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Hello friends.

I am Afzal, a CSE student from SASTRA University and would like t o share with you my experience with in their interview process. Howev er, to my bad luck, I could not make it to the end. Amazon would be a dream company to work with once you get in. The Amazon selecti on process has an online test followed by three rounds of telephonic interview. Always keep in mind that will never ask you questions out of your lea gue. They will concentrate on the basics of whatever you have learnt in your col lege. The online test consists of a number of multiple choice questions which can be h andled easily if you have good grasp on your basics. There are questions on find ing outputs or errors etc. Towards the end there will be two questions where you will have to write a piece of code to generate the given output. Take my word, these two questions will be the deciding ones for you to get through this round. Once you clear the online test, you will be called by for the telepho nic interview. There will be a maximum of three rounds of telephonic interview a s you clear each one of them. Again the same mantra follows, have a good knowled ge of your basics. The telephonic interview process takes place for one hour. There will be questio ns from data sructures, operating systems, computer networking, COCA, database m anagement and programming concepts. The interviewer starts asking question by gi ving you a scenario to code and then optimising it as we go forward. For me, the y asked me to code in any language, methods to handle an array of intervals. I h ad to code simple methods of insertion, deletion and sorting. Then they started asking me to optimise it again and again. I started with a simple 2D array to ha ndle the intervals, then moving to linked list, then to binary tree and at the e nd to AVL tree till they were satisfied. The point is, as we try to optimise one of the methods, insertion, deletion or sorting, the others gain complexity. We try to decrease the complexity for each of the three methods we designed earlier . This one question took more than half an hour. Then there were questions on pa ging techniques, deadlocks and prevention, system software, virtual memory manag ement, databases and computer networks. The second round is also similar. All in all, the interview process for Amazon will be a smooth one with interview ers going very easy on you and probably helping you out if you are wrong somewhe re or stuck. I couldn't make it through the second round. If you clear the third , you get into an internship program at Amazon with a pleasing stipend and a ver y great oppurtunity to join it full time. All the best !!