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AGRIMONY — This remedy belongs to the group of remedies called OVERSENSITIVE TO IDEAS AND INFLUENCES, along with HOLLY, CENTAURY, and WALNUT. There is the ability in this person to conceal feelings and put on a brave face, this involves conscious suppression of feelings, but inwardly there is held many anxieties and fears. This may force throwing oneself into many activities in order to avoid feelings and possibly hidden vices. There is a compulsion not to let others down and never to bother others with one's problems. There is an affect of restlessness and nervousness. Resentment that builds up inside with no release valve can be seen in a tendency to passive-aggressive type behavior also dissatisfaction, grief and dissapointment. Craving for stimulants such as drugs and alcohol and diversions of all sorts to assuage boredom is common to this state. The inability to look inside leaves the person with unresolved conflicts or trauma that appears as if passive or bored.

ASPEN — This remedy belongs to the group of THOSE WHO HAVE FEAR. It houses illogi- cal fears and unconscious fear with a potential for fearlessness. There are issues of trust and a potential for "psychic rape". The panic attacks in this state may include trembling and sweating (quaking like a leaf). It can be used successfully for women who have been raped and children who have been abused. The mind is too easily impressed and the pathological symptoms may include, OCD, SLEEP DISORDERS AND INSOMNIA. Other remedies in this group are MIMULUS, ROCK ROSE, CHERRY PLUM, and RED CHESTNUT.

BEECH — This remedy belongs to the group OVERCARE FOR OTHERS and also includes CHICORY, VERVAIN and the arrogance remedies of ROCKWATER AND VINE. Attitudes of narrow-mindedness, intolerance and orderliness, as well as antisocial behavior are preva- lent. These individuals have trouble digesting experiences. Minority groups would be included where humiliation and self esteem were at issue. There may be an appearance of haughtiness and rigidity of posture, even at the extreme, paranoid personality disorders. One may learn to feel special by being overly critical of others, but in reality there is a sadness underlying it all. Grief is not worked out and so the person is criticized not mourned. (This personality type may become a tolerant diagnostician.)

CENTAURY — This remedy belongs to the group OVERREACTS TO THE WISHES OF OTHERS like the remedies AGRIMONY, HOLLY AND WALNUT. This person is timid, weak-willed and easily imposed upon. One is subservient to another's will without serving one's Higher Self. There is a need for self realization. It is the most sensitive of all remedies, and often seen just before a layer in the personality of emerging psychic abilities. The person is often under the influence of a guru or a teacher. There is an easy tendency to get sick and a weakness of mind and body, as well as DEPENDENT PERSONALITY DISORDER. Lacks the courage to let their needs be known, like CERATO and growing weakness and exhaustion like OAK.


CERATO — This remedy belongs to the group, THOSE WHO SUFFER UNCERTAINTY, along with SCLERANTHUS, GORSE, HORNBEAM AND WILD OAT. The person doubts their ability and always seeks the advice of others. There is a need to excercise inner intuition, like BEECH, as they are out of touch with the Higher Self. There is a need to follow fads, as well as rigid schooling which brings on a dream state and no opportunity to use the inner voice. CERATO works well with diseases of the immune system when, it doesn't know how to achieve health. There is a preoccupation with oneself. This remedy also helps with SPEECH PROBLEMS as does MIMULUS, and LARCH. The remedy is helpful in LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT DISORDERS, and IMMATURE BEHAVIOR, like CHESTNUT BUD. The person has a tendency to blame oneself constantly for their present state. It is helpful also for GENDER IDENTITY, ELIMINATION, AND SEXUAL DISORDERS. There is deep inferiority and an exaggerated "over impression" with others, and like CENTAURY, A DEPENDENT PERSONALITY DISORDER.

CHERRY PLUM — This remedy has a great fear of the mind "giving away" or of losing control of one's temper. There can be a tendency to BEDWETTING and a debilitated emotional state, even suicidal. The individual frantically tries to suppress spiritual and emotional growth. The destructive forces rising within often cannot be controlled so the danger of suicide arises. One experiences fear of subconscious conflicts. It is a good FIRST REMEDY TO DISCOVER PRIMARY FEAR. The state has the same open-eyed staring quality of Stramonium, and ACUTE ANXIETY like ROCK ROSE.

