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Summer Internship Project Report June & July 2012

Human Resource Information System

AT Hotel Patliputra Ashok Patna

Under The Guidance of Mr. Abinash Submitted bySatyajeet



Part 1

Executive summary
Objectives of study

Scope of study
Human Resource Information System Part 2

Company History Plants Company policies Awards and Certification Company Locations
Part 3

Research Methodology Conclusion Bibliography Annexure


"One Can Mark A Hole Up To The Sky.The Only

Requirement Is To Throw A Pebble With Full Determination & Dedication.

I would like to thank Mr. Abinash & Mr. Vikash Sarkar, under the guidence of whom I had worked in the H.R. Department. I would like to thank Mr. Mahrotra for providing me this opportunity, to do my training in Hotel Patliputra Ashok, in the H.R. Department. As well as my sincere thanks to Ms. Puja Panday, under whome I have worked during the period of my summer internship. It was there constant guidance and support which helped me in making my project and internship a success, providing me with the theoretical and practical knowledge with regards to H.R. Documentation. Thank you very much

Executive Summary

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) is an integration of HRM and Information Systems (IS). HRIS or Human resource Information system helps HR managers perform HR functions in a more effective and systematic way using technology. It is the system used to acquire, store, manipulate, analyze, retrieve, and distribute pertinent information regarding an organization's human resources. A human resource information system (HRIS) is a system used to acquire, store, manipulate, analyze, retrieve, and distribute pertinent information about an organization's human resources. The HRIS system is usually a part of the organization's larger management information system (MIS) which would include accounting, production, and marketing functions, to name just a few. Human resource and line managers require good human resource information to facilitate decision-making. An extensive study by Towers Perrin study revealed the following benefits of

Critical Analysis

The general perception about HRIS is that the organization can do without its implantation. Hence only large companies have started using HRIS to complement its HR activities. But HRIS would be very critical for organizations in the near future. This is because of a number of reasons. Large amount of data and information to be processed. Project based work environment. Employee empowerment. Increase of knowledge workers & associated information. Learning organization

But trends are changing for the better as more and more organizations realize the importance of IT and technology. Major HRIS providers are concentrating on the small and middle range organizations as well as large organizations for their products. They are also coming up with very specific software modules, which would cater to any of their HR needs.

Objective of study

The objectives of this project report have been manifolds. In general the purpose of the project is to have in-depth analysis and knowledge (personal details) about all the employees of all the departments. In a larger perspective the project aimed at finding out the complete details of the employees, so that the HR department can contact them in the case of emergency or official purpose. This study is the starting point for further analysis.

It is hoped that a more detailed study can use a survey instrument developed from the results found here. Understanding how to teach.

HRIS is more important, as organizations require their employees details for different purposes. If a given HRIS is to have any value at all to HR then information should be based on two factors:

How many decisions will be improved by the HRIS and

How much values will each improved decision produce.

Understanding these two factors is equivalent to any HRIS


Human Resource Information system is an integrated system designed to provide information used in HR decision making it is a tool through which an HR department can take the informations of the employees when company requires any personal or any official informations.

Personnel Management and administration Industrial management Manpower management Organizational management Cordial employee relations.

HRIS is a new technique which is used in these different fields where HR can make there work more easy with the help of Human Resource information system they can collect the information by providing them a form of the same format which includes there company details and personal details also.

What is Human Resource and Information System?


Human Resources may be the most misunderstood of all corporate departments, but it's also the most necessary. Those who work in Human Resources are not only responsible for hiring and firing, they also handle contacting job references and administering employee benefits. It's true that any individual who works in Human Resources must be a "people person." Since anyone in this department deals with a number of employees, as well as outside individuals, on any given day, a pleasant demeanor is a must. Managing employees is a major job, so those in Human Resources must be equal to the task. Ten or twenty years ago, Human Resources personnel were rarely seen. Instead they worked behind the scenes to ensure personnel records were in order and employee benefits were being properly administered, but the job stopped there. Today's Human Resources personnel don't only handle small administrative tasks. They are responsible for staffing major Corporation.


Human resources managers have a great deal of responsibility within their companies, so prior working experience in the human resources field is essential. One of the key functions of a human resources manager is leading the company in developing, implementing, and auditing personnel policies and procedures. In order to ensure the company meets its compliance requirements, a human resources manager must have a solid understanding of applicable local, national, and international employment and Labor Law .Human resources managers are also tasked with ensuring that the companys employees receive adequate training on the companys policies and procedures.


Human resource management's objective, on the other hand, is to maximize the return on investment

from the organization's human capital and minimize financial risk. It is the responsibility of human resource managers in a corporate context to conduct these activities in an effective, legal, fair, and consistent manner.

