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Discover Your Past

Life & Heal Your

Holly Hall, USA

ave you ever wondered who you
may have been in the past life?
Which talents, gifts and
characteristics you developed? Were you the
man? Or where you a woman? And are you
using your talents in this lifetime? Our
mission, is to rediscover our talents and our
gifts and then use them in this life time to
contribute to our community in the most
progressive and positive manner possible.
In this article you will discover all the areas
of a chart that indicate past lives,
Holly Hall has almost twenty years particularly the most recent past life.

experience as a professional Astrologer.

Radio, newspaper, magazine appearances The Moon
and columns fill her resume. With her The moon indicates the characteristics you
psychic grandmother and clairvoyant developed in the past life and brought to
this life. It is your “knee jerk” reaction to
mother's legacy, Holly will propel your
life now. Reading the Moon Signs as if it is
spiritual growth.
a Sun Sign will describe the kind of person & you where in your most recent past life. For
instance if a Moon is in Gemini in a chart
than that particular person was an intellect,
and the job or mission of that person was to
gather and pass on information. Doing this
can take on many forms, Gemini’s work
well with their hands and may have been a
carpenter or mechanic. Or a communicator,
such as being a teacher, writer, singer,
preacher, story teller, a traveler, a musician
and so on. You can further discover exactly
what area the Gemini (or any other Moon
sign) used this ability in the past life, by the
House it is in. You can also see the
difficulties and lessons that remain from the

past life that need to be addressed in this life. Simply, by looking at the aspects the
Moon makes to other planets. You can also discover the talents, gifts and specialties you
created by looking at the positive aspects. We will discuss this later on in the article.

The South /North Node‐Dharma and Karma.

Nodes are not planets but points in astrology that indicate Dharma‐North node (what
makes you happy‐your calling/Righteous Path/Dharma) and Karma south node (our lessons
that we go though due to past life actions) north node is life Jupiter and South node is like
Saturn. Also the areas of where you will learn these lessons or play out your Karma will be
determined by the House placement. So for instance if your south node is in your 4th house
then many of your karmic debts will be with a parent (most likely mom) and in your
childhood (so you may be picked on or not excepted as an example) People in your life that
are represented by the house are your soul mates, your soul family in which you reconnect
with. So in this example, mom and childhood connections (4th house stuff), as well as people
in authority (10th house stuff). Note: Not all soul mates within your soul family are
comfortable connections, as we learn lessons from others we have wronged or have wronged
us in some way. And this may be carried over as an adult in your workplace with bosses, any
one that reigns over you as the North node will be in the 10th house. But interestingly
enough this is where you discover your strengths and apply them throughout your career
and within your community status.
The 12th House

T his is another past life indicator. Why is that? Because this is where your hidden
fears are, past enemies, where your subconscious hides, what you are afraid to
confront. If one does not have any planets in this house it is important to look at the
ruler of the house and where the rulers’ planet is within that chart. Therefore if an empty
twelve house has, let’s say Cancer as its ruler and the Moon (cancers ruler) is in the 6th
house in Aquarius. Then you have some major emotional (moon) fears (12th house) that keep
you from becoming too close (Aquarius) to another. Most likely accentuated by a
relationship with mom (moon). And when triggered will effect your health (6th house) and
diet /nutrition/stress can also be effected. Therefore diet and stress relief must be considered
as an antidote. Of course if you have many or any planets in the 12th look those up as well‐
Many planets is a good indicator that you had a recluse past life, had possibly such a life that
created many fears, or that it ended soon.
The Houses
The houses that your Nodes and Moon are in are a fabulous indicator to what areas your
talents are to be used, as well as the lessons learnt. As an example‐the 7th house will be with
your partnerships. The 2nd with possessions and how you earn your money. The 9th through
discovering a new philosophy, religion, belief system and education.
Sun/Moon In The Same Sign
Many of us have Sun and Moon in the same sign; some even have more planets as well.
Often this is an accurate indication that one is here to relearn lessons and or enhance them,
add to them and bring this forth to the world around you. All depends on whether there are

many positive or challenging aspects to the Sun and Moon. Look at the aspects, the ruling
planets and the house in which the Sun and Moon reside.
Trines and Sextile to the Sun (if same sign as Moon), Moon and Nodes indicate that you
have a huge gift and talent in regards to the sign they are in and you will succeed if used in
the area of your life shown forth by the Houses they reside. For instance‐If a Moon is Trine
Mercury in lets say Leo and
Sagittarius in 3rd and 7th; the gift Many planets in the 12 house is a good indicator
and or talent here is to
that you had a recluse past life, had possibly such a
communicate (3rd) to others, the
need to harmonize, balance, to life that created many fears, or that it ended soon.
relate, mediate (7th). To be proud,
stand out, educate and accept other belief systems or cultures (3rd and 9th). Remembering that
communicating can take on many forms, speech, writing, teaching, education, radio, print,
internet, music, etc.
Squares And Opposition
Indicate the need to learn through challenging events and circumstances designed by past
Karmic events. Choices made in a past life. This is when past life souls will re‐connect with
you that had been involved and have karmic debt to pay to you as well.
Female Or Male In The Past Life
Looking at the amount of masculine and feminine signs in a chart within the personal
planets only‐Sun through to Mars‐can determine the sex you where in your past life.

