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Logo/Brand/Packaging Project

Cecilia Setiawan and Nicole Wee prepared for DES2101 Design Identity


The Problem The City of Perth is not known for its vibrant nightlife. After the sun goes down, the area turns empty, dark, and dodgy. In a nutshell, it feels unnerving for most people to go to the City at night time. We tried analysing the underlying factors of what makes the area that way. The first factor we found is the lighting problem. The City does not have proper and sufficient lighting, which turns the streets into shadowy and murky spots. In a low visibility environment, people are unable to see their surroundings clearly. Related to the first problem, the second factor is the crime level. Spots with low visibility increases crime level as muggers can attack unsuspecting people. Someone who travels alone at night will have their guards low as there is no sufficient lighting, and therefore crime can be committed easily. There is, however, one core problem that underlies both factors. Both problems are related with the very low number of people rummaging the City at night. With the City being very quiet, there is more room for petty crime to flourish and there is no need to waste energy by fixing the lighting problem. What we figured out is that in order to solve these two problems, we will first need to come up with a solution to bring more people into the City at night time.

Demographics Our targeted audience is aged between 16 to 35. They come from both genders and all ethnicities, regardless of whether they are single or married. Although we are targetting all classes of income status, we are focusing mostly on people from lower to middle class people who fancy outdoor forms of entertainment like a concert or night festival ranging from blue collar to white collar workers. Geographically, our audience comes from Perths inner and outer suburbs.

Approaches and Creative Methods To solve the problem and attract more people into coming to the City at night, we are planning to turn the City into some kind of a game. We believe that in order to make the City more vibrant and lively at night, firstly we will need to create some excitement that will work as a means to get Perth citizens to flock the area. This is where our concept comes into play. A series of pop-up concerts will be held every week on Friday night, for a month. A pop-up event is an event that literally pops out of nowhere, without prior notice or advertisements. A live music concert is a proper attraction for our target audience and therefore we decided to use it for the event. The performed genre will be mainstream music, such as pop, hip hop, indie, or alternative.

As it is part of a game, it will be no ordinary concert. The idea is a treasure hunt with the concerts as a prize for whoever manages to follow the clues to the X-spot. Each week, the concert is going to be held in different spots (still within the Citys boundary). People are not going to be informed of where each concert is going to take place instead, the City is going to release clues about the location (the channels are discussed further in Promotion). These clues serve not only as a way to make the event more fun, but also to get people to know the City more. At a designated time and place, the Citys staff will then start building the stage and performers prepare to show up. The game will be closed with the biggest event in the series. The last one will not be just another concert, but also a pop-up night festival with stands and kiosks. Local businesses in the City are going to be invited to participate in this festival, as an opportunity for them to promote and showcase their businesses at night time.

Location First concert: Forrest Place stage

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Second concert: Rooftop of City Carpark (CPP) His Majestys (378 Murray St)

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Third concert: Grass lawn of WA State Library

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Last concert: Riverside Drive, grass area next to Barrack St Jetty

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Construction Planning Since this is a pop-up event, the stage and all the equipments need to be ready in matter of hours, if not minutes. Fortunately, these days it is easy to find mobile stage trucks that can be unhooked and prepared in a very short time. Trucks only need to be driven to the designated location and stage technicians can prepare the equipments shortly.

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Materials Standard stage trucks come with a highly practical fold-out floor and roof. Our stage will come equipped with built-in wooden back drop and ceiling-mounted flourescent lighting to accommodate night time shows. Floor finish will be non-skid to avoid slipping. Performance area is 20 x 8 metres and 1.5 metres in height, so as to provide better viewing experience from as many angles as possible. Sound system and lighting will also be practically easy to prepare.

Timeline Planning: May 2012 - July 2012 Preparation: August 2012 Execution: all 4 concerts September 2012 Evaluation: October December 2012

Research and Other Models

The idea is fairly derived from a similar concept done by Heineken in some US towns. The campaign was called Occassionally Perfect Billboard in which Heineken built a billboard enigmaticly saying This billboard is occassionally perfect. One night, they did a surprise concert at the billboards location featuring a local band (Heineken, 2011). The idea of adding a treasure hunt into the concept was a result of our brainstorm.

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Variables ?

Trans-Disciplines Town councils Electricians Carpenters Stage technicians Sound techinicians The performers Business owners in the City WA Police Public Transport Authority

Presentation [packaging] cross platform


Promotion Clues on the time and location of each concert will be released on various media, such as: Social media: City of Perths Facebook and Twitter pages Internet: Official City of Perth website, sponsor websites Print media: Newspapers Guerilla/outdoor: Posters, flyers from participating businesses

Outcome and expectations It is expected that this solution could attract more people to the City at night time, giving the area the much needed night personality. The concerts will bring more attention to the City and hopefully change the perception from dodgy into vibrant and lively. By making the City busier at night, the increasing number of visitors is also expected to motivate local businesses (such as stores and restaurants) to start adding more trading hours, to accommodate peoples need of night time shopping. Increasing number of people may also invoke the City council to install better lighting, therefore warding off muggers and lowering crime levels.

Feedback Feedback is expected from the general public through questionnaires and surveys on official website and on the night of the last concert.

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