Softline Systems (SSS) is fully Equipped with appropriate Hardware and Sof tware for effective training delivery and having a Good Infrastructure in all as pects like Good Premises, Expertise Faculty, Full time lab equipped with advance d systems and latest Softwares. The Main aim of Surya Softline Systems (SSS) is to provide Computer Education to all the students related to various fields and also to bring Computer Education nearer to weaker sections through out the Srika kulam City. Vision... Surya Softline Systems (SSS) is the fast growing one in the area of IT related E ducation and Services Human reachable across the Srikakulam City. Surya Softline Systems (SSS) is having a strong vision and is always trying to make this visio n fruitful. The Vision is: To Make more people as Computer Literates at Nominal Fee. To Bring Computer Education nearer to the lower class people who cannot afford high fees. One of our main theme is to Literate women students more, for the upliftment of women and to encourage the women towards studies. And we believe, In fact, that One educated women can educate the other members of the society.

To provide Quality Computer Education observing High Standards. We are Committed for creating a Better Tomorrow, built by young and enthusiasti c men and women with a shared vision.