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CHAPTER I BIBLE DAYS ARE HERE THE, DAYS OF SAMUEL ARE HERE Samuel told Saul all that was in his heart, He told this country plow boy things he did not know about his father. He was called a seer, because he could see people's life (1 Sam. 10) Remember Samuel was not one of the twelve. There has been a seer in Dallas the last few weeks. He came for a ten day meeting, and stayed for several weeks. He went back into the audience and told people the secrets of their hearts. They fell down and confessed that God was in him of a truth, because the secrets of their hearts were made manifest, (1 Cor. 14 :25). THE DAYS OF AN ANIAS ARE HERE As Ananias was praying, God showed him the name of people, houses' and streets. He let him know Saul's past and future, yet Ananias was not one of the twelve Apostles (Acts 9). Night after night, we have watched this man of God. He reveals the past life of people, telling them the details of the car wreck so many years ago, or he would tell them when they went to the doctor's office, and exactly what the doctor told them. This caused faith to rise in the hearts of people for instant healing. THE DAYS OF CORNELIUS ARE HERE. Cornelius was a devout man, but he was not one of the twelve Apostles. God showed him in a 'vision a man's name, where he stayed, whom he stayed with, the location of the house, and the occupation of the man who owned the house (Acts 10). Remember, Cornelius was not one of the twelve Apostles. This evangelist in Dallas tells' people where they 1

are from, what they have been doing, and many details about their life. He went up to a lady the other night, and told her because of a certain injury she had a hole in her back. She did not even know this herself. She had been suffering. Her daughter was amazed as she felt of her mother's back, and found the disc was gone. Sure enough, there was a hole in her mother's back. As she prayed, the girl felt the hole as it disappeared, and a new disc was there. The woman came night after night with her face aglow, telling the glad news how she had received her complete healing. THE DANIEL MINISTRY IS HERE. As Daniel prayed, it was revealed to him the secret of the king's heart and what he dreamed. It saved the life of Daniel, and the life of his companions; it caused Nebuchadnezzar to be converted (Dan. 2). Yet Daniel was not one of the twelve Apostles. Time after time, we have seen the secrets of people's hearts revealed, things they had even forgotten about. This would cause them to be converted and save the lives of incurable people. The faith in the lives of the cripples would mount to the place where they could throw down their crutches, or jump from their stretcher. THE PHILIP .MINISTRY IS HERE. He was not one of the twelve, but the sick were healed in his revivals (Acts 8). Unclean spirits came out crying with loud voices. There was great joy in the city. There has been a lot of joy in Dallas the last few weeks. We watched people scream as they were delivered from demon spirits, as they were cast down to the floor. We have watched them as they have returned with great joy telling us of notable healings. The audience would let out a shout of joy as the blind people would be led to the front and walk away seeing. THE STEPHEN MINISTRY IS HERE. He was not one of the twelve, yet he rebuked sin without 2

fear or favor. He looked into the faces of people, and preached so straight that the people stoned him to death. Our evangelist feels like he may be one of the martyrs in the last days. Great miracles and signs took place in the ministry of Stephen, but how could there be any greater miracles than what we see as a Spirit-filled Presbyterian minister works in two services each day? Time after time, we saw him set people down in a chair who had a short limb. Time after time, we saw hundreds of people praise the Lord as they saw a short leg become the same length, as the other one. Time after time we saw cancers come off people's face, out of their nose, or be vomited out of their stomach. THE SIMON PETER MINISTRY IS HERE. The Pharisees no doubt remembered how Peter had cursed and swore, but the people felt God was with Peter. They would not be held back. They filled the streets and sought to get in Peter's shadow. Hundreds of people filled the aisle, the platform, the lobby, and hundreds were turned away. They could not get into the service in the revival here in the city of Dallas. Peter looked into the heart of sinners and told them they were not right with God (Acts, chapters 8 and 5). This Presbyterian business man looks down into people's hearts. He tells them when they are bound by sin and many of them yield to God there and then. THE PAUL MINISTRY IS HERE. Paul looked into people's hearts. He told them when they were right with God and when they were not right with God (Acts 13:10). He delivered those who yielded; he was not one of the twelve apostles. Paul saw inside of people. He waited until he perceived that a man had faith to be healed, before he said "Stand upright on your feet" (Acts 14:9, 10). This evangelist waits until he perceives that someone has

faith to be healed, before he calls him out of the audience. When he does this way, there seems to be no failures. I saw him one night near the beginning of the meeting let about 50 people stand that had been healed. He had told all of them their troubles. One lady was prayed for who was not healed. I personally know that she had not waited until this evangelist came to her and told her her troubles. She went to him and told him. She did not wait on the Lord. This evangelist walked through the rear of the house night after night and talked to people. One night he told a girl in our family of a condition in her neck that was dangerous. He told her that her left ear was deaf. He knew that she had cancer, but he didn't let her know it right then. We had known that she had cancer of the neck when she was a baby, but no one knew that she was deaf in one ear all her life. Her brother-inlaw tested her ear, and it was deaf. After the evangelist prayed, she could hear a whisper, and still can. THE JESUS MINISTRY IS HERE. He said we could do the works that He did (John 14 :12). He called people out who were ready. That is why they were "healed everyone." At the pool of Bethesda, he found one ready, so this one man was healed. Jesus left all the rest of them until they were ready (John 5). This is the success of this man's ministry. God shows him those who are ready; he walks back and picks them out. This causes others to be ready the next service. If they will wait on the Lord there will be no failures. The other night, he told a woman what was wrong with her. Her husband arose and said that he was a medical doctor and said that he could soon tell whether the woman had that trouble or not. After taking her into a room and examining her he confirmed what the evangelist had said before hundreds of people. People gave glory to God. Jesus saw the lame and the maimed healed. In other words, missing parts were restored. This 4

