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To see which toothpaste will whiten tooth enamel the best

I believe crest complete toothpaste will whiten tooth enamel the best because it has scope mouthwash mixed into the toothpaste. Amar toothpaste will make the least difference on tooth enamel because it is the cheapest toothpaste

coffee Colgate toothpaste Crest complete toothpaste Toms Natural toothpaste Amar toothpaste

toothbrush four boiled eggs four glasses boiling water coffee stirrers

1) Boil four eggs 2) Boil four cups of water 3) Place two tablespoons of coffee mix into each glass 4) Pour one cup of boiling water into each glass 5) Stir coffee and boiling water together 6) Add one egg to each glass 7) Let the eggs sit in the coffee for four hours 8) Remove eggs from the coffee mixture and place a number, and square on each egg. 9) Take the toothbrush and using one type of toothpaste per egg, brush the eggs shell where the square is located 10) Rank each egg according to which egg is whitest 11) Record observations

Before the eggs were added to the coffee mixture, they were all white. After the eggs were removed from the coffee, they were all a light brown color. After I brushed each egg with toothpaste, I saw that the area that I brushed was whiter than the rest of the eggs shell.

The following toothpaste numbers are ranked according to how effective it was at removing the coffee stain from the eggs shell. The rankings range from most white to least white: 3, 1, 2, 4. The toothpaste that made the biggest difference is Toms natural toothpaste (3), followed by Crest complete toothpaste (1), Amar toothpaste (2), and the toothpaste that made the least difference is Colgate toothpaste (4).

Toothpaste Toothpaste Whitening number name ranking 1 Crest More Complete white 2 Amar Less white 3 Toms Most Natural white 4 Colgate Least white

Hard boiled eggs were used to model tooth enamel because both are porous and made up of calcium. By doing the experiment, I proved my hypothesis wrong. Before the experiment, I thought that Crest complete toothpaste would whiten teeth the best, and Armar toothpaste would whiten teeth the least. After the experiment was finished, I learned that Toms Natural toothpaste will whiten tooth enamel the best, and Colgate toothpaste will whiten tooth enamel the least. Some things that could improve my results are doing more trials or letting the eggs soak in the coffee mixture longer.

Toothpaste name Crest Complete Toms Natural Amar Colgate

Cost of Toothpaste $2.57 $4.99 $1.06 $3.89