Key functions
Human Resource Management serves these key functions:

Recruitment & Selection Training and Development Performance Evaluation Promotions/Transfer Redundancy Industrial and Employee Relations Record keeping of all personal data. Compensation, pensions, bonuses etc in liaison with Payroll Confidential advice to internal 'customers' in relation to problems at work Career development


A standardized system for collecting, recording, interpreting, analyzing, reporting, and disseminating data so that the data are available to be used for making critical management decisions. In a general sense, the term Information System refers to a system of people, data records and activities that process the data and information in an organization, and it includes the organization's manual and automated processes. In a narrow sense, the term information system refers to the specific application software that is used to store data records in a computer system and automates some of the information-processing activities of the organization. Computer-based information systems are in the field of information technology. Information systems support different types of decisions at different levels of the organizational hierarchy. Major types of Information systems include structural databases and information

management software. Information system refers broadly to a computer-based system that provides managers with the tools for organizing, evaluating and efficiently running their departments.

In order to provide past, present and prediction information, Information System can include software, that helps in decision making, data resources such as databases, the hardware, resources of a system, decision support systems, people management and project management applications, and any computerized processes that enable the department to run efficiently. Within companies and large organizations, the department responsible for computer systems is sometimes called the Management Information System department.


An integrated system designed to provide information used in HR decision making. The

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) provide overall:

Management of all employee information. Reporting and analysis of employee information. Company-related documents such as employee handbooks, emergency evacuation procedures, and safety guidelines. Benefits administration including enrollment, status changes, and personal information updating. Complete integration with payroll and other company financial software and accounting systems. Applicant and resume management.

The HRIS that most effectively serves companies tracks:

Attendance and PTO use, Pay raises and history, Pay grades and positions held, Performance development plans, Training received, Disciplinary action received, Personal employee information, and occasionally, Management and key employee succession plans, High potential employee identification, and Applicant tracking, interviewing, and selection.

An effective HRIS provides information on just about anything the company needs to track and analyze about employees, former employees, and applicants. company need to select a Human Resources Information System and customize it to meet our needs. With an appropriate HRIS, Human Resources staff enables employees to do their own benefits updates and address changes, thus freeing HR staff for more strategic functions. Additionally, data necessary for employee management, knowledge development, career growth and development, and equal treatment is facilitated. Finally, managers can access the information they need to legally, ethically, and effectively support the success of their reporting employees.


Company History COMPANY POLICY


The said CTC package consists of the following elements:


Super annuation
Superannuation age is 60 years. Retirement will be on 31st day of March you the completion of 58 years of age.

HRA 30 % of the Basic Salary Conveyance Allowance Provided as per grade of the Employee Educational Allowance Employees of S-3 grade and above will be entitled to education allowance per month as per an amount applicable to grade. Subscription Allowance Employees M-1 Grade and above

All employees are entitled to the payment of gratuity on completion of continuous 5 years of service. Gratuity Payable


(Basic + DA) * 15 * no of services / 26

Attendance Policy 1) Wearing of ID Card on Duty

Everyone is requested to mandatory display their ID Cards by wearing the same on duty

2) Daily Bio-Metric Attendance Registration for both IN & OUT

Everyone is requested to mandatory register their attendance daily in the Bio-metric Attendance System for both IN (while coming to Office) & OUT (while leaving for the day). Single Attendance registration will not be considered as Present for the day.


Employees going on Outdoor Duty (Entire Day/1ST half/2nd Half)

The hard copy of the Outdoor Duty Forms (Annexure-1) should be handed over to the HR Dept. (Mr. Mukund Sansare) authorized by the Head of concerned department or Immediate Superior prior to proceeding on such OD .in extreme exigencies such forms can be given immediately on the next working day. The employee should clearly mention the period/timings of OD for 1ST and 2nd Half of the day. Please also note ht delay in submission of the same will not be considered.

3) Employees leaving early or coming late (for 2 hours concession)

The hard copy of early going/Late Coming Forms (Annexure-2) should be handed over to the HR Dept (Mr. Mukund Sansare) authorized by the head of concerned department or Immediate Superior prior to availing such concession. The employee should clearly mention the period/timings for the said concession. Please also note that delay in submission of the same will not be considered.

4) Employees going on Leave

The existing procedure in this regard of sanctioning leave from their Dept,head in the Leave card shall remain unchanged.


Research Methodology

In order to understand and achieve the objective of the project and to have an in depth knowledge about the chosen topic of interest it was important to gather the relevant data from various sources. To accomplish the objective of project, data collected from secondary sources.


Secondary data are the data that are collected by others and is to be "re-used" by the researcher. The most common sources of secondary data today are books, research journals, internet etc. To accomplish the objective of this work, secondary sources of data collection were used. To collect the data, questions were circulated on internet, on a community of HR practioners and professionals. The purpose was to find the practical was gathered magazines etc. application, use and satisfaction derived by the organization from using these psychometric tools. The various sources from which secondary data included numbers of journals, research papers and the internet search engines,



To sum up and conclude, it helps the HR department to meet the challenge of more than thousand employees. Many companies have seen a need to transform the way Human Resource operations are performed in order to keep up with new technology and increasing numbers of employees. The human intelligence is closely related with the human experience and decision making skills which is strongly backed by information's. Now a day's in every field of human working right information is considered as the most important resource of good decision making. although there was difficulty adapting to a new way of recordkeeping this but HRIS made it so much easier with a system and it do a lot for us we dont always have to visit in the cabinet of other employee for there file just to get the information .These are the new management tricks to get all the information of other departments.