evangelist points out little children with missmg parts of their bodies. The mothers didn't even know it many times. Then she examines the child and finds that the part was gone and the part is replaced under her hand. THE LAST DAY MINISTRY IS HERE Jesus prayed, "Make them one." That prayer is being answered. All denominations come to these meeting. The common people hear this evangelist gladly. He does not preach denominations. Like Phillip who went down to Samaria, he preaches Jesus. Friends, if you ever get an opportunity to attend his meeting, take advantage of this opportunity and you'll thank yourself a thousand times. Your faith will be inspired. It will rise to the place where you can receive power for deliverance; you will also receive power to deliver other people. Remember, the Bible says, that Jesus cannot come back until everything is restored to the church. And the gifts are being restored today (Acts 3 :21) .

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out the ones who are ready to yield to God. He tells others certain things that they must do in order to conquer their pride. THE MOSES MINISTRY IS HERE. While Moses was in the Mount, the people danced around the golden calf. The Lord would not hide this thing from his servant, Moses. When Moses knew from a distance what the people had done, that was the power of God wh.ich made Moses know this. Modern ministers might call it fortune tellings, to cover up the lack of faith and the operations of the gifts in their own life .. And the Lord said unto Moses,"Get thee down, for thy people which thou broughtest out of the land of Egypt have corrupted themselves; they have turned aside quickly out of the way which I commanded them. They have made them a molten calf and have worshipped" (Exodus 32: 7,8). The Lord has people to whom He can talk today. The other night, Bro. J. turned to a lady in the center of the building and told her word for word what she had just whispered to another lady. This lady confessed it. This electrified the audience until people began to have faith for most any miracle. Many people were inspired to believe for salvation. They came and gave their hearts to God. They saw that God is alive today; He talks to His servants. There are some ministers who have no more than dead methods and rituals. THE ISAIAH MINISTRY IS HERE The Lord appeared to his servant, Isaiah, who was not one of the twelve Apostles. He told him that a certain king had an incurable disease. He even revealed to him the name of that king. He also revealed to him that Hezekiah was going to die. He also told him that He would heal him, that he would go up to the house of God in three days. He told the king the number o;f years he would live. How the devil would like to have hidden this knowledge from the man of God. Hezekiah would have died. The devil 7

We are commanded to earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints (Jude 1). God has no respect of persons. He does not change. WE HAVE SEEN THE ELIJAH MINISTRY. Elijah knew that he would be caught away. He knew that it would not rain for forty-two months. He knew that the widow woman would feed him. He knew who would take his place, and go on with his ministry. We are men of like passions as Elijah. God made Elijah to know these things (James 5:17). As a man came into the prayer line the other night, it revealed to our preacher that the man had a call of God on his life. He anointed him and prayed for him. He was set free to go into the ministry. This revelation gave this fellow faith for deliverance. WE HAVE SEEN THE ELISHA MINISTRY. By revelation, Elisha knew the valley would be filled with water (II Kings 2 :17). Even without any rain, it came to pass even as he said. The Moabites were miraculously defeated. Elisha knew that a child would be born to the Shunammite woman (II Kings 4). Our preacher knew that a woman was praying for a child. H~ went to her and told her so. He told her that God would give her the desires of her heart, that a child would be born to her at a certain time. Elisha knew that Naaman was not ready for healing. He knew what to tell him to do in order that he would be ready (II Kings 5). Our evangelist who is with us now seems to know when someone is ready for healing, or when one has pride. He picks 6

only comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy. Jesus came not to destroy men's lives.but to save men's lives. By this revelation, Hezekiah was made to know he had this deadly growth, which would be called a cancer in our time. He came and had a chance to pray and to trust God. He received healing from the deadly disease. God is not dead or gone on a journey in our time. He yet has servants to whom he can speak. The evangelist went to a lady the other night and told her where she had a cancer in her stomach. She had a chance to pray and call upon the Lord. He told her that she would vomit the cancer up. The next day, sure enough, she returned with the cancer in a jar of alcohol. The people saw it and gave glory to God. The woman had her life changed. Elijah was not one of the twelve. His ministry is being restored today. We are men of like passions, God revealed to Elijah that Ahaziah would die. He made him to know that he would never get off of his bed of affliction. He made Elijah to know that this king sent messengers to Belzebub to see if he would recover. He had failed to inquire after the Lord (II Kings 1). This shows the reason that the Lords wants us to inquire after Him instead of the devil. He wants us to know that He has as much power as a fortune teller. He can do as much and more. I wouldn't serve a God that could not do as much as a fortune teller. All the devil has, he copied from God. God is using a Presbyterian evangelist to tell people their future. God lets him know the secrets of men's hearts, what doctor they went to, whether or not they went to a fortune teller, or spirit medium. He was talking to a lady the other night. He told her how she had been on a chiropractor's bench, just what was told her, how the chiropractor had failed to help her, just what was wrong with her, and that she would never be bothered again with that old trouble. One man tried to stop his meeting. He saw in his future that this man would die. It came to pass in a few days. God

