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Vagator Beach Location of Beach palmtree grove at vagator beach Vagator is northermost beach of the Bardez Taluka.

It is located between the Chapora river and Anjuna beach. Vagator is 32 kms away from the Goa's capital, Panaji and just 10 kms away from major town of Mapusa. Beach Overview Are you looking for a place where you can relax and rejuvenate by submitting yourself to the mother nature? If yes, then Vagator is the perfect place for you. The magical red laterite cliffs looking down on the sea shore, two fresh water springs and clean white sand dotted with black lave rocks, together make Vagator an excellent destination for romantic holiday. In fact, its palm fringed lush green landscape assures you that there is no beginning and no end to the scenic beauty of Vagator Beach. Dominated by the imposing Chapora Fort at its northern end and bordered by Anjuna Beach in its south, Vagator is the place where people are either on a roll or a real. Considered among the most beautiful beaches in the world, Vagator will compel you to find out why film-makers and foreign tourists have made this stretch famous. Vagator Beach is split into two major parts by a seaside headland. If you are facing the sea, on your right is the North Vagator Beach and on your left is the little Ozrant Beach, also called Mini-Vagator Beach. In between the two beaches is the Tel Aviv Beach also called the Middle Vagator Beach. All three beaches are equally popular and draw tourists not only from India but all over the world, especially from Israel and Britain. Beach Attractions Swimming: North Vagator Beach is considered safe for the swimming. However, refrain from swimming in Ozrant beach as its not safe. The rocks here create an unpredictable undertow. Lifeguard is available at Vagator beach, but not at Ozrant Beach. Leisure Activities: Shopping is the prime leisure activity at Vagator Beach. Though big shopping complex are not available here, still you will feel delighted shopping in its local market. In this local market you can buy fish and other items like woven baskets and earthen pots. If, after shopping, you are feeling hungry, then head towards any food stall to taste sweet Goan delicacy made from coconuts. Nearby Attractions Chapora Fort - Portuguese fort -overlooking Chapora Beach Vagator's Springs : Vagator boasts of two fresh water springs, where you can take a bath to wash the salt off your body after a swim in the sea. First head towards the springs located at North Vagator Beach, where the beach almost comes to its end. Just 100 m away, you will find a small beach with two shacks and the fresh water spring at the base of the hill. Continue your walk past the beach and the path around the foot of the hill will take you to

Chapora Village fishing jetty. Next move to the other fresh water spring that lies at the Ozrant Beach, at the foot of the hill. It is little difficult to locate this spring, so it is better to ask local people for routes to this spring. Shiva Carving: From Ozrant, head towards the south direction. On the way you will see an impressive stone face of Lord Shiva. The stone face was carved into a seaside rock by an anonymous sculptor of Hippie period. The traces of fluorescent paint from raver's psychedelic parties, can been seen in some surrounding rocks. Chapora Fort: If you are physically fit and ready to accept the challenge of climbing a difficult rocky terrain, then Chapora Fort welcomes you. Erected in 1717 by Goa's viceroy, the Count of Ericia, the fort guards the entrance to the river Chapora. It was built to save Bardez from the attack of Marathas and the Bhonsales of Sawantwadi. In 1788, when the Portuguese captured Pernem, Chapora Fort eventually lost its significance. Presently, you can only see the ramparts of the fort and even these are collapsing at many places. You can climb up the fort from the seaside (only for the fit) and move down from the roadside or vice versa. Once you are at the top of the fort, it will spellbind you with the splendid views on its all sides. From the fort you will get breathtaking views of the calm sea and the nearby beautiful Morjim Beach. Apart from these, you can also spot peacocks, wild hare and jackals on the wooded slopes. Chapora Village: What you expect from a seaside village and beaches are enough opportunities for water sports, but Chapora does not have such attractions. Still you can't stop yourself from visiting this small fishing village far from maddening crowds of bustling cities. Actually, tourists come to Chapora village to watch the simple rural life and the houses of Portuguese era. Walk along the village roads and see several pleasant bars, cafes and shops selling exotic vegetables, old books and special breads. Further take a walk to the fishing jetty of Chapora and see the fish being unloaded from the trawlers. How to Reach Vagator lies at a distance of 50 kms from Dabolim Airport. Flights of Indian airlines and private operators connect the airport from major cities of India and Gulf countries as well. From Dabolim airport you have to hire a taxi for Vagator. Nearest railheads are located in the cities of Thivim (17 kms) and Panaji (32 kms). Buses ply from Mapusa (10 kms) and Panaji (32 kms) but not too frequently. You have to hire a motorcycle taxi to reach the beach which is 2 kms away from the Vagator bus stand. Source: Where can I find good hotels in Vagator? For <a href="">cheap hotels in vagator beach goa</a>, <a href="">vagator beach india</a>, <a href="">vagator beach guest house</a> visit our website.