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In partial fulfillment to the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Management major in Business Economics

Prepared by: Jinky R. Anacan Nina Lara C. Anacan

Mrs. Normida Hernandez

October 18, 2011

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Companys Profile Summary of Functional Areas Human Resource Management Marketing Research and Development Financial Management Management Information System Project Human Resource Task Issues/Problems Discussion of Issues/Problems Suggestion Analysis Bibliography

Companys Profile

Name of Company: Seven S General Services, Inc. (Dasmarias branch) Owner of Company: Alexander S. Arnado HR manager: Girlee N. Renacio

Alexander Arnado was the Founder and Chairman of Nozomi Group of Companies. Specializing in integrated services; i.e. manpower contracting, medical & diagnostic services, overseas deployment, telecommunications, software development, electronic monitoring & access systems, professional security services, and colleges under dual training system.

Seven S General Services Inc is a general services contractor. Established on July 4, 2002 and developed its own standards in Janitorial and Manpower Services as well as handling personnel and clientele. Creating its own unique image in the industry of Manpower Services in the country.

Seven S have 9 affiliates company such as: Nozomi Global, Fisher Security, FIST Academy, Paysoft Solutions, Dominion Wireless, Nozomi Medical, Nozomi Realty, Ultimate Wasser and Nozomi Financial.

Number of Employee: They have 3 permanent employee and 268 casual employee in Dasmarias branch. Year in Business: 6 years in Dasmarias branch only because Seven S General Services Inc. starts its operation in Cavite year 2005. Nature of Business: Agency/Manpower Services Typical client: Domestic

Type of Organization: Seven S General Services Inc. under Sole Proprietorship. It was owned by Alexander S. Arnado, the Founder and Chairman of Nozomi Group of Companies. Nozomi Group is composed of twelve distinct, but functionally integrated units offering comprehensive services and a solutions provider to the different industries nationwide.

Seven S Services are geared toward achieving and offering total solutions of clients manpower needs. The company has been servicing all types of contractual jobs such as: Assess Management, Manpower Services (Project Based Workers, Managers/Supervisors, Marketing & Sales, Office Staff, Hotel Staff, Production Workers, Technical Workers, Service Attendants, Janitors, Messenger, Ship Service Crew and Service Crew.

Their commitments to workers are prompt payment of salaries, statutory benefits, 13 Month and 5 days incentive leave and compensation released up to single centavo. The salaries are delivered to areas of assignment for cash paid. They also have insurance coverage.

As commitment to clients, they provide services such as: Pre-employment, Prompt release of salaries, 201 file of PBW (Project Based Workers), Orientations, Actual training, Performance review, Monthly Remittance Copies of Government, Mandated Benefits, Relationship of Service Attendants, Operational Activities and Constant Delivery of Supplies (Dependent on Clients request).

Seven S have their own standard of servicing from the rest of the service providers in the country. They dont have DOLE/NLRC case. They prioritize and assure clients satisfaction. They have Practices Japanese standard on in-house training of managers and Substantial capital. They uses new cleaning technology such as: Ionizers, Hi-Speed Polishers, Gondolas and Special Blowers and Vacuums.

Expertise on manpower and janitorial services 7 s standard: Sort, Sweep, Safety, Sanitize, Systemize, Synchronize and Self-discipline. By putting all together the 7 s from Sorting to Self discipline in any functional areas it can prove that it is.

Summary of Functional Areas

Human Resource Management HR Department serves as the bridge between client company, employee and the management. They maintain a good relationship with their clients. They also in charged in paying employees and dealing with benefits were the organization's first HR needs.

Marketing Posting a job advertisement online or sometimes they post the classified ad on jobs and newspaper.

Research and Development They analyze how to comply the demand of the company while reducing the number of employees and decreasing the cost.

Financial Management The client company paid the agency for the services they provide. The salary/wages of their employees was depending on its time rate. The agency company provides additional financial support for the employees who accidentally injured during work hours. They also paid SSS.

Management Information System Seven S usually save an important file in a computer system and they also make a computer technical support.






Cost/Bud get


Future Expansio n

To be more competitive in manpower services

Get involve in community mass hiring that government agency

Confidenti al

Confidential ASAP

Monitorin g of Evaluatio n Monthly

Seven S main project was the future expansion of the company. They want to be more competitive in Manpower Services and get involve in community mass hiring. As we can see in the table above staffing and cost/budget was confidential. Monitoring of evaluation was monthly.

Hiring Process The process of hiring in their company starts when the applicants resume has been evaluated and then screening to determine which ones to interview. After he/she has been picked out among others. They will conduct personal interview. Then, he/she will be asked to submit needed requirements. He/she, by then starts to be trained at the company to the position he/she will be having. As soon as everything gets done, hell or shell start to work. Regarding the placement of their employees, they are placed according to the applicants applying for. Or sometimes they fill out first those sections that are lacking.

Human Resource description/task Human Resource Department is responsible for the recruitment down to deployment. They also responsible for processing benefits like SSS, Phil Health and Pag-ibig. They conduct orientations, supervising all HR concerns, maintaining relationship with clients and they conduct meetings with regards to employee benefits and other concerns.


Issues or a problem was normally encountered in a company. Seven S encountered some issues/problem such as: employee complaint in benefits, they always have problems with delays. End of contract of the employee. Some complain in client company regarding with the behavior of contractual employees.

Discussion of Issues/Problems Employee complaint about benefits. They not receive their benefits on time because of delayed payment of remittances. Several employee want to renew their contract but his/her employer does not allowed them to renew. Some client company has complaint regarding with the behavior of contractual employee such as tardiness, coming in late, long lunch breaks, disappearing and using cellphone during work hours.


HR staff responds to customers/clients concerns and complaints. It's their job to ease tension and make the customer feel that her/his concern is valid while looking for a solution that does not hurt the company. Make sure that all the remittances will be paid on time and the corresponding report for remittances is pass to government agency. The Human Resource Department should explain well to the contractual employee his/her contract. Proper scheduling of applicants and make sure that they fully understand the rule and regulation of both agency and client company to avoid conflicts.


Seven S General Services Inc. as one of the fast growing manpower agency here in the Philippines offering total solutions of clients manpower needs. Human Resource Department toward to future expansion of company. They recruit to grow their company and other reason why they need to recruit new employee is because most of their employees are only contractual. Regarding about the issues/problems that HR Department encountered, it just HR managers should keep in his/her mind the interests of both customer/client and company. This makes possible conflict resolution that produces satisfactory results for both parties.