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For Immediate Release: March 20th, 2012 Mike Murphy | mikemurphy33@gmail.

com | 646-752-5992

Senator Democratic Conference Forces Action on NY Dream Act

The Act will Provide Access to State Financial Aid Programs for Undocumented New York Students
(Albany, NY) The New York State Senate Democratic Conference today took action on the floor of the Senate in an effort to pass the Dream Act. Senate Democrats offered a bill on the floor as an amendment to another bill. This action follows last weeks Republican attempt to kill the Act in Committee without a vote. The New York State Dream Act will eliminate potential obstacles to obtaining State financial aid and extend the opportunities for certain immigrant students to attend higher education institutions throughout New York State. This is a crucial issue that must be dealt with immediately. Unfortunately Senate Republicans have once again proven how out of touch they have become with the rest of New York State, Conference Leader Senator John Sampson said. The Senate Republicans have joined the growing tide of anti-immigrant policies and it is our obligation as responsible legislators to demonstrate that the American dream is alive and well, and must be available to everyone who is willing to earn it. The Senate Democrats are committed to providing access to higher education for all New Yorkers, including undocumented students. Enabling these immigrant youths to earn financial assistance will help encourage and support their achievement through higher education. Included in the Dream Act are provisions to: Provide access to State financial aid, including grants, loans and scholarships. Overturn current statutes which prohibit undocumented students from receiving State financial aid. Ensure that all New York students have the same access, assistance and opportunity to get a quality education.

Many New Yorkers dream of going to college but cant afford it and are denied financial help solely because they are immigrants, Dream Act sponsor Senator Perkins said. Our state has a proud history of providing immigrants with the access they require to excel, which is how New York became the Empire State and a national leader. I call on the Senate Republicans to remember that fact and join with us to make the Dream Act a reality. ###