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IGBC IGBC rates green buildings in four different categories: IGBC Green Homes IGBC Green Factory Building

ding LEED India for New Construction LEED India for Core and Shell

IGBC Green Homes IGBC Green Homes is the first rating programme developed in India, exclusively for the residential sector. It is based on accepted energy and environmental principles and strikes a balance between known established practices and emerging concepts. It rates new residential buildings which include construction categories such as Individual homes High rise residential apartments Gated communities Row houses

Existing residential buildings which are retrofitted and redesigned in accordance with the IGBC Green Homes criteria.

IGBC Green Factory Building IGBC, in its efforts to extend green building concepts to all building types has developed the IGBC Green Factory Building rating system. The keen interest shown by many companies in having a holistic green design and construction framework for upcoming factory buildings is a major reason for it. It is the first of its kind addressing sustainability in industrial buildings. The programme is fundamentally designed to address national priorities and quality of life for factory workmen.

It is a voluntary and consensus based programme. The rating system has been developed based on the contemporary materials and technologies. This rating system would facilitate the development of green factories. It evaluates certain credit points using a prescriptive approach and other credits on a performance based approach.

LEED India for New Construction LEED India for New Construction and Major Renovations is a green building rating system that helps to guide and design high performance commercial buildings. Commercial buildings including offices, retail and service establishments, institutional buildings (libraries, schools, museums, etc.), hotels and buildings of four or more habitable stories are eligible for this criterion. This programme is for those buildings where the design and operation is fully in the scope and control of owner or the developer. LEED India for Core and Shell LEED India for Core and Shell is a set of performance standards for certifying the design and construction of Core and Shell buildings. Core and Shell buildings are those where the owners or developers do not control all aspects of the building's design and construction. These are leased or rented spaces, for example an IT park. LEED India Core and Shell can be used for projects where the developer controls the design and construction of the entire core and shell base building including MEP/FP systems, but has no control over the design and construction of the tenant fit-out. Examples of this type of project include IT Parks, Malls, Retail Centre, Warehouse etc. LEED Core and Shell can be used for projects that have limited control of building systems such as retail development or for projects that are designed and constructed to be partially occupied by the owner/developer with more than 50 % of the total space being rented or leased out.