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American Marketing Association
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Mission Statement Mission Statement 1
The goal of the Northwood University American
Marketing Association (NUAMA) is to provide its’
Target Market 1
members with practical marketing experiences on
a professional level. These activities will enhance S.W.O.T. Analysis 2
the growth of our members by way of strong com-
mitment to team work, personal responsibility, and
leadership. Professional Development 3
Community Service 4
Fundraising 5
Membership 6
Communication 7
Chapter Operations 8
Calendar of Events 9
Budget 10

Target Market
The primary focus of all NUAMA recruiting efforts
are aimed at marketing majors and any students
with a professional marketing interest.

S.W.O.T. Analysis

Strengths Experienced executive committee

• Majority of membership in upperclassmen
• Experienced executive board with three returning members
Active support of our advisor, Fred Honerkamp
• Recipient of the Ethics Award for Faculty Excellence
• Promoted to Associate Professor and has industry experience
• Serves on the National American Marketing Association Board
Members are a diverse group of students majoring in a variety of
business related fields.
Relationships with companies including The Dow Chemical Company,
Dow Corning Corporation, Quicken Loans, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, and
Gerace Construction
• These relationships allow for hands-on, marketing experiences

Weaknesses Awareness of our organization among underclassmen

• Need development within the freshman and sophomore classes
• Past recruiting efforts have been minimal
• Lack of communication with the student body
Commuter based student population
Quality of past communication efforts relating to chapter plan, annual
report and other projects.
• No continuity in past communications

Opportunities Growing student body

• Incoming freshman classes have been experiencing growth which
allows for more possible members
New relationships
• Gerace Construction
• Lansing Community College
• Midland Police Department
Fresh start
• Entirely new executive board with goals focused on the growth of
the chapter
• Underclassmen helping promote NUAMA
School involvement
• Career Services – Kim Fischer-Kinne – new director
• Student Government support

Threats Member involvement

• Upperclassmen have involvement in many different areas
• Our organization competes with 75 student organizations for the
involvement of 2000 students

Professional Development

To prepare members for professional careers in the marketing field by providing students with
hands-on marketing experiences to enhance their business skills.

To have at least one professional guest speaker per ten week trimester with 80%
Goal 1 participation of current members.

Strategies • October 31: Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Jenn Lawatsch, “Marketing at

• November 3: Attend Northwood University Leadership Blitz, Speaker
Nancy Hunter Denney
• November 2006: Ford Motor Company, Bill McCausland, Special
Events Manager, Careers at Ford
• January 26: Quicken Loans, Nicole Colpitts, “Company Culture &
the Art of Sales”

To have at least one professional guest speaker per ten week trimester with 80%
Goal 2 participation of current members.
Strategies • November 11: Toyota Faculty-Student Seminar at Oakland University
• January 2007: Midland Marketing Association
• February 2007: Dow/Dow Corning
• Spring 2007: Envision-U

To reach out to another AMA chapter.

Goal 3
Strategies • October 6 and 7: Lansing Community College visits campus to tour
and learn about the Northwood University International Auto Show.
• Spring 2007: Attend Lansing Community College chapter’s social
etiquette dinner.

To establish Alpha Mu Alpha marketing honor society within our chapter.

Goal 4
Strategies •

Set minimum grade point average at 3.2 on a 4.0 scale.
Enlist a minimum of five members by December 2006.

Community Service

To assist at least four local businesses and organizations through application of our marketing skills.

To offer our marketing skills to at least four local businesses.

Goal 1
Strategies • Winter 2006-07: To assist Literacy Council of Midland County by
performing a marketing audit, involving six members.
• Spring 2007: Work with the Alden B. Dow Midland Creativity Center
and appoint six members to develop a marketing plan for the 2007
“Rock the Block” kickoff party.
• Create a police ride-along program, where we will have at least
10 ride-alongs over the course of the academic year.

To work in conjunction with Northwood’s Entertainment Sports and Promotions

Goal 2 Management Association (ESPMA) in marketing “Music Fest”, an all day concert on
Northwood’s campus.
Strategies • Organize a team of five students.
• Create a marketing plan and present it to ESPMA and the Music
Fest executive board.
• Implement the plan in time for Music Fest, Spring 2007.


To raise money to support NUAMA financially while applying our marketing skills through
implementation of creative projects.