took him, because he resisted His servant. One night our preacher arose and said by the Spirit, "There's a spirit medium back in the audience; God will deliver her." Immediately two spirit mediums ran up there and were delivered of their sins! God saved both of them and delivered them. Another night, a fortune teller happened to be in the audience. She melted down. She confessed. She surrendered to God. God saved her and filled her with the Holy Ghost. She began to preach and to pray for the sick. ABRAHAM'S MINISTRY IS IN OUR DAY God has reserved better things for us (Heb. 11:40). God would not hold his secrets back from Abraham. He let him know that a child would be born to him and Sarah. Although it was impossible in the natural, He asked Abraham, "Is there anything too hard for God1" He let Abraham in on his secrets when he started to destroy Sodom. He said, "Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do? (Gen. 18:17). Abraham knew by revelation that Sodom would be destroyed. He interceded for his nephew. He was not one of the twelve. He did not learn those things in a book or in some college. God talked directly to him. God has people today with whom he can share His secrets. He lets his intercessors know things about men as Abraham knew things about Lot. He lets his people know the future and the things which are soon to come upon earth. Why would anyone think it strange that the Lord would reveal things to a Presbyterian businessman and send him forth to warn men and women to escape the coming judgment of God? Our evangelist sees these things coming. They are real. He knows his calling and he knows what God has said. THE ISAAC MINISTRY IS SEEN TODAY. Who told Isaac the future of Jacob and Esau? God did. It was not in a book for him to read. He revealed it to him by a direct revelation. There are men today who deny that God talks to people.

Isaac placed his hand on Jacob and told him of his ministry that God had called him to do. Can Cod reveal such things to men today? He does do it night after night. Our evangelist goes to people in the audience and tells them when they have a ministry from God. The Spirit of the Lord brings these words with an anointing that honest people can't ignore. THE JOSEPH MINISTRY IS MANIFESTED. Joseph knew by divine revelation that a drought would come and hit the land of Egypt and other nations. He knew exactly how long the drought would last. He knew what to do about it and how to save the people's lives. He told the future of God's people for 400 years. We have a man of God in our midst that shares God's secrets. God tells him what will take place. Where did he get such knowledge. He got it directly from the Lord. WE'RE SEEING A PROPHETIC MINISTRY. Who told Ezekiel, Daniel, John, and all the other men of God about the coming judgment? God did. He told them directly. They were persecuted by the modern clergymen but their words came to pass. Who tells this preacher what to preach and what to say? Did he read it in a book or did he learn it in Bible college? He is preaching that the judgments of God are about to fall on our nation. He tells people to flee from the wrath to come. He sees thousands of people seeking God. He tells them to take on the whole armour of God. He sees destruction coming. He has an insight into the mysteries of the kingdom of God. He is carrying deliverance to the people of America. He knows the anti-Christ will take dominion over the world. All the world will wonder after the beast. He brings deliverance to the captive. He helps the oppressed to go free. Who told Agabus about the coming famine? (Acts 11 :28) . Jesus said the Holy Ghost would show us things to come. 10

Agabus was not one of the twelve apostles, but God revealed things to him, and used him to warn the people to escape the judgments of God. ELISHA DISCERNED DISEASES He knew that Gehazi would be a leper. He knew the reason that the leprosy clung to him; it was because he ran after Namaan's money (II Kings 5 :26). God has men today who can look into the lives of people and tell them the disease that they have. If He ever did that, He can do it again today (Heb. 13 :8). Most every night, our minister walks to someone and tells him the name of the disease that he has. He surrenders to God and is delivered. The leprosy clung to Gehazi until the day of his death. Our minister told a lady that she was going to die if she did not obey the Lord. Not long after that we heard about her passing away. About four preachers fought this evangelist in one city; all of them passed away. THE NOAH. MINISTRY LIVES TODAY Noah knew that judgments were about to fall upon the earth. He knew the earth would be destroyed. He knew exactly how it would come to pass. He knew the only way that people could escape. God had chosen him to warn the people. He did not read this in a book. God showed him directly. God has men today He talks to, and shows destruction is coming upon the world, and how to escape it. As it was in the days before the flood so it is in our day (Matt. 24:38). If God can show people far distant into the future, he can also show them things that are shortly to come to pass. In Orlando, Florida this minister had a vision of people being hurt, and people being carried away in ambulances. People made fun of him. One minister told him that maybe it was people being brought to the tent to be prayed for, he saw coming in ambulances. He said, "Brother, I don't need to see that in a vision, because we see that all time with the natural eye." 11

When the storm hit, a certain man was standing in front of the tent. The evangelist had told him the judgments of God would strike him, if he did not repent. A pole hit him and knocked him unconscious. An ambulance carne and hauled him away.


Three gifts to know are the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, and discerning of spirits. By this, we may know anything that God chooses to reveal to us. THE WORD OF KNOWLEDGE WAS MANIFESTED THROUGH JESUS. Jesus left his glory with His father; was stripped of diety, came down to set an example that we should follow His steps. He showed us that a man can live for God in this present world. He did no miracles until He was baptized in the Holy Ghost. The works He did were under the anointing of the Holy Ghost (Acts 10 :38). The word of knowledge operated through the life of Jesus. It was called the gift of the word of knowledge because He did not have all of God's knowledge, at that time, while He was in His mortal body. He only had what the Spirit of God gave Him. While Nathanael was under the fig tree Jesus saw him. He knew that he was a man without guile, and saw into his life. This caused this man to come to Jesus and start living a different life. If a revelation gift in action could cause Nathanael to follow Jesus, the same kind of gift can inspire men to follow Jesus today. As He is, so are we in this world (I John 4:17). As the Father sent Him, even so He sends us (John 20 :21). He set us an example that we should follow His steps (I Pet. 2 :21). We are to do the works that He did (John 14: 12). He did His works by the anointing of the Holy Ghost (Acts 10:38). We also have the Holy Ghost. JESUS KNEW ZACCHAEUS WAS IN THE SYCAMORE TREE. Zacchaeus could not hide. He came down. Why did this 13



