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1. It is the scientist who is engaged in the study in the field of acoustics ANSWER: Acoustician Who coined the term "cyberspace?" ANSWER: William Gibson For educational purposes, who is the person who first discovered/ invented the telephone? ANSWER: Antonio Meucci What is the frequency of the middle C? ANSWER: 262 Hz 22. 5. 6. 7. What is the frequency of the upper side/ above middle C? ANSWER: 524 Hz 23. It is the loudness level (in PHON) of a watch ticking. ANSWER: 20 PHON What is the maximum limit time of exposure on sound levels between 100 dB and 110 dB? ANSWER: 20 minutes What is the colloquial name for the term "Thin Ethernet"? ANSWER: Cheapernet Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) operates at what frequency range? ANSWER: 27 - 31 GHz A video signal that has no sync signal is what you called ANSWER: Non-composite Video Signal It is the gas that is used in jet engines. ANSWER: Hydrazine 28. 12. A satellite is put into final geosynchronous orbit from its transfer orbit by firing the __________. ANSWER: apogee kick motor A terrestrial communications channel linking an earth station to a local switching network or population center ANSWER: Backhaul Polytetrafluoroethylene is also known as ANSWER: Teflon For SSB transmitter, the average power is typically __________ of the peak envelope power, with a typical human speech ANSWER: to 1/3 It is often called text messaging, is a means of sending short messages to and from mobile phones. ANSWER: The Short Message Service (SMS) North American type of sound file as a substitute for MP3 ANSWER: AC-3 Dolby 34. 29. 30. 31. 32. 24. 18. A table showing the pre-calculated position of satellite at any given time ANSWER: Ephemeris How many Horizontal scanning lines are there in HDTV? ANSWER: 1125 How long that a GPS satellite completes its orbit? ANSWER: 12 hrs What is the other term for parity check? ANSWER: Vertical Redundancy Check 38. What is the other name for single button microphone? ANSWER: Carbon Button Instrument that is used in measuring the virtual height of ionosphere ANSWER: Ionosonde An instrument used to measure relative height, layers in the ionosphere regarding wave propagation? ANSWER: Ionosonde In a trapezoid modulation, 100% modulation will result to what waveform? ANSWER: triangular waveform 42. 26. It is the type of navigation that is based in Newton's Law of motion ANSWER: Inertial Navigation 43. 27. What type of navigation system that currently used in aircraft, submarines, spacecraft and guided missiles. ANSWER: Inertial Navigation System What is the successor of Bluetooth? ANSWER: Lisbon What is the successor of Bluetooth after Lisbon? ANSWER: Seattle Carrier freq is also known as ANSWER: rest freq Who developed the superheterodyne receiver ANSWER: Edwin Armstrong When the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of refraction, the light in the fiber optics is in what direction ANSWER: along the normal path What refers to the sampling of analog signal using a sample and hold circuit, such that the sample has the same amplitude for its whole duration ANSWER: flat top sample What is the antenna height of a CB (Citizen Band) radio? ANSWER: 60 ft above the ground and 20 above the building 47. 48. 33. 16. 49. 44. 39. 37. 35. 36. 2. 3. 19. 20. 21. 4. What is the nearest star in the solar system ANSWER: proxima centauri A rocket has two satellites, the smaller will continue to propel in the space after the bigger satellite has been launched. What do you call this bigger satellite ANSWER: initial payload What antenna is used in radar? ANSWER: horn with parabolic reflector which rotates 360 degree What is the distance which needs a repeater in the microwave communication ANSWER: 40 km Terrestrial microwave antennas has an input and output impedance of ________ ohms. ANSWER: 50 Radio format that uses Mpeg 4 video compression ANSWER: Divx What is the typical value of velocity factor of an open wire transmission line? ANSWER: 0.9 Type of resistor use to reduced flicker noise voltage (0.02 to 0.2 mV) ANSWER: metal film In 2002, a standard for (BWA) Broadband Wireless Access was introduced and in the IEEE standard it is more commonly known as 802.16. This also refers to ANSWER: WiMax The current digital video specification that used video compression ANSWER: MPEG 4 802.15.4 also known as ANSWER: Zigbee In radio communication, what is the point on a line between the earths center and an observer, located further from the earths center on a point? ANSWER: Nadir A camera tube that is formed from lead oxide (PbO) ANSWER: Plumbicon What part of visible spectrum where camera pick up that has the greatest output? ANSWER: Yellow Green In a telephone channel, if the total via net loss of a given trunk circuits exceeds approximately 2.5 dB, a device known as ___________ is inserted. ANSWER: Echo Suppressor In CMTS, the frequency separation between forward and reverse channel is

