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: Magicians & Magic Users : Spells (i) : Spells (ii) : Spells (iii) : Spells (iv) : Spells (v) : Spells (vi)

: Individual Combat : Army Standards : Sub-Generals : Characteristics (i) : Characteristics (ii) : Characteristics (iii) : Acknowledgements

c) Copyright

M.C. Thompson


Published by Brigade Games 186 North Road, Darlington, Co. Durham.

Welcome to the Necromancer's Spell Book, a supplement to the Necromancer's Bane Fantasy Wargames rules and the second part of the trilogy. As promised, this tome provides an extension to the range of spells and explores the magic capabilities of the Necromancer's realm, those who are empowered to use it and how they harness its hidden powers. Also included within this tome's pages are additional rules for personal combat, army standards and more creature and race characteristics. Part III of the trilogy will include siege warfare, naval expeditions and even more creatures! If you wish to see further additions to this range of Fantasy publications, you may be interested in a set of Army Lists and rules for skirmish gaming, both of which are currently under consideration. Perhaps you could assist in assessing the general interest In these projects, by letting me know via Brigade Games or Irregular Miniatures, (enclosing an S.A.E. if you require a reply) including any suggestions you may have. M.C.T. July 1989

Magicians & Magic Users

Levels of Magic : In this magical realm, only the Necromancer has attained the highest level of magical ability, whilst his arch-rival Ziax the White, is but a fifth level wizard. The status quo has only been maintained by the stalwart support of the Knights of Nodlon and the High Elvin Magician Netanya. There are seven levels of magical progression as follows : I II III IV V VI VII : Apprentice : Conjurer s Magician : Enchanter : Wizard : Sorcerer : Grand Master

On attaining a new level, the Magic User gains 10 points of magical ability, thus the Necromancer has 70 points, Ziax 50 points and Netanya 30 points. To progress in levels, the Magic User must spend one year for each level incanting, researching etc. Thus to proceed from an Apprentice to Conjurer will take two years, whilst to progress from Sorcerer to Grand Master will take seven years. The Magic User must also practice his spells during this period i.e. partake in magical encounters against the enemy. Specialising : A Magic User who attains IV level (Enchanter) may then specialise in a particular area of Magic use. The Necromancer has thus specialised in dark, death magic. On specialising, a 5 point spell capability bonus is gained, for each level achieved - i.e. the Necromancer has a maximum spell capability of 90 points - 70 normal plus 5 points for each level from Enchanter to Grand Master. However, specialising requires the Magic User to spend an additional year before progressing between levels and at least 50% of his capability must be used in practising the specialist magic i.e. the Necromancer must use 45 points practising his dark magic. Specialising Magic Users may not use Spells contrary to their own specialist field i.e. The Necromancer cannot use healing Spells! ! Tribal Shamans : Magic Users who also exist within the realm of the Necromancer and although not strictly magical, have 20 points of magical capability. They may not cast Spells which cost more than 5 points, nor may they cast spells of a destructive nature i.e. Fireball, Lightning etc., since they are more concerned with the welfare of their villagers and appeasing the Gods. Spells Gone Wrong! : All Magic Users suffer a base 10% chance of a Spell going wrong, less 1X per level of attainment : i.e. Netanya has a 7% chance of casting wrongly. (Level III) Ziax has a 5% chance. (Level V - Wizard) The Necromancer has only a 3% chance of getting it wrong!

Spells (i)

FIND FAMILIAR Range s Unlimited

Cost - 10 Points

Effect : This spell enables the Magic User to find and bond a Familiar to them. A Familiar will always respond to this spell and will take the form most appropriate to the Magic User, i.e. A cat or raven for a good Magic User. A bat or imp for an evil Magic User. Once bonded, the Familiar will serve its master faithfully until the death of either. The Magic User gains no magical bonus for a Familiar, but a strong telepathic link is developed, enabling the Magic User to see and hear all that the Familiar can, regardless of the distance between them. If the Familiar is present with the Magic User, when they are engaged in combat, the Familiar fights as an extra figure at the same value as the Magic User. In personal combat, +1 is added for the Familiar, to the Magic User's dice throw. Movement : Familiars move at a rate appropriate to their form : Eagles - 400 paces Imps - 130 paces Dogs/Cats - 150 paces Firing/Melee : As targets in firing or melee, they are treated as Ina ividuals with a Defence Value of 100 and a Melee Factor of 8, unless previously defined - e.g. Eagle 6. Death of Familiar : If a Familiar is killed, the master suffers 10% casualties, which will last until the Magic User is able to recover the body and commit the soul to the Gods. If the body cannot be recovered, the 10% loss is permanent and an Individual would therefore have a Defence Value of 90 instead of 100. TELEPORT Cost - 2 Points

This spell enables the caster to get around the Necromancer's realm. However, the Magician is unable to Teleport to a location that he has not previously travelled and therefore, the caster must be able to visualise the destination - which will take two moves. Provided it is not cast in a hurry, (which could involve s,ome personal danger - see below) the spell should not go amiss. Casting : Throw 2 D10 and modify as follows : +25 : Spell cast immediately. +10 : Spell cast after one move. -25 : Spell cast after two moves. Result : 0 - 50 : Spell cast correctly. 50 - 75 : Spell does not work. 75 - 100 : The caster is killed.

