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The lymphatic system - the immune system just wouldnt ow without it!
The lymphatic system plays a key role in helping the immune system function properly. Often when you are sick you will feel small marble shaped lumps on the side of your neck or under your arms. Those are lymph nodes so full of germ ghting lymphocyte cells they are swollen! The Lymphatic system is a structure made of small lymphatic vessels that transport lymph and white blood cells throughout the body. Lymph is a watery uid that is made of proteins, salts, glucose, urea and other substances. Lymph is actually a component of blood, it constantly slowly leaks out of the capillaries around your body. The rst job of the lymphatic system is to collect and lter the lymph so it can be returned to the blood stream. Without the lymphatic system in place your arms and legs would become very swollen from the build up of uid. Another important job of the lymphatic system is to help your body ght off infection. As the lymph is collected by the lymphatic vessels is it is passed through small masses of tissue called lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are lled with a special type of white blood cell called a lymphocytes. Lymphocytes make antibodies, an important protein that traps germ causing cells and destroys them. True or False 1. The lymphatic system is the only system in the body that ghts infection ___________________ 2. The lymphatic system disposes of lymph uid your body produces ____________________ 3. The lymph nodes are full of lymphocytes that produce antibodies __________________ Multiple Choice 1. When your lymph nodes become swollen they are _______________________. (a) full of lymphocytes (b) full of lymph (c) going to fall out
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2. Lymphocytes are a special type of white blood cell that ght _____________________. (a) lymph (b) antibodies (c) germs





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Designed to keep you healthy!

Your body is constantly under attack from millions of bacteria, viruses, fungi and microbes. The immune system works hard protecting you from all of these invaders to keep you healthy. This protection is called immunity. The immune system has two basic types of cells the ght germs. They are phagocytes and lymphocytes. Phagocytes attack the germ cells and destroy them. Lymphocytes help the body remember and recognize germ cells that have made you sick before so they can be quickly destroyed if the enter the body again. Lymphocytes and phagocytes are both produced in the spongy inside of your bones called bone marrow. These special cells are stored in places like your spleen and tonsils until they are needed in other areas of the body. The thymus stores and trains some of the lymphocyte cells to becomes special T-cells. Tcells circulate in the blood stream and are very good at recognizing germ cells. The rst line of defense in your immune system is your skin and your mucous membranes, like the inside of your nose and your mouth. When diseases are able to enter your body the phagocytes and lymphocytes go to work to help your body ght off and learn to recognize the infection. That is one reason why young children True or False 1. Immunity is the protection the immune system provides. _______________________ 2. The immune system has four basic types of cells. _______________________ Multiple Choice 1. Phagocytes ______________________________ germ cells. (a) remember and destroy (b) store (c) attack and destroy 2. Lymphocytes ____________________________ germ cells. (a)remember and recognize (b) entertain (c) recognize and attack
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3. T-cells are a very special type of lymphocyte trained in the ________________. (a) spleen (b) tonsils (c) thymus