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ANSWER: 45 MHz 67. 51. Helical antennas are often used for satellite tracking at VHF because of the ANSWER: Faraday effect 68. 52. What formula is used to calculate the overall noise performance if receiver or of multiple state of RF amplification? ANSWER: Friis Formula What is IEEE standard for WiFi? ANSWER: 802.11b 69. 70. With this method, the signal modulates a carrier that is linearly swept over the band being used ANSWER: chirp


What expresses the steepness of the skirts or the skirts selectivity of a radio receiver? ANSWER: shape factor Standard signal format of a numeric paging receiver ANSWER: NEC D3 standard The critical capacitance variation of most varactors used in frequency modulators ANSWER: 12 to 1 If the satellite is launched at the speed of exceeding 25000 mph the satellite will not go in orbit and will break away from the gravitational pull of the earth and go out in deep space ANSWER: space probe What is the voltage of the local loop on hook? ANSWER: -48 Vdc In a propagation medium such in the glass of an optical fiber __________ is the scattering of the electromagnetic wave by particles with the size about equal or greater than the wavelength ANSWER: MIE scattering What LED is usual signal source for plastic fiber? ANSWER: red LED In color CRT, what refers to adjustment of the three electron beam so that each lens can phosphor dots on the appropriate color? ANSWER: purity What is considered as the simplest transmitter keyed on and off to produce CW Morse code? ANSWER: oscillator How many orbital planes which are equally spaced around the equator in GPS operational constellation? ANSWER: 6 What may cause ionic disturbance characterized by rapid cluttering sound hence voice communication is poor? ANSWER: Aurora borealis The mandatory 24 ship-to-shore communications from 1910 to 1912 was the establishment by the US Great Britain and other maritime nation as the direct result of the sinking of the 2 famous ships ANSWER: The Republic and Titanic When the called telephone is ringing , the Central Office sends a pulse AC voltage to the calling telephone. What is the signal called? ANSWER: Ringback signal What is the main accelerating element in CRT? ANSWER: Ultor IN analog cellular system, the interfering signal strength remains approximately less than __ of desired signal strength to assure negligible interference ANSWER: 2%

83. One bit time for the pseudorandom code is called a ANSWER: chip 84. What is the last amplifier stage of ______________ amplifier? ANSWER: power amplifier A submarine at greater depth can deploy a ______________ about 2.000 feet long, but 200 feet of it must float on the surface for proper reception ANSWER: trailing wire antenna 85.


54. High definition TV picture contains about 5 times as much info

as the present NTSC TV. 55. Communication antenna used with rotating satellite which the antenna is continuously adjusted with respect to the satellite so that the antenna illuminates a certain part of the earth surface. ANSWER: Despun antenna An acoustic scale whose intervals are exactly consonant ANSWER: diatonic What is the typical value of velocity factor of a twin lead transmission line? ANSWER: 0.8 What is the typical value of velocity factor of a open wire transmission line? ANSWER: 0.9 Radio blackout on the entire sunlit side of the Earth lasting for a number of hours ANSWER: R5 Severe HF radio communications blackout occurs mostly on the sunlit side of Earth for one to two hours ANSWER: R4 A wide area blackout of HF radio communication as well as loss of radio contact for about an hour on the sunlit side of Earth. ANSWER: R3 Moderate limited blackout of HF radio communications on sunlit side occur , loss of radio contact for tens of minutes ANSWER: R2 Limited blackout of HF radio communications on sunlit side occur, loss of radio contact in an occasion. ANSWER: R1 What is the orbital time of MEO satellite? ANSWER: 5 to 12 hrs Is the process by which a permanent, low-loss, high strength, welded joint is formed between two optical fibers? ANSWER: fusion splicing Involves many different approaches for bringing the two ends of the fibers into alignment and then clamping them within a jointing structure or gluing them together__________ ANSWER: mechanical splicing