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publican come down to be a disciple of Jesus? The revelation gift let him know that there is a God who is interested in the affairs of men (Heb. 2:13). He left His glory with the Father (John 17 :5). He was made like unto His brethren in all things (Heb, 2 :17). He is touched with the feeling of our infirmities (Heb. 4:15). He learned obedience by the things He suffered (Heb. 5:8). He operated through the power of the Holy Ghost, just as we should do (Acts 10 :38). The Father that dwelled in Him did the works. It was not He. If we have the Holy Ghost, then the Father dwells in us also. Can the Holy Ghost reveal men's thoughts and conditions in our day? The other night, a lady thought she was hidden. The evangelist picked her out of the congregation in that large auditorium that holds thousands of people. He looked at her and asked her if she were a Christian. She said, "Yes." He said, "Do you drink?" Reluctantly, she answered in the affirmative. The evangelist, said, "Open your purse and take out your package of cigarettes." Immediately, she fell out under the power and surrendered to God. Her faith was inspired as she saw that God still lives, and knows all about us, that He is concerned. The evangelist knew by the Spirit that she was hungry, that she was under conviction. She was ready to surrender to God if her faith was inspired. He does not embarrass the sinner who is not ready. Zacchaeus appreciated Jesus coming and picking him out of his hiding place. This woman apprecated this evangelist coming to her. She surrendered. Does not God say that the secrets of men's hearts will be manifested, and that they will fall down and report that God is in you of a truth? JESUS KNEW AT A DISTANCE ABOUT LEGION. He knew with the discerning of spirits that man was bound by the devil in another country; he needed help. He started to cross the Sea of Galilee to deliver the poor sin cursed man. 14

The devil sent a storm to try to prevent the ship from arriving over there where the naked man was. By a miracle, Jesus calmed the sea, and arrived on the other side (Mark 5). By the revelation of the gift of the discerning of spirits, Jesus knew the man was bound by evil spirits. He knew the name of the evil spirits. When he let this man know his condition, this inspired faith for his deliverance. Jesus knew in advance that the man was willing to be set free, or He would not have battled the stormy sea in that country for one man's deliverance. This man fell at his feet, wanting deliverance. Devils in the man cried, "Leave us alone." Jesus does not deliver against people's will. Else they would accept the devils back again. The last state would be worse than the first. THE REVELATION GIFT BRINGS FAITH. A centurion came to Jesus and told Him about His servant being sick (Matt.8). Jesus said, "I will come and heal him." He knew that the man had faith, but He did not know how much faith The centurion said something that caused Jesus to marvel. He told Jesus to only speak the word, and his servant would be healed at a distance. When Jesus found that much faith the man had He was amazed. As the man was let down through a roof of the house borne by four men, Jesus saw their faith. Most people think Jesus only saw their action. But Jesus saw into the spirit world, and saw their faith. In this case, He discerned a good spirit. There is something wrong with people who can only discern bad spirits. They may have the gift of imagination. JESUS, BY THE WORD OF KNOWLEDGE KNEW THE THOUGHTS OF THOSE WHO STOOD BY. Telling men their thoughts caused their faith to rise high. The Pharisees thought evil in their hearts, They said He did those things by the prince of devils; but the multitude marvelled and glorified God (Matt. 9 :8). We have a few 15

religious leaders today who say anyone who tells men their thoughts is inspired by some evil power; but the multitude felt that was a revelation gift from God. It caused men to be healed; jumping off their stretchers they surrendered to God. Bring all your fortune tellers to our meeting. Let us begin singing "Power in the Blood," or "At the Cross." Let them see how many invalids that they can cause to jump out of their wheel chairs. Some ladies went to a hospital night before last and slipped a young man out of the hospital. The doctors told them that it wouldn't do; that he was likely to die. They brought him in a wheel chair. After this young man saw the word of knowledge in operation through the evangelist, he jumped up out of the wheel chair and ran all over the big tent. "When the multitudes saw it, they marvelled and glorified God which had given such power unto men" (Matt. 9 :8). The Bible says that God gives this power to men. Men can tell people their thoughts. Men can say, "Rise and walk." We see this proved from night to night. A word of wisdom confronted Jesus' opposition. The chief priests and elders came unto Jesus and asked Him by what authority He ministered, and who gave Him license to minister (Matt. 21 :23). THEY THOUGHT THAT HE WAS IGNORANT AND UNLEARNED. He had not been endorsed by them. We remind you that Jesus did not use psychology as some men declare that He did. Psychology is a science of the natural mind. Jesus had a Spiritual mind. We have the mind of Christ (I Cor. 2:16). Natural wisdom is foolishness to God (I Cor. 1 :25). Jesus tells us that when we are brought up before the rulers for us not to take thought of what we shall say, for the Holy Ghost will give us in the same hour which we shall say (Mark 13:11). He set us an example. It is reasonable and scriptural to believe that the Holy 16


