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A. Identities
School Grade/ Semester Subject Topic Standard Competency Basic Competency Indicator Allocation of Time SMA N 3 Padang X/I Physics Wheels Connection Applying principle and concept of kinematics and dynamic point things Analyzing physics quantities at circular motion with constant speed 1. Applying wheels connecting principle qualitatively 1 meetings (1 x 20 minutes)

B. Objectives of Learning After following learning process, the students are expected to be able to: 1. Identify kind of the connection of wheel 2. Apply the concept of uniform circular motion on wheel relation 3. Analyze the characteristic of every wheel relation. C. Learning Materials Applying wheels connecting principle qualitatively a. Center relation

v1 v 2 R1 R 2 Example : Velg tire and rubber tire

or b. Contacting relation

1 2

v1 v 2

or 1 R 1 2 R 2

Example : gears

b. Relation through belt

v1 v 2

or 1 R 1 2 R 2

Example : bike gears D. Learning Methods In this material, the teacher will use several methods. Those are: 1. Explanation 2. Questioning 3. Task E. Learning Activities 1. The First Meeting Num Stages of Learning Time(minutes) Pre Activities 1. Teacher asks student to pray together. 5 2. Teacher checks students attendence list. 3. Teacher reviews the last lesson. 4. Teacher explains the learning objective and deliver the scoupe of learning. Whilst Activities 1. Teacher asks student about the picture in the chart. 2. Teacher and student make the equation of the wheels connection. 3. Teacher gives an example to the student as application of topic 4. Teacher gives some exercise to make student more understand about the topic. Post Activities 1. Teacher asks a student to conclude the lesson. 2. Teacher gives small evaluation 3. Teacher gives homework for the students 4. Teacher tells the learning material for next meeting F. References 1. Sunardi.2008. Fisika Bilingual untuk SMA/MA Kelas X. 2. Purwoko and Fendi.2009.Physics for Senior High School Year X. 10

3. Hudson, Miles and Patrick Fullick.Edexcel AS Physics Students Book. 4. 5. Supriyanto.2006.Fisika SMA Jilid 1 untuk SMA Kelas X. G. Evaluation 1. Evaluation Technique : written test 2. Evaluation Tool : essay test 3. Used of Instrument 1. Two wheels A and B are touching each other. If the angular velocity of wheel B is 12 rad/s and radius of wheel A is equal to of radius of wheel B, determine the angular velocity of wheel A!

Padang, Maret 2012 Approved by, Headmaster of SMA N 3 Padang

Physics Teacher


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