Here is a listing of typical excess noise for various resistor types, given as RMS microvolts per volt applied across the resistor, measured over one decade of frequency: 71. 72. 73. The typical excess noise (flicker noise) for carbon resistor? ANSWER: 0.1V to 3.0 V The typical excess noise (flicker noise) for carbon film resistor? ANSWER: 0.05 V to 0.3 V

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88. The typical excess noise (flicker noise) for metal film resistor? ANSWER: 0.02 V to 0.2 V 89.


74. The typical excess noise (flicker noise) for wire-wound resistor?
ANSWER: 0.01 V to 0.2V


75. EDGE

produces a 3-bit word for every change in carrier



76. Bit stuffing in the HDLC protocol works by transmitting on the

sending side five consecutive 1's from the body of the message and by inserting 0 before transmitting the next bit. 77. 78. Magic T is also known as ANSWER: hybrid T It is the satellite component that senses the time or the incidence angle of solar radiation and provides electrical signal that may be used to compute the satellite orientation? ANSWER: sun sensor A few centimeters long solid insulated hook up wire that provides small capacitance to the ground that is adjusted during circuit alignment by bending slightly in one direction or another. ANSWER: gimmick The maximum radiation for electronic equipment must not exceed ____________ mr/week ANSWER: 100 Radiation exposure rates produced by a TV receiver shall exceed ______________ milli roentgens per hour at a distance of 5 cm from any point on external surface of the receiver ANSWER: 0.5

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What is the approximate critical frequency of E layer? ANSWER: 4 MHz What is the approximate critical frequency of F 2layer? ANSWER: 8 Mhz The 10 base T Ethernet system is restricted only to __________. ANSWER: 100m

ANSWER: V sync 116. F3 emission means carrier is frequency modulated by ____________. ANSWER: voice 117. How many horizontal lines are blanked out in the frame of TV receivers by V blanking ANSWER: 42 118. Which one is a non-continuous noise? ANSWER: Impulse noise 119. What is the refresh rate in PAL ANSWER: 50 Hz 120. BISYNC is found on what layer? ANSWER: Data link layer 121. In Precise Positioning Service (PPS) of a GPS positioning service, What is the horizontal PPS Predictable Accuracy? ANSWER: 22 meters 122. In Precise Positioning Service (PPS) of a GPS positioning service, What is the vertical PPS Predictable Accuracy? ANSWER: 27.7 meters 123. In Precise Positioning Service (PPS) of a GPS positioning service, What is the time (UTS) PPS Predictable Accuracy? ANSWER: 200 nanoseconds 124. In Standard Positioning Service (SPS) of a GPS positioning service, What is the horizontal SPS Predictable Accuracy? ANSWER: 100 meters 125. In Standard Positioning Service (SPS) of a GPS positioning service, What is the vertical SPS Predictable Accuracy? ANSWER: 156 meters 126. In Standard Positioning Service (SPS) of a GPS positioning service, What is the time (UTS) SPS Predictable Accuracy? ANSWER: 340 nanoseconds 127. A three-minute music file that is compressed into MP3 format will have a file size of ANSWER: 3 Mb 128. A three-minute music file that is compressed into WAV format will have a file size of ANSWER: 30 Mb 129. In the IMT 2000 system standard, what does "2000" mean? ANSWER: both means the year that the system is implemented and its approximate frequency assignment 130. It is a table showing the pre-calculated position of satellite at any given time ANSWER: Ephemeris 131. What is the currently used internet protocol? ANSWER: IPv4