Spells (ii)

RAISE THE LEGIONS OF THE DEAD Cost s 10 Points and 5 moves for each Unit raised Range : This spell must be cast on either the site of a battle or in a burial site. (Where there is plenty of raw material!!) Effect : The dead raised by this spell are in Units 30 figures strong. They remain raised until they are : 1 : destroyed in Melee. 2 s dispelled voluntarily. 3 s dispelled on the death of the caster. Unit Type : For each Unit raised, throw a DIO : Score 1 2-3 4 5-6 7-10 : ; : : s Armoured Cavalry Unarmoured Cavalry Unarmoured Archers Armoured Infantry Unarmoured Infantry

Morale Effect : Units facing the Dead as follows : -2 : If Dead within. -5 : If in Melee with Dead. Under certain Campaign situations, this spell is available to the major Hero of the Forces of Good. The normal operation of the spell does not then apply, since the Hero simply calls upon the Dead to honour their vows (with a 95% chance of success) and fight the Necromancer!! If the Dead fight for the Hero, (thus honouring their vows) 10 plus DIO Units (maximum possible 20) will be raised. Types of Unit will be determined at random, as per the above table. The Dead will continue honouring their vows until the Forces of Good have won a major victory, when they will be allowed to return and sleep peacefully. Note : See also extra Characteristics for the Undead (page 10). HEAL Range : 1000 paces. This spell effects a healing of casualties by % D10 pec figure in a Unit, or 5 D10 per Individual. It will only heal living creatures, since against the undead it will cause casualties at the same rate as it would normally have healed! e.g. If Netanya casts the spell on a Unit of 20 Wood Elves : The cost (% point per figure in Unit) = 10 Points. Casualties healed (^ D10 x 20 figures in the Unit) If a 6 is scored : 3 x 20 = 60 casualties healed.

Cost - % Point per figure 10 Points per Individual

Spells (iii)

FEAR Range : 500 paces

Cost - 5 Points Duration : One move

This spell creates an aura of fear on a specific target Unit of troops, or an individual. It will render the target full of dread and woe for one move. Fighting and firing is reduced by -1 effect and saving for morale purposes at -3. MORALE BOOST Range : 500 paces Cost - 5 Points Duration : One move

This spell is the opposite of 'Fear', since it creates an aura of elation around the target, allowing them to fight and fire at +1 with a +3 morale bonus. BERSERKER Range : 500 paces Cost - 5 Points Duration : One move

This spell sends the recipient Unit into a confused frenzy with a thirst for battle. The Unit fights with a +2 bonus in melee, but the move following the end of the melee, the Unit is exhausted and disordered and must rest for the next two moves. WEAKNESS Range : 500 paces Cost - 5 Points Duration : One move

This spell is the opposite of 'Berserker', weakening the Unit and causing a dread of physical combat. The Unit fights at -2 in melee and immediately becomes disordered. If they survive the melee, the Unit must rest undisturbed for three moves. SPELL CAPABILITY TRANSFER Cost - 1 Point

This spell enables the caster to transfer up to 95% of their capability to another friendly Magic User. If the recipient gains more potential spell capability than he would otherwise have been eligible to receive, the excess capability is lost. Magic Users transferring their capability, must ensure that the ni mber of points they wish to transfer are written down, before the spell is cast. FORD RIVER Cost - 1 Point per move

This spell enables the caster to create a river crossing, ford or a parting of the waves. It creates a crossing 100 paces wide through which Units may move at normal rates. It will last until dispelled.

