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com and -=CaliberWer z=- Presents: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=GRAW2 Retail Trainer by CALIBER =============================== PUBLIC RELEASE DATE: AUGUST 3, 2007

This is for the Retail game! GET UPDATES FOR THIS TRAINER AT WWW.CHEATHAPPENS.COM! Using this Trainer -----------------Launch the game first or the trainer first, it shouldn't matter. Press desired option ey

Options -------

*Notes -----8 : This will engage the top secret Blac Ops Armor for the commander (you) of t he Ghost Team. It will thwart most attac s, mainly gunfire and grenades. T his has been improved to thwart some missle and .50 cal attac s as well as certain other weapons. 9 : This will engage the top secret ammunition multiplier option for all persona l weapons, including your grenades! This has been improved and should wor on near ly all guns (not the anti-tan ).

- : This engages the "Ghost" mode, which ma es your team practically invisible t o the enemies.

0 : This will engage the Blac

Ops Armor for the rest of the Ghost Team.

Press Press Press Press

8 9 0 -

: : : :

Turn Turn Turn Turn

on on on on

Blac Ops Armor Endless Ammunition Ghost Team Members Blac "Ghost" Mode

Ops Armor

This is useful BEFORE you engage the enemy, or to scout areas before goi ng in. Note that your ghost buddies will follow orders but will not engage the enemy in this mode. Also, certain scripted events or allied troops will not follow orders wh ile this mode is active. Note also, that if you are spotted before engaging this mode , you will still be spotted by that enemy after you engage it. With this mode, you can practically wal up to enemies and shoot them point blan . Use it wisely, as it ta es away much of the game's fun. * Please note that you must engage the Blac Ops Armor BEFORE you start your mis sions. If you undergo damgage before you activate it, the armor will not wor prop erly! The same goes for your Ghost Squad! ** This game is a nightmare to reverse. I hope you appreciate the effort! Having trouble getting the trainer to wor ? Visit our forums at www.cheathappens .com and chec out our TRAINER TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE for helpful tips: ============================== If you want more trainers or mega trainer versions, when available, with more options then visit us at WWW.CHEATHAPPENS.COM 08/03/2007 Created by Caliber for CheatHappens. -=CaliberWer z 2007=-