132. This internet protocol has much larger address space that allows greater flexibility in assigning addresses and is able to support 128 bit of addresses. ANSWER: IPv6 133. What helps protect fiber against degration caused by moisture? ANSWER: Cabling 134. In cellular system, typically how many cells in the frequency reuse plan format? ANSWER: 7 135. What is the typical beamwidth of horn antenna? ANSWER: 10 degrees to 60 degrees 136. In acoustics, what is the pleasant combination of sound intervals? ANSWER: Consonant Interval 137. In acoustics, what is the unpleasant combination of sound intervals? ANSWER: Discordant Interval 138. Refers to any sonic, infrasonic or ultrasonic wave which is emitted form electronic product as a result of the operation of an electronic circuit in such product ANSWER: Radiation 139. What is the science of measuring light that is visible to the human eye? ANSWER: Photometry 140. What is the typical range of vidicon dark current? ANSWER: 0.2 microampere 141. What might be the typical range of mobile-to-mobile? ANSWER: 1 to 10 miles 142. What is the typical noise figure of FET and MESFET used at microwave frequency? ANSWER: 2 dB or less 143. Why does a high Q circuit discriminate against harmonics? ANSWER: because of purer sine wave ac 144. What do you call the portion of the horizontal blanking pulse before the sync pulse? ANSWER: Front Porch 145. What is the typical bandwidth of single mode step index fiber ANSWER: 50 to 100 Ghz/km 146. RF radiation damage to cells of reproductive tissues ANSWER: Genetic 147. RF radiation dmage to other than the cells of reproductive tissues ANSWER: Somatic 148. HDTV is in rectangular form and contains ___________ times more information than the current TV. ANSWER: 5

100. What is the code used in 100 Mbps Tx Ethernet standard? ANSWER: 3 level Manchester code 101. Principal musical intervals is considered dissonant ANSWER: 7:8 102. Cell site center that is mounted on a flat bed tractor used for emergency purposes ANSWER: COW 103. Geographic distance that is required between cells used in identical frequencies in order to avoid interference between the radio transmission of these cells ANSWER: Distance to reuse ration D/R 104. Random data sent continuously by the NIC that disrupts the whole area network ANSWER: Jabber 105. Shifting of antenna pattern so that the major lobe is at angle below the horizontal ANSWER: down tilt 106. Term used to describe ordinary voice telephony ANSWER: Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) 107. Time period for a single time slot in the GSM TDMA structure ANSWER: 8 108. The first note of the musical scale ANSWER: Root note 109. In CATV system, what is the output RF terminal match? ANSWER: 16 dB 110. Dielectric constant of polyethylene insulator ANSWER: 2.27 111. How much more feedpoint Z does a folded dipole have than a normal dipole? ANSWER: 4 times 112. In TV system, if the 3.58 Mhz C amplifier in the receiver does not operate, the result will be __________. ANSWER: No color 113. Allows users to access documents from widely separated sources of the internet using a common source ANSWER: World Wide Web 114. What is the typical value of line turn around? ANSWER: 1.5 ms 115. Which pulse in the V blanking corresponds to 3H lines wide?


149. In radio communication, what do you call a point on a line, between the earth's center and an observer, located farther from the earth center than point? ANSWER: Nadir 150. The velocity of geostationary orbit satellite is ANSWER: 6879 statute miles per hour 151. Cable TV companies collect signals and programs from many sources in a facility called __________. ANSWER: Head End 152. What is the maximum power rating of CB (Citizens Band) J3E transmitter? ANSWER: 4W 153. What is the maximum power rating of CB (Citizens Band) A3E transmitter? ANSWER: 12W PEP 154. If mobile phone loses its signal, the transmitter will retransmit after ANSWER: 1 to 5 seconds 155. How far must the distance between the microphone and the mouth of the user? ANSWER: 2 inches 156. It is a device used to measure an individual's exposure to a hazardous environment ANSWER: Dosimeter 157. A system where cables and wires are placed within the ceiling space and poked up through the fire resistant floor structure to the office or room above ANSWER: Poke Through 158. The typical transmit power for cellsite is ANSWER: 10 W to 50 W 159. What is the effective height of the antenna? ANSWER: 1/2 to 2/3 of the actual height of the antenna 160. A signaling path provided by a cable television system to relay to subscriber terminals television broadcast programs that are received off-the-air or are obtained by microwave or by direct connection to a television broadcast station. ANSWER: Class I Cable Television Channel 161. A signaling path provided by a cable television system to deliver to subscriber terminals television signals that are intended for reception by a television broadcast receiver without the use of an auxiliary decoding device and which signals are not involved in broadcast transmission path. ANSWER: Class II Cable Television Channel 162. A signaling path provided by a cable television system to deliver to subscriber terminal signals that are intended for reception by equipment other than a television broadcast receiver only when used with auxiliary equipment. ANSWER: Class III Cable Television Channel

