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Intramuros, Manila

Transforming Pastimes to Great times

Telephone number: (02) 258-1633 Cell phone number: 0922-3871242 Fax No.: 816-0604 Email Address: Website: http:/ Contact Person: Ross Tom Mercolita, Human Resource Manager

February 2004 Bank of the Philippine Island Copy 2of 3 copies

Marketing Aspect
I. Product Description
A. Name of the Product and Services BiGS is an entertainment/gaming center that is composed of the most in demand provider of pastime activities, such as the Sonys Play Station 2, the Microsofts XBOX360, the Billiards, the Videoke machine, the Personal computers, and a snack bar. BiGS will give its customers the ultimate satisfaction they can imagine. B. Uses of the Product and Services BiGS offers different games, pastime activities, and some variety of snacks and beverages. BiGS will make your pastimes worth it. C. Properties of the Product and Services BiGS would like to focus more on the most in demand games and pastime activities. One of these is the Personal Computer, where in you can play online games, such as the undisputed Counter Strike, the popular Warcraft (DotA), NBA Live 2007, O2 Jam and others. Also, our PCs are equipped with fast internet connection especially prepared for customers researches and online chatting. Next is the Sonys PS2, and since many teenagers are seeking for PS2 shops, BiGS is here to supply the answer. According to the managers researches, games like Naruto, Fight Night, Dragon Ball and NBA 2007 are some of the most requested games in the world of Play Station 2 because of its realistic graphics and very stunning and wonderful game play. Therefore, BiGS is putting up more copies of these games in our gaming library plus upcoming games that are sure to become big hits in the future to supply the growing demand of our customers. The next one will be the XBOX360 of Microsoft Corporation. Like Sonys PS2, it is also a high-tech console, the first of the next generation consoles to be

released, this gaming console was released last year and BiGS is proud to be the one of the few entertainment firms to let the market play and experience its one of a kind quality. Playing billiards, on the other hand, is one of the most popular pastime activities that teenagers want and will now be within the grasp of BiGS customers. Subsequently, putting up a Videoke machine would be a help since singing is one of the things teenagers or shall we say all people want to do. Their only problem is to seek the best place where they can sing. Alas! BiGS has a solution for that. The can say freely that Ive sang it MY WAY. Last will be the snack bar, which consists of foods and other beverages in order to sustain our customers desire for delicious snacks and crave for cold drinks. Since our customers will spend a lot of time inside BiGS entertainment center, we arrived at putting a snack bar so that our customers wont waste time & effort anymore just to go outside and find a place where they can eat in order to answer their craving. In addition to this, many Filipinos, especially teens are more comfortable eating while doing something.


Target Market
Since the firms target market are students and young professionals, segmenting them creates an advantage to the management since they want to create a business that offers an all-in-one package to those who enjoy past times activities. PC/ internet surfersthese are the consumers who are engaged in internet surfing for their researches and some communication matters like online chatting. Game fanaticthe business offers online gaming and six (6) console units for those who spend their pastimes by playing games.

Billiard enthusiast-

giving way to the market of those who preferred mind games to challenge their strategies and skills is an opportunity as one of the business offerings for the market.

Videoke divas-

People who appreciate music are also given a chance to show their talent on the said field by offering a videoke service for them.


Price Study
Being a new venture surrounded by time-honored competitors, setting a good price will set equity to our customers demand. The following pricing strategy was made according to the firms competitors. For PS2 and XBOX: PC: Billiard: Videoke: P30/hr. P20/hr. P10/game P70/hr. P150/hr. maximum of seven people per room

Mini bar*: Liquors: SanMig Light Red Horse Drinks: Iced tea Mineral water Coffee Snacks: Tostillas P6/small P15/glass P25/bottle P10/bottle P15/cup P30 P35

P10/large Boy bawang Piattos Chippy Roller coaster Beermate by Oishi P2/medium size P12/small P6/small P6/small P15

* Menu may change without prior notice


Place Study
Entertainment centers are one of the fastest growing businesses here in manila. The Industry is booming because of the advancement in technology and so there is introduction of cheaper alternatives. Intramuros is considered as one of the richest spot for this type of business. Large universities or educational institutions are strategically located on the said place. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM), Manila High School, MAPUA, Letran and Lyceum are the main market for this business. BiGS will be located along Intramuros Manila. It will occupy a two-storey building, the first floor will be the place for PC and console games while the Billiards, snack bar and Videoke machines will take up the second floor. Both floors have rest rooms and have separate sinks for hygienic purposes. A. Proximity to the target market The location of BiGS is accessible to its target market. It is near the schools like Mapua, Letran, Lyceum, Manila High, and PLM. It is also near different dorms where some of our target market resides. It is in the famous Intramuros also known as the walled city, where in different people like tourist visit to have fun and unforgettable experiences.