CHESTNUT BUD — In this state there is a failure to learn from the past. One cannot coordinate inner thought with outer reality. It produces MIGRAINES AND ULCERS because the person keeps entering into the same arguments with the same types of personalities and never sees that the same conflicts keep arising. Distancing oneself from the conflict long enough to look at it is usually helpful enough to change it. The remedy is good for young children to enhance learning capacity. The remedy belongs to the group INSUFFICIENT INTEREST IN PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES, along with CLEMATIS, HONEYSUCKLE, WILD ROSE, WHITE CHESTNUT, AND OLIVE. It can be used in situations of HYPERACTIVITY, ADD, IMPULSIVE BEHAVIOR, ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOR, and RECKLESSNESS. One may put oneself and others in physical danger because of a lack of regard for physical needs. The remedy coaxes the mind into restful consciousness. One experiences absentmindedness and inability to focus on learning factual material and understanding moral issues. The person lacks depth and integrity and is not readily socialized or interested in rules. Unreasonable behavior, instability, and defiance abound in this personality.


CHICORY — This remedy belongs to the group OVERCARE FOR OTHERS' WELFARE along with ROCK WATER, VERVAIN, VINE and shows imbalance in caring for and controlling others. There is an unspoken need to be loved like SCLERANTHUS but can pout and look hurt. ANOREXIA, BULEMIA, OVEREATING can be used unconsciously to draw attention to oneself. You can also see BRONCHIAL ASTHMA with difficulty expiring, chronic CONSTI- PATION, RHEUMATISM, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, OVERLY CONTROLLING, SERVICE ORIENTED, HYPOCHONDRIACAL, and CHRONIC PAIN DISORDERS in this particular state. The care given by these individuals is often forceful, or too much oriented in what they need or in not being appreciated. They have fairly rigid ideas in how to work with others and feel they have the right to force their opinions on others, and are possessive of goods. Such individuals can feign illness for attention like HEATHER AND CHESTNUT BUD. The eating disorders are like CRAB APPLE and MUSTARD. These individuals may also reject attention and further alienate others. They can be argumentative, possessive and selfish. Also narcissistic and lacking selfless love and the ability to nurture. HYSTERIA These children and adults can sap all your energy. Yet they are charming to strangers. They cannot give love in this needy state.

CLEMATIS — This remedy belongs to the group NOT SUFFICIENT INTEREST IN PRESENT REALITY, along with WILD ROSE, HONEYSUCKLE, OLIVE, MUSTARD, WHITE CHESTNUT and CHESTNUT BUD. These individuals do not easily attach to present reality. They can be daydreamers and can develop VISION AND HEARING PROBLEMS, COLD HANDS AND FEET. They can go into SHOCK easily. The body may seem uninhabited (out of body). DAYDREAM IN CLASS, which is interrupted by spurts of interest. These individuals can be PASSIVE, just waiting for changes, and clematis brings them back to reality. This personality type is found often in film, journalism, theater, wherever emotion distracts from present reality. INFERTILITY can also be a common symptom of this state.

CRABAPPLE — This remedy belongs to the group DESPONDENCY AND DESPAIR, along with OAK, SWEET CHESTNUT, WILLOW, STAR OF BETHLEHEM, ELM AND PINE. There is much perfectionism and self disgust and a need for purification. One sees a tendency to get lost in detail. The person can't grow above the severe mental state. The remedy cleans the blood and the digestive tract. Skin can appear dirty or susceptible to ACNE. There is also CHRONIC LONGLASTING VIRAL STATES and CHRONIC ENVIRONMENTAL POISONING, CHRONIC DIARRHEA, VOMITING, AND NAUSEA WITH EMACIATION, anorexia or bulemia may be present, and obsession with weight. The individual may feel shame and helplessness about repairing this situation. Preoccupation with beauty flaws and self-centered behavior can also be present. This is an ABUSE remedy.


ELM — This individual doesn't feel up to the task, even though they do a good job. Even in great energy, the body needs its rest, in order to rejuvenate. MENOPAUSE is often a time when these symptoms are apparent. This remedy is also of the group DESPONDENCY AND DESPAIR along with PINE, LARCH, WILLOW. SWEET CHESTNUT, and STAR OF BETHLEHEM. There is a tendency toward exhaustion of mind, body and emotions. UNRESOLVED CONFLICTS and LARGE WORKLOADS CAN LEAD TO DISEASE. ( WHITE CHESTNUT) There is a very strong sense of duty. One can feel anxiety, and intimidation in the face of any task.