163. A signaling path provided by a cable television system to transmit signals of any type from a subscriber terminal to another point in the cable television system. ANSWER: Class IV Cable Television Channel 164. Which of the following identifies the maximum transmitted power level of a mobile phone? ANSWER: Station Class Mark (SCM) 165. Why tropospheric ducting is not used very much in practical communication system ANSWER: because it is not reliable 166. Which of the following is the last stage of the AM transmitter? ANSWER: PA (Power Amplifier) 167. What is the efficiency of the parabolic antenna? ANSWER: 55% 168. What is the total noise in the absence of the information (intelligent signal) ANSWER: Background noise 169. What is the data rate of enhanced Bluetooth (2.0)? ANSWER: 2.1 MHz 170. What is the typical power rating of most Bluetooth devices? ANSWER: 1mW 171. In the generator, which one is grounded in order to reduce the radio frequency noise? ANSWER: armature 172. What is the maximum VF tone that may be fed to a voice signal? ANSWER: +6 VU 173. In one atmospheric pressure, what is the velocity of sound in steel? ANSWER: 5150 m/s 174. The electronic serial number (ESN) assigned at the factory of cellular mobile phone consists of __________ bits. ANSWER: 32 175. The average voltage of a 3.58 MHz modulated chrominance signal in TV receivers is __________. ANSWER: the brightness of the color 176. Antennas with microstrip in PCBs ANSWER: Patch antenna 177. What is the wavelength range of sunlight? ANSWER: 300 nm to 2000 nm 178. What is the peak wavelength of sunlight? ANSWER: 500 nm 179. Radio system that was developed to provide ng high speed packet data access for GSM network ANSWER: GPRS 180. A 3G wireless system can increase its network capacity by ___________ percent as compared to lower generation wireless system.

ANSWER: 70% 181. Sound provides all sorts of information, what information is related to mental processes of knowledge, reasoning, memory, judgement and perception? ANSWER: cognitive 182. What increase in sound level is commonly perceived by most people? ANSWER: 6 to 10 dB 183. At what loudness level do pitch (in mels) and frequency (in hz) are numerically equal? ANSWER: 40 dB 184. A __________ is essentially a cell site (shelter) that is mounted on a flatbed tractor-trailer used for emergency purposes ANSWER: COW 185. This fix tuner is designed to provide just the exact selectivity required to pass both the IF signals? ANSWER: SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) 186. Single pulses that can travel through a medium with no dispersion. ANSWER: Solitons 187. It is a unique address for a pager ANSWER: Capcode 188. Transmission of brief text message, such as pages or email, by cellular radio or PCS. ANSWER: Short messaging service 189. In cellular or PCS system, connecting a mobile to two or more base stations simultaneously is called ANSWER: Soft hand-off 190. It is a number that identifies a mobile phone in a cellular system; the mobile telephone number. ANSWER: Mobile identification number (MIN) 191. In cellular phone, a memory location that stores the telephone number(s) to be used on the system. ANSWER: Number assignment module (NAM) 192. In the AMPS system, a number transmitted by the base station to identify the system operator. ANSWER: SID (system identification number) 193. Code which describes the maximum power output of a cellular phone ANSWER: Station Class Mark (SCM) 194. In a Medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite, A satellite in orbit at a distance above the earths surface of approximately ANSWER: 8,000 to 20,000 km 195. It is the change in direction of polarization of signals passing through the ionosphere. ANSWER: Faraday rotation 196. A metal object threaded into a waveguide to add capacitance or inductance. ANSWER: Tuning screw

