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Jason Verbelli Verbz@comcast.

net 2012 Cosmic Alchemy Conference Los Angeles, California April, 2012

Famous quote engraved at the entrance to his academy.

The more I study, the more I understand ancient clichs & ideas.

Plato: 427 B.C. - 347 B.C.

Who I Am

Jason Verbelli 29 years old Independent Researcher from San Francisco, CA Focus: The work of Walter Russell Professor John Searl New Energy Technologies Science of Spirituality Some know me from my YouTube videos regarding these topics; as well as, the documents I put together on

Gained different perspectives by doing my own experiments and research.

Much of what I research isnt taught in schools or readily found in many libraries. Ive always been one to look in the opposite direction of where mainstream points. Investigate the root of how theories came to be. And always Follow the money.

"If you find from your own experience that something is a fact and it contradicts what some authority has written down, then you must abandon the authority and base your reasoning on your own findings. - Leonardo Da Vinci

Purpose & Goals

Prevent This

Restore This

Create awareness of alternatives and help bring them to fruition. Try to give context for how some of the alternatives are possible. Accelerate the transition from old, obsolete and destructive technologies like (gas, oil and radiation) to reNEWable, inexhaustible and liberating technologies like (water, cavitation and magnets)

I put this flier together which is a compilation of topics Ive looked into over the past 6 years. Like to briefly mention each person on the front side.

Invented the Searl Effect Generator (SEG) - Converts heat to electricity by spinning specially manufactured magnets. The magnets are made using a process not practiced in the current industry of electrical engineering. The SEG is literally a Linear Motor operating on a frictionless magnetic bearing similar to concept of Mag-Lev trains. But applied in a Ring rather than a straight line like a railroad track. John Searl wrote about 100 books in sets called The Law of Squares. Its based on very ancient concepts and forms of math like the I-Ching, Lo Shus Magic Squares, Feng Shui, and more. Its a way to calculate the quantities and materials needed to build his device, the seemingly random movements of atoms, planetary alignments, crystalline structures, and A Lot more. I feel it might also help explain how Nostradamus formulated his Quatrains.


Walter Russells Cosmogony (Focusing on the CAUSE) Study of the origin and evolution of the universe. vs. Cosmology (Focusing on the EFFECTS) Study of outward physical REactions in the Universe. One of the most profound quotes that helped open my mind came from Walter Russell. Light doesnt travel at all. Take time to understand the implications of that concept. (180 flip from mainstream models.) Irony of Humanity is that we seek to achieve the so called speed of light by attempting to run faster away from it. Russell said Light is the absence of all motion. Its neither a particle nor a wave. Waves and Particles are means by which we can see the Still Magnetic Light which is already there. Real Light IS our very essence, and we never directly observe it, but we can intuitively connect to it. The visible spectrums we see and measure are frequencies OF Light. Many ancient spiritual teachers have said The Light is within you. Be Still. Be the Light for Others to follow. Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell were friends. They followed each others work. Tesla told him to lock away many of his ideas for the next 1000 years until Humanity was ready. If we all admire Tesla so much, why not also focus on who Tesla admired? Walter Cronkite regarded Walter Russell as The Leonardo Da Vinci of the 20th Century.

Keelys Laws of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. (Sympathetic Vibration is like striking a tuning fork and putting it next to another tuning fork which makes it ring. Or breaking a wine glass with sound.) His technology is about generating power using harmonic notes, and quickly alternating atmospheric pressure. Keely called the resulting energy Aetheric Vapor. Achieving that is like combining Cymatics with Cavitation. (Explain in detail later on) Can also be used to create order or disorder in an atomic/ molecular structure. And can Integrate/ Dis-integrate matter. (Meaning, it can make or break chemical bonds) I personally dont believe in Mass and Energy converting and that Emc^2. There are MANY others who share that opinion. Just because you stomp on a sandcastle, doesnt mean the particles making up that castle converted to energy. It means they dis-integrated giving the false impression that the castle as a whole object converted. The sand that made up the castle just went somewhere else and is still existing As sand. Just smaller versions and in different orderings. When you burn a piece of paper, the magnets people call atoms are just forced to shed off and fly away. They recombine very quickly to form new states. Like little bucky balls. Another example: Just because you pop a balloon, doesnt mean that the atoms or magnets making up that balloon converted to anything. They just violently distributed so quickly, you observe the illusion of converting to energy. The Illusion is the whole object. There is no spoon. Only a collective of geometrically ordered magnets making up the spoon. So Keely discovered Laws of Integration and Disintegration of matter using Sound and Pressure. (Alchemy)

Single handedly built the mysterious Coral Castle (Rock Gate) Twice! Located in Homestead, Florida. Invented a magnetic flywheel, a device he called the Perpetual Motion Holder and offered simple experiments to his perspectives with validations in a booklet titled Magnetic Current.