Ghost gave Jesus the answer to the questions of the high officials. He did not have to think what to say, for the gift of the word of wisdom was working in his life, operated by the Holy Ghost. JESUS ASKED THEM IF THE BAPTISM OF JOHN WAS OF HEAVEN OR OF MEN (Matt. 21:24). They were afraid to say the baptism of John was of men, for fear that people would stone them, for they recognized John as a prophet. If they said it was from God, they were afraid that Jesus would ask them why they did not believe. They couldn't answer; so Jesus would not answer them. Now don't think for one minute that these officials would not have said that John the Baptist's ministry was of men, or even of the devil, had they not feared the people. They wanted to stop the multitude, but did not know how. A few modern religious leaders say they do not endorse our evangelist. They say they did not give him the authority to preach or to cast out devils. They want to voice their opinion against him, but are afraid to do it publicly, because they fear the people. They would lose some of their members. People are coming from every denomination, and getting healed. One night one religious leader came to our revival and hid behind a tent pole. By the word of knowledge, the minister pointed him out. God gave him a word of wisdom to know how to deal with those who oppose. Every one of the opposers left with their heads hung in shame. THE WORD OF WISDOM WORKS VERY OFTEN. The religious leaders decided to send a committee to mix Jesus up in His theology (Matt. 22:15). They tried to use psychology by passing compliments first before they asked their question. Then they asked if it was lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not. The worldly wise people will not be so gullible as to come out and say that our minister is no good, but they will say,




"He is a good moral person and means well, and is doing a lot for God." Some will say, "God's hand is upon him, but." How could God's hand and the devil's hand both be upon anyone? No man can serve two masters. No tree can yield two kinds of fruit. A fountain does not send forth both sweet water and bitter. A house divided against itself cannot stand. That's the answer that Jesus gave to those religious leaders who said that He was doing His work by the power of Beelzebub. Jesus did not have to study what to say, for the Holy Ghost gave Him in the same hour what to say. He called for a penny and asked those critics whose image was upon it. It was Caesar's image. He told them to "Render to Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and to God the things which are God's" Those wolves in sheep's clothing left, and went their way. Just as the Holy Spirit dropped the words of wisdom into Jesus' heart, at the right time; so God reveals things to men who are full of the Holy Ghost. Not long ago, some people were sent to the evangelist. They first tried their phychology on him by saying he did good works. They asked him why people were so noisy in the services. They told him that the services were too much like a football game. Calmly, the evangelist asked them why one side at the football game was so quiet, and why they didn't shout like the other side. "It is because they are not winning, of course," said the committee that was sent to the evangelist. "That is why you are so quiet, and reserved," said the evangelist. "Your side is not winning; you are on the losing side." The committee left with their heads down. The evangelist didn't know he was going to say that; but the Holy Ghost just gave him what to say at the right time.




After we read of how God used all the prophets and apostles in the past; we read that He has provided better things for us (Heb. 11 :40). The angels desired to look into today when people would preach with the Holy Ghost sent down from Heaven (I Pet. 1 :12). All the prophets spoke of this day (Acts 3 :24). The prophets would love to have been in the days that we are in (I Peter 1: 10). PETER AND JOHN DEPENDED ON A REVELATION. They passed the lame man everyday. He was brought up to the temple at the gate called Beautiful, to beg. Peter and John went up to the temple every day at the hour of prayer (Acts 3). One day Peter and John fixed their eyes upon the man. The cripple looked up expecting to see something. It was then that Peter said, "Rise and walk." Why didn't they do this the day before, or a week before? Why didn't they lay hands on him? And repeat a certain prayer? They were Spirit led men. They waited until the Spirit worked through them. Then they could say with Jesus, "It is not me that doeth the work, but the Father that dwelleth in me doeth the work." That is why the man leaped and walked. That is why his ankle bones received strength. They waited until God told them that the man's faith was high enough in God to be healed. If they could have healed the man before he was ready they would have been greater than God. The Bible says God set the gifts of healing in the church. Gifts of healing are in the plural. Sometimes it takes more than one gift to bring healing to a cripple. The gift of discerning of spirits is working through our minister's life. He discerns good spirits as well as bad spirits.



He sees when faith rises up in an individual's life. Then he goes to this certain cripple and says, "In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, arise and walk." That ,is why he sees results. Discerning of spirits works right along with the gifts of healing, and shows him when people are ready. That is why there are no failures if people wait on God. Occasionally, people are carnal as was Naaman. They expect the minister to strike them on the head and to say, "Be thou healed." Even God cannot heal them until they are ready. These people are in a big hurry; and they leave before the evangelist comes to them. Others have faith; they are patient; they are in prayer; and they are delivered. EVEN PAUL DEPENDED ON A REVELATION. Lydia was a little fortune telling girl in Philippi. She was popular with the people in that city, because she brought in the money. Lydia followed Paul and Silas around; the evil spirit caused her to testify. Then he commanded the evil spirit to come out in the name of Jesus (Acts 16). This caused a persecution. Paul and Silas were locked in prison. The revelation gifts caused persecutions many times. It was when Stephen looked up and saw a vision of Jesus, that He was stoned to death. Peter told his vision of the four-footed beast coming down out of heaven; this caused his brethren in the church to contend with him. When Paul received his revelation he went to prison. The preacher that receives the most revelations these days receives the most persecu tion. Notice, the very time the religious leaders were saying that Paul was of the devil, the fortune telling girl was saying that he was of God. The preachers did not have as much respect for this ministry as the devil did. If a fortune telling girl can tell when one is being used of God, surely, the religious leaders should have enough knowledge of spiritual values to know also. When Paul cast the devil out of the girl, he got into trouble.