GENTIAN — This remedy belongs to the group, THOSE WHO SUFFER UNCERTAINTY, along with SCLERANTHUS, CERATO, GORSE, WILD OAT, HORNBEAM. This personality

is the eternal pessimist and is constantly discouraged. This remedy can accelerate physical

healing and secure a sense of emotional groundedness. There is also a compulsive need to question everything.

GORSE — This remedy belongs to the group THOSE WHO SUFFER UNCERTAINTY along with HORNBEAM, WILD OAT, CERATO, GENTIAN and SCLERANTHUS. This state carries

a sense of hopelessness of ever being cured. So would be useless in a terminal illness, failed

business, or impossible family situation. The individual needs new ideas about himself in order to enter a new phase of recovery from illness.

HEATHER — "THE NEEDY CHILD" Individual can only be concerned with himself and at the cost of others. This child will talk with anyone. There is emotional deprivation in infancy. The person remains in the ego development phase of maturation, and will incessantly desire to discuss themselves. They live on the energy of others (emotional vampire) and can make

mountains out of molehills. The personality turns away from the higher self. This remedy belongs to the group LONELINESS along with CHICORY, WATER VIOLET, and IMPATIENS. Individual lonely because he is too focused on himself, therefore losing connection with others. There is

a delusion that one deserves sympathy and regard. Hypochondriasis, feigning illness, and getting "stuck in talking". The common pathology includes OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER, and NARCISSISTIC OBSESSION WITH ILLNESS.

HOLLY — This remedy is used to transform jealousy, hatred, and envy. It infuses a sense of Divine Love. It is close to the shadow side of envy as seen, for example, in business competition and spiritual practicioners. Holly is for everything that is not love. Sibling rivalry is a very good example of this state. Active anger is Holly and passive is Wild Oat. Holly opens the heart. The individual may experience "frazzled nerves" due to an overstimulating environment, especially noise and turmoil. There is a conflict experienced because if the anger is expressed others may suffer and if held within, the peson who is angry feels the pain. TENSION HEADACHES,


MIGRAINES, PARANOIA, DELUSIONS, and ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDERS. Much violence and abuse originate in this state and may manifest even if not wished for. It is also excellent for people with good intentions who are easily annoyed. The projected anger causes the individual to see disturbances or people as a threat. These strong emotions can rule the self and create much suffering.

HORNBEAM — This remedy is for THOSE WHO SUFFER UNCERTAINTY along with SCLERANTHUS, WILD OAT, MUSTARD, CERATO, GENTIAN and GORSE. It clears the head and makes life a pleasure again. It has mental fatigue after a prolonged convalescense. One sees demands only on the mental plane, or prolonged consumption in the modern world. "nothing goes in.” It can be used in CONNECTIVE TISSUE DISEASE and MENTAL RETARDATION, and PROCRASTINATION. There is no willpower to push oneself. The person is overwhelmed and bored and irritable. The remedy can be used after A HEAD INJURY to help with concentration.

HONEYSUCKLE — This remedy treats homesickness and prolonged bereavement and belongs to the group, NOT SUFFICIENT INTEREST IN PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES along with HORNBEAM, CLEMATIS, WILD ROSE, WHITE CHESTNUT, MUSTARD, and CHESTNUT BUD. These individuals are not fully engaged in the here and now and live in the past. There is UNRESOLVED TRAUMA or SEVERE GRIEF like STAR OF BETHLEHEM as well as SLEEPINESS, LETHARGY, and DIMINISHED VITALITY. It is especially useful in circumstances where children or partners are dying or have died.

IMPATIENS — The personality is irritable, tense, and driven. There is loneliness like HEATHER and WATER VIOLET. The state creates NERVOUS TENSION and CARDIO- VASCULAR STRAIN. Inner tension mounts out of concern for others. NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. The individual is efficient with lots of skill and ability. They are leaders with short tempers, and are arrogant, intimidating and self centered. There is also a problem with impulse control and the remedy restores a balance of mind over emotions. A feeling of self mastery is achieved as with HOLLY and CHERRY PLUM AND VERVAIN. These individuals can experience HOT FLASHES, and are QUICK THINKING and NATURAL EXTROVERTS, and can suffer from SKIN RASHES.

