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Question 1 : Why some people feel sad whereas the others happy ?

The phenomena of sadness and happiness occurred when there are interaction among people or environment which effect the feeling. Human life in this world covered by two types of feeling, sad and happy. This such of feeling exchange each other in human life like day and night take turn to form the day and time. ( Yahya Don, 2006 ) Referring to Psychology and sociology, sad feelings and happy is over soul, mental, emotion and spiritual a person. While French philosophist, Rene Descartes ( 1595-1650 ) introduce interactions concept namely human are made up combination of minds, body and soul. According to psychologist, Gage and Berliner ( 1989 ), social psychology was study that study on thinking and individual attitude and group. Usually human will be down when hit by hardship in life. Among hardship is like natural disaster, death of a loved one, accident, farewell, loss and so on. While happy when one get comfort, success, wealth, felicities, and so on. Sadness and happiness also occurred depend to the our perception, heart and mental control. There are people who will feel sad to the simple problems which are not feeling like that by someone else. So, that is the matter how they control their mind and perception of the things happens in their life. There are also some people take everything happen in the world as a small matter and just ignore that. According to Book of Ihya Ulumuddin ( 1975 )described that in Islamic religious context, feeling happy and sad is award from God inventor on slave His namely as award and test. For example when one undergo something disaster which caused it grieved by the condition so it is test from Allah to test faith level and the level of someone's patience . If they have high faith to Allah SWT, so they have to be patient and be aware that all the hardship are from Allah SWT. We as slave His with redha take a back seat that administered by Allah. This hardship also said as sin eliminator ( kifarat ) on offences committed previously. It is as self cleaner to increase someone's status . If one experience happy on the other hand, it also is award and test from Allah to seen whether they are thankful or not. It also may be good response that was awarded by Allah to return good which is done by slave His previously. Rujukan :, 1.Yahya Don( 2006 ) Psikologi social dalam pendidikan. Kuala Lumpur. PTS Profesional Pubishing sdn.bhd.2. MP 1014 Modul 1-4, Program jarak Jauh , UKM

Question 7 :
According to psychologist opinion, ( Yahya Don; 2006 ), image that presented by human is related about the behavior. Aspect which influenced the human attitude was influence by breed and environment that is strong in terms of mental own development, emotion and spiritual. According to Baker ( 1997 ; 4 ) society form behavior and attitude . The psychology associated with this issue was abnormal psychology and cognitive psychology. According to psychologist, Gage and Berliner ( 1989 ), social psychology was study on thinking and individual attitude and group. There are few factors which are influence the individual images, there are : Environment influence such as colleague, peer group, surrounding community and so on. The individual usually will followed with majority image of the friends around them. If they present the different images with their colleague, so they must be shy and might be rejected or sorted out by them. For example if the individual staying in township which present image and modern life style, so by themselves will practice the style like that. Family background also played major role in deciding someone's image. The influence of the family is very strong because it was practiced from the child. For example if the family give priority to culture and politeness that is decent, so the family member will emphasize image that is decent and become culture that is strong in the family. Employment background also lots influence image one. For example one who engage in the field of career that professional will be present image that display the identity as a professional. Same with education level that possessed by one. Usually one who high education will be present image that is neater and show the maturity. There are also people who doesnt care about the images even they are a professional or posses high rank in their career. These such people maybe have their own perception about the images, and for them they are comfort with the way they present the image. Religious factor also lots influence someone's image. One who strong with the religious belief going to look after their regulation of presenting the images. For example in Islam, there are regulation how to dress up for women and man. So as a Muslim, they must obey with the regulation and do the best thing to gain the god blessing. Rujukan :, 1.Yahya Don( 2006 ) Psikologi social dalam pendidikan. Kuala Lumpur. PTS Profesional Pubishing sdn.bhd.2. MP 1014 Modul 1-4, Program jarak Jauh , UKM