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Lesson Planning Waynesburg University Pre-Instructional Planning: The thought process that leads to the development of quality, meaningful

lesson plans
Guiding questions that will provide the framework for the lesson. (Respond to each question.)
Who will you be teaching? (Identify student grade level as well as academic functioning level and specific needs of individual students) *Third graders varying on academic levels *Some students are learning support students

Who (if anybody) will assist with the presentation of this lesson, and what will their role be? *The learning support teacher will help learning support students one one on

What is the long range goal(s) that is tied to this lesson? *The students will write an essay using the writing process

What is the specific learning objective(s) for this lesson? *Students will use the writing process to complete a five paragraph essay that will contain an introductory, 3 body, and a closing paragraphs

What prerequisite skills/knowledge will students need to effectively access and participate in this lesson? *Students will need to have prior knowledge and lessons in the writing process and its steps. Each day students will cover a different step. Teacher will consult with students one on one daily to discuss and check progress.

When within the stages of learning will this lesson be presented? (Is it a learning acquisition lesson, learning fluency lesson, learning maintenance lesson, or learning generalization lesson?) *This will be a learning maintenance lesson

When will this lesson be completed? (Will it be a one-day lesson or a multiple day lesson?) *This is a minimum of five days, a sixth day can be for competing final drafts and catching up.

Where should this lesson be presented to ensure maximum student access and participation? (computer lab, classroom, science lab) AND what materials will be needed? *Classroom *graphic organizers, pencil, paper, teacher made examples on large chart paper

Why are you planning to teach this lesson? Why must this information/skill be presented to the students? *To teach the writing process and ensure students can apply graphic organizers to publishing of essays *Students need to be able to use the writing process

to complete well written essays independently.

How does this lesson relate to the PA Academic Standards? *The standards/anchors related to this lesson are students will write with focus and understanding of a certain topic

How does this lesson relate to the previous lesson? How does this lesson relate to future lessons? *In previous lessons students were taught the graphic organizers that are used for the brainstorming and rough draft steps. Students will use these same graphic organizers to keep focused thoughts while writing the essay and to ensure they write an introductory, 3 body, and closing paragraphs. In the future, students will be given a different writing prompt or topic and will use the same graphic organizers to complete a 5 paragraph essay independently.

How will you determine if students have met the lesson objective? (Think assessment) *I will check their daily progress and proper usage of graphic organizers. I will check their daily progress following the writing process steps to complete the 5 paragraph essay properly.

How should this lesson be presented to ensure maximum student access and participation? (lecture, whole group activities, small group activities, cooperative learning groups) *It will be given whole group first, then small group for those who need it, and one on one daily after the completion of each step. The learning support teacher will help learning support students one on one the entire length of the lesson.

Lesson Planning Waynesburg University Writing the lesson plan: Translating thoughts into a plan of action _________________________________________ ____
Pennsylvania Academic Standard(s) addressed during this lesson: 1.5.3.A: Write with a focus, with an understanding

of topic, task, and audience. 1.5.3.B: Develop content appropriate for the topic. Gather and organize information, incorporating details relevant to the topic. Write a series of related sentences or paragraphs with one central idea. 1.5.3.C: Organize writing in a logical order. Include a recognizable beginning, middle, and end
(Provide Standard number and statement)

Lesson Objective(s) (Stated in observable and measurable terms) *Students will write a 5 paragraph essay when given a specific topic or prompt containing 3-5 complete sentences in each paragraph. Students will have an introductory, 3 body, and closing paragraph.

Assessment Plan (What will be done to determine if lesson objectives have been met?) *A Writing rubric will be used to determine if student has properly completed each of the five paragraphs.

Materials: *graphic organizers, teacher made examples on chart paper, paper, pencil

Inclusion Techniques for Students with Special Needs: *Learning support teacher will help students each step each day, and regular ed teacher will conference with all students daily and as needed

Enrichment Techniques: *Students can peer tutor and peer edit students as needed and designated by teacher

Lesson Differentiation (What modifications/accommodations will be made to ensure that ALL students have access to and are able to participate in the lesson): *One on one teacher conferencing and support as needed

Lesson Presentation
Introduction/Motivational Activities/Anticipatory Set: *Teacher will share some pervious writing samples of students that were done very well and read them aloud to the class

Detailed Teaching Sequence: (Provide sufficient detail that would enable a substitute to effectively present this lesson. Bulleted statements are preferred) *Day One: Read previous A examples of student writing prompts. Give prompt to class What Can Kids do to Help Save the Earth. Make a circle map of ideas on chart paper as a class. Students will complete their own and add their own ideas to their papers. Students will put a star by their top three ideas that will eventually lend themselves to the three body paragraphs. Day 2: Teacher will ask for ideas on the introductory paragraph and use best student responses to create an introductory paragraph of 2-3 sentences and write in on teacher example of flee map/graphic organizer. Teacher will model the three body paragraph information and 3 details for each on teacher example of flee map. Students will use their own top three ideas and complete map independently. Teacher will call for conclusion paragraph ideas and combine student responses to make one conclusion paragraph of 2-3 sentences. After completion of map teacher will conference with students one on one and make suggestions for improvement. Day 3: Students will use flee map to write rough draft independently. Teacher will meet with students one on one to make suggestions and ensure proper completion. Day 4: Student editors will peer tutor and edit. Teacher will edit one on one with students. Day 5: Students will write final copy. Peer tutors continue to help those in need. Day 6: catch up day to complete all steps and turn in final copies.

Guided Practice/Independent Practice/Assessment Activities Teacher will model each step and students will complete their own graphic organizers and essays.

Closure: Teacher will create a bulletin board of writing prompts. Students will read essays aloud if they want to.