B. Accessibility to transportation

People can use sidecars and even jeepneys in order to go to BiGS, and since Intramuros has wide streets, it is very easy to accommodate those forms of transportation in visiting our place.


Marketing Plan
Marketing Mix In order to capture the customers eye for the firms product and balance its placing to the target market, the firms must undergo decision-wide by defining its marketing mix. Product: Play Station 2, XBOX 360 and PC rentals Billiard games Mini Bar Price: For PS2 and XBOX: PC: Billiard: Videoke: Mini bar*: Liquors: SanMig Light Red Horse Drinks: Iced tea Mineral water Coffee P15/glass P25/bottle P10/bottle P15/cup P30 P35 P30/hr. P20/hr. P10/game P70/hr. P150/hr. maximum of seven people per room

Snacks: Tortillas Boy bawang Piattos Chippy Roller coaster Beermate by Oishi P6/small P10/large P2/medium size P12/small P6/small P6/small P15

* Menu and prices may change without prior notice Place: Beside MAPUA Promotion: Membership: P100 registration free with membership card valid for one (1) year and P90 reg. fee for renewing process.

Market Analysis
A. Industry Analysis Intramuros is the type of a growing industry since the location is perfect and it creates opportunities for an entertainment business. The rate of sales (service sales) could reach a strategic height for the starting month that is from June up to December and could reach low during the summer time since most of our target markets are on their vacation. Given that the BiGS prospective customers are the students and young professionals near Intramuros, having a computer rentals for internet surfing would be the basis of the firm to continue its mission that is to support the teenagers not only for their pastime activities but also for their responsibilities on their respective schools. This will serve as the business armor on its long-term stability not just an entertainment center but also as an internet caf.

B. Competitor Analysis Our main competitors in the area are classified according to their advantages and disadvantages to their fellow competitors. Netopia, being the major competitor for the firms high-speed Internet service. The only problem is their pricing strategy. It is too expensive since one of their market were the students along the University belt. E-forum is the second competitor on the managements list. They excel in terms of the number of PCs they have and offer an affordable price for online gamers. However, the problem is on their maintenance system. Magallanes, also known as Mags, lead the market for their billiards service and mini bar. This place is for non-PC gamers. Last is the Nanco, they offer both internets surfing and online gaming. The disadvantage was their damaged PCs due also to the lack of maintenance. The locations of the said competitors are on the same vicinity as of the firms target location. They all put-up an equity with their target markets. And in order to create equity with the said market and have some part in their market share, the management concentrates with their deficiencies and improves upon those disadvantages to be used as the firms advantage against its rivals. The BiGS is open from 8am until 10pm for the PC and console rentals and from 5pm until 12am for the billiards, mini bar and videoke section. In addition, since the main target are the early professionals like students, PC rentals serve the business the reason for a long-term existence. Competitive Advantage Our facilities are spacious and fully air-conditioned for our customers total comfort. Our staff is service oriented and they will not let you down. Our hardware are brand-new and maintained so that it can be used with its full potential. We do not make our customers wait because we believe that they are our top priority.

We maintain cleanliness and health in our facilities for the safety of our customers. We practice weekly check-up for our facilities. We serve only products that is of the best quality We offer more than what our competitors can give. Benchmarking the entertainment centers is our strategy.

C. Customer Study Studying customers includes the number of them on the said market, their qualities for being a highly and or low-targeted market and commonness of their traits and behavior. BiGS prospective customers are all the students from different schools inside the Intramuros. They share qualities of being internet surfers, billiard addicts, console maniacs, videoke divas and pc gamers. They are the ones whose vacant time is allotted to their respective hobbies. As an entertainment center, BiGS target market is a highly targeted one since the students and young professionals are in need of such services to avoid mental, physical and emotional stress brought to them by their studies. D. Market Study The increase in demand in computer rentals, videoke and billiards games will trigger us to focus in enhancing our services by giving good facilities, better ambience, loyal and polite employees for the satisfaction of customers. In this modern age, many people are searching for a more convenient place to work for their projects, searching the internet and putting their leisure for enjoyable things. Our services are targeted to employees, teenager, young adults and other persons who want to be entertained even on their pastimes. Due to the limited number of entertainment centers, BiGS would primarily be catering to the needs of its neighboring schools and universities. Students who are already tired of reading and studying their lessons everyday and needs to wind up their schedules would become our target customers. BiGS would also be catering to others