197. In a microwave tube, any device that cause a wave to propagate at less than the speed of light, so that the electron beam and the wave move at approximately the same speed ANSWER: Slow-wave structure 198. It is the method of providing high-speed data transmission on twisted-pair telephone lopps by using high frequency carriers. ANSWER: Asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL). 199. In a klystron, it is a cavity that velocity-modulates the electron beam. ANSWER: Buncher 200. It is a circuit for digitizing voice at a low data rate by using knowledge of the way in which voice sound are produced. ANSWER: Vocoder 201. It is an oscillator whose frequency is controlled by a binary number written to an internal register. ANSWER: Numerically controlled oscillator 202. It is a colloquial term used to describe additional side frequency produced by overmodulation or distortion in an AM system ANSWER: Splatter 203. A signal consisting of two audio frequencies not harmonically related, used to test single sideband transmitters ANSWER: Two tone test 204. These are now being used to sign important documents that are sent electronically ANSWER: Digital signature 205. Cable-television systems reduce losses by moving UHF signals to the VHF range. They use frequencies ANSWER: between channel 6 and 7 and above channel 13 206. It is a low-level signal in a telephone receiver deriving from the transmitter in the same instrument. It assures the user that the system is working ANSWER: sidetone 207. Why is a Smith chart circular? ANSWER: Because it is a convenient way to represent the fact that impedances on a transmission line repeat every one-half wavelength 208. What characteristic of solitons makes them interesting for longdistance fiber optic transmission? ANSWER: Solitons can propagate for very long distance without dispersion 209. What would be the most important advantage of converting the entire telephone system, including local loop, to the fiber optics? ANSWER: Fiber would allow almost unlimited bandwidth, enabling one cable to carry all needed information services to the home 210. What feature of SONET allows data stream with different clock to be synchronized?

ANSWER: The payload pointer allows synchronization by indicating the start of a data frame 211. The use of Solitons and heterodyne reception may allow fiber optics to operate with much higher data rates and over longer distances without repeaters than any other system now in use. 212. Why can AM radio stations often be received at distances beyond the horizon? ANSWER: Ground waves follow the curvature of the earth and ground wave can propagation is possible at AM broadcasting frequencies. 213. Why is antenna height important for line-of-sight propagation? ANSWER: Greater antenna height increases the distance to the radio horizon 214. What is the main advantage of fiber optics in LANs compared to twisted pair wiring? ANSWER: Fiber allows for much longer distances between nodes that can be used with twisted pairs. 215. What is downtilt and why is it often used for cellular base stations? ANSWER: Downtilt involves shifting an antenna pattern so that the major lobe is at an angle below the horizontal. It can be used to reduce the range of a base station to reduce interference. 216. What radio system was developed to provide high speed packet data access for the GSM channels ANSWER: GPRS 217. The most ambitious of the proposed LEO systems. ANSWER: Teledesic System 218. Why are soft handoffs not possible with the GSM and TDMA systems? ANSWER: Because these systems use different frequency channels in adjacent cells so it is not possible to communicate through more than one call site at a time 219. Why are geostationary satellites unsatisfactory for communication from regions near the poles of the earth? ANSWER: The angle of elevation to the satellite is too low to be practical in these regions. 220. It is a receiver in which that signal is amplified at its original frequency before demodulation ANSWER: TRF (Tuned-radio-receiver) 221. The pulses in the vertical blanking interval of a video that create interlaced scan. ANSWER: Equalizing pulses 222. What connector is popular in attaching test instruments like oscilloscopes, frequency counters, spectrum analyzers, etc? ANSWER: BNC 223. In a klystron, it is a cavity that removes some of the energy from the electron beam and transfers it in the form of microwave energy output. ANSWER: Catcher