Raise $420 through member donation fees of $21.

Goal 1
Strategies • Recruit at least 20 new members throughout the year.

Raise $3600 to send at least 12 students to attend the International Collegiate

Goal 2 Conference in New Orleans, LA.

Strategies • Gerace Construction Project.

• Perform an in-depth marketing research project.
• Create an introductory package for Gerace to send out to
potential customers.
• Generate a contact list for the company to use for networking
and relationship building.
• Receive $1500 for our marketing services.
• Graduation Beverage Mug Sale.
• Perform marketing research including focus groups and
surveys to graduating seniors and their parents.
• Design, develop and create a beverage mug to sell to
graduating seniors based on our research.
• Raise $500 through sales.
• Raise $750 by performing marketing projects for other businesses such as:
• Spring 2007: Wolverine Bank, promoting the Saginaw Home
• Winter 2006-07: Winston’s Pub, promoting weekly “College
Night” to Tri-City area students.


To expand our current member base through campus promotions and to retain current
members through incentives.

To expand our chapter by 40% (approximately 14 members) concentrating on

Goal 1 underclassmen, obtaining 2 seniors, 5 juniors, and 7 freshman/sophomores.

Strategies • A five member marketing committee will produce a recruiting

campaign for each 10 week trimester.
• Set up a recruiting table at the Northwood Fall Kick-off Party, reach
at least 500 students.
• Executive Board members will visit classrooms of underclassmen to
promote the benefits of joining NUAMA.
• One “Fun Night” per term will be held as an informal way to meet
members of AMA. Currently planned:
• Bowling Night
• Wing Fling
• E-mail sign-ups will be at every event to inform potential members
of meetings, etc.

To promote active participation through the implementation of a Participation Point

Goal 2 System.

Strategies • Every week points will be awarded for participation based on the
point system shown in Figure A.

To build an archive of current and former NUAMA chapter members.

Goal 3
Strategies • Obtain the five year history of our chapter from International
Headquarters (IH).
• Create a database with contact information and make it available
to all members.

Participation Point System Figure A


Case Competition 15 Attend Special Event, Speaker, etc 10
• Points Awarded at each deadline • Bring a friend 5
Chapter Plan 5; 10; 15 Attend Meeting 5
• Points Awarded by each VP • Bring a friend 5
Leadership 10 • Bring friend who joins 5
• Heading up projects Years of Service 5
• Introducing new projects or ideas that are used

Internal/External Communications

To maintain active communications both internally, with our members and externally, with the
Northwood and local Midland community by providing them with information about NUAMA
through all means of communications.

Develop and maintain effective communications between all members of our

Goal 1 organization.

Strategies • Utilize the Blackboard Academic Suite provided through

Northwood’s private intranet by November 15th, 2006.
• Blackboard will provide members with Officers contact
• Member’s point system and track attendance and partici-
• Display updated calendar of events.
• Open message board for member discussion of NUAMA
projects and events.
• Implement a social networking group through by
October 31st, 2006.
• Communicate meeting minutes to all members by the following
Thursday each week.
• Communicate announcements and agenda to all members by
2:00pm on meeting days.
• Create a chapter website by outsourcing to Delta College’s web
design program by May 2007.

Develop and maintain effective communications between our chapter, the

Goal 2 Northwood student body, faculty and chapter alumni.
Strategies • Enhance appearance and content of all NUAMA materials
• Post flyers showing meeting times, informational meetings
(once a term), and other NUAMA events, at least 30 per
event reaching 2000 students.
• Develop continuity in all marketing communication
materials and apply a recognizable NUAMA logo to help
create awareness (e.g. E-mails, banner, flyers, posters,
brochures, newsletters, etc.)
• Utilize Northwood mass email to contact all 2000 students and faculty.
• Initiate communications with NUAMA alumni, beginning with a base
of 10 former members.

Develop and maintain effective communications between our chapter and our
Goal 3 local Midland community.
Strategies • Establish a liaison with Midland’s local television station produce a
23 minute informational program describing NUAMA by spring 2007.
This will be aired during marketing week the following year.
• Give an informational presentation to students interested in market-
ing careers at Midland High School and H.H. Dow High School to
promote NUAMA and the Northwood marketing program to 20-50

Chapter Operations

To provide members with practical marketing experiences on a professional level while enhancing
development through strong commitment to teamwork, personal responsibility, and leadership.

