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Request for Proposal The organization is requesting bids from compensation/human resources consultants to assist the organization in updating

its classification plan, revising its salary administration guidelines, and developing a strategy to increase employees pay that is competitive with the current market. Specifically, we anticipate the compensation/human resources consultants to assist the orgnization in reviewing and updating (if necessary) existing job descriptions, obtaining market data, developing/implementing a job evaluation system such as the point-factor or benchmark system, and making recommendations on updating its classification plan that reflects the current market. In addition we anticipate the compensation/human resources consultants to assist in reviewing the organizationss current salary administration guidelines and making recommendations on implementing strategies that will pay employees for additional duties/education/qualifications and ensuring that the compensation plan remains competitive in future years. The Human Resources Department will be performing as much work as possible on this project in order to save money. Background: The organization currently has 238 full time employees, and 63 part time employees that are paid under the current compensation system. There are 128 of the 303 employees that are employed in public safety positions. The organization uses an open pay range classification plan that has a142 positions that are included in its 13 grades. The plan is normally increased each year based on a rolling 36 month average of the consumer price index. The organization currently uses a pay for performance plan, and employees are given a pay increase each year based on their overall score of their evaluation. No additional pay is given for additional duties, etc. Each proposal should include the following information: Project plan and Tentative schedule. Describe in detail the methodology and instruments that your firm will utilize to gather and analyze data and to create recommendations. Also provide the number of times that this methodology has been utilized by your firm in both the public and private sectors. If possible, provide sample documents that may be used as part of this process. Also include an estimate of the time required to complete the project and a proposed timeline of work tasks with the tentative date of final completion. Statement of Qualifications. To be considered each firm should be a full service compensation/human resources consulting firm or specialist with expertise in working with and designing comprehensive compensation programs for municipal governments. The consultant/specialist must demonstrate that its job evaluation and compensation programs have been successfully implemented in at least two municipal governmental operations. Please include responses to the following: Total number of compensation studies/projects completed by your firm. How many were for local governments. Number of employees in each municipal government where study was completed.

Dates of completion for the project Locations of the municipal governments where studies were completed

The consultant/specialist must provide a description of the firm, year established, state of incorporation, and a copy of the most recent annual report. Company personnel listing. Please provide information on the personnel that will be assigned to this project. This will include personnel who may be serving in a consulting role. Please include response to the following for each person: Persons name and title with the firm Persons educational background. Duties and roles the person will perform in this study. The number of times this person has served in this role Persons overall experience in compensation/human resources studies. experience with municipal government studies. Include

References. Each proposal shall contain at least four references, with at least two of these references being municipal local governments. Cost. Please provide estimated cost of work. Include a breakdown of the cost of each step in the process and any steps that may be completed by the Human Resources Department.