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-Do not ask the spirit to manifest itself in any way.

Do NOT ask the spirits when or how they will die. If things start moving or we can see a spirit manifesting itself, require the spirit to stop and not to make phantasmagoric things. Do NOT let a spirit finish any word resembling the words hell, demon, devil, or anything sinister in nature. We will say goodbye immediately because the spirit is evil and could harm us. If the planchette goes to all four corners repeatedly than we will end the session because it is an evil spirit. Do not let the spirit run through the alphabet or numbers. I will flip the planchette over immediately. If you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, or frightened at any time, tell me because your subconscious might be picking up on sinister energies that we dont want around us. We can either end the session or I can ask the arch angels to come and banish all the dark entities. No one is to make fun of any person who speaks up to feeling uncomfortable, uneasy, or frightened. It is very important that anyone who feels that way speaks up to prevent things such as possession. Evil spirits feed off fear so they become stronger as you become more scared and can potentially possess you. Respect a spirits silence. They may feel uncomfortable answering a question and we must respect that right to silence. All questions must go through the medium to prevent confusion of the spirits. Do not all talk at once because that can also confuse the spirit. If there is a question you want asked, tell the medium. Afterwards we will eat and drink to ground ourselves. Casting the circle: (Physically draw circle before starting. Start facing north with wand or anthame in right hand. Slowly circle clockwise while saying:) With the casting of this circle, I invite Goddess and God to my ritual and ask that I be protected from all negative influences. I ask that ONLY spirits of the Light be allowed to attend, and that only POSSITIVE energies be allowed to participate. (imagine a protective bubble surrounding the circle) Opening the circle: Dear Spirits, As I light these candles, bless this sacred place. Let the light of their flames radiate protection around us. I ask at this time that all negative energies be released from this space. With a bath of white light, I ask that it be cleansed and neutralized. Turn my dwelling into a sanctuary. May it be the foundation and inspiration for my higher perceptions. I ask that everyone hold hands, left over right, close their eyes for a moment and imagine a white light purifying the space around us. The white candles strengthen the white light, feeding it and making it stronger as it purifies and radiates positive energies. Now keep your eyes closed and repeat after me as you continue to imagine the white candles cleansing and purifying this space. Dear Spirits, As I sit with you now, I open my heart. I surround myself with the love and light of your protection. I release any negativity that I have picked up throughout the day, So that I speak to the universe with the purity of my soul.

I ask that any energy be given for my absolute good. Dismiss now all energies that are not of the highest and greatest source. As I bathe in your grace, I will listen to your resounding voice within me. I will be true to my heart and your gentle guidance. I now call upon the gods and goddesses to ask that they so generously send down their angels to surround us with their love and protection and to protect us from all evil that exists in both our world and in the border of the other world. I invite those spirits who are only for my highest good. Any spirits who come through who are not for my highest good are to be absorbed into the white light of protection, harming none. There is a land where we all go, Whence neer the frost nor cold wind blow, And friends remembered reunite, And those who hate, forget their spite, In glow surround these gentle beings, We call you now to bless our meetings, Heavens promise, our spirits thrive, So now for the living, let the dead come alive. Greetings spirits, Speak thee to us? Questions: Is there anyone with us? Can everyone around the board participate? Can we ask questions about you? What is your name? How old are you? How many spirits are close to us right now? What year did you die? Do you like talking to us? Questions for Spirit guides: Is my primary spirit guide there? May I speak with them? Can everyone around the board participate? Would it be alright if we asked you a few questions to prove you are truly my spirit guide? Can we ask questions about you? What is your name? Closing the circle: Dear Spirits, Thank you for sharing this sacred time with us. Thank you for the wisdom and insight you have granted us. We appreciate the flow of energy we have just experienced. We will use it for our highest good.

Thank you to the gods and goddesses for surrounding us with your loving angels. We thank them all for their protection. Now as I blow out these candles, I close this sacred space, and ask that their protection continues to surround all of the people who have been here during our stay in your Realm. (Start facing north again. This time hold wand or anthame in left hand and turn in counterclockwise while saying:) I draw the energy of the circle back into myself, and ask that only forces of goodness and light be allowed to remain. I banish all negativity.