Anyone knows that Satan does not cast out Satan. This caused the jailer and his whole family to be converted and won to Jesus. The devil does not get people saved and delivered from the devil. His kingdom would be divided. It would come to an end. Our minister receives revelations from God. He waits until God sends him to someone who needs deliverance. He waits until God reveals unto him their condition. Then, he can say, "In the name of Jesus come out." This causes many people to be converted and delivered. AGABUS DEPENDED ON A REVELATION. He was not an apostle. He told the people that there would be a world wide drought in the land. The saints of God immediately began to send help to the Christians in Judea (Acts 11:28). They did not say that people could not hear the voice of God anymore. They did not say that he was a fortune teller. One of our ministers told us what God had shown him about the future of this country. One day he looked at a house and told us just how long it would stand. It proved to be true. Agabus, bound himself with Paul's girdle; he said that the Jews of Jerusalem would bind the man to whom the girdle belonged. The saints did not say that he was a fortune teller. They did not say that the word of knowledge had passed away. They immediately began to beg Paul not to go to Jerusalem. Paul believed the prophet, but went on, saying he was not only willing to be bound, but willing to give his life for the Lord (Acts 21 :11). Paul was bound and was about to be torn into pieces by a mob. Had it not been for a revelation, by the word of wisdom, he would have been killed. Suddenly the Spirit made him to know what to QO. He raised the subject of the resurrection. This divided the mob 21


into two parts; the Pharisees and the Sadducees began to argue about the resurrection, and let Paul go. As I was planning on going to Africa on my fourth missionary journey, the evangelist received a revelation that if I went, I would be in great danger. He did not want me to go. I felt the call on my life. I went to Africa. I was beaten unconscious and left for dead as Paul was in Lystra. The saints gathered around me and began to pray, and the Lord raised me, so that I was able to preach again (Acts 14). The evangelist does not depend on the natural wisdom or psychology, but he reveals to us what the Holy Ghost has told him. This causes faith to rise in the hearts of people for deliverance; many to come to God. REVELATIONS CAUSED PEOPLE TO BE DELIVERED. You can't see angels with your natural eyes because they the ministering spirits. By discerning of spirits, you see into the spirit world. Paul saw the vision on the road to Damascus, but others did not see it. The revelation caused Paul to give his life to God and resulted in the multitudes being saved, healed, and delivered from devils. An angel appeared to Peter as he was in prison, and brought him deliverance. The angel talked to him. This resulted in Peter's deliverance, and made a soul winner out of him. He won teeming thousands to God. In the Spirit God made Paul to know he should go to Macedonia (Acts 16:10). By a revelation, he stayed in Corinth for eighteen months (Acts 18 :9). This resulted in one of the greatest Pentecostal churches in the world. He stayed at one place two years, and at another place several months. We sometimes think it strange our minister receives revelations from God to continue his revival for many weeks, at the expense of losing a meeting that is already advertised. But when he obeys the voice of God, many are delivered and set free. Great churches are established. God showed Paul where to go. In a vision, He told Paul 22

that he would see Rome (Acts 23:11). The Holy Ghost showed hiin the future. The Holy Ghost witnessed in every city that bonds and afflictions awaited him (Acts 20 :23). He did not count his life dear, that he should win the lost to Christ. Paul told 276 men that an angel told him that God had spared their lives if they would abide in the ship (Acts 27: 24). Those men believed Paul. They stayed in the ship; their lives were saved. . If pagan men believed the man of God had a revelation, resulting in their lives being saved, how much more should Christians accept the revelation of the man of God that will result in men being healed, and their lives being prolonged! These pagan men could have said that Paul was a fortune teller, or was psychic, but they had more faith in the supernatural than some religious men do today. When people work with th~ men of God, men are delivered and lives are saved. JESUS KNEW THINGS AT A DISTANCE. He operated by the gifts of the Spirit. He told us to desire spiritual gifts. He came to earth as a man and ~:trusted in God. He lived by faith. He said that we counld do the works that He did. It was not Jesus that did the works, but the Father that dwelled in Him. He told a lady, "The devil is gone out of thy daughter" (Mark 7 :29). At home, she found the girl delivered. One night our minister arose at church under the anointing of the Holy Ghost. He said, "There is a devil in your house. When you go home, you will find the devil has left your house." At least two people agreed with the evangelist, and believed. When one lady reached home, she found her deaf husband could hear. Another lady went home and found that her wicked husband was saved. Five of his brothers had been killed at one time. He had his eyeball shot out with a gun. He came to church the next night and was filled with the Spirit. Brother Hall was driving the evangelist's truck. He was 23

told not to let anyone else drive it. late in the night he let another man take over the wheel. He ran the truck into a tree, and bent the fender. To keep the preacher from knowing this, Brother Hall went by the body shop and had the fender fixed. When they finally reached their destination the man of God met them. The first thing he did was to walk around to the right fender of the truck. He looked at the fender and said, "You have fixed it up until you can hardly tell it." Then he began to describe the wreck in detail, and how it took place. He saw it all in a vision as it happened. As he saw the truck going toward the telephone pole, out of control, about 40 miles per hour, he said, "In the Name of Jesus, stop." It stopped still in its tracks, as the fender gently hit the tree. Brother Hall and the other man acknowledged the miracle, and said they would have been killed had the truck not corne to a sudden stop. God used the revelation miracle to save lives.



