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MBBS, MS (CV&T), FCPS (Surgery), FRCS (Glasgow), FRCS( Edinburgh)

Tel-880-01711560305, e-mail-

Personal data sheet



Institute/Place of


Medical Officer

FCPS-Part-1 (Surgery)

Medical Officer

Khoksha UHC, Kushtia


Asst. Registrar (Ortho.

Asst. Registrar (Surgery)

Registrar (Surgery)

FCPS-Part-2 (Surgery)

Registrar (Surgery)






Medical 08-11-1983
College hospital


Khoksha UHC, Kushtia







Medical 27-05-1987
College hospital
Medical 22-02-1988
College hospital
Medical 03-05-1989
College hospital


Deputation IPGM & R, Dhaka

Deputation IPGM & R, Dhaka




Medical 16-09-1991
College hospital
Resident Surgeon
200 Bedded Hospital, 23-01-1992
Consultant Deputation Sadar Hospital, Bagerhat 12-01-1994
Deputation NICVD, Dhaka
&Thoracic Surgery)
Faridpur Medical college 04-10-1999
Asstt. Professor (Cardiac
400 Bedded Hospital 27-02-2000
Project, NICVD, Dhaka
Newly Created Post, 15-07-2000
(Cardiovascular Surgery)
NICVD, Dhaka
Asstt. Professor (Cardiac
Bangabandhu Sk. Mujib 01-09-2003
Bangabandhu Sk. Mujib 02-09-2006
(Cardiac surgery)
Bangabandhu Sk.Mujib
Medical University

To date


Nov 1977- September, 1983

Rajshahi Medical College under Rajshahi University

Post graduation



General Surgery
Fellowship No- 499, Jan 1991
Bangladesh College of Physicians & Surgeons
Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, Jan 1999
National Institute of Cardiovascular diseases, National
Institute of Diseases of Chest & hospital,
University of Dhaka
Surgery, 2002
Fellowship No- S12756/02/C
Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow
United Kingdom
Surgery, 2002
Fellowship No- 29644
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
United Kingdom

May 1987- Feb 1988
Feb 1988- Jan 1992
Aug 1995- Sept 1999
Oct 2003

Orthopedic Surgery, Rajshahi Medical College Hospital

General Surgery, Rajshahi Medical College Hospital
Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery
National Institute of Cardiovascular diseases
National Institute of Diseases of Chest & hospital
Cardiac Surgery, All India Institute of Medical Science, India

Life member
Executive Member
Member, Editorial board

Bangladesh Cardiac Society

Bangladesh Chest & Heart association
Bangladesh Pediatric Cardiac Society
Bangladesh Association of Cardiovascular &
Thoracic Surgeons
University Heart Journal, Bangabandhu Sheikh
Mujib Medical University


An etiopathological study on 100 cases of hydrocele- FCPS dissertation

Antibiotic sterilization method of cadaveric human aortic homograft for clinical use- MS thesis
Atrial septal defect closure in normothermic on- pump beating heart versus cold cardioplegic
arrested heart : a comparative study on myocardial protection technique. Health Nutrition &
Population Sector Program (HNPSP)- Jan 2008- Dec 2008
A study of blood conservation strategy to reduce peri-operative blood loss in open heart surgery
comparison between three pharmacologic agents Aprotinin, Tranaexaemic acid and Epsilon
Amino Caproic acid (EACA).Health Nutrition & Population Sector Program (HNPSP)- Jan 2008Dec 2008

Guiding Thesis work

Outcome of warm blood cardioplegia in 60 cases evaluated by enzyme study (SGOT, CKMB and
Troponin-I)- Investigator-Dr. Lokman Hossain(2003), Coguide
Short term outcome of on-pump cardiac surgical patients with respect to acute phase responseprospective cohort study-Investigator- Dr. Omar Sadeque Khan( 2011), Guide
Impact of prolonged Cardiopulmonary by-passtime on renal function-Investigator-Dr. Md. Abdul
Gafur(2013) Guide
Echocardigraphic evaluation of cardiac remodeling after surgical closure of ventricular septal
defect in different age group. Investigator-Dr.Md. Aminullah( Ongoing), Guide
Echocardiographic evaluation of cardiac remodeling after surgical closure of atrial septal defect in
different age group- Investigator-Dr SMG Saklayen( Ongoing),Guide
Participation in Conferences

