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Its a dogs life! It's a dogs life out there.

Running around sniffing at everything that smells funny, barking at every other opportunity Friends for a minute, enemies, the next. Sometimes fed by strangers, sometimes stoned by strangers, but most often quarrelling with others for territorial rights. But i got lucky. My kind master cast a loving glance at me. I was just like the others, barking and creating a nuisance. But he recognized my pedigree. I was of noble lineage. I barked at him, but he was unruffled. He beckoned me and fed me with love. With him, i felt that i belonged. I wagged my tail, did a merry dance around. I sniffed he was clean to the core. For once, i liked that. He came to meet me from very far off. And i waited. I learnt that i must not be like others. Why, i am loved by this wonderful stranger.. no this one is my master, i belong to him even though i live out in the doggy world of stray dogs. My royalty came back. I no longer fought for food. In fact, i no longer fought. I stood there regally, noble and refined. My tail gently swishing all the while i was powerful. When some others thought this was strange, they came and barked at me. But i stood there in all majesty. I am no stray dog was the thought in my mind i belong to Him that wonderful master from far beyond. It became a regular habit. I was a dog inspired. I would be up early mornings and would let sleeping dogs lie There were some others who would be up all night and howl at the moon and make life miserable for all. But not i. i thought about the master. There were no distractions in the morning i had free time. I would clean myself up and then wait for my masters arrival. And when he came, i would give my loveliest doggy smile. And wag my tail And he would pat my head and talk sweet loving words. Do you know who you are? You are my best friend! I love you so much! Would you not do what i tell you? And in my silly doggy way, id nod my head and wag my tail and run all around him wanting to communicate My master i belong only to you! I love you and will remain yours forever! And he would understand. He always did. The others watched me uneasily and sometimes enviously. This dog has changed. How quiet how noble. And how much love he has for that stranger. And some of them would quietly come by and sit with me when no one else was around. I looked at them with love. That did it, they wanted to become like me, be so calm, not to run around barking and sniffing and bickering. But how can we become like you? was the question in their minds Just meet the master was my loving signal Soon the master had all of us running to him wagging our tails. And he would talk to all of us with love. He would make this world heaven he said a place where none would bark, none would fight. And you would be like gods, rather than dogs.

We wagged our tails. We knew him to be true and every one of his words would come true. He had that power my master. I was convinced only my master was worthy of praise. Only he could change the whole world into heaven. And then i told him in my own way i surrender to you completely. I have become tame. I will eat what you feed, stay where you put me, do what you tell me no questions asked. If you throw a ball, i will go fetch. If you ask me to sit, i will sit. If you ask me to run ill run. I am your loyal dog i will love all your friends and be alert and watchful against your enemy those devils who make me behave like a dog again. And he accepted me with joy! I became his! He became mine!!! Our love was boundless and our companionship became immortal. He said that in the scriptures, they will talk of my loyalty i would be the loyal one to accompany the upholder of truth to the very portals of heaven! I would always be the symbol of loyalty, faith and courage. And i would be the one shown listening in rapture to the melody of my masters speech. And the world would say Look at him he is listening to His Masters Voice!

Murli wale murli bajaa sun sun murli ko naache jiya (Oh player of the flute, play on, the heart dances upon hearing the murli)