LARCH — This individual suffers with poor self confidence, with good ability. Therefore, they experience fear of failure and the personality doesnít unfold but impoverishes. The personality is logical and self limiting and not robust enough to fight off negative feelings. It works well for ALCOHOLICS who do not feel as good as others. Larch is also excellent in treating IMPOTENCE. The person is too focused on the inside instead of tasks in the environment like CERATO and MIMULUS. There is worry and insufficient empowerment to meet life's challenges. Also, one can see alienation from others and may present depression but is a lack of joy or courage.


MIMULUS — This remedy is for THOSE WHO HAVE FEAR along with ROCK ROSE, CHERRY PLUM, ASPEN, and RED CHESTNUT. There are great archetypal fears on the physical plane, like a hummingbird caught in a colony of rooks. They are based on the harshness of this world and life in this body. Excellent for people of a delicate nature. There is a lack of confidence and courage and fears of enclosed spaces, such as elevators and cancer. They are shy and nervous and worse after any kind of surgery, crowds and exams. Fear of knowledge. These are fears of a concrete origin with lowered vitality with hypochondriacal obsessions from a minor symptom. The state includes CHRONIC DIARRHEA, HIVES, DUODENAL ULCERS, ATOPIC DERMATITIS, PHOBIAS, AND PASSIVE DEPENDENT PERSONALITY. The dreaded personality, event, or thing is seen as a hurdle to be avoided. The individual is shy and tries to hide that fact from others and is hypersensitive to the environment.

MUSTARD — This remedy is used for deep depression with no known cause. It belongs with HONEYSUCKLE, CLEMATIS, OLIVE, WILD ROSE, WHITE CHESTNUT, and CHESTNUT BUD in the group, LACK OF INTEREST IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. Gloom, lethargy and CHRONIC FATIGUE and disturbances of APPETITE and these symptoms are shared with CHICORY and CRABAPPLE. Therefore, one can see weight gain or loss and constipation. Dread of darkness (climate affective disorder) and a disinclination to recreation and health supportive interests is common in this state. This remedy can be useful in HEAD INJURY where nerve damage and/or misallignment of the skull are present, and can be responsible for lowering of consciousness and the ability to receive the amount of light that is necessary for the brain to function properly. There is the emotional sensation of a dark cloud hanging over everything. The individual may appear very absent minded, and tasks as well as interactions with others give them no joy. Mustard can also be used for AUTISM and RETARDATION in order to replace existential gloom with joy (HORNBEAM and WILD OAT). Weeping, moroseness, loneliness, and ill tempered nature are usually present.

OAK — This remedy describes the "soldier and sufferer.” There is a stoic perseverance in the face of hardship. Mental, physical and spiritual exhaustion are present. Oak belongs to the group DESPONDENCE and DESPAIR along with WILLOW and CRABAPPLE, LARCH, STAR OF BETHLEHEM, SWEET CHESTNUT, ELM, and PINE. The individual is bent over with exertion and one-sided activity. PSYCHOSOMATIC DISEASE, COMPULSION TO WORK OVERRIDES THE NEED TO ENJOY HEALTHY DIVERSIONS and CREATIVE RELAXATION. One perseveres in one's duties at the expense of one's health (CENTAURY). The issues of self-discipline, serious intention, loyalty, and overwork abound for these individuals, as well as focusing on completing tasks and commitment. There is a reluctance to appear weak in front of others. This state has high ideals and it never occurs to the individual that one can get to heaven on playfulness also. Therefore the remedy is good to give if someone is in need of perseverance after a long illness or in physical therapy. It is a deeper state than elm.


OLIVE — This remedy show total exhaustion of mind and body after a great strain or nursing the sick. LOWERED KIDNEY FUNCTION is seen and LOWERED OXYGEN LEVELS IN THE BLOOD as well as TOXIC INTESTINAL FLORA and ALCOHOLISM. The Olive state is always a call to humility, and a challenge to deal with one's vital energy as well. This remedy will help to deal with stress with stamina and joy. The remedy belongs to the group LACK OF INTEREST IN PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES along with CLEMATIS, HONEYSUCKLE, WILD ROSE, WHITE CHESTNUT, CHESTNUT BUD, and MUSTARD. There is weariness of mind, body, and emotions, and rest and recuperation are called for. Apathy can be present, one starts a task and doesn't finish it. Those in social services or suffering from prolonged illness.

