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Ingredients: Lettuse, avacado (pear), onions, olive oil, salt Preperation: Remove the lettuse leaves with hand, dont cut with knife, cut the pear and onions, put olive oil and salt mix and it is ready to serve.

Ingredients: Salad leaves, cucumber, carrots, sweet corn, eggs, olive oil, tomatoes, iced fish (optional). Preparation: wash salad leaves with salt and water then remove leaves with hand; wash cucumber with salt and water and cut without peeling the back; scrap the back of the carrot and grate thebody; squeeze out the water and seeds from the tomatoes and use the flesh; wash fish and springle some salt and dry for some time; pour sweet corn and olive oil; put little salt to garnish; mix and it is ready to serve


Ingredients: Fresh spices instead of refined ones e.g curry, efirin or scent leaves, all should be fresh, fresh fish. Prepare as normal pepper soup.


Ingredients: Use only yellow grounded pepper (also called Ghanian pepper), onions, maggi, salt, garlic. Prepare as normal pepper soup.


Ingredients : Same as above. It can be eaten with moimoi, boiled Irish potato etc.

Stew 1
Ingredients: cow leg, fish, kayan chiki, pomo. Preparation: dont ground the ingredients in machine, pound them in morta(tirmi), prepare the stew with palmoil, fresh daddawa ,dry fish,pomo,liver,cowleg,kayan chiki only. Dont put beef or any red meat.

Ingredients: Fresh tomatoes, pepper, onions, tattasai,attarigu,salt,ginger,chicken,galik,maggi,salt.

Preparation:Boil the fresh tomatoes only (no pepper) rinse and machine grind it with pepper ,onions, tattasai, attarigu, fry but dont put onions in the frieng oil instead put salt to iodise it, peal the skin of the chicken tob be used, use galik maggi, little salt onion and ginger to boil the chicken before adding to the stew. Eat with rice.

Vegetable Soup
Ingredients: ugwu, water leaf, palm oil, dry fish, stalk fish, goat lean meat, pomo. Preparation: put palm oil on fire with salt, onions , attarigu, tattasai, and fry for five minutes, pour the already boiled pomo, goat meat, stalk fish and dry fish, and allow to boil for two minutes, then put ugwu first, then put water leaf and boil for just one minute and it is ready to serve. Note: always wash vegetable with salt and lots of water, dry fish should be boiled with salt to wash it. Boil fish, meat, pomo etc. Seperately dont mix them until in the final pot . Eat with tuwan acha.

Spinach(alaiyahu soup)
Ingredients: pepper, tattasai, onions, fresh daddawa, salt, maggi, dry fish(the white straight type not the bent type) snail,chicken. Preparation: fry the kayan miya after, put fresh daddawa then the snail, chicken , meat etc. Then put the spinach (alaiyahu), and boil for just one minute and then it is ready to serve. Note: The daddawa should be plenty here, because it will bring out the taste of the food, eat with tuwan alkama.

Okro soup
Ingredients: Okro, salt, water, kanwa. Preparation:cook just the Okro with only salt and water and no oil, cut the okro into big sizes and pound in turmi with little kanwa after pounding, cook with water and little salt only. Eat with cowleg ,stew and tuwo. Note: Okro should cook very well.

Ogbono soup
Ingredients: ugwu, ogbono, attarigu, dry fish, stalk fish, pomo, periwincle, goat meat. Preparation: boil it seperately then put all in the same pot, periwincle should be the one without scales, pour small palmoil then put salt, maggi and ogbono and allow to boil for two minutes, then put the ogbo then boil for one minute then put down, eat with any solid food.

The following types are recommended 1. 2. 3. 4. Boiled potatoes and kidney sauce Oats and kosai Moimoi and fresh fish pepper soup Smashed potatoes and vegetable and fish

5. Masar dawa with miyan taushe or vegetable soup 6. Pancake with oats

How to prepare smashed potatoes

Boil potatoes then throw away the water then put on fire again, then smash potatoes to powder and add cut carrots, green pepper, green beans, and small cut liver which has already been boiled and mixed well. Cook for just one minute. Liver should be well cooked add all to the smashed potatoes with salt, maggi, and olive oil, then boil all to look good. Eat with vegetables and fish.

How to prepare vegetables

Cut the fresh vegetables and add kanwa, pour boiled water on it, pour away the water and drain, add your boiled onions and the vegetable is ready for eating, add fried fish to the vegetable (optional).

This should be heavy or semi-heavy.

This must be light, and must be taken before 8:00 pm.

Fruit salad
Ingredients:pawpaw, pineapples, pear, watermelon, cucumber, apple. Preparation: cut all fruits into small sizes and mix, then squeeze orange on top then it is ready to serve.

Pancake can be taken with oat as breakfast, dryfry the pancake with little oil. Beans potage with unripe plantain Ingredients: beans, unriped plantain, palmoil, iced fish, cray fish, pepper, tattasai , onion , salt, maggi. Preparation: boil beans until it is very soft, boil plantain seperately after cutting it into big sizes, add beans and plantain together, then add palm oil, salt, maggi, pepper, onions, then add boiled iced fish, then add cray fish as it is ( dont ground it) cook well. Eat alone as dinner.