who are searching for a place where they can rest and have some drink or those who love to play billiards and some pastime activities in our business. We would also carry some computer programs, which have games to amuse and serve as a recreation for our target customers. E. Promotions and Advertising Strategies The starting period of our business is the most heavily advertised period for our business. An aggressive promotion is needed to establish a business position in the market. In view of the fact that advertising and promotion can be effectively used as a main channel to reach prospective customers. The business uses state of the art promotional tools by using the internet. The World Wide Web offers the most flexible platform for our advertisement program. The business website was created for the purpose of attracting our customers and giving them a glance of our facilities. We also promote our business by giving handouts, leaflets, posting of banners inside the universities and streamers around the site. Our business also integrates the services of the youth club of different university campuses and facilitating rock concerts co-sponsored by us. There would also be a special discount for BiGS members. The computer shop will also distribute discount cards to its loyal customers where we are going to give them a free 40% discount. This card will attract more of our customers due to its service flexibility.

S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths: Advance PCs with high speed and unlimited internet connection services Advance gaming consoles for game enthusiast with LCD television for optimum enjoyment Fully air-conditioned facilities with a relaxing ambience. Friendly personnel Network security and everyday maintenance support. Billiard facilities for non-PC gamers enthusiast Videoke hub for music lovers Dart gaming area for the waiting members at the billiard lounge Bar for party goers and can be used as a reception venue for acquaintance parties. Weaknesses: High maintenance and security cost may affect the firms net income Limited gaming console for non PC gamers Facilities needs constant personnel intervention

Opportunities: Strategic location since it is located along the University belt. Few competitors Center of attraction for the firms prospective customers. Large potential for growth.

Threats: Competitors are all established before the business was born Internet security risk Computer illiterate students and naughty users.

Management Aspect

BiGS Vision: A unique and leading edge entertainment center that is engaged to bring customers satisfaction to the highest level and make them feel great even on their pastime activities. BiGS Mission: A public entertainment center whose goal is vested upon its fundamental values of excellence in service and is visible in its hunt of greater satisfaction, comments and suggestions from customers for the continuing transformation of the pastime activities and the gaming world. BiGS Objectives: Anchored upon our Vision and Mission, building on our competitive strengths, and guided by the spirit of Transforming Pastimes into Great times, we seek to: Foster a positive environment for the conduct of quality and socially responsive services; Provide adequate functional facilities supportive of and conducive to superb gaming and pastime experience; Develop a sound relationship among our key personnel, employees and customers.

Explanation of Logo: Our logo is plain and simple. It shows the primary services that we offer to our customer. There is a PC monitor for the Internet surfing and network gaming that we offer, there is also a microphone that symbolizes the Videoke service that we have. The 8 ball shows the availability of the billiard in our business. There is also the PS2 controller for console gaming that is available in our place. All of these say one thing, all of this things found in our logo can also be found in our President business, and we are ready to offer these form of entertainment to our valued customers.
Billy John D. Nacis

Billiard and Gaming Stations Organizational Chart

Vice President Margero Raynell Carreon Human Resource Manager Ross Tom Mercolita

Gaming and Maintenance Manager Creed Paulo Gabat

Finance Manager Caesar Dela Cruz

Marketing Manager Ryan Bernal

Service and Security Manager Jeremias Elizalde

Service and Security Manager The Service and Security Manager is the one in-charge of managing the companys work force specifically on the services and securities needed for the operation of the business. An alert and responsive employee will fit the job. Marketing Manager The Marketing Manager is primarily the person responsible for the marketing aspects of the firm such as promotions, advertisements and pricing. A marketing manager should have an expertise in positioning the companys offered services in the market as well as the pricing strategies. Finance Manager The Finance Manager is accountable for the supervision of the financial flow inside the company and in the business as well. A finance manager should have a background on the accounting processes.

Gaming and Maintenance Manager The Gaming and Maintenance Manager is the one held responsible for the maintenance of the business properties and at the same time the administrator of the gaming and amusement operation of the firm. A computer and gaming literate is necessary for this position.