PINE — This state has much GUILT and DESPAIR along with CRABAPPLE, OAK, WILLOW, STAR OF BETHLEHEM, SWEET CHESTNUT, ELM, AND LARCH. The person in a Pine state also is susceptible to regret, self-reproach, and self-blame. OCD, GASTRIC and DUODENAL ULCERS, IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME, ASTHMA, and INSOMNIA can be seen along with other remedies such as MUSTARD and WHITE CHESTNUT. ITCHING, as well as the aforementioned symptoms, can be seen if there is deep seated conflict being expressed through the body. There is a masochistic desire to sacrifice the self as one clings to guilt.

RED CHESTNUT — This remedy belongs to the group OVERLY CONCERNED FOR THE WELFARE OF OTHERS like Calcarea Carbonica. They suffer for those they love, and even feel their pain. But things always work out differently than we expect and we cannot control another's destiny. Red Chestnut is a good remedy for codependents and enablers. One must learn to have faith that each person will find their way. Good remedy for countertransference. It is similar to Chicory but much more selfless. But there is great attachment to those held dear. Overprotection and self-sacrifice are common in this state. The person is even afraid of harmless symptoms, and constantly tells their children to "be careful.” Red Chestnut also belongs to the group THOSE WHO HAVE FEAR along with MIMULUS, ROCK ROSE, CHERRY PLUM, and ASPEN. Weakness and nervousness are common. There is a tightening of the stomach to hold on to others, and worry wears away at the nervous system. It is a state caused by trauma or fear, and like HYDROGEN requires wholeness to survive. One can harbor feelings of helplessness and self blame, as well as extreme terror and panic. A good antidote to accidents, sudden illness and natural disasters, when there is difficulty coping with the onrush of elemental energies. Also excellent in the treatment of holocaust survivors and refugees. The solar plexus is frozen with fear, like Stramonium. There is an accelerated heart rate, sobbing, choking sensation, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, sensitivity to noise and touch, fainting and internal trembling. RED CHESTNUT WILL RESTORE EQUILIBRIUM AFTER A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. The adrenal overload is repaired after so much fright, and peace of mind is restored. A perceived closeness to death of self or loved one can cause panic and internal trembling. It also antidotes chronic worry and loss of sleep. PTSD, ANGER, HATRED, IRRATIONAL BEHAVIOR, RESENTMENT and IMPATIENCE.


ROCK WATER — A remedy used to treat self repression and perfectionism. Rigidity and hardening of structure are common physical and emotional attributes. OVERCARE FOR OTHERS' WELFARE in the general group, along with, BEECH, VERVAIN, CHICORY, RED CHESTNUT and VINE. These individuals need to overly control and influence others. This is where the inner tension and strain are produced. SACRIFICE and LOSS OF PLEASURE are the emotional results. These actions and attitudes grow out of despair and disappointment. There can be tendencies toward obsessive compulsive disorder and ritualism, and so one can also think of CHERRY PLUM, VERVAIN, PINE and CRABAPPLE. This self-centered willpower can elicit despair, depression, frustration, anger and inner conflict (Kali Carbonicum). Also present in this state is a sense of spiritual perfectionism and pride, as well as the driven perfectionism of marathon runners and triathletes. There is a constant need to suppress important human needs: "the adaptable idealist.”

