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Standard Toolbar Buttons Button Keyboard Shortcut Enter key Ctrl S F3 Shift F3 F12 Ctrl P Ctrl F (PC only)

Alt F12 Description Enter/Continue Save Back Exit System Task. Cancel Print Find Customize local layout. (PC only) Button Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl G F1 Description

Continue Search Help Scroll to top of Ctrl Page Up document. Page Up Scroll up one page. Scroll down one Page Down page Ctrl Page Scroll to last page Down of document. None Create new session.

Application Toolbar and Screen Buttons Button Keyboard Shortcut F8 F5 Shift F2 Navigation Buttons Button Keyboard Shortcut Enter F8 Description Enter/Continue/Copy Scroll left Button KeyboardShortcut Description F12 Shift F1 Shift F7 Ctrl Shift F2 Ctrl F8 Ctrl F11 Cancel Scroll right Next item Move Favorites Down Next layout SAP menu Description Button KeyboardShortcut Description Execute Overview Delete None Shift F5 Shift F6 Update/Refresh Get variant Selection screen help

Ctrl Shift F1 Move Favorites Up Ctrl F7 Ctrl F10 F6 Matchcode Buttons Previous layout User menu Display Period screen

Keyboard Description Shortcut Display (Mac F4 Matchcode list. ) Button F6 Insert in personal list. Click on an item, then on the button. Restores the original Matchcode list.

Button KeyboardShortcut Description (PC) F4 Display Matchcode list. Display personal value list. After you create the personal list, click on the button to end the list. Hold list displayed while you make a selection. Click on the button, then doubleclick to select a value.

Shift F6

Shift F6

(PC Shift F4 only)

Working with Data Button Keyboard Description Shortcut Select all items on Ctrl F1 screen. Start/end of block. Select the first item; Ctrl F3 click the button. Select the last item; click the button. Display all possible F7 values. Sort in ascending order: Change sort Ctrl Shift order to descending F5 or ascending (Fund Analysis rpt) F2 Selection options. Choose values >, <, etc. Display -> Change. Switches from display to change mode. Multiple Selection. Include or exclude single values or ranges of values. Button KeyboardShortcut Description Ctrl F2 Deselect all items on screen. Display results. Collapse all levels. Sort in descending order. Dynamic selections. Select additional fields for search criteria. Filter; restrict values to search on Matchcode list. Replace item back into workflow in Workflow Inbox.

Ctrl F6


Ctrl Shift F4

Shift F4


(Ma F5

Shift F5



Using Transactions Button Keyboard Shortcut F6 F2 Description Display header details. Display additional info for PO line item. Button KeyboardShortcut Description F2 None Shift F5 Shift F6 Ctrl Shift F6 Display line item details. Services for object (Display JVs, Reqs). Display delivery schedule for a PO line item. Display conditions for a PO line item. Show release strategy for PO.

Shift F5 Ctrl General Statistics F12 (Reqs) PO History Ctrl F11 F7 Formatting Text Button Keyboard Shortcut Shift F2 Description Delete selection line. Display delivery address. Display the vendor address for a PO.


Keyboard Shortcut


(PC Ctrl Shift F1 Cut text (JV line item). only) Paste text into field after you copy or cut it. F9 Position the cursor and click the button. Select. Click in a line F9 item, then on the button.

(PC Ctrl Shift F2 Copy text (JV line item). only) Ctrl F10 Item text (POs) Shift F6 Detailed text (JVs) (Mac Shift F4 only) F6 Search and replace words in the JV text screen. Create text (JVs).

The Windows key on the keyboard can also perform many helpful functions 1. Pressing the Windows key by itself will open or hide the Start menu. 2. Pressing the Windows key along with another key (or keys) will do the following:

Break - will open the Systems Properties dialog box.

D - will show the desktop E - opens My Computer F - initiates a search for files or folders Ctrl+F - opens a search for computers F1 - opens the Windows Help window M - minimizes all windows Shift+M - will restore all minimized windows R - opens the Run dialog box U - opens the Utility Manager

You can also turn off the icon button names and keyboard shortcuts 1. Click the Customizing local layout button see the following pop-up screen. on the far right of the SAP screen. You will

2. Click the Options tab if it is not the default. 3. Click in the radio button to the left of an option under Quick Info. None Turns off the button name and keyboard shortcut. Slow Button name and shortcut are displayed a few seconds after you place the cursor on the button. Quick Button name and shortcut are displayed immediately after you place the cursor on the button.