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Vienna 4 Version 1.0.0.

0 Installation guide

First of all, thank you for downloading! In this document you will learn how to install and work with Vienna. So, let's get started! Unpacking the archive You may have already unpacked the archive and if you don't, you can read here how. You will see the archive in Winrar or any other program which supports .RAR files. Then, click on 'Unpack to' and then make a new folder called Vienna 4 (or something else, doesn't matter actually) on your desktop. Bootscreen I have included the installation file for Bootskin, so you don't have to go and download it online. First of all, click on the 'Bootskin' folder. Then press on the 'bootskin_free.exe' icon. A screen will come up. Follow the installation instructions. After you installed it, go back to the folder 'Bootskin' and click on the file 'Vienna Boot Screen'. Another windows will show up. The file you just clicked on is installed and highlighted. The only thing you must do now is click on the 'Apply' button in order to let it work the next time you startup your pc. Logon screen The logon screen is the screen that you use if you startup your pc and click on your user. You will need replacing the default Windows logonui.exe. But! If you are not familiar with pc's, I only can say you better skip this step or let somebody with more experience do this. This is hard and you can broke you pc if you do it wrong. But if you are a pro, (or you like taking risks) follow my instructions carefully! There are 2 ways to this, manual, or with an application called Replacer. I prefer Replacer, because it makes an auto backup file thingy . Theres a folder called Replacer, open it. You can see a Command prompt file called Replacer.cmd. Open it. It will ask to drag the original file to the window. So, navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32 and search for an file called logonui.exe. Press

enter. Then , it will ask for the replacement file. So, copy the file logonui.exe from the Logon folder and drag it to the window and press enter. Icons Now we are going to replace the icons. Go to the 'Icons' folder and open the 'IconTweaker' file. Follow the installation instructions. Uncheck 'Run IconTweaker' Go back to the 'Icons' folder and click on the Crystal project file. Click 'Yes' when asked. You will get an list of Icon packs. Click on Crystal Project Icontweaker and then on 'Load theme'. Then click on 'Apply' If everything is going right, you will see other icons and another cursor. We will replace that cursor later. TrueTransperancy Install is easy. Just double click on the file called "TrueTransparency.exe". It will load. Then right click on the "TT" icon right beneath the screen. Then check te option "Run at Windows startup" Styler With Styler, you will get an another menu bar. Browse to the Styler folder and click on the 'Styler1401.exe' file. Follow the installation instructions. Do not restart your pc. Browse to C:\Program Files\Styler\TB\skins\Styler's and put the folder named Styler located in the Styler Skin folder in there. Then, open an explorer window (like 'My Computer') Right click on your normal toolbar And select 'Styler toolbar' Do not forget to uncheck the first 3 lines! You now have a new toolbar! TooBar Styler Alternative Only use this if Styler isn't working. Very experimental and doesn't work quite well with the pack. Only as 'emergency' :-) To use : Close all Explorer windows 1)Run Install.cmd 2)Open new Explorer window 3)Close Standard and Address bars from Explorer's toolbar context menu. 4)Open toolbar from the same menu 5)Lock toolbar and use it!

Cursors Go to the folder called 'Cursors' Right click on the file called "Install" and then click Install on the menu. Then go to Control Panel > Printers and Other Hardware > Mouse and click on the pointers tab and click 'Blue Arrow' Sounds Browse to the 'Sounds' folder Then right click on the 'UltSound' file and select Install You now have new sounds Applications You will see 5 folders. Each of these folder are different applications. Click on one of the folders to open up the files. As example, you double-clicked on the folder named Dejco Superbar. There will be a executable named Superbar.exe. When you open the application, right click on the opened application and click on Preferences and then check mark the button named Run automatically when Windows starts. This is in the most cases. New! ViStart - Just double-click the file named "Vistart". Then, press your start button/orb. You will notice a new startmenu has showed. Then, click on arrow right beneath the start menu. Click on "Options" and check "Start with Windows". New! RunMe - Just double-click on the file called 'RunMe' You will see an little dock at the right center of your screen. Wallpapers Click on a wallpaper that you like and then select 'Set as desktop background' Windowblinds Only for people who have installed Windowblinds. Double Click on the file named "ViennaBar.wba". A balloon will show up. Click on the balloon and you will have a new theme! And if you want, you can open Windowblinds for a little more tweaking. Visual Style If you always used the normal XP then you must use the UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0. Follow installation instructions. After that, you must restart your computer. After your pc is restarted, browser back to Vienna 4 folder and copy the contents of the 'Visual Style' folder and paste them into

C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes . Then right click on your desktop and select 'Properties' Then click on the fourth tab and choose you theme from the first box. Or just double click on the file called 'VistaLive Blue' or 'VistaLive Black' Windows DLL File Mods Experienced user only! Open the folder called "Replacer". There is a file called "Replacer.bat", open it. As example: You want to replace User32.dll. Replacer asks for the Original file. So, go to C:\WINDOWS\system32 and search for the file called "User32.dll". When you have found it, drag it to the Replacer windows and press enter. Replacer now will ask for the replacement file. Open the folder called "User32.dll" and drag the modded User32.dll to the Replacer window and press enter. Replacer will do it's job. After that, restart your computer in order to let things work. This is the same procedure for Shell32.dll and others.


And if you experience problems with your icons you can use the application "Refreshiconcache.exe" located in the Icon Refresh Utility folder. Screensavers Just double-click the file called "Glowing Win ORB.exe" and follow onscreen instructions! Known Bugs MCAFEE AntiVirus can flag this download as a virus. Don't believe it! It's a false positive. All my files are twice checked with several antivirus solutions. But you will only have that security if you have downloaded the file from
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