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The Chalice CONNECTION A publication of First Christian Church of Edmond, OK
The Chalice
A publication of First Christian Church of Edmond, OK

Vol. 4 No. 13 April 5, 2012

Anticipation By Rev. Chris Shorow, Senior Minister I have watched the faces of my children
By Rev. Chris Shorow, Senior Minister
I have watched
the faces of my
children over the
years as we pass
the communion
trays by them
every week.
Before they
were baptized,
such an important element of all our faith.
But it does seem exclusive to invite all to
the table—but not our children. Some
friends invite their kids to take it, knowing
that it includes their children, but it is not
fully communion until they are baptized.
No matter how you see it, the table
is central to all of our faith. That’s why
this Holy Week is so meaningful to us as
Disciples. The Last Supper instituted our
observance of the table and we celebrate
Christ’s presence every time we gather
round. And this Maundy Thursday we
celebrate the “first communion” for our
8:15am Chapel Service
9am Contemporary Service
11am Easter Cantata
Beth and I made the decision not to
let them take communion. We had a
long discussion with each explaining the
decision. We told them it would be more
meaningful for them after their baptism
and that baptism is all about entry into the
body of Christ. Still, I could see their faces
as we invited everyone around the table to
dine with us. They felt left out.
The decision about whether to allow
children to take communion before
they are baptized is a personal one. We
don’t have a policy here at the church.
“Who Is This King?”
I know many families have their own
preferences—some do and some don’t. I
don’t have a problem with either decision.
An Easter Cantata written by Lloyd
Larson & Joseph M. Martin
Those who witnessed the life and
ministry of Jesus were consistently
mixed in their verdicts about who
He was. Join us as we proclaim
Jesus the risen and living King!
Performed by our Chancel Choir
Accompanied by a 22 piece orchestra
Greg Bunton, Narrator
(PARENTS: On Easter Sunday,
SPROUTS children’s worship will
NOT meet during the 9am and
11am services. We invite your
children to worship with you!)
I do think it is important for the kids to
understand both sides of the issue and be
OK with whatever decision is made. And I
see the positives of both sides of the issue.
It is meaningful to wait, knowing that
baptism and public confession of faith is
pastors’ class. Is it the first time any of
them have received communion? Probably
not, and that’s just fine. But is it the first
time as baptized believers in Jesus Christ?
Yes, and that is why we anticipate it with
such emotion. What a statement our kids
have made, and what an impact it has on
their lives.
So, next Sunday as we pass the
communion trays, William, as a newly
baptized believer will take it just like
everyone else. What a celebration! And
Clark, our four-year-old, will watch us with
anticipation. He may notice other children
taking it and ask me about it. We can have
Easter Breakfast 8:30-11am
a great talk about it. Isn’t diversity a gift in
our community?!
Enjoy a special breakfast in Fellowship
Hall with your church family before
you go to worship or Sunday School!
Hosted by Membership Ministries
To “feed my sheep” is grounded in the church’s most
basic calling: to live a life of faith in God, to trust in God’s
abundance, to use God’s gifts wisely and to share them
The General Ministries of the Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ) feed the sheep of Jesus by helping
congregations use financial resources wisely - providing
pensions and quality health care for church workers;
providing emergency assistance; and educating leaders.
Join us and Disciples around the country on Sunday,
April 8 as we support the 2012 Easter Offering to Disciples Mission Fund, and let’s love
Christ by feeding his sheep.
Come Hunt Eggs!
Children’s Easter Egg Hunt 10:20am
The Annual Easter Egg Hunt, for ages 3
through 4th grade, will be held on our
playgrounds. Children: meet in your
classrooms - Sunday School teachers will
escort you to the appropriate playground
for the hunt. Parents - please join us!
(Children will be dismissed to their
parents immediately following.)
Bring a basket and a friend!
Hosted by the 2012 Pastors’ Class
Giving Ourselves to Others! Book Inspires Intentional Generosity By Bethany Shipley, for the 29 Gifts
Giving Ourselves to Others!
Book Inspires Intentional Generosity
By Bethany Shipley, for the 29 Gifts Creative Team
How better to celebrate this new life that we have been given
through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection than by giving of
ourselves to others?!
Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not
merely given back - given back with bonus and blessing.
Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity.
Luke 6.38, The Message
Well that is exactly what we will be focusing on in an upcoming sermon series, entitled
“29Gifts/29Days.” The idea for this sermon series and ‘giving challenge,’ came from Cami
Walker’s book 29 Gifts: How A Month of Giving Can Change Your Life.
Cami, a young woman in her mid-30’s, was diagnosed with MS in 2006. After struggling
with the chronic pain and subsequent addiction to pain medications, Cami’s health and
spirits were in a downward spiral. She decided to take the advice of a spiritual mentor to
give a gift a day for 29 days. While it didn’t heal her MS, it did have a remarkable effect on
her ability to cope. “I went from being unable to walk and feeling depressed and angry to
being able to hike a mile and feeling a strong sense of love,” says Cami, who credits her swift
recovery to her giving spree.
As we are quickly approaching this new sermon series, I want to encourage you to pick
up a copy of Cami’s book. I truly believe if you are able to read through her journey and
personal account of “29Gifts/29Days,” you will not only be inspired and energized to
partake yourself, but you will be able to truly grasp the idea of mindful, intentional, joyful
giving. Which I believe will add to your own experience during the upcoming challenge!
Our “29Gifts/29Days” sermons series and ‘giving challenge’ begins on Children’s
Sunday, April 22. The children have some great things planned as they lead us in worship at
11am, and we will see some videos they are creating in the other services.
The challenge is very simple. Commit to give away 29 gifts in 29 days. Practicing
mindful and intentional giving is key. Want to know one of the best parts of this ‘challenge’?
The gifts can be anything; a phone call, a cup of coffee, listening to a friend, random acts of
kindness, smiles, your time, a hug, kind words, prayers, notes of encouragement, etc. And,
even better…They can be given to anyone; You can give them anonymously, to people you
knew really well, to friends and family members, to teachers, to someone you see often but
may not really know, or to complete strangers.
So pick up a copy of 29 Gifts: How A Month of Giving Can Change Your Life,
and then join us in celebrating the joy of giving by participating in this 29 day experience!
Experience for yourself how giving can change your life - and the lives of others.
Feel the Love By Rev. Greg Bunton, Associate Minister of Student Ministries
For the past month our students have been engaged in a study called, “To Save A Life.” We began this study
in response to the 3 teen suicides that affected our community in January of this year. This study has been a
powerful opportunity for our students to grow in their faith, experience the powerful presence of God, and find
true community in the body of Christ. Through the prayer support of our Elders, our Wednesday night sessions
have been filled with the Holy Spirit, and our students have found the strength and courage to be themselves -
to share their hurts, struggles, fears, disappointments, as well as their joys and celebrations. It has been a great
growth experience for everyone!
On Wednesday, April 25, we will conclude our study with an Agape Feast and Community Worship. Our
students will be inviting other students from their schools to our Wednesday night dinner, and we have invited
other church youth groups as well. It is our hope to fill the Family Life Center with students and help them
“Feel the Love” of their community. We need each other, and that is what we want to make known and celebrate! After the dinner, we
will gather in the Sanctuary for a Community Worship, and we are inviting anyone and everyone to join us! Our worship leaders for the
evening will be Christian recording artists Shane and Shane. I encourage you to check them out at
If you know of a student in 6-12 grade, please encourage them to attend our Agape Feast on April 25 at 6:00 p.m. And then,
please come - ALL OF YOU - to worship with Shane and Shane at 7:00 p.m. in our Sanctuary. It is going to be a powerful evening!
Happy Birthday! Prayers of the People 4/9 OUR PRAYERS FOR THOSE IN THE HOSPITAL Joan
Happy Birthday!
Prayers of the People
Parcway Rehab
THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER Dale Jones, Marcy Williams,
Charlie Young, Vernon Conaway, Jim Hays, Edna Blunk, Loretta Parks, Tommy
Atchison, Temple Thigpen (Teddi Owen’s daughter), Roy Jackson, Rose Marie McKee,
Bart Rodr, Virginia O’Niel, Cynthia David (Winnie Hall’s daughter), Ed Berry, Bill &
Mary Lou Womble, Naomi Bell (Karen Walenciak’s mom)
OUR SYMPATHY AND PRAYERS To James & Kim Kerr on the passing of Kim’s
grandmother, Dorothy Sager of Fort Collins, CO, on March 24. Services were held on
April 2 in McPherson, KS.
