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Diversified Agriculture Support Project,UP (Project Implementing Unit) Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd.

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NCB Ref. No.68/PCDF/Mat.-DASP/CW-GKP-FZB / 10-11

Dated : 31.3.11

The Government of India has applied for a Credit from the International Development Association and a Loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development towards the cost of DIVERSIFIED AGRICULTURE SUPPORT PROJECT-II and intend to apply a part of the funds to cover eligible payments under the contracts for construction of works as detailed below. Bidding is open to all bidders from eligible source countries as defined in the IBRD Guidelines for Procurement. Bidders from India should however be registered with the Government of India or other State Governments/ Government of India, or State/ Central Government Undertakings. The Managing Director, PCDF Ltd. now invites sealed bids under two Bid system (Technical & Financial Bid) from eligible bidders for the Various Civil Works at DUSS,Gorakhpur and DUSS, Faizabad under DIVERSIFIED AGRICULTURE SUPPORT PROJECT-II listed below: NCB Name of Work No. Date of Date of Approx. Period of Amount Last Date for the Value Completi of Earnest sale of Bidding receipt of Bid opening of Money document up to up to Bid at 2.30 (Rs. in on (Rs.) 1.00 PM PM Lac) 4.00 PM 17.43 Five months Six months 35000.00 18.4.11 19.4.11 19.4.11

68(A)Various Civil Works at DUSS,Gorakhpur. 68(B) Various Civil Works at DUSS, Faizabad.






INVITATION FOR BID 1. 2. DESCRIPTION OF WORKS: 68(A)Various Civil Works at DUSS,Gorakhpur 68(B)Various Civil Works DUSS, Faizabad. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from and inspect the bidding documents at the office of the Incharge Materials, P.C.D.F.Ltd. at the address given below. REQUEST FOR BIDDING DOCUMENT: A complete set of bidding document may be purchased


by any interested eligible bidder on the submission of a written application, to the G.M.(Finance),PCDF Ltd. and upon the payment of a non-refundable bidding document cost as detailed below. 4. Minimum Eligibility Criteria: For the purpose of this particular contract bidder shall have to meet the following eligibility criteria for each work as minimum.

4.1 Only the experience bidder for similar job is eligible to give their tender. 4.2 The bidder should be in business of Civil And Allied Works for a period of Three years at the time of bid opening in the same name and style. In order to support these, the bidder has to submit:(i) Photocopy of the work orders executed in the last three years in same name and style. (ii) Any document issued by Govt. or Semi Govt. Department which certifies / proves that the bidder is in business for the required period. 4.3 The bidder should be registered under office of competent authority or under statuary bodies at the time of bid opening in the same name and style. In order to support this bidder has to submit: Copy of the Registration Certificate issued by the Registration of firms in case of firms of proprietary nature. OR Copy of partnership deed in case of partnership firms. OR Copy of article of association in case of Pvt. Ltd., companies. OR Copy of registration certificate for firms registered with NSIC/Central or State Govt. department/Local bodies for similar work. 4.4 The bidders annual financial turnover in the same name and style during any one of the last three years shall not be less than 50% of the value of the contract as specified in the Invitation to Bid. In order to support this, copies of Balance Sheet, along with Profit & Loss statement for the last two years duly certified by Chartered Accountant to reflect the annual turnover are to be submitted. 4.5 Bidder should have income tax clearance certificate for previous years in original but not older than last three years. To support this bidder has to submit photocopy of latest income tax clearance certificate but not older than two years in the same name and style along with certified true copies along with true photocopy of Permanent Account Number (PAN),Tax Deduction & Collection Account Number(TAN) and Service Tax Registration No.. 4.6 Bidder should have credentials for satisfactory performance for the last three years. To support this bidder has to submit: Details of orders executed satisfactorily to Milk Federation/Milk Union/Reputed Milk Industries/Organisations during last three years. The bidder should duly sign the statement. Certificate issued by Milk Federation/Milk Unions/Reputed Milk Industries/ Organisations regarding satisfactory execution of purchase orders given by them. 4.7 Bidder's firm should be registered with Sales / Commercial Tax Department. To support this bidder has to submit photocopy of Sales / Commercial Tax registration certificate/ TIN duly renewed by the competent authority. 4.8 The bidder shall have to furnish the Bankers Certificate issued by Nationalized Bank on their prescribed format for at least 10% of the estimated contract value. Note: Above mentioned terms and conditions should be abided by bidder. 5. BID DETAILS : Detailed terms and conditions as well as the technical specifications for all the items of works as indicated in the NIT are contained in one bidding document comprising Technical part & Financial part. For one destination only one set of bidding document shall be issued to one bidder.

