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Marxist theory in the ize of the world by The Strokes

Youth movement ha delivered so many revolutions, actions , and influences. This so-called rebellion had been proved by many medium, but one of the most influential factors is by music. There re a lot of bands that ve been upolding this ideology. We can see it by lyrics and packaging of the songs that the musicians had made. Now, i would like to try to analyze the ize of the world by the strokes. This song main point of view can be seen through Marxist theory. Mostly content of this song is about how the capitalists grabs the world with theirbluff about visions,dreams,and even monopolizing the economy. .. i think i know what you mean but watch you say, cause theyll knock you in some way... This line refers to how the rights of humanity to speak up have been caged by the power wielder (capitalists). Like in the film starred by Jack Black, give up, just quit! Because in this life you cant win, but yeah you can try,because the world is run by the man( school of Rock). This man images is represents how the capitaism have become tyrant. Like several real facts that drew in this song. How every little thing that happen to exist in this world is unfortunately has been blinde and used by some agents. This next line, describes how the system sell dreams in exchange of the people resources. ..your dreams are sweet and obsessed. And you overworked. In my opinion this song was moved by the ideology of the socialist realism, it show us frontally, but yet secretly describe how the world had been urned upside down by the upper class whose tend to steps over and over the heads of the lower class. I found one interesting fact about what is DIDIPP in this song stand for ; Dead Idealistic Desperate Inventor Pioneer Philosophers. Maybe the artists want to criticize the society that they are such a waste for the former revolution and revolutioners. How theyre a disgrace for themself by being idle and concsciously destroyed by the cruel system of the capitalist. This song has yet shows, describes some proof of how clever the system be, and how dumb the victims are. But yet the struggling between the predators and the preys hasnt over yet. Maybe yesterdays prey could tranquilize the predators.

Common People

The irony inside the life that stuck between the lower class and the upper class is very uniqely described in this song. common people by the pulp is packed in a uniqe way and the song uniqely tells story with very powerful meaning behind it.