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By: Alleli Aspili (BSBAMM3A)

When we were going to SM Centerpoint, Sta. Mesa, my bestfriend and I wondered how the play Ambon Ulan Baha would satisfy us and make us amazed but after watching the play, as for myself, I wasnt that satisfied. First and foremost, I just would like to particular scenes in the play that strucked me most. The beginning of the play is good because the lighting and sound effects make me feel like Im in the forest and it nicely shows the beginning of the world when Adam and Eve, or let me say, man were made. I really liked that introduction of the play. In the play, I have noticed and loved unique characters. The first character I liked is Inday, she is really pretty and when she first showed up in the play, I mostly fell in love especially with her speaking and singing voice. She stood out most at the part and after the part that she was raped by the drunk Anton. I felt her grief back then, also when she was forced to marry that guy instead of Nonoy. The other character that I liked is the father of Anton, I have forgotten his name but I really and will always remember his looks, his voice, his eyes that is so chinky, and of course his fatness. As I watched the play, I noticed some comedy and funny clicks in it. The girl that talks too much, acts too much and reacts so much and tells she is beautiful than Inday is really funny and I think she was one of the reasons why I did not get so much bored while watching the play. Another comedy flick is the scene wherein the extra characters made their poses, malicious poses, and while they are motionless, they move, maybe every while and do acts that can make the audience see nasty scenes, which really makes me laugh at that moment. Yes, I know that the play is all about the environment, all the stuff about people should be handling it care, and much love but the play, for me, just showed the love story of Nonoy and Inday. The whole plot was okay, in fact, it gives us moral lessons and we were supposed to learn from it. As for myself, I learned a lesson that people should first think before doing acts affecting the environment, because if we dont, we will be the ones

who will suffer. I think it is a sin to pollute or destroy the environment because made us to take care of it, besides we should be really doing that because we are the ones benefiting from it, and vice versa. Overall, it was a great show and another great experience for me to see theatric plays like that. Unfortunately, the ending part really made me hate the play for the reason that it is plain, and boring. In that incident, the flood showed up and wiped away the people. I thought no one would survive, but in the end, as I said, the story really encircles about the love story of Inday and Nonoy because they are the only ones left alive and Indays son with Anton that scene is not happening in reality and it irritated me. It is plain. It looks like they just dont know how to end the story and just came up with that idea. I also dont know if it is a sad or a happy ending. It could be a sad ending because there was a huge amount of flood that killed many, and it could also be a happy ending because Inday and Nonoy got together again very confusing.