Congress93,Meeting health care challenges in 21 st century organized by CPSP,BCPS, ICS,

Karachi, Dec 1993
6th international surgical congress, Dhaka, Dec 1998
47th annual conference of the Indian association of Cardiovascular & Thoracic surgeons, Calcutta,
Feb 2001
5th workshop on asthma and chest diseases, Dhaka, May 2001
China/CVT-CAS cardiac anesthesia symposium, Beijing, July 2005
TOT program on Writing a dissertation organized by BCPS, MOH&FP, Dhaka 2006
53rd annual conference of the Indian association of Cardiovascular & Thoracic surgeons, Jaipur,
Feb 2007
Joint conference 2008, BCPS & CPSP, Dhaka, Bangladesh, October 20-23, 2008.
Scientific conference, The Chest &Heart association of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Feb 2009
1st International conference on congenital heart disease organized by Pediatric Cardiac society of
Bangladesh, Dhaka, Oct-Nov 2009
Training on Medical education organized by BSMMU, Dhaka, Nov- Dec 2009
TOT program on Basic surgical skills organized by BCPS, Dhaka, Oct 2009

CTCOMCON 2010, Joint conference organized by Asian society of Cardiovascular & Thoracic
surgery and Indian association of Cardiovascular & Thoracic surgery, New Delhi, Feb 26- March
ASCVTS-ATCSA 2011, Joint meeting of19th ASCVTS & 21 st ATCSA and 4th AATS/ASCVTS
postgraduate course,Phuket, Thailand, May 26-29, 2011.
2nd Kuala Lumpur valve summit, Hilton kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 6-8,2011
20th ASCVTS meeting, Bali, Indonesia, March 7-11, 2012

Oral presentation
Broncho-pleural fistula developing after pneumonectomy- a clinicopathological study,6th
International surgical congress, Dhaka, Dec 1998
Closure of atrial septal defect in normothermic on-pump beating heart, Scientific conference, The
Chest & Heart association of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Feb 2009
1. Rezwanul Hoque, Nazma Akhter, Md. Aslam Hossain. Use of monoclonal antibody in
cancer therapy problems and perspective-Journal of Bangladesh College of physicians and
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3. Rezwanul Hoque, ASM Akramul Islam, Aslam Hossain, MA Majid. Renal angiomyolipoma- a
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4. Rezwanul Hoque, Aslam Hossain, Faisal Alam, Amina khan. Complicated genitourinary
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8. MR Hoque, MM Rahman, MZ Rashid, MSK Sarkar. Results of Coronary bypass surgery in
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Publication on the internet

A. Educational PowerPoint presentation- RezwanulHoque Bulbul)
1. Post-operative sternal wound complication & management
2. Surgical restoration of ventricular function
3. Mechanical ventilation & respiratory support therapy
4. Cardiopulmonary bypass
5. Rheumatic heart disease
6. Aortic valve surgery
7. Myocardial protection- an update
8. Cardiac pacing for the Surgeons
9. Ventricular septal defect- overview
10. Mitral valve disease & management
11. Cardiac tamponade & management
12. Cardiac anatomy for surgeons
13. Atrial septal defect
14. AV canal defect
B. Educational video presentation-
1. Mitral valve replacement with Chitra TTK valve
2. Aortic valve replacement
3. Aortic valve suturing technique
4. Beating heart CABG
5. ASD patch closure on beating heart
6. Mitral valve replacement
7. VSD closure with pericardial patch
8. Fontan operation
9. Aortic valve replacement with tissue valve
10. TOF correction
11. LA myxoma operation
12. Aortic aneurysm operation
13. Aorto Bi- femoral grafting
14. Graft replacement of descending aorta with left lower pulmonary lobectomy
Publication in non-professional journal

Robotic cardiac surgery: Dream for Bangladesh. Pharma World, July-August 2008,
Do you really need those vitamin supplements? Expert opinion, ICE Today, June 2008 p-43
Congenital heart disease- how much the guardians are aware of? Souvenir 2008, Faridpur
heart foundation

Personal information

Date of birth- 16.07.1960, Bangladeshi by birth, National ID no. 2695045903598

Fathers name- Late Abdus Sattar
Mothers name- Mrs. Rowshon Ara Begum

(Dr. Md. Rezwanul Hoque)