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Scotch Plains, NJ 07076




A senior Manufacturing Operations executive in the Semiconductor and Chemical industries with

unparalleled dedication to product quality, cost controls, lean manufacturer protocols, and safety. Proven track record in developing and executing new production processes that improve output, enhance product quality, minimize waste, and streamline product inventories. History of success in manufacturing in both

established and start-up organizations. Forward-thinking leader who blends sharp analytical and tactical skills to deliver cost-effective, high performance solutions to a customer base including Fortune 100 companies. Excellent customer service skills; demonstrated propensity to deliver customized solutions to clients on time and within budgetary parameters. Ability to communicate effectively across all lines of

the organization, domestically and internationally.

CORE COMPETENCIES: Multi-Site Plant Manufacturing Operations, P&L Responsibility, Feasibility Studies, Facilities Engineering, Quality Control, Continuous Process Improvement, LEAN/Six Sigma, kaizen, Pareto Diagrams, 5S Implementation, Value Stream, SPC, cGMP, ISO 9001, 14001, 18000 Implementation & Maintenance, Cpk, 8D, Contract Manufacturing, Cycle Time Reduction, Capacity Expansion, Strategic Planning, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Inventory Control, Data Management & Documentation, Product Analysis, Safety, FMEA, Self-Directed Work Teams


VP Operations NEXPLANAR CORPORATION, Portland, OR 2010 2012 Recruited to transform distressed and inefficient business operations for an emerging $12 million manufacturer of customized CMP pads used in the production of semiconductors and hard drives. Managed plant operations in two sites - start up facility in OR in MN with 12 direct reports.

Increased production yield 60% within the first 3 months: Used improvement methods - Pareto Diagrams and brainstorming - during newly established regular forum of Engineering, Production and Quality departments to review data real time and develop actions in order to maintain and continuously improve yield. Negotiated with vendor to produce material via campaign method to minimize contamination from other products.

Addressed poor process controls of major parameters - improved CPK of major process variables by 15%: Identified critical process parameters and incorporated a control plan around that variable using SPC software. Established a weekly review meeting with Engineering, Production and Quality to develop actions. Negotiated with vendor to tighten specifications on parameter having the most impact on customer's process. Response to customer investigation requests decreased due to data analysis capability on SPC software.

Efficiency of production process was improved from 40% to 75%: Used LEAN manufacturing techniques such as value stream mapping to implement efficiency improvements.

Significantly improved Housekeeping: Trained employees on LEAN Techniques and implemented 5S program.




Improved equipment uptime by documenting and implementing a preventative maintenance program: Searched and evaluated software. Cost justified purchase. Developed maintenance schedule for each piece of equipment based on previous history and vendor recommendations. Trained users. Implemented program and executed to schedule.

New facility built was not validated or qualified. Timing was critical due to ramp up schedule at customer. Prepared plan to validate processes and executed plan in order to provide samples to the customer to meet their ramp up schedule. Samples produced passed the customers qualification process: New facility was validated and qualified within the scheduled time frame.

Eliminated relationship with Toll manufacturer: Directed the transition of the planning process and inventory control, bringing the entire production and procurement procedure in-house, ending the relationship with a contract manufacturer.

Took Company to full compliance on all Oregon and Federal Health and Safety requirements within 5 months: Hired consultant to develop a gap analysis to develop action list. Assigned owners to actions and completed according to schedule. Trained employees on Health and Safety program.

Corporate Director of Manufacturing/Plant Manager JSR MICRO INC., Sunnyvale, CA

Assigned to build the $140 million US manufacturing unit for a $4 billion Japanese firm (the first to

produce the KRF and ARF chemical compound in the US), developer and producer of electronic materials that include photoresist anti-reflective coatings and chemical/mechanical polishing (CMP) products. $16 million budget, 125 employees.

Led the team on the construction and start up of the new facility: Led gathering of internal qualifications. Travelled to customers and presented data in order for them to qualify the facility. Prepared samples for qualification. Planned logistics for phasing in the new facility.

Reduced cycle time for 13 consecutive years: Set up criteria for measurement. Implemented techniques to minimize testing variation. Improved first pass yield by 20% using a cross-functional team approach. Used LEAN techniques to improve testing turnaround and response time to data.

Reduced Cost per gallon by 20% and saved more than $2MM over a 36-month period: Cross- functional team approach of all departments including Administrative for the first time, which led to savings in HR items. Evaluated and qualified technical cost savings improvements such as filter use, filter type and wash solvent quantity.

Successfully scaled up more than 100 formulations to allow for a #1 position in the marketplace: Developed design review system with Sales, R&D, Production, Materials and Engineering to proactively address development issues - raw material capacity and supply chain, production capacity and product safety.

Complaints decreased by 21% over a 2-year period: Cross-functional team formed. Developed method to duplicate customer issue. Addressed issue with supplier. Developed new filtration system to clean product.

1996 - 2010



JSR MICRO INC. (continued)

Ownership for Chart Review completely transferred to Engineer and Technician level. Received highest Quality Award from major customer 2-years in a row: Trained all employees on the correct use of Statistical Process Control. Formed Process Control Forum consisting of members of Operations Team Managers and developed Charter Document for forum. Developed schedule for teams to present data and set metrics around the review and improvement of data.

Decrease in Supplier Corrective Actions by 15% over 2-years: Implemented a supplier control and performance measurement system using cross-functional teams.

Grew Department from 2 to 125 people: Hired and trained 123 people. Scaled-up by installing 25 new vessels over a 10-year period.

Plant Manager PQ CORPORATION INC., Berkeley, CA

$400 manufacturer that produced magnesium sulfate and sodium silicate, ingredients in laundry detergent, paper production, pharmaceuticals, and ground stabilization for landfills. Accountable for two sites. Managed 18 engineering and semi-skilled employees.

Reduced by 90% over a 3-year period customer complaints on product caking that were high on FDA regulated products: Installed continuous centrifuge to ensure consistent moisture content of the solids fed to the drying system. Designed and implemented a temperature feedback control system for the production of the magnesium sulfide product.

Downtime for vessel cleanout was eliminated thereby increasing efficiency by 15%: Designed, purchased and qualified new agitation system in the digestor reactor.

Effectively increased the production schedule to 24 x 7: From seven (7) days, two (2) shifts to around the clock manufacturing to meet customer demands.

Hired as a Production Manager and was promoted to Plant Manager in less than one year.

1989 - 1996


BS, Chemical Engineering, 1984 NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, Evanston, IL