(a ) (b ) (c ) (d ) (e ) (f) (g ) (h ) (i)

Bid reference

: NCB Ref. No.68/PCDF/Mat.-DASP/CWGKP-FZB / 10-11 Dated : 31.3.11 : Rs. 500/- ( Rupees Five Hundred Only)

Price of bidding document for each work per set

Incidental charges (in land) in case documents are to be : Rs. 150/- ( Rupees One Hundred Fifty sent by courier/ post for each NCB No. Only) Last date for the sale of bidding document Last Date and time for receipt of bids Time and date of opening of Technical bids Time and date of opening of Financial bids Address for communication & place for opening of bid : 18.4.11 (up to 16:00 hrs) : 19.4.11 (up to 13:00 hrs) : 19.4.11 (at14:30 hrs) : will be informed later on. : Office of Incharge (Materials), Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd., 29, Park Road, Lucknow- 226 001 68(A): Rs. 35000.00 for the Various Civil

Amount of Bid Security/ Earnest Money

Works at DUSS,Gorakhpur 68(B): Rs. 32000.00 for the Various Civil Works at DUSS Faizabad
6. PURCHASE OF BIDDING DOCUMENT IN PERSON: Bidders who desire to obtain bidding document in person by submitting written request and paying through cash/demand draft may do so on any working day from 11.00 hrs. to 16.00 hrs. only during the period of sale of bid documents as specified in clause 5 hereof. Demand draft shall be prepared in favour of PCDF Ltd. payable at Lucknow. 7. PURCHASE OF BIDDING DOCUMENT BY COURIER/POST: Bidders may send request along with demand draft in favour of PCDF Ltd. of value equal to price of bidding documents plus incidental charges, as specified in clause 5 (b) & 5(c) hereof to the address of communication during the period of sale of bid document. PCDF Ltd., shall not take the responsibility for any delay in receipt of the bidding document if it is sent by courier /post. 8. BID SECURITY/ EARNEST MONEY: All bids must be accompanied by a bid security in the acceptable form as specified in the bidding document and must be delivered to the address of communication as stated above in clause 5 (i) on or before the last date and time of receipt of bids as mentioned above. Earnest Money / Bid Security should be in the form of DD payable in the name of PIU-PCDF, UPDASP, payable at Lucknow. Bids not supported by EMD shall not be considered. 9. PRE BID MEETING: (Not applicable for this bid) 10. OPENING OF BIDS : Bids will be opened in the presence of those bidders or their authorized representatives who choose to attend at the office of the PCDF Ltd. 11. BID VALIDITY : The Bid shall remain valid for a period of 120 (One twenty) days from the date of bid opening as mentioned above. 12. BID SECURITY VALIDITY : The bid security accompanying the bid shall be valid for 30 days beyond the bid validity period.

13. 14.

In the event of the date specified for bid receipt and opening being declared as a closed holiday for purchaser's office, the due date for submission of bids and opening of bids will be the following working day at the appointed times. RIGHTS RESERVED BY PCDF Ltd.,: The PCDF Ltd., at its sole discretion & without assigning any reason thereof reserves the right to accept and / or reject any or all the bids. Issued by PCDF Ltd.,LUCKNOW

POINTER: SHORT TERM NCB Ref. No.68/PCDF/Mat.-DASP/CW-GKP-FZB / 10-11, Dated : 31.3.11