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Hoenn Guide To EV Training

Ruby & Sapphire were the first games to introduce Natures; Aspects of a Pokmon that have the potential to either maximize or minimize a stat. This has made trainers continuously try to catch the same Pokmon until finding the right one, or soft resetting in front of one-time-only captures. Although Natures are a fantastic phenomenon in the Pokmon universe, it isnt enough to truly bring out a Pokmons strength. To fully understand the process, you need to understand EV Training. Effort Values (EV for short, not to be confused with the Pokmon Eevee) are points given to a Pokmon after they successfully make another faint. These points are then used to increase a stat, and therefore fall in the 6 categories of stats a Pokmon has. HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed

Every 4 EVs obtained in a particular stat equals one more point for that stat, by the time that Pokemon reaches level 100. At low levels you may not see all the points added straight away. If your Pokemon is at a high level you will see a lot of additional points going on to the appropriate stats at each level up. -
Different Pokmon give off different EVs. Some give 1, while others give off multiple in one or more categories. Since they are the determining

factor in raising a stat to its highest, EVs are very important to pay attention to. You wouldnt want a Special Attack-heavy Alakazam defeating too many Machamps, even if Alakazam easily wins the matchup. Machamp gives 3 Attack EVs, increasing a stat any Alakazam trainer knows they dont care about. Why caution? Because you can only get 255 EVs in one stat, and a total of 510 EVs in all. This means you can choose to maximize 2 of a Pokmons stats, which is better than spreading the EVs to balance all of them. Keep in mind you can only choose to raise 1 stat with Natures, so only one stat will actually go as high as possible!

The purpose of this guide is to go through the Hoenn region and talk about the Trainers and Pokmon youll face. As a good trainer, you should have both Type Advantage & EVs in mind when fighting. So having everything you need to know about your encounters and how to shape your Pokmon will be very helpful by the time you want to challenge the Battle Frontier. Lets Begin!

Route 101 Poochyena, Zigzagoon, Wurmple, Route 103 Poochyena, Zigzagoon, Wingull

Something I like to do at the beginning of the game is evolve my Starter before even fighting Brendon/May. This makes the beginning of the game simple for raising other Pokmon, and very good practice for EV training. It takes about an hour, but racks up around 20 stats in whichever you choose. Poochyena 1 ATTACK Zigzagoon 1 SPEED Wurmple - 1 HP Wingull 1 SPEED Very Straightforward. If you chose Torchic, Youll want to keep beating Poochyenas. Mudkip will want the same, but Wurmple is also good if you want a lot of HP. Treecko should only beat Zigzagoons and the occasional Wingull.

Route 102 Wurmple, Seedot, Lotad, Ralts, Poochyena, Zigzagoon, Surskit

Poochyena 1 ATTACK Zigzagoon 1 SPEED Wurmple - 1 HP Seedot 1 DEFENSE Lotad 1 SPECIAL DEFENSE Ralts 1 SPECIAL ATTACK (Rare) Surskit 1 SPEED (Rare) Youngster 1 Zigzagoon [Poochyena] (Speed) [Attack] Bug Catcher Wurmples (HP) Youngster 2 Zigzagoon [Poochyena] & Taillow (Speed) [Attack] Lass Zigzagoon [Shroomish] (Speed) [HP] If you havent, catch a Zigzagoon for its Pickup Ability. It saves you money through the game, and since its not a real fighter it can be used to beat Pokmon with unwanted EVs. Seedot, Lotad and Ralts are all welcome additions to your party

Route 104 (South) Taillow, Marill, Zigzagoon, Wingull, Wurmple

Poochyena 1 ATTACK Zigzagoon 1 SPEED Wingull 1 SPEED Taillow 1 SPEED Marill 2 HP Wurmple - 1 HP Youngster Zigzagoon & Seedot (Speed & Defense) Rich Kid Zigzagoon (Speed) Marill is the first 2-EV giver in the game, but is really only helpful to Mudkip. By now the concept of gaining EVs should be simple. Taillow isnt all that strong, but very quick.

Petalburg Woods Wurmple, Cascoon, Silcoon, Slakoth, Shroomish, Taillow, Zigzagoon

Wurmple 1 HP Cascoon & Silcoon 2 DEFENSE Slakoth 1 HP Shroomish 1 HP Taillow 1 SPEED Zigzagoon 1 SPEED Bug Catcher 1 Wurmples (HP) Team Aqua Grunt Poochyena (Attack) Bug Catcher 2 Nincada (Defense) Make sure that if youre not catching anything to EV train here, Zigzagoon is strong enough to hold its own. Shroomishs HP restoration attacks are beneficial, and it evolves into the fighting type Breloom.

Pokmon are the same as Route 104 South. Rich Kid Zigzagoon (Speed) Lass Shroomish & Seedot/Lotad (HP & Defense/Special Defense) Twins Seedot & Lotad (Defense & Special Defense) Fisherman Magikarp (Speed) At this point, you may want to catch either a 2nd Fighter or another Zigzagoon to deal with the Twins & Lasss Seedot/Lotad. None of the starters are a good idea.

Route 116 Nincada, Whismur, Taillow, Abra