To construct a dedicated Executive Board who will communicate strategies to

Goal 1 members in order to achieve chapter goals.

Strategies •

Elect President and two Executive Vice Presidents.
Appoint Executive Board Vice Presidents of Professional Development,
Community Service, Fundraising, Membership, Communications,
Finance, and Advertising.
• Provide each Vice President with proper training and guidance
that will enable them to succeed in their designated position.

To create committees by November 2006 to enhance chapter production.

Goal 2
Strategies • Create a Marketing Committee – directed by the VP of Advertising
• Decides the focus/direction of NUAMA marketing materials.
• Create a Fundraising Committee – directed by the VP of Fundraising
• Directs the planning of all fundraising activities.
• Create an Administrative Committee – directed by the President
• Makes preparations for NUAMA events and activities.
• Create a Case Competition Committee
• Responsible for Case Competition research

To practice effective planning and implementation of all NUAMA activities.

Goal 3
Strategies • Create a balance between business and recreation with member
“fun nights”.
• Hold monthly Executive Board meetings.
• Hold weekly member meetings every Tuesday.
• Invite member feedback to improve chapter participation.

To be an award-winning chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Goal 4
Strategies •

Develop, implement, and submit 2006-07 Chapter Plan.
Analyze Chapter Plan implementation to create 2006-07 Annual
• Participate and place in the International Case Competition.

To arrange for a smooth transition into the 2007/2008 academic year.

Goal 5
Strategies • Establish a financial budget to track revenues and expenses for
decision making.
• Budget funds to provide substantial finances for operations in 2007-08.
• Appoint and prepare new Executive Board for 2007-08 academic
year by April 2007.
• Allow new Executive Board to “shadow” current Executive Board

Calendar of Events
2006 2007
September 2006 January 2007
Chapter Operations Professional Development
Appoint new Executive Board Attend Midland Marketing Association
Membership Professional Development
Recruit at Fall Kickoff Quicken Loans Speaker
Membership Fundraising
Host informational pizza party Promote Winston’s Pub’s “College Night”
October 2006 Begin chapter alumni communications
Chapter Operations
Work on Chapter Plan February 2007
Professional Development Chapter Operations
Lansing Community College visits NUIAS Work on Annual Report
Professional Development Professional Development
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Speaker Visit Dow Corning Marketing Department
Community Service
November 2006 Midland Creativity Center Marketing Plan
Chapter Operations
Finish and mail Chapter Plan March 2007
Professional Development Intercollegiate Conference
Northwood University Leadership Blitz New Orleans, LA
Professional Development Chapter Operations
Toyota Seminar at Oakland University Finish and mail Annual Report
Professional Development Professional Development
Ford Motor Company Speaker Lansing Community College Etiquette Dinner
Community Service Community Service
Initiate Police Ride-along program ESPMA “Music Fest” Marketing Plan
Fundraising Fundraising
Begin Gerace Construction marketing Promote Saginaw Home Show for Wolverine Bank
research project Membership
Fundraising Host informational “fun night”
Start marketing research for Graduation
Beverage Mug Sale April 2007
Chapter Operations
December 2006 Elect New E-Board and prepare them for next year
Professional Development Professional Development
Establish Alpha Mu Alpha Envision U
Community Service Communications
Marketing Audit, Literacy Council of Midland Tape MCTV informational program
Fundraising May 2007
Gerace Construction project Chapter Operations
Membership End of the year party at advisor’s lake house
Host informational “fun night” Communications
Create chapter website
Sell beverage mugs at graduation
Graduation/Sell Beverage Mugs

Chapter Budget

Projected Revenues In dollars ($)

Beverage Mug Sale 3,750

Northwood University 2,000

Dow Chemical 1,500
Quicken Loans 1,500
Gerace Construction 1,500
Wolverine Bank 600
Enterprise 500
Dues ($21/member) 420
Total Revenues $11,770

Projected Expenses In dollars ($)

AMA Conference 3,600
Mug Sale 763
Annual Report 300
Postage 210
Miscellaneous Expenses 200
Pizza Parties 150
Banner 95
Chapter Plan 75
Total Expenses $5,393

Projected Earnings
Beverage Mug Sale $6,377

American Marketing Association