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Title of module:



□ training, workshop ● tool □ manual

or method

(see pages 1,2,3 and 8) (see pages 1,6,7 and 8) (see pages 1,4,5 and 8)
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Members of working group:

Responsible KTUSA
In cooperation with: SKIS

Module provides responses to which strategies?

Problem Goal Strategy

Not effective Effective planning Make it easy for the

planning leader to collect the

information about

the project
No responsibility of People can see the To make a calendar

deadlines gantt of all works, and gantt charts

so they can see how which shows the

all works are deadlines of all

connected works

Goals of module:

What are individuals (active or non-active youth) going to get from this


Active people from Y.O. can see their place in the project, they can use

references or contacts from the project area. The account space will be

organised by administrator – who can separate public and his private


What are youth organisations going to get from this module?

Find it easy in planning their projects, have an online space for there plans

which is available for organisators and for involved people.


Methodology (in which way are we going to satisfy the goals?)

Make user friendly online software, which helps to make plans of projects
(administrator of project). Main windows in the program will be:
1. introduction – how to use it.
2. calendar:
 month
 day work list
3. gantt chart
4. human resources:
 name
 contact info
 availability
 tasks that he is responsible for
5. tasks
 description
 start-end dates
 responsible person
6. references
 notes
 links to external pages (wiki)
7. monitoring

All tabs are linked together.

Action plan:
Month Action
04 dec First meeting. Preparing action plan. Discussing the
18 dec Second meeting. Programming questions. Structure
of program.
18 dec – 20 feb Programming

18 dec – 20 jan Preparing interface information

18. jan – 1. mar Presentation and tutorial (small manual on how to

use the tool)

Materials needed:
CEDGE logos and colour templates for design works

Financial plan (for all types of modules):


Type of cost Amount (€)

Working costs: coordinating (1 person) 200
Working costs: contents writer (2 persons) 350
Working costs: tutorial (manual) preparing 200
Programming costs (2 persons) 1250
Total: 2000


Type of income: Amount (€)

From the competitive edge project 2000
Other found:
Self-financing (where from?)
Total: 2000