Any honest person can read Luke, chapters one and two, and feel how the Lord is interested in His people. God never changes. GOD SHOWED ZACHARIAS THE BIRTH OF HIS SON. He told him that the child would be born, and what his name would be. He told him the name of the angel Gabriel. He showed him about the son's ministry, and the anointing that his son would 'have. God showed Mary that she had found favor with Him, that she would have a Son. He even told her the Son's name. He showed her what His ministry would be. And He told her that her cousin would bear a child. He even told her the name of her cousin. God showed the shepherds that a Baby was being born nearby. He named the location of the town where the Child was born; the ministry of the Child; the kind (If clothes He was wearing; and where He would be lying. God showed Simon that he would not die until he saw Jesus; that a certain Baby was a light of the Gentiles; that He would bring Glory to Israel; that the Child would cause nations to rise and fall; that He would be a sign that should not be spoken against. God showed Anna about the same thing. He showed Joseph supernaturally concerning what was going to take place in the near future. The Lord showed Sister R. that a son would be born to her, that he was going to be one of the greatest evangelists of our day. He has brought it to pass, before our very eyes; winning multiplied millions of people to Christ. Our minister was talking to a neighbor. HE' 10J(1 him just

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how many fish he was going to catch that night, and where he was going to catch them. It came to pass as the man of God had said. A Jehovah Witness neighbor surrendered his life to God. He talked to the man's boy who was also a Jehovah's Witness. He told him what happened the night before, that he was with another woman at a certain house, at a certain place; how he came within an inch of being killed. This man also gave his life to God. This was far more effective than if he would have read some Murch dogma to him, or tried to debate with him. GOD SHOWED JESUS MANY THINGS Jesus said, "I can of my ownself do nothing" (John 5 :30). Jesus said, "As thou hast sent me, to the world, even so have I also sent them into the world" (John 17 :18). Jesus did all that He did through the anointing of the Holy Ghost. He said that we could do the same things. By the word of knowledge Jesus knew the woman at the well had had five husbands. She was living with a man who wasn't her husband (John 4:17). When He told her some of the past, that caused her to believe and surrender her life to God. She began to preach. The people she preached to believed, because they knew the supernatural power was there. While some of the religious leaders were saying that Jesus was operating by an evil power, even a woman in the depths of sin, and had been married five times, knew that He was a man sent from God. She had more of the discerning of spirits than some of the religious leaders of that day. God has set the supernatural gift of the word of knowledge in the church (I Cor. 12). Why would people think it strange when a minister tells people of their past life, or of their spiritual condition? Jesus knew Judas' condition, and said, "That thou doest, do quickly" (John 13 :27). Jesus did not know this until it was revealed unto Him. Jesus knew by divine revelation that a certain affliction 26

would not come out of a boy, except by prayer and fasting (Mark 9 :29). He was one minister that knew supernaturally about the condition and afflictions of people. Jesus knew that a spirit had afflicted a woman 18 years (Luke 13 :16). He knew by a revelation that deafness was caused by a spirit (Mark 9 :25). that blindess was caused by blind spirits (Matt. 12 :22), and that dumbness was caused by a dumb spirit (Matt. 9 :32-33). and such afflictions as epileptic fits, insanity, and filthiness are caused by spirits. God helped Jesus to discern these diseases (Luke 9 :39; Luke 8 :29; Mark 1:23). . Our minister walked back to a lady and said, "One of your limbs is shorter than the other one. You have a wedge in your shoe right now." The young lady was not even saved. She began to tremble and cry. She said, "No one knows this. not even my husband." She pulled off her shoe and took the wedge out. Our minister put her in a chair so everyone could see her feet, which were in another chair. One limb was about two inches shorter. He said, "In Jesus Name." Instantly, beth limbs were the same. In Bible days. the lame and the maimed were healed. Bible days are here. We are in the Church Age now; the same age that Peter and John lived in. If the word of knowledge will cause people to come to God, and have their lives extended, why not let it operate? Let all things be done (I Cor. 14 :40). GOD SPEAKS IN DrVERS MANNERS (Heb. 1:1). He speaks in many ways. He speaks by the word of knowledge. the word of wisdom or discerning of spirits. He does not give us all His knowledge; therefore, the gift is called the word of knowledge. Speaking of the gift, Paul says, "we know in part" (I Cor. 13). While Jesus was here as a man, he knew what was revealed unto Him. He was made like unto us in all things. While Jesus was here, as man, He did not know the day of His coming 27

(Mk, 13 :32), Now He knows as we are known (II Cor. 13:12). He didn't know about the figs on the fig tree; He did not know who touched hini, He asked a man how long his boy had hac! a certain affliction (Mark 9 :21). Jesus heard that Lazarus was sjr-k (John 11 :6). That was not a divine revelation; someone told Him, Other times, the word of knowledge operated through Jesus. He knew things just as they were revealed to Him. He saw Nathanael under the fig tree. He told a nobleman that his son, 15 miles away, was still living (John 4 :50). He knew that His disciples were disputing among themselves on the way (Mk. 9 :23), He told l I is disciples they would find a colt in a certain place (Mark 11 :2). He knew the poor woman had cast dn all that she had in the offering (Mk. 12 :43). Jesus wrote something on the ground. The people were convicted in their own conscience, and walked out (John 8 :9). Who can say that He did not know their thoughts ? Our minister was on the way to a tent rr.eeting. A group of wicked boys came to tear up the tent, as they had always done in that community, Gorl gave our minister a dream, and let it be known what the boys w=r fixing to do. This evangelist went to the group of boys, and said, "Boys, every tent that has been put up hen) has been torn down; I want you to watch it for me, and sec that no one bothers it." One boy stepped up and said, "I'Il kill the very first one that tries lo harm this tent" The word of knowledge made the minister to know what the boys were planning to do; ann the word of wisdom gave the solution to the problem. Both of these gifts are set in the Church (I Cor. 12). THE LORD MAKES MEN KNOW THE FUTURE. No ,one knows all the future, but who can say that the Holy Ghost won't show us things to come? (John 16 :13). Elisha told the woman that a child would be born to her. The Lord showed Samson's parents that they would have a 28