SCLERANTHUS — Manic depression, BIPOLAR DISORDER, dissociative and multiple personality disorder, as well as conversion disorder can be helped by this remedy. These individuals are aimless, impulsive, indecisive and reactive in their behavior. They are either in "heaven or in hell." They tend to change clothes two or three times a day. They are active or apathetic and cannot decide between two choices, with many nervous and dithery gestures. Their bodily symptoms seem to change constantly, with a lack of balance, and inner ear problems. Constipation alternates with diarrhea, and high and low temperatures. This state can develop before the age of three years due to a chaotic environment. That individual cannot reach his/her own intuitive center. Also one can see alternation between mental and emotional symptoms (Platina). There can be quick changes of weight and can be good for travel sickness and head injuries (Mustard, Hornbeam, and Wild Oat). Scleranthus produces mental calm and the ability to be in charge (Elm). It is also used in cases of TUBERCULOSIS and OTHER LUNG DISEASES, as well as indecisiveness leading to chronic illness with a vacillation between feeling loved and rejected (ASTHMA). This remedy like Chicory and Heather is much worse if stimulated by details and cares and cannot make career decisions. These persons are emotionally unstable, overwhelmed, and plagued by feelings of inadequacy and indecision.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM — This remedy is for shock and fright. There is a half dream state and accompanying inner numbness and psychosomatic illness. The personality cannot come into an active role in life. This remedy can reintegrate the personality and help insure mental clarity and inner strength. It is good to use if there is NO RESPONSE TO TREATMENT. There is an unconscious block on the psychic energy and there can also be a lack of appetite and digestive system. (Ignatia and Aconite). ONE CAN SEE ULCERATIVE COLITIS AND CROHN'S DISEASE DUE TO GRIEF. It is used well for anger and prolonged outrage that may lead to depression, with suppressed feelings of deep pain and despair. This remedy allows the personality to move through DENIAL and move into ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of emotional possibilities and balance.


SWEET CHESTNUT — A remedy for despair, and one of the most negative states of the soul. The individual is convinced that there is no more help for him and he has reached the limit of his endurance. The soul is unprotected, like a bird that has fallen from the nest. The personality confronts itself ready for a spiritual change. Transformation is gradually achieved without getting lost in the process. These individuals hide their feelings like AGRIMONY and are NOT as suicidal as CHERRY PLUM. It is an emergency state of the soul. This remedy belongs to the group DESPONDECY AND DESPAIR along with MUSTARD, CRABAPPLE, OAK, WILLOW, STAR OF BETHLEHEM, ELM, OAK, PINE, and LARCH. There is a morbid preoccupation with the self and its problems. One's inner reserves have been drained. It can be used after prolonged pain. This remedy experiences the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL, and there can be a morbid preoccupation with death. Attitudes such as deep nihilism which could lead to suicidal ideation can also be present.

VERVAIN — These individuals are overdoers and perfectionists. They are also sensitive to injustice, like Causticum. Over-enthusiastic, and tend to proselytize their belief system. The stress of these attitudes can at times lead to emotional breakdown (HYPERTHYROIDISM). The manic type state can be improved with Vervain as it helps release muscle tension like CHERRY PLUM, VINE, CHICORY. FANATICISM and POOR IMPULSE CONTROL as well as BIPOLAR NATURE fall within the boundaries of this remedy. VERVAIN, CHERRY PLUM, IMPATIENS and HOLLY all help contain Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Vervain state shows psychosis with excessive fervency, (joy, love friendship, disgust, and rejection.)

VINE — The attitude for this personality is DOMINEERING. It belongs to the group, OVERCARE FOR OTHERS. These individuals can be overbearing, ambitious and suffer from envy. These feelings can sometimes lead to the onset of GASTRIC and DUODENAL ULCERS and CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE. The Vine person is convinced of his or her leadership abilities and therefore assumes overcontrol of others. The opinions and wishes of others are disregarded. That can be abusive and stubborn as well as goal-oriented and these individuals don't normally attend to their own needs. There is a tendency toward egocentrism with tyrannical needs. Vine opens the goals of the Higher Self because this state was preceded by overattempts to fight back and is created by powerful inner tensions.

WALNUT — This personality is always worse with change of circumstances. This remedy allows the individual to take the final steps to change some negative aspects of their personality where they are still caught up in old circumstances. To be used where major changes are about to take place. It helps with a new beginning in the emotional and spiritual spheres, such as teething, puberty, meno-pause, pregnancy and old age. Walnut can alleviate stress due to major change so as not to revert to old patterns. It is for those who are about to take the final step to break old conventions. Walnut is also supportive to those with a pioneering spirit and need the guidance of the Higher Self. It is THE BREAKER OF SPELLS and allows one to let go of the ideas


of the past in order to fulfill the mission of one's life. It stabilizes chiropractic manipulation, helps with the pain of withdrawal from addiction and stabilizes the therapist against the energies of his or her clients; it offers protection from deep impressionability and environmental radiation like power lines and computers, pollens and perfumes. Physical symptoms can include GASTRIC and DUODENAL ULCERS. The over-impressionability causes disturbances from deep within.

