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Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board – Maintenance of Combined

Water Supply Scheme – Changes in water tariff for private beneficiaries and
Government Institutions – Orders – Issued.
Municipal Administration and Water Supply(WS4) Department

G.O.(Ms)No.338 Dated 18.10.2004

Read also:

1.G.O.(Ms)nO.136, MA & WS dated 31.10.2002.

2. From the M.D., TWAD Board lr.No.2112/AEU/
O&M/2003 dated 25.12.2003.

The recommendations of Tariff Committee constituted under the
Chairmanship of Special Secretary, Finance Department for revision of the
Water Tariff Structure for Water Supply Schemes of Tamil Nadu Water
Supply and Drainage Board were accepted in the Cabinet meeting held on
19.9.2002 and accordingly, orders were issued in G.O.Ms.No.136, Municipal
Administration and Water Supply Department dated 3.10.2002, revising
water tariff as detailed below:

Name of the beneficiaries Water Tariff per 1000

Before Revision After
1. Corporation / Municipality/
Urban Town Panchayat 3.50
2. Rural Town Panchayat / Village Panchayat 2.25
3. Industrieds and other beneficiaries 10.50

The Board is presently adopting a water tariff at Rs.15/-KL to Rs.30/-KL

depending upon the nature of beneficiaries under the head “Industries and
other beneficiares”. 2. Due to above escalation of water tariff
various institutions have requested the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and
Drainage Board to reduce the water tariff.
3. Further Managing Director, Tamil Nadu Water Supply and
Drainage Board in his letter 2nd read above has proposed that for all private Mail

industries and institutions and commercial organisations the Board may be
permitted to revise the tariff to Rs.30/-Per KL. Uniformly, from Rs.15/-per
KL. This revision will affect 97 beneficiaries who are presently paying
Rs.25/KL and 42 beneficiaries who are presently paying Rs.15/KL. The
Managing Director, Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board has
indicated that these beneficiaries are agreeable to pay the revised rate of

4. After careful examination of the facts and circumstances of

the proposal of Managing Director, Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage
Board and in partial modification of the orders in the G.O.first read above,
the Government direct as follows:

(i) In respect of the Central Cattle Breeding Parm, (CCBP) the tariff
be reduced from Rs.15/- tp Rs.6/-per KL.

(ii) In respect of Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Vandalur (Vandalur

Zoo), the tariff be revised from Rs.15/- to Rs.10/-per KL.

(iii) In respect of Private Industries/Institution, Business and

Commercial Organization, Private Schools, Colleges, Hospitals etc. who have
not remitted proportionate cost of CWSS to Tamil Nadu Water Supply and
Drainage Board, the tariff be uniformly revised from Rs.15/- to Rs.30/-per

(iv) In respect of Tamil Nadu Housing Board Colonies the existing

tariff be continued until these colonies are taken over by the local

5. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance

Department vide its U.O.No.68399/MAWS/04-1, dated 18.10.2004.


Secretary to Government.
//true copy//

Superintendent. Mail

Copy of Letter

From To
Thiru Hemant Kumar Sinha, I.A.S., i) The Municipal Commissioners
Commissioner of Municipal All the Municipalities
Administration ii) The Corporation Commissioner,
Chepauk, Chennai-5 All Municipal Corporations.
Roc.No.53494//2003/WS2,dt: 29.5.2004
Sir/ Madam,

Sub: Water Supply - Municipalities- Water Supply tariff-Fixation-

Modal Calculations- Furnished- Instructions Issued-

All the Municipal Commissioners are advised that the O & M of water supply
systems in each of the ULB has to be made self reliant so as to provide Water
Supply to the public without any interruptions and problems. Routine and preventive
maintenance of the systems are therefore important. Provision of funds for
maintenance of Water Supply Scheme inadequate quantum is the need in each of
the Urban Local Bodies and this factor has often been neglected in the Budget
estimates of the Urban Local Bodies. It is also to be borne in mind that the water
supply tariff is subject to be revised every three years, so as to meet the upward
increase of production costs, Current Consumption Charges and establishement
charges including operation and maintenance charges.
A model calculation is herewith enclosed for working out the production cost
of water and water tariff every year.
All Municipal Commissioner's / Corporation Commissioners are advised that
the model calculations may be worked out every year before presentation of the
municipal budget and the council appraised suitably in this regard.
Encl:Model Calculations
Sd/K.Ismath Batcha
for Commissioner of Municipal
Copy to: All Regional Director of Municipal Administration
for information and necessary action.
Copy to: Superintending Engineer's table.
Copy to: Commissioner of Municipal Administration's Table.
//forwarded by order//
Superintendent. Mail