Human Resource Manager The Human Resource Manager is in charge of the regulation of hiring employees. Must have a business is business goal for his personal connection to some of the applicants. Vice President The company Vice President is one of the company executive who serves as the right hand of the President in managing, planning, organizing, leading and controlling the over-all maintenance and performance of the whole business. The VP should have great interpersonal skills in managing its subordinates as well as in coordinating with the president. President The company President is the over-all in-charge of management functions, is responsible for making organization-wide decisions and establishing the goals, and plans that affect the entire organization. A respected and highly experienced in leading, controlling, planning and organizing a certain plan or crowd are the common requirements to be able to occupy this slot. Attached here are the rsums of each professional. Hiring Strategies Since the function of a Human Resource Manager (HRM) is to hire employees, the firm decided to undertake three (3) steps. The first step is for the passing of requirements to the Human Resource department. In this step, the HR department will check the rsums of each applicant and starts to pick the batch who will continue to the second step, that is the screening and the first interview. In this second step, the management will be able to see their prospective applicants for the first time. They will grill every one prior to the information they have written on their rsums for them to trace the best applicants that will move to the third and last step, which is the final interview and will be headed by the HR manager, Vice President and the President. This final interview includes knowing of the applicants family and behavioral background. This last step will be a next level grilling for the managers assurance that they hired the right one for the right job. Rules and policies For BiGS Customers: i. Eating and drinking while using and in the area of computers are not allowed.

ii. There is a prescribed smoking area but limited only to teenagers ages 18 and above. iii. No littering inside the building. iv. Pay to authorized personnel only. v. Any loss to your belongings are no longer responsibility of the management. vi. Rudeness and disrespecting are not allowed. vii. Stealing or wrecking of BiGS properties are punishable by law. For BiGS Employees: i. Always come on time in terms of duty. ii. Dress in proper uniform. iii. Be vigilant for suspicious persons iv. A customer is always right in terms of quality service. v. Be efficient and effective in workdays. vi. Observe cleanliness. vii. Chatting to non-customers is prohibited in working hours. viii. Any damage in managements properties with no reasonable explanation will be deducted to salary.

Product and Service Analysis


We offer a wide array of services such as internet and LAN gaming, console gaming, billiards and a Videoke place. Our PCs are always up to date especially with its software and hardware plus it has very high connection speeds to the internet for the total enjoyment of its users. Our consoles are all brand new and loaded with the latest and most popular games available to make the console gamers happy, with the addition of highdefinition TVs so they can play their games in its most detailed form. We also offer billiards with brand new equipment, which are all of high quality for the total satisfaction of our customers. On top of that, we also have a Videoke facility for our customers who just want to sing their hearts out and have a good time, plus our machines are fully installed with the largest library of songs and it is updated regularly as new songs are being released. Whats best in our business is that it houses all of these sources of entertainment inside one building, fully furnished with the coziest furniture available to make our customers feel comfortable topped with our snack bar for those who are feeling hungry or thirsty after all the entertainment they have experienced.

Cost forecast, guide for financial purposes, identifies expenses including the costs for raw materials, component parts, equipment, labor and overhead. It explains the plan on where the business will get their materials or equipments. In a service company, it also shows the costs in fulfilling the firms obligations. BiGS, being an entertainment center, does not need raw materials since it is a service firm. It retails only snacks and beverages for their snack bar and come-up with rental fees for billiards, PCs, Videoke and console gaming. The business is comprised of five classes. These are billiards, PCs, Videoke, snack bar and console facilities. Land Building 2,000,000 2,500,000

PC (30)
20,000/pc x 30 = 600,000

600,000 360,000 50,000 70,000 50,000 90,000 48,000 15,000 21,000 72,000 63,120 10,000 25,000 P 5, 974, 120

Billiard set (6)

60,000/set x 6 = 360,000

Computer table Chairs Fixture & Furniture-sofa Equipment (Cleaning equipments, air conditions, etc) Videoke machine (4)
12,000 x 4 = 48,000

Cabinet rack PS2 (3)

7,000 x 3 = 21,000

Xbox360 (3)
24,000 x 3 = 72,000

(8 employees) x 263/8hrs=63,120

Maintenance Utilities Total

BiGS is located beside the Mapua Institute of technology, which is situated at the heart of Intramuros where several colleges and universities are residing. Knowing that we are at the location near to these schools, where opportunities are high in putting-up such business, we can have the advantage of our business that is also being accessible to our target market, which are the students and young professionals.

Our PCs are installed with a computer program which is controlled from the main server that automatically tracks the usage of the PCs of the customer from the moment that they logged in

up to the moment that the PC rental is fully consumed, which shuts down the monitor so that the customer can only use the PC within a time limit equivalent to the money they pay., Our Videoke machines are installed with microchips that contain thousands of songs that can be updated regularly providing the latest songs, giving satisfaction to our customers to keep them from getting bored with the same number of available songs. Our gaming console are equipped with hard disk which are pre-installed with the latest and greatest games of the current console generation so that there will be no need to swap discs when our customer wants to play another game, making it easier and less time consuming and protect the console from damage.