Lindsay Clark
Alex Adams, Judy Berry, Rose
Larry Ball, Robert Earl, Connor
Flournoy, Jamie Novakowski,
Collins Ryland, Karen Turk,
James Winn, III
Christin Adkins, Desiree
Dale Jones, Kinsey Winters
Meredith Farley, Ben Hall,
Robert Hendricks, Jana Huff
Carol Sterling
Join Us for a Bridal Shower Honoring
Rachel Parks
Saturday, April 7, from 2 to 4pm
Regional Assembly
of the Christian
Church in Oklahoma
Rachel is registered at Macy’s, Williams-Sonoma, and Target.
Hosted by Charla Allison, Jennifer Cain, Donna Combs, Robbi Kinnaird,
Brenda Peterson, Trish Thomas and Sherrye VanOsdol
Featuring FCC
Edmond’s Own
Praise Band!
Get Your Garden Growing!
The Youth are selling $20 TLC Greenhouse gift cards now through
May 6. The TLC cards are good for all plants, trees, fertilizer and
soil to help you get your garden growing this spring! (excludes
landscaping services). Your purchase will help support our youth
mission trips. The cards are easy to purchase on Sundays, in the
rotunda, and on Wednesday evenings - pick up yours today!
Contact Missy Blevins at 833-1115 with questions.
Thursday - Saturday
April 26 - 28
The Regional Assembly of the Christian
Church in Oklahoma will be held
April 26-28 at First Christian Church
of Duncan. Worship, workshops and
study sessions will center on scripture:
Raise Your Hand
If YOU Want To Be A
Welcome Desk Host
Can YOU smile and give a friendly “good
morning”? Can you answer the simple question “what time does your service start?”
On Sunday Mornings, our Welcome Center desk team answers calls, takes messages,
greets people and points them in the right direction. This same team answers questions
about the church, where to find classes, and helps us make a great first impression!
If you have the gifts of making people feel welcome, and a broad knowledge of our
ministries, we would welcome you to our team! Welcome Center desk volunteers are
needed on Sunday mornings - we currently have two vacancies to fill: the 2nd Sunday
of each month from 11:00am to Noon, and the 4th Sunday of each month from 10:00-
11:00am. This duty will last from April, 2012 through December, 2012.
This is a wonderful ministry to be a part of at First Christian Church, and many
blessings are attached to it. If you are interested in learning more or signing up, please
call Gayle Smith at 348-1357.
John 1:1.
FCC Edmond’s own Praise
Band will be performing at the
1:30 pm worship service on
Saturday, April 28!
Rev. Dr. Michael Mooty, Senior
Minister of Central Christian Church,
Lexington, KY, and former moderator
of the Christian Church (DOC) in the
US and Canada, will preach Thursday
and Friday. Regional Pastor Rev.
Dr. Thomas R. Jewell will preach on
Faculty of Phillips Theological
Seminary will present workshops.
Registration forms available at the
Welcome Center in the rotunda or
online at:
Save These Dates: Worship Sunday, April 29 Give Blood - Be a Lifesaving Donor! at
Save These Dates:
Sunday, April 29
Give Blood - Be a Lifesaving Donor!
at First Christian
8:15, 9 & 11am
April 8, 2012
Easter Sunday
All blood drives will be held from 8:30am to 12:30pm
in the Fellowship Hall. Make plans to support our
hospital patients with your gift of life through the
Oklahoma Blood Institute.
Message: Rev. Dr. Jerry Black
Rev. Chris Shorow
Monday - Thursday, June 11-14
Vacation Bible School
April 15, 2012
Holy Humor Sunday
Message: Rev. Chris Shorow
Rev. Greg Bunton
Dinner will be served from 6:00 to 6:30pm in
Fellowship Hall and the VBS activities will run
from 6:30 to 8:45pm. Come join in the fun!
Online registration begins April 15
Shelley Regan, Editor
Read News Online
Submit Articles to
Friday, June 15
FCC’s Annual Golf Tournament
Kickingbird Golf Club
There will be an $80 Entry Fee.
Questions? Contact Bob Stafford
at 359-8900 or