A. Current Consumption Charges.

i) Bi monthly Current Consumption Charges for Head works

motors,Booster motors, including motors in
treatment units etc. =

ii) Current Consumption Charges for Power Pumps =

iii) Current Consumption Charges for lighting pertaining

to water supply =

Total / 2 months (A)
Current Consumption Charges per Annum (Ax6) =

B. Cost of Chemicals / Annum

i) Alum used per year = MT

ii) Cost of Alum per annum x Rate / Tonne =

(iii) Chlorine / Bleaching powder used per year = MT

iv) Cost of Chlorine / Bleaching powder / Annum x
Rate / Tonne =
Total = (B)

C. O & M Charges for water supply system / Annum
1 HEAD Works:

a Motor and pumpset maintenance

(i) Establishment Charges =
(ii) Maintenance works including building
maintenance =
2 Booster station
a) Motor and pumpset maintenance
(i) Establishment Charges =
(ii) Maintenance works including building
maintenance = Mail

3. Treatment Plants

a) Maintenance of Treatment Plants

(i) Establishment Charges =

(ii) Maintenance works including building
maintenance =

4. Replacement Pumpsets after 15 years:

Replacement cost of motor and

pumpset units after the life of 15 years.
ie cost / one year =

5. Pumping Main

(i) Annual Maintenance cost of establishment =

(ii) Leaks, bursts in the pumping main and
maintenance of valves etc. =

6. Service Reserviors

(i) Establishment Charges =

(ii) Maintenance works including
maintenance of Over Head Tanks & Valves. =

(i) Establishment Charges. =
(ii) Leaks, bursts etc. =
(iii) Other maintenance charges including
maintenance of valves, meters,
fire hydrants etc. =

8. Vehicles
(i) Provision for purchase of new vehicles
such as lorry, jeep etc
ie cost / year =

9. A & M of vehicles
i) Annual maintenance charges for the
Vehicles =
ii) Cost of fuel for the running vehicles
including water lorries. =
10. Generators
i) Provision for the purchase of new
generator for replacement every 15 years = Mail

cost / year =
11. A & M of generators-existing
i) Annual Maintenance of generators =
iii) Cost of fuel for generator =
12. Chlorination Plants
i) Cost of chlorination plant for replacement
every 5 years
cost / year =
13 SMALL power pumps in the town
i) Maintenance of powerpumps =

ii) Replacement of powerpump

cost / 15 years =

Total =
14 Hand Pumps
i) Maintenance of Hand Pumps =
15 Scionerage/ Royalty
Charges to P.W.D. for tapping
water from river source.
Rate Rs. /1000m3 x Quantity of water
tapped per Annum =
16 Annuity to Water Supply Improvement Scheme
(As per the aggrement of ULB with the financial
institution). =
D. Total O&M Charges / Annum
i) Establishment/ Annum =

ii) Other maintenance Expenditure

(1+2+3+5+6+7+9+11+13+14+15+16) =
iii) Sinking fund replacement of pumpsets & purchase
of vehicles
Total Expenditure on maitenance = (C)
E. Upgradation works planned for the year
(i) Head works =
ii) Pumping Main =
iii) Service Reserviors =
iv) Extension of mains in the 'D' system =
v) Purchaseof spare motors for
power pump and spares for hand pumps =
Total = D)
------------------- Mail

F. Total cost of O & M expenditure including sinking fund and upgradation

A + B + (C) + D = (E)

G. Cost of Production of water

Total cost of expenditure = (E)

Total quantity of water supplied = ------- mld.
Cost of production / mld =
Cost of production / 1000 litres =


i) Component of Water Tax
received from property Tax per annum =

ii) Anticipated Receipts through Water

Charges thro' HSC Per Annum
=No.of Hsc x Monthly tariff x 12 =

Total anticipated Receipts of Water Charges
thro'HSC/Annum = (F)


i) No. of HSCs (Existing) =

ii) Anticipated no. of HSCs during the year =
Total No.of HSCs likely at the end
of the year =
Water Charges to be fixed
per month = E - F
Total No.of Hscs. X 12

= Rs. / month

/Sd/ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
for Commissioner of Municipal
Administration Mail

R.L.4/8 Mail