Ed Leedskalnins Coral Castle


The Implosion Repulsine. Better known as the Flying Saucer. Circulates water and/or air by sucking it through angled grooves. It does so in such a way as to create lift and can generate power like a Turbine or Impeller. Nature was my teacher. Just so happens, some of the most brilliant inventors Ive ever studied and had the pleasure of meeting never attended college. Schaubergers research with the Natural flow of energies and the health benefits of cycling water in vortexes is invaluable.


Invented different types of coils in various orientations for the purpose of charging and recharging multiple batteries from energy that would normally be lost in a system. John Bedini makes it easy for beginners playing with electronics and circuitry to grasp basic ideas on how to harness what he calls Radiant Energy. (I take that to mean, Energy that would normally be lost. or, The surrounding energies too small to be collected by standard methods.) As Sterling Allan mentions in his websites /, some people play piano by reading music, other people have a natural talent and just play by ear. Bedini has a natural talent to play around with electronics. The mainstream television show Mythbusters did a segment on 1 of Bedinis motors. They had an expert from M.I.T. who said it doesnt work. What their expert failed to mention is that they didnt even use any magnets! In the electrical world, its pretty common knowledge that when you take a magnet and pass it by a coil of wire, you get power. (Pic in upper right has magnets on the bike rim.)


Looking further into all these claims and all this chaotically scattered information I started asking myself, What are the commonalities between all these technologies and concepts? What can I do to help create some organization so We can see things from a different angle and in context? I noticed that all these inventions were based on Vortex Shapes and Rings. All of them have Geometric Order, Uniformity, All the parts or energies move in the same direction at the same time with the same speed. Acting as One. Collective Unity. Theyre all beautiful to look at. Works of art. You cant achieve Free Energy without it being an art. There are people who say theres no such thing as Free Energy or a Free Lunch. Well, I say those people have probably never eaten wild berries and called it Lunch. Nature is all about Freedom and Liberation. Rings and Vortexes.


This brings us to 1 of the main points Id like to offer. GEOMETRY = POWER. Harmony is the Geometry of Sound. Harmony is Order. More specifically, Collective Geometric Order is directly proportional to electrical conductivity. Which means, when things are arranged in order on various scales, it ALLOWS for already existing energy to present itself and creates whats called Synergy. Synergy is working together as a team to reap benefits that normally cannot be achieved through compartmentalized or individualized work. When Machines are ordered in certain geometries, it leads to benefits that might not be accounted for in mainstream models. But when atoms or molecules are ordered in certain geometries, its obvious.


Like the difference between coal and diamonds. Both are carbon. One has a chaotic atomic alignment, the other has an ordered alignment. Same chemical composition, different structural orientation. Or this example of transparent aluminum from a 2009 article in It was achieved by restructuring the atomic alignment using X-Ray Lasers. The third example is the difference between raw copper and carbon nanotubes. More order, more even distribution of energies. Why is it more beneficial? Its all because of the geometric order on small scales. When you have wind or energy flow through a geometric lattice, or shape, it makes for unique rotary motions which converge in synergistic ways. Meaning, the spin forces mix in ways which contribute to an overall benefit. This is the basis for Feng Shui.


Creating order within the home by geometrically arranging things will lead to more flow of wind on various scales. More flow means more spin of energies. What happens on a micro, happens on a macro. Spin = Electric Charge. Bacteria thrive in stagnant corners where there is a lack of spin. By rounding out the corners in the home or creating a path for energies to spin, it maintains an ordered flow of wind. Geometry promotes spin. I view electricity as the result of the ordered flow of atomic wind. And I view Magnets and Crystals as Natures Feng Shui on the atomic level. (Cleanliness is next to Godliness) Magnets and Crystals have been considered some of the most mysterious and sacred items throughout human history.


The smaller the scales, the deeper within the cells and molecules and atoms you go. When you take the time to meditate, its creating order within the temple of the body. Martial Arts and Meditation is like Feng Shui for your body. Literally restructuring on the atomic level, and beyond. More order, more flow and an increase in electrical conductivity. That means the brain becomes electrically enhanced. Here is a picture of a brain scan of a Tibetan Monk before and after a Meditation. A quote from an article describing the experiments and results said, This study shows that prolonged meditation can change the brain, and that during meditation people can feel a sense of spinning..
When you order yourself from within, more energy is Allowed to flow through. Like a Gate. The Gate itself is Not the energy. Mass is not equal to Energy. Mass Allows energy to flow. More Order, more flow. There is infinite electric potential awaiting to be harnessed. And its about creating a path of least resistance on small scales to guide the ordered flow of energies in a given direction. Not force it. Once random bumping heat or energy flows in an ordered manner, it becomes an electric current. Its like martial arts on the smaller scales. Imagine, Atomic Aikido. The technical term for a gate, or wind tunnel is a Diode. We are all gateways for electricity, information, Love, and more.


