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Hosts: H1, H2, H3, H4 Madonna Medley H1: Well, wasnt that an amazing performance? H2: Exactly!

Makes me really wanna get down on the floor! H1: But of course, all these songs maybe hip and cool but there are the classics that will never get old. H2: Thats right. And there is that queen that no matter how many interventions she goes through, she will be the one and only Queen of Pop. H1: Of course, were talking about the one and only Madonna. H2: Yes, and as a matter of fact, our lovely ladies Sy. Yela, Chi, Jas, Shau, and Aki will be performing a medley of Madonnas all time hits. H1: Let us all welcome them with a round of applause! Forget You H3: Whew! Wasnt that one hot performance? H4: You bet! That was one number we dont want to forget now don't we? H3: Speaking of forget, dont we all have that one person we all one to forget? H4: Well of course, we do have our hearts broken at least once right? H3: I know for sure, that FORGETTING that person is what we all want to do right? H4: Lets not take it any longer and welcome these heartbreakers to the stage to sing us a rendition of Cee Los Forget You! 80s Medley H1: Doesnt it feel nice to hear a song thats not about heartbreak but about moving on? H2: True, true but somehow, Im feeling the need to funk this house down! H1: Funk? I want to go get this audience amped! Im pretty sure this next number will be bangin! H2: Why dont we usher these fantabulous singers to the stage and lets get this house mad! H1: Lets welcome these totally rad punks and their performance of an 80s medley! Club Cant Handle Me H3: Tell me; was that performance awesome or awesome? H1: Righteous! Im totally feeling our crowd right nowH3: This is some wild party going down right? H1: Lets kick it up a notch with one of most played party songs ever and Im pretty sure most of our party people here know this tune! H3: Lets get down on the floor with bangin beats! Give them a round of applause! Live It Up! H2: Wow! Makes me want to go to the dancefloor and just dance the night away right? H4: True that! But of course, we have our own Lasallian party song right? H2: Thats right. And Im pretty sure everyone here know every beat and every move to this awesome song!

H4: Of course, this song is the trademark of our much celebrated centennial year and so we wont forget to put it in our hippin set list. H2: So lets stand, dance and live it up! After Live It Up! H1: Im beat! But thats doesnt mean Im not up for some more partyin! H2: Whos up for more? (asks the audience) H3: We cant hear you! H4: Whos up for some more partyin? H1: Lets welcome back to the stage the De La Salle Innersoul with a round of applause!

Closing Spiels H2: We hope you had a blast and until next time! H3: This has been H3, H4: H4, signing off H2:Good evening everyone, Im H2 H1: Last but not the least, Im H1. This has been Live It Up: The Concert. H1, H2, H3, H4: Good night everyone and Animo La Salle!