Moon Signs
In a past life you embody the characteristics below, if your moon was in:
Aries‐ A warrior, fighter, aggressive, a sergeant, firefighter, leader of others through your
courage. Police officer, in the military.
Taurus‐Persistent, values material world, earth bound. Farmer, artist, carpenter, banker,
cook, craftsmen.
Gemini‐Gatherer of information, communicator, teacher, speaker, preacher, writer, towne
cryer, educator.
Cancer‐Mothering, nurturing, caregiver, emotional, home important, feeling, nurse, doctor,
practitioner, mother is a soul mate in this life.
Leo‐Family important, children, creative, artist, actor, leader, courageous, out spoken,
royalty, self employment, boss, idealist, romantic.
Virgo‐Martyr, caregiver, nutritionist, health practitioner, perfectionist, and service
orientated servant, nun, and priest.

Libra‐Law and order, peace keeper, easy going, understanding, lawyer, mediator, judge,
Scorpio‐Investigating, psychology, investor, financial advisor, insightful, curious, secretive,
Sagittarius‐ Prophet, philosopher, professor, traveller, wonderer, curious, humorous, witty,
author, most likely lived in a very different culture than this life.
Capricorn‐Father, authority, manager, self employed, practical, organized, controlling,
leadership ability, advisor.
Aquarius‐Unique, go by the beat of their own drum, progressive, has acquired many
acquaintances in past life, humanitarian, scientist, alchemist, intuitive.
Pisces‐Spiritually aware, deep love, loner, hermit, healer, artist, poet, musician. Psychic may
have experienced great loss in past life.
1st‐Hear to develop a sense of self ‘Who Am I’ and how do I want the world to view me.
2nd‐One must learn what he/she values, possessions. In this life must use
talent to earn a living and value how they earn that living.
3rd‐The gift here is to communicate and share knowledge as you
learn. Curious you must teach others as you are learning.
4th‐Your area is within the home environment, especially as a
child. May have strong ties to the mother figure in this lifetime.
5th‐This house is the house of family and your children, or children
in general. The house of creativity and romance.
6th‐In this house one has the talent to focus on nutrition, teamwork, and health issues.
7th‐Your gift is to learn about others, to compromise and learn through all your partnerships
and relationship. Helping another. To mediate and share the concept of fairness.
8th‐“What makes others tick? Discovering the unknown. Dealing with fears you’re own and
others. Psychology and occult.
9th‐This house is the area of higher education, travel and world religions and philosophies.
10th‐The areas of self employment, managing others and leadership within a community.
Marriage and through community involvement.
11th‐This is the house of friends, large organizations, the public. Also your aspirations and
12th‐This house represents the need to uncover hidden sides of yourself, also prisons and
hospitals. To work on your own to rediscover you and through this helping others.

Remember that this is only a brief
explanation. Looking up each sign and
house as well as the meanings of the moon
and nodes in detail will help you see past
life tendencies brought into this life in
more detail.
Next issue we will learn how to discover
family dynamics in a birth chart, focussing
Sushruta Samhita
on Mother and Father Figures.
The Sushruta Samhita is a Sanskrit text on
surgery, attributed to Sushruta, (6th century
BCE), the "father of Surgery".
The text as preserved dates to the 3rd or 4th
century CE. Amongst the eight divisions of
medical knowledge (Ayurveda), surgery
was considered the most important branch.
The text was translated into Arabic in the 8th
or 9th century. In India the practice of
surgery is very ancient that dates back to
around eight hundred BC. Surgery was
termed as `Sastrakarma` and was one of the
eight branches of Ayurveda, which is the
ancient Indian system of medicine. Sushruta
Samhita is one of the oldest book in
Ayurveda that was written by Sushruta, the
legendary Aurvedic Physician of ancient
India. The Sushruta Samhita is the complete
book that deals with the practical problems
of surgery and midwifery or obstetrics.
Sushruta was the first person who studied
human anatomy. In the Sushruta Samhita
this detailed study of anatomy is described.
Sushruta was the specialist of rhinoplasty or
plastic surgery and ophthalmology or the
elimination of cataracts.
There are eight main divisions in Sushruta
Samhita namely Chedya (excision), Lekhya
(scarification), Vedhya (puncturing), Esya
(exploration), Ahrya (extraction), Vsraya
(evacuation) and Sivya (Suturing).

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