As they say in physics, Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Likewise, Information cant be created or destroyed either. Books can be burned, but the information that influenced someone to write the book, has always existed. All things already exist. Some in more chaotic states than others. When we order ourselves, we allow more in and out. Preventing things from getting in or out creates pressure and dis-ease. Blockages of various energies are said to be the root of all ailments. By being in a state of harmony, or peace or just letting go, we literally open up the gates within. Scientifically, I take that as meaning: to allow for the atomic make-up of our bodies to geometrically reorder using Harmonics. Like Marcel Vogels Solid Crystals or Dr. Masaru Emotos Water Crystals. Vogel helped IBM become the company it is today. He was a very well respected man who is not as well known for his knowledge regarding the therapeutic use of crystals. Dr. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese scientist famous for studying the affects of thoughts on water. Thoughts have a frequency and every frequency has a shape. This is the basis for Cymatics.


What is a Cymatic Pattern? Cym is Greek for Wave. Cymatics is the study of waves. Specifically, Harmonic Waves. Every Harmonic Note has a shape associated with it. Geometrically perfect notes literally reshape matter into a crystalline orientation. A man named Ernst Chladni originally discovered this effect in the early 1800s using sand on a plate and then strumming it with a violin bow as seen above. The vibrations caused the sand to form beautiful geometries. This also applies to the atomic make-up of an object. Combining beautiful geometries and harmonies to change matter is called Transmutation, SonoChemistry, or better known as Alchemy. Id also like to mention this topic in relation to Sonoluminescence, Enlightenment and how we can apply these ideas to generate energy. First Id like to show a couple videos to have you get a visual of the beauty and magnificence of this phenomenon.


For people reading this as a pdf rather than power point presentation, See This Link for the visual of the Cymatic Patterns in action.
Every harmonic note has a shape. As the frequencies increase, so does the complexity of the shapes. In between harmonic notes is static. What we see here is just a 2D representation of a 3D waveform. If you have ink in water, then vibrated the water the ink will form 3D patterns. The sound causes a geometric alignment. Harmonic thoughts create alignments in the body. Imagine those particles of sand as the atoms making up your body. The particles of sand can shift about their axis while retaining the shape of the whole. Geometry = Health


Wanted to go back to this water set up I made. Following the work of Dan Winter, Clayton Nolte, Marko Rodin and Viktor Schauberger, I put together my own system to combine them all. Also compared the affects of structured water on the blood verses tap water. Structured water means that you send the water through repeating geometric shapes. An example is this unit. A pipe with a series of spheres stacked inside. As water runs through, its forced around the spheres in geometric waves which makes for more spin on various scales; thereby increasing the quality, electrical conductivity, when you water plants with it, they grow a lot faster, and so on. Also look into Magnaculturing and Electroculturing.


Comparisons of Acidic and Alkaline Blood. Healthy and Dis-eased. Anaerobic and Aerobic. Radiative and Magnetic. Top left from Walter Russells Atomic Suicide. Top right from a BioMagnetism study. Strategically placing magnets on peoples bodies which ended up curing or helping the given ailments. Bottom Left shows blood before and after drinking structured water. The pic on the right shows a cluster of magnets which look a lot like the symplasts and rouleaus as seen in the unhealthy blood. The healthy blood cells just look a lot like freely floating magnets to me.


All magnets are made using the same standard process. Harmony is not accounted for during a standard magnetization process. And this is a major difference between John Searls magnets and all other known magnets. By using certain harmonics and Searls specifications, it creates geometric textures and pathways on the atomic scale. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. But we Can consciously engineer collective geometries on the atomic scale which will Allow for more energy to be present and converge in synergistic ways. Can never get more out than in. But you can create a scenario for more to be available, since all the energy of the universe is already present. Its just being blocked from the atomic chaos. Out of Order. We might even consider calling the Searl Effect a form of Magnetic Cavitation. Cavitation is the process where a bubble is formed and then quickly Implodes to create shockwaves. Science has yet to discover the importance of cavitation in regards to magnetics.


