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Welcome to the README FILE for ScanWizard 5. This file contains last-minute information on the application that were not covered in the proper documentation and some outstanding issues that were not timely resolved when this version (V5.82) of ScanWizard 5 was released. These unresolved issues would be rectified in future releases of ScanWizard 5. ===============================================================

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Whats New? System Requirements Compatibility Issues Known Problems and Limitations Troubleshooting ===============================================================

1. Whats New?
ScanWizard 5 V5.82 (Released on October 22, 2002) Supports Digital ICE for Photo Prints function. Supports TWAIN 1.9. Supports one-pass scan for multiple jobs. Saves multiple images as a single file if scanned from scanner bed. ScanMaker 6800

Supports new Microtek Scanner:

Backward-compatible to the following Microtek Scanners: ScanMaker 8700 ScanMaker 6700 ScanMaker 5900 ScanMaker 5700 ScanMaker 5600 ScanMaker 4900 ScanMaker 4800 ScanMaker 4700 ScanMaker 4600 ScanMaker 3840 ScanMaker 3800 ScanMaker 3750i

ScanMaker 3740 ScanMaker 3700 ScanMaker 3640 ScanMaker 3600 ScanMaker X12USL ScanMaker V6USL ScanMaker V6UPL

2. System Requirements
a. Host PC with Pentium 133 and 64 MB RAM is the minimum requirement to run ScanWizard 5. However, more RAM and better CPU are recommended to obtain better overall performance. This version of ScanWizard 5 works on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows Millennium. For optimum display, 65536 color display mode or above is recommended. True color display area for Advance Mode panel is best at 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600 for Standard Mode panel. b. USB The new Microtek scanners requires USB interface to host. USB is only supported by Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows Millennium. c. FireWire The new Microtek scanners provides FireWire in addition to USB interface to host. FireWire interface is supported only under Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 2000, and Windows Millennium.

3. Compatibility Issues
a. TWAIN compliant ScanWizard 5 is a TWAIN compliant software. It works with any OCR or image editing applications that support the TWAIN protocol. b. Work on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 ScanWizard 5 needs administrator privilege to install and run under Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. c. Parallel Port Interface ScanWizard 5 does not support parallel port interface under Windows 2000. d. Photo Deluxe Adobe Photo Deluxe cannot support RGB 48 bits and Gray 16 bits colors. Contact Adobe or surf Adobe Web site for resolution of the problem.

e. Microsoft PictureIt Microsoft PictureIt cannot process RGB 48 bits and Gray 16 bits colors properly. Contact Microsoft or surf Microsoft Web site for resolution of the problem. f. Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop can only open 30 images at a time. Hence, do not transfer more than 30 images (scan jobs) into Photoshop in one session. g. Photo Explorer Ulead Photo Explorer cannot support RGB 48 bits and Gray 16 bits colors. Contact Ulead or surf Ulead Web site for resolution of the problem. h. Microsoft Imaging Microsoft Imaging cannot support RGB 48 bits and Gray 16 bits colors. Contact Microsoft or surf Microsoft Web site for resolution of the problem.

4. Known Problems and Limitations

a. ScanWizard 5 cannot batch load more than 10 scan jobs Loading more than 10 saved scan job settings into Advanced Control Panel in one batch will cause ScanWizard 5 to inadvertently close itself.

5. Troubleshooting
a. Color matching setup under Windows 98/2000 Problem: Under Windows 98/2000, you may find that the profile selection menu for Color Matching Setup command (under Preference Menu) is empty when the display resolution is set at 800x600 dpi (or less) or when there are too many ICC profiles installed. Solution: Uninstall or remove some irrelevant profiles and increase the display resolution to at least 1024x768 dpi. This should resolve the problem. b. Scanner communication Using Adaptec 2940, 3940, 2920, 2930 interface card Problem: Cannot find any scanner Solution: If you are using the Adaptec card equipped with the 78xx series chip (such as 2940, 3940, 2920, and 2930), make sure you configure the card as follows: Install the latest driver for your interface card. You need to have version 1.30 or later.

Set to Sync mode Disable Negotiation SCSI ID 6 (or whatever SCSI ID you set your scanner to). Disable Disconnect option. Set the Maximum Transfer rate to the lowest possible value of megabytes per second (for example, set 10 MB per second for 2940UW). Problem: ScanWizard 5 cannot detect the ASPI interface card. Instead, it detects an ESDI_506 SCSI controller card and cannot communicate with the scanner Solution: This is a known bug of the Adaptec driver software. The driver may have detected and confused the CDROM of your computer as SCSI card. Just ignore this option. Using the Probe or SCSI Chain information, select the SCSI Adapter card you have installed (it could be Sparrow, 1502 or AIC 6230/6360). If no other options show up, your SCSI card may be improperly configured or you have a bad connection to your host. If you are using Windows 95/98/2000, make sure your card shows up under the Device Manager option of System icon under Control Panel and that it is not preceded with a Warning icon (yellow exclamation mark). The Warning icon indicates conflicts exist with another device and you need to change its settings (resources). Problem: In rare occasions, the Scan Finder icon (
) )

in WindowsMe task bar does not change into disabled sign (

when USB cable is detached from the host.

