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OUTLINE NG PAPER (COMPLETE) note: nakalagay sa gilid ung name kung kanino assigned ang mga ito pati

kung ano dapat gawin :) sana maaccomplish natin ung mga ito soon :D Outline for PD Paper Letter of Introduction - With names and signatures of all members Acceptance Page - Advisers and department chairman Dedication/Acknowledgement - Table of Contents With table of figures and table of tables EXECUTIVE SUMMARY || Lester - Summary of each chapter (per chapter: purpose methodology assumptions and results) - Last paragraph most impt results or conclusions in a gist INTRODUCTION || Lester -Background/significance -Beneficiaries and their benefits -Statement of the design problem -General objectives of the design project -General objectives of the design project -General methodology -Expected results -Conclusions

PRELIMINARY STUDIES - List ChE 141 paper among unpublished references a. Design Problem Background and significance (product description, product uses) Statement of the design problem Purpose and objectives of the design project Scope and limitations

b. The Market and Raw Material Supply || Lester i. Introduction ii. Briefly described methodology used iii. Product Description a. Properties b. Technical Specification of the Product iv. Industrial Uses v. Product Supply and Demand (Local and Global Market) a. Current and Projected Demand b. Product Supply c. Product Distribution vi. Product Competition (Local and Global Market) a. Product Competitors b. Packaging c. Pricing d. Distribution vii. Market Analysis Discussion viii. Sales Plan a. Market Share b. Plant Capacity c. Sales Strategy 1) Product Pricing 2) Product Packaging 3) Product Distribution ix. Raw Materials a. Summary of the Raw Material Requirements of the Plant b. Important Raw Materials Used c. Raw Material Cost to be Used in the Plant d. Raw material supply analysis x. Plant Location i. Map of Location i. Process Selection || Alexy Introductory paragraph to briefly describe methodology used Summary of comparison of options Summary of comparison of options -by-point comparison tors favoring each option Conclusion

j. Site Selection || Che Show comparison of options Advantages of site of choice Site map and distances from relevant points such as

k. Process Synthesis and Development || Alexy Introductory paragraph to describe methodology used briefly Discussion of philosophy/criteria/reasons for decisions made in the synthesis and development and process

a. Process Description and Process Flow Diagram PFD properly labeled with code names for each equipment and stream (reactor might be R-001, R-002 etc) b. Mass and Energy Balance Overall process mass balance pressure, phase) and properties (density and viscosity, specific enthalphy) Unit mass and energy balances (table form na per equipment picture)

exchanges c. Process Schedule d. Waste Handling || Lester

All wastes produced by the plant (from what equipment and their disposal) All wastes produced by the plant (from what equipment and their disposal) e. Plant Layout || Che Introductory paragraph to discuss methodology used Discussion of layout considerations f. Piping and Instrumentation Diagram || Che & Lester In standard P&ID symbols Piping specifications g. Tables of Stream Properties, Flows and Compositions || ALL h. Table of Overall Mass Balance Summary || Alexy i. Table of Overall Energy Balance Summary || Alexy j. Table of Waste Streams || Lester k. Process Safety *optional pero kung kaya lagay tayo ng mga safety rules sa loob ng planta DETAILED EQUIPMENT DESIGN || ALL Equipment Assignments (equipment arranged by order) i. Reactor I - Che ii. Stripper - Che iii. Distillation Column Pair - Alex iv. Extraction Column- Lester v. Recovery Column - Lester vi. Reactor II Lester (and Che. haha.) vii. Storage Tanks - ahihihihiiihihi *note: kung nagcalc kayo kailangan magback calc para macompute maayos ung temp at flowrates :( tapos sana as much as possible meron tayo design methodology kahit na nibase natin ito sa capacity lang or flowrate. Pwede maghanap ng design methodology or theoretical thingies sa perry and other books :D **note 2: kanya kanya na rin tayo ng pagaassign ng instrumentation per equip na assigned sa atin, bali maghahanap lang naman kung anong klaseng mga control equip gagamitin sana wag masyadong mahal hehe. a. Summary b. Introduction Statement of the Design Problem Important Operating Considerations (Requirements, MEB, etc)

Important Operating Considerations (Requirements, MEB, etc) Design Considerations Design Methodology c. Discussion of Design Results MEB Summary Tables Equipment Specifications Table Component Specifications (Sieve tray of packing specifications) HAZOP || for pyrolyzer only Process Control Scheme Discussion of Results and Assessment of Design Method Equipment Cost || sana may mga choices para pag super laki ng capital cost natin may chance na umiba sizes since maghahanap tayo mas murang equip d. Conclusion ECONOMIC ANALYSIS || Che a. Total Capital Investment Cost Estimation i. Fixed Capital Investment i. Land ii. Land Improvement and Site Development iii. Buildings, Offices and Warehouses iv. Office Equipment and Supplies v. Delivery Truck and Forklift vi. Process Equipment vii. Instrumentation viii. Business Permit ix. Contingencies ii. Working Capital b. Total Product Cost Estimation i. Direct Cost i. Raw Material Cost ii. Direct labor Cost iii. Utilities Cost iv. Packaging Cost ii. Overhead Cost i. Indirect Labor Cost ii. Depreciation Cost iii. Maintenance and Repairs

iv. Contract Services v. Insurance iii. Profitability Analysis i. Projected Net Sales ii. Projected Income Statement iii. Rate of Return on Investment iv. Payback Period iv. Sensitivity Analysis i. Sensitivity Analysis to Selling Price ii. Sensitivity Analysis to Raw Material Cost iii. Sensitivity Analysis Using Break-even Point c. Conclusion Conclusions References (Grouped by Chapter) Appendices -Market Study Data -Material Balance Calculations -Energy Balance Calculations -Equipment Design Calculations -Cost Estimation Data