For people reading this as a pdf rather than power point presentation, See This Link for the visual of the Sonoluminescence - Cavitation and More.

I wanted to show this short clip about Cavitation and Sonoluminescence and briefly mention how I feel it relates to ancient Egypt, Enlightenment and Energy Generation. Sonoluminescence is the phenomenon of Light being generated from imploding bubbles. It occurs when Harmonic Sound Waves converge in the center of a sphere of water. (can also occur in the air and a vacuum if higher frequencies are used in combinations of harmonic chords)


This bubble has achieved enlightenment because it went within itself in such a manner as to literally emit a burst of Light. Bubble didnt go anywhere to achieve the Light. The Light is Within. Even Jesus (Jmmanuel) said, God is Light. Fiat Lux: LET there be Light. (meaning, to Allow for the already existing Light to present itself using Harmonics.) In the beginning was the Word. Oommm In this regard, I feel that we are all like bubbles amongst pebbles. Some sink while others ascend. But only harmonic bubbles emit an implosive Light. What they would label Cold Fusion. It takes a certain process to tune ones self like that. A process the Ancient Egyptians wrote down in the form of hieroglyphics.


This is the process by which a cavitation bubble implodes. This is significant in regards to Professor Searls technology, Marko Rodins Vortex Based Math, Walter Russells philosophy regarding what he called the Twin Opposing Vortexes, it also relates to John Hutchisons work with fusing metals and levitating things with certain frequencies, and so much more. This is the Geometry of Implosion. Its by controlling this process on various scales that generates power, flight, can cut stone fuse or transmute elements, and so on. By consciously engineering ordered alignments on the atomic scale during a magnetization process, it imprints what Professor Searl calls Magnetic Bubbles.


Before I conclude the presentation for now, Id like to show a couple comparisons to the Science of Sonoluminescence in relation to Ancient Egypt, Magnets and the Sun. When you spin energies inside of a Geometric structure, it makes for cavitation bubbles that implode on themselves. Or, you can spin the geometric structure itself, which will generate the same phenomenon. Normally this process is destructive. But in a controlled scenario it can be one of the most productive and Liberating forces in the Universe. Light from Combinations of Sound. (Like Mantras)


I feel this is a circuit diagram to achieve Sonoluminescence, Cavitation and more. I dont rely on people to translate my hieroglyphics for me, nor do I rely on people to translate my biblical texts for me. Im sorry, but I just dont see or accept, offering loaves of bread to a Sun God. (As the curator of the UC Berkeley Museum told me) How are scientists supposed to discern the difference between a solid particle and a cavitation bubble on the atomic scale? If they dont account for cavitation, they might formulate a bunch of equations describing the behavior of solid particles when it could be hollow bubbles with a field density they cant see through.


All examples of Collective Order and Geometry. 30

Last thing I wanted to share. A paper-clip sandwiched between 2 neodymium magnets. Those magnets are in front of an old TV We can see the 4 pairs of poles as Walter Russell has described. Total cost: Less than $100 Test on the Top Right: Nanoscopic microscopy costing Billions of dollars over the course of many years. And they claim that "For the first time, scientists image the charge distribution within a single molecule."For the first time eh?!? So, by that logic and the picture comparison, we can say 2 magnets are acting like a single molecule. And the evidence can be seen for less than $100 on an old TV. How much money do you really need to spend? I say, give a fraction of that research money to people like Professor John Searl or Marko Rodin or SOMEone who can truly solve current issues rather than repeating actions expecting different results. Bottom 2 pics are from a Japanese Newspaper a few days ago in April 2012.


We get what we pay for, and we pay for what we want. As of now, the people of the world pay for gas, oil, nukes, war, bailouts, etc. If they are too big to fail, then we must be too small to succeed in their eyes. Its been so difficult to get these ideas and technologies to fruition because of lack of context to understand how theyre possible, and legal issues which prevented the funding of New Energy Tech. Sterling Allan of has helped establish the first public charity where people can finally help bring these these to fruition. I would encourage people to visit Its just like any legitimate charity where people and companies can write it off on the taxes, fully complaint with SEC and IRS mandates, and so on. Now there is no excuse for companies to sit back and watch from a distance. Its time to actively help. Its just a matter of exposing the information to ourselves so we have new options. Please look more into each point Ive presented here today and contact me for questions. I hope I raised more question than I answered here today. As a team, we can solve ANY issue. With these technologies, we can ELIMINATE Radiation from Japan, Rid the atmosphere of Chemtrails and pollutants, feed the world and travel the stars. Nothing is impossible except that the state of your mind makes it so. -- Professor John Searl Everything is possible, if you allow for it to be so.