WATER VIOLET — This type of individual can appear proud and aloof. The delusion of being "above others" and "special" is maintained. But there is a deep down vulnerability and loneliness that shies away from confrontation (NARCISSISM). The desire for attention fuels the feelings of grandiosity. Active engagement with others is avoided. ISOLATION LEAVES THE INNER SELF EMPTY. Pride alienates others and it may be the unconscious need to keep others away because of fear. The state emerges from deeply held humiliations and offenses. So the offended decides to raise himself above the offender instead of possibly receiving the appraisal of their personality. One then becomes unapproachable and unassailable and must then withdraw to deal with their own problems in their own way. Teachers and healers are often WATER VIOLET.

WHITE CHESTNUT — In this state we can see constant mental chatter, even in bed at night, preventing sleep. These individuals can also suffer from INSOMNIA, FRONTAL HEADACHES, and GRINDING LOWER JAWS. This constant flow of chatter "blocks the soul's progress." There is preoccupation and intense worry (OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER, IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME, ULCERS and INDIGESTION). One sees an inability to stop anxiety and compulsive thinking as with the states resolved by PINE, CHERRY PLUM and CRABAPPLE.

WILD OAT — Shows the inability to decide one's future course of life. There is a lack of motivation and a feeling of indifference as well as a lack of appetite. This remedy is an excellent help for such problems such as HEAD INJURIES, MENTAL DISORDERS, RETARDATION, OBESITY, PEPTIC ULCERS, NON-INSULIN DEPENDENT DIABETES, and PHYSICAL ILLNESSES DUE TO LACK OF KNOWLEDGE, or DISINTEREST IN THE BODY. One can experience aimlessness because of a lack of purpose in life, boredom and lack of concentration. Children can lose interest in school and play, like CERATO, HORNBEAM, GORSE, GENTIAN and SCLERANTHUS. These individuals start many things and are good at them but can't decide. It is an excessively self-centered personality. There is a need for depth and breadth to tap into intuition, and like HOLLY, it is a good opener to a case. One often sees domineering parents in the childhood, so the child was not able to practice making his/her own decisions. This state can also manifest in EATING and SEXUAL DISORDERS.


WILD ROSE — There is a deep sense of HOPELESSNESS. This individual lives in a fixed state of "negative personality.” A deep misunderstanding develops during the first days of life or from earlier existences and initiative is abandoned. There is resignation in regard to inner and outer life. The soul feels deserted and abandoned, as though hungry and there is no one there to attend to its needs. The person is half dead. As in chronic illness or a "stuck" marriage, the person is beyond depression, but instead there is resigned acceptance. These individuals can be boring and tiresome. This remedy can also be used when processing EARLY CHILDHOOD in psychotherapy. Wild Rose belongs to the group, LACK OF INTEREST IN PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES. One sees a lack of energy as well as a "flat affect"; it can be used in MENTAL ILLNESS, such as SCHIZOPHRENIC STATES, DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS, PSYCHOSIS, and SCHIZOID PERSONALITY where passivity is the major emotional presentation. There is a disinterest in fighting for health and a withdrawal from reality to protect the emotional life. There is no joy in wishes or dreams. The personality becomes chronically entrenched in TERMINAL ILLNESS or DISABILITY.

WILLOW — This remedy is used for PSYCHOSOMATIC ILLNESS as is the remedy HOLLY, and belongs to the group, DESPAIR AND DESPONDENCY along with PINE, OAK, ELM, SWEET CHESTNUT, LARCH, CRAB APPLE and STAR OF BETHLEHEM. This individual shows resentment and bitterness, as well as PHYSICAL RIGIDITY and WORN FEATURES. Unreleased anger can cause COLICKY PAINS, TENSION HEADACHES, and DEPRESSION. Psychosomatic illness is caused by suppression of emotions and/or over- compliance. HEART PROBLEMS, TACHYCARDIA, HYPERTENSION, HYPERVENTILATION, CHRONIC COUGHS, CONSTIPATION, SKIN LESIONS, and INSOMNIA. One feels victim- ized and burdened by an undeserved fate and seeks to blame others. This remedy is for all disorders involving resentment and blame. It describes the PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE PERSONALITY, ANTISOCIAL and DISRUPTIVE PERSONALITIES (HOLLY) and even PARANOID STATES with feelings of dissatisfaction, self pity, self-righteousness and denial of reality.