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Open Software Platforms for Mobile Digital Broadcasting - Presentation Transcript

1. Open Software Platforms for Mobile Digital Broadcasting Franois Lefebvre

Communications Research Centre, Canada UQO, 4 fvrier 2010 1

2. Context for Mobile Broadcasting The DAB/DMB System CRC Projects Future? 2 3. Replacement technologies for Terrestrial Radio + TV Spectrum efficiency / digital dividend Digital enhancements Convergence of services and devices 3

4. Mobile Convergence 4

5. Device Convergence 5

6. The Long Tail Size of Specialized Infrastructure Audience Efficiency: Spectrum, $/bit

Head of the Long Tail Very large audiences Live Content ranked by popularity 6

7. Mobile Digital Broadcasting Standards 7

8. DAB System Features High speed mobility Capacity: 1.5 Mbps / channel ( 16 Gb / day ) High bitrate AV & Data: Typical video to mobile screen: 384-512 kbps Spectrum: Band III

: 174 to 240MHz L-Band : 1452 to 1492MHz Modulation: COFDM Single Frequency Networks 8 9. DAB/DMB Applications Dynamic label segment (text for radio) Slideshow Broadcast Website Electronic Program Guide Traffic information DMB ... 9 10. DAB System Transmitter Audio Codec 1 M U Audio L Codec 2 One DAB T Ensemble High Power I Modulator Amplifier Audio P Codec 3 L E . . X . E Audio R Codec N 10

11. DAB/DMB Applications Video DAB Data Pipeline Audio 1 1.5 Mbps 2 Programs 3 4 5

Subscription Datacasting Services Navigation, Traffic, Weather, Maps, etc. 11

12. CRC Projects: DAB Transmission 12

13. Architecture

14. Trend: Software on Generic HW

15. Software Defined Radio USRP: Ettus research

16. Software Building Blocks

17. CRC DAB Software Stack 19

18. Ubuntu Base System

19. Ubuntu Minimized

20. Ubuntu with CRC Tools

21. mmbTools live CD

22. One Click Transmitter

23. mmbTools Web Appliances

24. CRC DAB Projects: Reception

25. Colliding Business Models ? Broadcaster MNO FTA-TV Pay-TV

26. Open Handhelds (2007)

27. No Broadcasting Stack!

28. Openmokast Stack

29. Openmokast Architecture Receiver control Demultiplexing Application decoding Presentation

30. Adapt Openmoko Device

31. 100$ 3D Print

32. Adapt Openmoko Device

33. Openmokast Prototype

34. Screenshots

35. Android

36. Android Openmokast Player Openmokast Player on on T-Mobile G1 Android Market (MAS)

37. DAB Personal LAB

38. Licensing Design

39. Adopt Royalty-Free Tech In broadcasting: most standards require non-RF tech Must pay

royalties for most CODECS - Can't distribute free software implementations at large Foster adoption of RF tech in standards CRC mmbTools now includes CELT wideband audio CODEC for DAB 40. mmbTools Community Tweak USRP for appropriate bands Build power amplifier 8 streaming internet radio into CRC mmbTools FM modulator with USRP + Gnu Radio Companion Receiver manufacturers Pre-market field trials 41. Future Projects? 42. New Software Receiver Platforms IGEPv2 Beagleboard Zoom ... SDR? Multistandard? Mobile Hotspot Wifi

43. FM + RDS in mobile devices GSM Phones HTC 45

44. Other Potential Projects Live CD: Support more standards: FM/RDS, ATSC/MH,

Update tu recent Ubuntu releases (LTS) Openmokast: Bcast chipsets into open phones Openmokast: Port to Android New broadcast apps Royalty-free codecs: audio, video (CELT, Theora) OpenBTS as return link Broadcast apps in App Stores Microbroadcasting: events, Field trial: 3G radio reception ?

45. Internet Radio Apps for iPhone Apple, iTunes Store 47

46. Internet Radio Standardisation - Central listings of radio stations - Detailed stations info + more... - CE devices and others - Managed vs unmanaged - Free vs licensed FM Radio Unique internet link Internet radio unmanaged, free Internet radio + DAB + FM + ... Managed, licensed 48

47. Conclusions Broadcasting = One-to-many Telecom Business models for broadcasting still evolving Open & RF & Software and Generic HW = democratisation = rapid innovation cycles, adoption, QoL Other platforms coming: Internet, 3G, LTE, Wimax,... Identified potential R&D projects 49

48. Merci ! PROJECTS BLOG, Twitter: @fralef