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For everything will be judged under the sun. In this, we must begin with Amenhotep IV and end with Horus. The current Pope, is Nazi and descends from that. In this, they which are referred to as Jew, or Catholic is reconciled unto one. Zionism is therefore referencing the kingdom of Horus which is on the earth, which is that which worship Lucifer, or that great deceiver, destruction, and death. Amen, is derived from the dissenter, which Amenhotep IV is, as he deviates from the creator or the teachings of Amenhotep III . That which he dissents from is the belief in the creator, or the Lord of Spirits whom created the universe. This can be defined and are also known as Darwinist, or the evolutionist as oppose to the creation. We are not to confuse Amenhotep IV or Akhenaten the dissenter, with Amenhotep III. It is from Akhenaten, that Ashkenazi is derived, meaning at odds or in contrast or opposed with creation. It is of this we have HORUS, or that which is the SUN god. This in opposition to the SON of GOD, or the creator. As we see, they are two separate beliefs. For those whom understand, this is the modern battle between Islam in the modern era. They say ALLAH as an attempt to reconcile to the creator of the universe as oppose to that of the Sun. Amenhotep III, Therefore was representative of the creator and peace, as the Akenaten, or Horus is that which represents War. During the reign of Amenhotep III, and before were known as the time of PEACE during the African Dynastic Period. The confusion or the deception is the intent of which the worshipper delegates by faith AMEN, for it could be either. However, in the time present as worship led by the Catholic Church which is the keeper or on the earthly throne as holy father relates to Sunday, representative of the Sun God Horus and war. This is the purpose for the Death of Jesus, as he came to reconcile that which was lost. Remember both the Roman, and Pharisee brought about his death. Now, currently in the house of Islam, we see the division of that which Mohammed attempted to reconcile, as did his precedent JESUS. We also discern powers of war represented by these very same presences currently in the Middle-East, harbored by Saudi-Arabia which is in league with the Zionist movement in that which now known as Israel. This Israel, being deception and not of the House of David, or King Solomon. This same faction of Islam sided with these same Jew to conquer through war Africa which began the slave trade. Understand?. It is only necessary to say that before I was given this to know, I too was deceived as many are still today. The answer to the question being weighed however is that NO, man should not pray as the heathen or dissenter and use AMEN. One should pray as Jesus Christ taught. The AMEN referred to in the Bible which man wrote represents duplicity. The creator is not of that, so be careful. I hope this answers your question. Remember: Ye shall know them by their deeds. NOTHING ELSE.