child; He told them what he would eat, and the ministry he would have. By a divine revelation, Abraham knew about Isaac, and many things concerning the future. God's man told Hezekiah to put a poultice on a boil and he would be well in three days. Our minister told a lady that if she would wash in cold water she would be well in three days. Elisha knew that Elijah would be caught up alive on a certain day. Joseph knew about the drought, and how long it would last. Our minister has seen the coming destruction of America. People criticized Ezekiel and Jeremiah, for fortelling about the coming destruction of Israel; but they knew God had talked to them. So they kept preaching; it happened as God had said. If God can show people what is about to take place two thousand years ahead, can't He also show us what will take place tonight or tomorrow? If God can show someone in a dream of a certain missionary in Africa, and help him pray the prayer of faith, can't He also show us someone in the present audience who is in trouble and let us pray the prayer of faith for them? Our minister drove into a city for a revival. He did not know how to contact the pastor. He drove to a certain street he saw in a vision. He stopped at that street and went into a certain hotel, and stayed all night, in the very room that the pastor had reserved for him. The pastor waited up late; no evangelist came. The next clay he found the evangelist was in the hotel. God showed this evangelist where to go. THE LORD LETS HIS MINISTERS DISCERN SPIRITS. The religious leaders said Jesus operated by the power of Beelzebub (Mark 3 :22). Jesus told them that if they spoke against that Holy Ghost anointing, that they would not be


forgiven in this world or in the world to come. He did his works by the Holy Ghost (Ac! s Ill: 38). It is a serious thing to attribute the power of God to 1 he power of the devil. The religious leaders said that Jesus was using Satan's power. He told them that Satan did not cast out Satan. Satan's house would be divided. Jesus was careful to explain that "they who are not against us are for us" (Mk. 9 :40). No man can do a miracle in His name and speak evil of Him (Mark 9 :39). While the religious leaders were saying that Jesus was of the devil, a devil possessed man cried out that He was the Son of God (Mark 1:24,34; Mark 3:11). He knew more about God's Spirit than the clergyman of that day. Jesus knew of a whole multitude one day that were lame, halt and blind. He did not form a healing line and pray for .hcm as they came rirst in line. J1e did not tell them that they must have a certain colored card with a certain number. He was made to know a certain man was ready for his healing; He told him to arise, take up his bed and walk (John 5 :8). The man walked off and left the rest of the multitude. He had no time for those who were not ready. God made Him know who was ready for healing. The Lord tells our minister who is ready for healing. He sees into the spirit world and knows when they have faith for deliverance. Some religious leaders cannot understand that. Our evangelist ministers to those who have faith. He leaves the others until their faith is built up for deliverance. Didn't Elisha see into the spirit world, and see that there were more on his side than there were against him? Didn't Jesus look at the young ruler, and see that he lacked one thing, and what that one thing was? (Mark 10 :21). Do you think it strange that the man of God calls out the ones who have faith and sees the ones who are not ready for deliverance? 30

THE LORD REVEALS HIS SECRETS TO PEOPLE TODAY. God showed Moses' mother that her son was a proper child (Heb. 11 :23). He made her to know what to do with Moses and how to cause his life to be spared. Jesus, by divine inspiration, knew that one of his disciples would betray him, and who he was. Paul knew by the word of knowledge that he would see Rome (Acts 23:11). Our minister looked over the audience, and he was made to know that one man and woman were living together without being married. Our minister went to a woman in the audience, and told her that she was living with another woman, as husband and wife. At first, she denied it; but then confessed and surrendered to God. The evangelist was on a plane when the Lord showed him nineteen people would be healed that night in the service. He told him that one of them was a woman who had a left eye paralyzed, and blind. That night he called out the nineteen that God had showed him, and they were all healed. One night before our preacher went to the pulpit, God showed him a certain blind man would be healed. He picked out the blind man; scums left his eyes; all the people saw that the man was perfectly healed. When this miracle took place, there were thousands of people who lifted their hands that they would accept Jesus who show himself alive, by many infallible proofs. YOU KNOW WHEN THINGS ARE OF 1 was told that two drunk men were in watching God reveal things, save people, Holy Ghost, and heal them. One man said, "That is of the devil." Another man said, "No, if it were of 31 GOD (1 John 2 :27). the back of the tent fill people with the

the devil, we would

have it; because we have everything else that the devil has." Our preacher said, "Bring in the hypnotics. Let u::;pray and fast. Let us sing "Power in The Blood" and then see how many blind eyes they open; see how many devils they cast out; see how many people they cause to leap out of the wheel chairs, and be filled with the Holy Ghost." God has set the revelation gifts in the Church. And we are the church. Co-'etearnestly the best gifts. Desire spiritual gifts. Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints." If you have read all my books, you will see that you do not beg for a gift; but you receive it.



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