224. What connector is popular in attaching test instruments like oscilloscopes, frequency counters, spectrum analyzers, etc? ANSWER: BNC 225. It is the velocity modulation of a electron beam ANSWER: Bunching 226. What is IMT2000 Stands for? ANSWER: IMT stands for International Mobile Telecommunications, and 2000 refers both to the approximate implementation date and to the fact that the proposed system will operate at about 2000 MHz 227. IMT2000 Maximum data rate for mobile user in high speed vehicles is ANSWER: 144kb/s 228. IMT2000 Maximum data rate for mobile user in for pedestrian or perhaps slow moving vehicles is ANSWER: 384kbps 229. IMT2000 Maximum data rate for stationary user is ANSWER: 2Mbps 230. It is the only way to achieved a wider aspect ratio with the current systems is to use fewer active scan lines ANSWER: Letterboxing 231. MPEG-2 compression begins by reducing the number of bits required to transmit a reference frame. This is done using an algorithm called ANSWER: Discrete cosine transformation (DCT) 232. What video standard deals with low data rate video such as are often found in CD-ROMs, and on the internet? ANSWER: MPEG1 233. The standard for terrestrial digital television transmission is called: ANSWER: 8-VSB 234. It is a special cable that consist of two parallel wires with a grounded shield around them. It is sometimes used for gigabit Ethernet. ANSWER: Twinax cable 235. Ethernet system that uses a special thick Ethernet. ANSWER: A standard classical 236. Another problem with Baudot is that an error that is interpreted as a FIGS character can cause all the following information to be interpreted as numerical until the next LTRS character occurs. To reduce this problem, most modern system use technique called ANSWER: unshift-on-space (USOS) 237. Each block of data is preceded by an eight-bit pattern called a flag, which signals the start of a frame. In SDLC and HDLC the flag consists of the bit sequence ANSWER: 01111110


238. The IBM token-ring network uses twisted-pair wiring and can operate at either __________. ANSWER: 4 Mb/s or 16 MB/s. 239. The IBM token-ring network could support how many nodes with special data grade shielded twisted-pair wiring? ANSWER: 260 nodes or 72 nodes using telephone twisted-pair wiring 240. Method of data compression by encoding the length of string of ones or zeros instead of transmitting all the one or zero bits individually. ANSWER: Run-length coding 241. A data compression scheme that replaces repeated characters or bit patterns with a code indicating character or pattern and the number repetitions ANSWER: Run-length coding 242. Lossless compression scheme generally looks for redundancies in the data for instance the string of zeros can be replaced with a code that tells the receivers the length of the string. What do you call this technique? ANSWER: Run-length coding 243. Encryption of data is important to ensure its privacy. It is most commonly achieved by using a public-key encryption to transfer a key to be used in __________. ANSWER: a symmetrical private key 244. It is the deviation of a wave as it passes an obstacle that passes through a small aperture ANSWER: Diffraction 245. It is a television receiver design that uses mixing between the picture and sound carriers to generate the sound intermediate frequency. ANSWER: Intercarrier sound 246. A spurious pattern or other distortion in a facsimile record copy caused by unwanted modulation products arising from the transmission of a carrier signal, and appearing in the form of a rectified baseband that interferes with the lower sideband of the carrier. ANSWER: Kendall effect Note: The Kendall effect occurs principally when the singlesideband width is greater than half of the facsimile carrier frequency. 247. It is the interchanging of the frequencies of carrier channels to accomplish specific purposes, such as to prevent feedback and oscillation, to reduce crosstalk, and to correct for a high frequency-response slope in the transmission line. ANSWER: Frequency Frogging

constantly changing. Even with geostationary satellite. When real time communication is required, the only way to address the second problem is to use a __________ containing more than one satellite. ANSWER: Constellation 249. It is the cheapest LAN configuration, and if one station fails the whole system fails. ANSWER: Ring topology 250. A network station which all station attach to a common cable and the fastest LAN configuration. ANSWER: Bus topology 251. Cellular radios that use FM has a maximum deviation of ___________. ANSWER: +-12kHz 252. In the GSM system, a telephone number that us unique to a given user, worldwide ANSWER: International Mobile Subscriber Identification (IMSI) 253. A frequency multiplier can be created by tuning the output circuit of a class C amplifier to a ANSWER: multiple of the input frequency


The __________ is a variation on the discriminator. It greatly reduces sensitivity to amplitude variations, at the cost of a 50% reduction in output voltage. ANSWER: radio detector

255. It is the time between the instant of going off-hook and the instant of receiving a dial tone. ANSWER: dial-tone delay


About the Low earth orbit (LEO) satellite, the first problem is less important then it might seem. Shorter range results in much less propagation loss and removes the requirement for highly directional antenna. This makes antenna tracking less critical. In any case, if the antenna is mounted on a moving vehicle or person the direction to the satellite is