Solution: Right click on the Scan Finder icon ( ) and from the resulting menu, choose Find Scanners. From the dialog that displays, click on Next, then Finish. You may also reboot your system to correct the problem.

Using third party SCSI card Problem: Can't communicate with scanner -6 error message occur while trying to prescan/scan. Solution: This error could happen if you are using a third party SCSI card other than the one bundled with the Microtek scanner. If you are using a SCSI card with an older chip (firmware or ROM) dated a few years back, your card may not properly work with some of the newer ASPI devices, such as scanners. For example, the Adaptec 1520 with a ROM dated 1990 will not work unless you install a new ROM on the card Using the card that came with your scanner should resolve the problem. Using two or more SCSI devices. Problem: Can't communicate with scanner (0) error message occurs while trying to prescan/scan. Solution: You need to install a terminator on your scanner. Your scanner may not be showing the solid green "ready"

light. Others Problem: "Can't communicate with scanner, error - 1004" error message while ScanWizard 5 is running. Solution: This could be related to one of the following problems: a) Scanner is not ready or is defective. Make sure your scanner lamp comes on solid and you have a steady green light when you turn the scanner on. NOTE: b) c) d) Allow 60 seconds to elapse before turning the scanner ON again after you have turned it OFF.

Defective cable. Try changing SCSI cable. Interface card is not properly installed in its slot (loose connections). An interrupt (IRQ) or I/O (port address) conflict occurs between the scanner card and some other device. Some newer computers may use all available interrupt numbers or the BIOS may be setup to use all available interrupts for plug and play cards. The 1502E card provided with the scanner uses interrupt 9, 10 (default), 11 and 12. You can try changing the jumper for the interrupt. Define other numbers aside from 10 and try installing the software again. Every time you change the I/O port or the interrupt value, you need to change the interrupt level in the device manager icon (for Windows 95/98/2000).

c. Scanning speed (Advanced Mode only) Problem: Scans and prescans are very slow Solution: For faster scans, change the scan Image Quality option to speed. This option can be accessed by clicking on the Preferences\More...\Scan Quality from the Preview window Menu Bar of the ScanWizard 5Advance Mode control panel. For faster prescans, enable the Fast Prescan option check box in the Prescan Setup dialog box. To access the dialog box, click Preferences\Prescan Setup. d. OS shell Problem: Dshell error Solution: This error usually comes up when you do not have an AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS file. If you do not have one, create a blank file for each file on root directory of your Drive C: and try installing ScanWizard 5 again. If the problem persists, start Windows in Safe mode (restart the computer and press F8 when you see the message "Starting Windows 95" or "Starting Windows 98," then select Safe mode from the menu) and install the software again.

e. Photoshop Import Problem: ScanWizard 5 option does not show up under the Photoshop menu File/Import/Select/TWAIN-32 Source Solution: You need to install Photoshop again making sure that you have selected the plug-ins options. f. Data Problem: Data corrupted and scanning software locked up Solution: If you experience problems with the scanning software locking up or crashing in the middle of a scan operation, delete all files from C:\Windows\Twain_32\Scanwiz5\Data directory and reinstall the program. One or more files may be corrupted. Reinstalling alone will not solve this problem since the setup program always checks for previous copies of all files before attempting to copy new files. You must delete all files before reinstalling! Also, delete the file mscandc.ini from C:\Windows\Twain_32 \Scanwiz5 directories. g. Display card Problem: Poor image quality resulting from VGA or SVGA display card Solution: This is a problem you will run into if you are using a VGA card and have Microsoft Windows set for VGA. When Windows is set for VGA, the maximum number of colors you can define is 16. When displaying a color image using only 16 colors, the image becomes dithered and does not look sharp on the screen. To avoid this problem, run setup from Windows directory. Change the display type from VGA to the recommended display type of your current video card (with 256 colors or higher). Please refer to your video card manual for more information on this subject. NOTE: Even with 256 colors, you may still see some dithering in the image. Only by using a 32,000, 64,000, or true 24-bit 16.7 million-color card, will there be no dithering in the image. The data of good quality image captured by the scanner is always there, but the display card is unable to display it.

Copyright (c) 1999-2002 Microtek International Inc. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders. October 2002