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11:31 PM Conectando... 11:31 PM Conectado. Un tcnico se pondr en contacto con usted enseguida.

11:32 PM Se ha establecido una sesin de asistencia con Max. 11:32 PM Max: Hi. Welcome to Sony Online Support. I'm Max. Please allow me a moment to review your concern. 11:32 PM Customer: Hi Max, Im Victor 11:33 PM Max: Thank you for waiting. 11:33 PM Max: Please provide me some more information about the exact issue. So that I can ass ist you better. 11:33 PM Customer: I need the driver for DCR-DVD92, can you help me? 11:34 PM Max: Thank you for waiting. I'll be glad to assist you with the information about the Drivers for the Camcorder. 11:34 PM Max: May I know the Operating System installed in the Computer? 11:35 PM Customer: Win XP Pro 11:35 PM Max: Thank you for the information. 11:35 PM Customer: Thanks :D 11:35 PM Max: Please wait while I search the information for you. 11:36 PM Customer: Of Course.. Im Waiting 11:38 PM Max: Thank you for waiting. 11:39 PM Customer: :) 11:40 PM Max: I am sorry;the software is not available for the Camcorder for online downloadin g. 11:40 PM Max: I understand that you wish to transfer the videos from the Camcorder to the Comp uter. Is that correct? 11:40 PM Customer: yes 11:42 PM Customer: but I have the picture motion brower software, 11:43 PM Customer: I need the driver, or ir not necessary? 11:44 PM Max: You can transfer the videos from the Camcorder to the Computer without using the supplied software. 11:45 PM Customer: ok, thank a lot! I tried!! 11:47 PM Max: You can transfer the videos from the DVDs to the Computer. 11:47 PM Max: Please finalize the discs before transfer to the computer. 11:47 PM Customer: how can I get the supplied software?? 11:48 PM Max: I would like to forward a link to a page from where you can view the steps to tr ansfer the videos from the DVD to the Computer.

11:48 PM Max: When you receive the link, please click on it and let me know you are able to vi ew the page. 11:48 PM Max ha enviado un vnculo: 11:48 PM Max: Are you able to view the page? 11:49 PM Customer: yes, I can! 11:50 PM Customer: Yes, I Do :D 11:50 PM Max: You can use any.VOB compatible video software like VLC to play the videos in the Computer. 11:51 PM Max: Please review the steps and let me know if there is any question. 11:52 PM Customer: no question :) 11:53 PM Max: It has been a pleasure to assist you. 11:53 PM Max: Good-bye and thank you for contacting Sony Online Support. 11:53 PM Max le invita a contestar una pequea encuesta. Abrir encuesta 11:53 PM Max ha finalizado la sesin.