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Evidence-Based Climate Science

Data opposing CO2 emissions as the primary source of global warming Don Easterbrook Professor Emeritus, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, USA
Objectively analyzes scientific data concerning patterns of past climate changes, influences of ocean temperature changes, the effect of solar variation, and the effect of CO2 to objectively present evidence that natural causes are responsible for global warming and cooling, not CO2
KEY FEATURES An unbiased, evidence-based analysis of the scientific data concerning climate change and global warming Authored by 8 of the worlds leading climate scientists, each with more than 25 years of experience in the field Extensive analysis of the physics of CO2 as a greenhouse gas and its role in global warming Comprehensive citations, references, and bibliography Adaptation strategies are presented as alternative reactions to greenhouse gas emission reductions DESCRIPTION Global warming and human-induced climate change are perhaps the most important scientific issues of our time. These issues continue to be debated in the scientific community and in the media without true consensus about the role of greenhouse gas emissions as a contributing factor. Evidence-Based Climate Science: Data opposing CO2 emissions as the primary source of global warming objectively gathers and analyzes scientific data concerning patterns of past climate changes, influences of changes in ocean temperatures, the effect of solar variation on global climate, and the effect of CO2 on global climate to clearly and objectively present counter-globalwarming evidence not embraced by mainstream scientists.

ISBN: 978-0-12-385957-0 PUB DATE: September 2011 LIST PRICE: $119.95 DISCOUNT: Agency FORMAT: Electronic book text PAGES: c. 408 TRIM: 6w x 9h AUDIENCE This title will be of interest primarily to atmospheric scientists, oceanographers, meteorologists, and climatologists. It is also suitable as a reference for scientists practicing in the fields of environmental science, ecology, geology, and geophysics. SHELVING CLASSIFICATIONS SCIENCE / Environmental Science, SCIENCE / Earth Sciences / Meteorology & Climatology BISAC CODES SCI026000, SCI042000


1. Geologic evidence of recurring climate cycles and their implications for the cause of global climate changesDon J. Easterbrook 2. Evidence for synchronous global climatic events: Cosmogenic exposure ages of glaciationsDon J. Easterbrook, John Gosse, Cody Sherard, Ed Evenson, and Robert Finkel

3. A critical look at surface temperature recordsJoseph DAleo 4. 2010the hottest year on record?Steve Goddard


5. Relationship of Multidecadal Global Temperatures to Multidecadal Oceanic OscillationsJoseph DAleo and Don J. Easterbrook 6. Setting the frames of expected future sea level changes by exploring past geological sea level records Nils-Axel Mrner 7. The Maldives: a measure of sea level changes and sea level ethics Nils-Axel Mrner 8. Arctic sea iceSteve Goddard 9. Have increases in CO2 contributed to the recent large upswing in Atlantic basin major hurricanes since 1995?William M. Gray and Philip J. Klotzbach

10. Solar changes and the climateJoseph DAleo 11. The current solar minimum and consequences for climateDavid Archibald 12. Total solar irradiance satellite composites and their phenomenological effect on climate Nicola Scafetta 13. Global brightening and climate sensitivityChristopher Monckton of Benchley 14. The relationship of sunspot cycles to gravitational stresses on the sunEdward L. Fix

15. A simple model to examine the relationship between atmospheric CO2 concentration, and ocean and land surface temperaturesJames P. Wallace, III, Anthony Finizza, and Joseph DAleo