Entertainment centers, as a fast growing business in the market, needs regular feedbacks to maintain the product and service equity to the customers. As the BiGS entertainment center grows, more demands are needed to handle, not for the same services that we offer, but for other one that can also be classified as a pastime hobbies for the customers. First on the vow will be the use of our dart facilities all free for BiGS members only. This will be introduced to the market after we have heard from them the demand for darts. This will serves as an appreciation strategy for BiGS loyal customers. Lastly, dining area, showing you the BiGS floor plan, you can see that the proposed area is for the plan of the business that is the transformation of the snack bar into a fully pledged diner.

Social and Economic Factors:

BiGS is a new entertainment hub located inside the heart of the walled city known as Intramuros, which is a favorite tourist destination in the university belt area. This proposed business of establishing an entertainment center in the said area would provide jobs to those seeking for employment. It would also create job opportunities to those

competitive persons for them to advance their expertise. Jobs available would be open for the crew and workforce as stated in the management aspect of the study. Because it would mean employment, if any, it would also mean income for the families of the employees who will be hired. Therefore, they can earn extra living allowance for them to improve their standard of living. This does not only mean higher salary but also at the same time, job security and can minimize employment problems. The enterprise would never tolerate activities, which would result to a destructive impact in the society. It would broadcast developments in the practices that would benefit the society. Improper waste disposal could possibly cause pollution and even spread harmful disease to the people within the area. For this underlying principle, proper disposal of garbage would be executed at all times. They would also support programs of society and if possible they would lend a hand by means of sponsoring and employment assistance. And since one the business service is the billiard games, the management predicted that a smoking activity can occur, and setting-up a number of exhaust fans would be of help. Lastly on how positive activities would make the project sustain the markets utilization service. It would also contribute in supplying the demand of the consumers for scholastic purposes by one of our services, which are the PC rentals in the said area.

Company Summary Names

The name of the business is BiGS entertainment center. The business is a partnership and the names of the partners are as follows: Ross Tom Mercolita, Billy John Nacis, Caesar Dela Cruz, Margero Raynell Carreon, Ryan Frunnile Bernal, Jeremias Elizalde Jr. and Creed Paulo Gabat. Background Ross Tom Mecolita is a graduate of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing. He has good managerial skills and can communicate effectively to other people. Billy John Nacis is a graduate of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing. He is service oriented and has the skills of a computer analyst. Caesar Dela Cruz is a graduate of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing. He is a dedicated person and has knowledge of Microsoft Office. Margero Raynell Carreon is a graduate of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing. He encourages those who are around him to do their best and has knowledge of Microsoft Office. Ryan Frunnile Bernal is a graduate of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing. He has good technical skills and has the skills of a market analyst. Jeremias Elizalde Jr. is a graduate of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing. He is an industrious person and has knowledge of Microsoft Office. Creed Paulo Gabat is a graduate of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing. He is a good researcher and has knowledge of Microsoft Office. History In the advent of the computer age, entertainment has evolved into the realm of 3D graphics and massive multiplayer on-line gaming where gamers interact through the games they play. With this trend rising in popularity, it showed great potential as a business venture along with billiards

which needs great skill and a stroke of luck, enjoyed because of its competitive factor plus the videoke for its sheer fun. All of these have become sources of entertainment in the present generation. Us, being part of this generation which partook in these entertaining activities, knew how fun it was and enjoyed it as part of our hobbies and pastimes. Wanting to gain profit while enjoying what we wanted to do, we thought of a business that would put together the kinds of entertainment we have enjoyed inside one place and providing the service of letting other people experience all of it with the highest quality and comfortability with a price worth their money. As time goes by, many kinds of entertainment will be available to everyone because of the very fast pace in which technology advances, but we at BiGS would try to offer only the best kinds of entertainment to our valued customers ranging from certified entertainment classics to the latest trends and provide additional services that would complete the entertainment experience of our customers and also those that would cater to their needs. They will never have a dull moment inside BiGS entertainment center. Goals Anchored upon our Vision and Mission, building on our competitive strengths, and guided by the spirit of Transforming Pastimes into Great times, we seek to: Foster a positive environment for the conduct of quality and socially responsive services; Provide adequate functional facilities supportive of and conducive to superb gaming and pastime experience; Develop a sound relationship among our key personnel, employees and customers.