Spells (iv)

FLY Range : (Individual)

Cost - 5 Points Duration : Variable

This spell will enable a Wizard to fly at 600 paces per move. If he is fired upon whilst in flight, an additional saving factor of -2 is allowed, to take account of his speed and the size of target. INSECT PLAGUE Range : 100 paces Cost - 5 Points Duration : Five moves

This spell when cast enables the Magic User to create a plague of 'normal' size insects, covering an area 50 paces by 50 paces, (e.g. spiders, locusts, crickets, beetles, bees etc.) The plague will then move at 100 paces per move in the direction specified by the caster. Units which the plague contacts suffer % casualty per figure and becomes disordered. The spell disperses after five moves. ELEMENTAL CONTROL Range : 1000 paces Cost - 20 Points Duration : One move

The purpose of this spell is to gain limited control over the elements. The area affected is one physical feature (not larger than 200 paces square) - mountain pass, river ford, wood etc. The spell has a 95% chance of gaining control of the physical feature, which will become 'alive' for one move attacking any living (or Undead) creature within its boundaries. Casualties are inflicted at a factor of 2 per figure, e.g. The Necromancer casts the spell on Bellau Wood, through which 4 Units of 20 Dwarves are cautiously passing. Each Unit of Dwarves would suffer 40 casualties (20 x 2 = 40). THUNDERBOLT Range : 1000 paces Cost - 10 Points Duration One move

When cast, this spell shoots a thunderbolt up to 1000 paces against an Individual or Enemy Unit. Any casualties caused are at a factor of 6 plus \ D10 (rounded up where appropriate) with 5 figures shooting. Against 'Coldbased' creatures the casualties are doubled, e.g. Ziax shoots a mammoth and a 7 is scored - 40 casualties would be inflicted. 5 figures at 10 (6 + 4) = 40.

Spells (v)

MIRAGE Range : 1500 paces

Cost - 10 Points Duration s Variable

The effects of this spell are to create an image of whatever the caster requires, up to an area of 1000 paces in length by 200 paces wide and 200 paces high. This image remains semi-stationary until one of the following occurs : 1 : The caster dispels the image. 2 : It is dispelled by an opposing magician. 3 : An Enemy Unit enters into hand-to-hand combat. CLONE Range : 100 paces Cost - 10 Points Duration : One move

This spell enables the caster to clone any individual or single creature within range. The caster throws a D10 to reveal the number of clones that appear. This will confuse the enemy to the extent that casualties incurred by firing or melee will be proportionally reduced by the number of clones involved!! Thus if Ziax cast the spell upon himself and threw a 4, he would only suffer 20% of the casualties intended for him. (Only 1 hit in every 5 on Ziax - 1 hit per clone.) BANISHMENT Range s 200 paces Cost - 15 Points Duration : The Battle

This spell may only be cast against an individual (General, Hero or Magic User) or against one creature. When cast, the target will be banished from the field of battle, if they fail their saving throw (5% for each type). If the spell is successful, the target individual or creature is immediately returned to their homeland - and it may be a long walk back again!! LOCK Range : 10 paces Cost - 10 Points Duration s Permanent

The 'Lock' spell magically locks any door, castle portcullis or a drawbridge etc. Once locked, the door can only be opened magically, by the opposite 'Shatter' spell. SHATTER Range s 10 paces Cost - 20 Points Duration s Permanent

Will open any magically locked door, castle portcullis etc.


Spells (vi)


Cost - Variable

This spell will cost double that which it attempts to dispel regardless of the result. To effect, the caster must concentrate on the opposing magician to try and break his concentration! To succeed in dispelling the magic, the caster must score at least 15 points higher on a pair of percentage dice than his opponent. DETECT MAGIC Range : 1000 paces Cost - 2 Points Duration : One move

This spell allows the caster to 'see' if any magic is in use within 1000 paces. It will not define the type or strength of magic, but it will differentiate between the magic aura of the caster and other magic auras. DETECT EVIL/G00D Range : 1000 paces Cost - 2 Points Duration : One move

This spell is similar to Detect Magic, but it will allow the caster to 'see' if any forces within 1000 paces are of Evil or Good intent. The spell will not reveal the size and strength of any forces involved. TELEPATHY Range : Unlimited Cost - 2 Points Duration : Two moves

Once cast, this spell will enable the caster to converse with another of their ilk, regardless of distance. The caster can link his mind to the recipient and converse telepathically for two moves duration, asking questions - and receiving answers etc. On the move following a telepathic communication, both the caster and the recipient must digest the information which has passed between them and consequently, they may neither move, fire, melee or cast any spells. COMPREHEND LANGUAGES Range : 10 paces Cost - 2 Points Duration s Ten moves

This spell enables the caster to converse with other races or creatures. However, only one language may be spoken with each spell cast. This spell applies equally to the written and the spoken word!

Individual Combat
Any Individuals, Heroes, Magic Users or Generals may issue a challenge to an enemy Individual to personal combat, up to a range of 500 paces. A Hero must always accept this challenge if within 250, paces, all others if within 100 paces. Otherwise, they have the choice of fight or flight! If the flight option is chosen, the Individual must retreat out of the challengers personal combat range i.e. 500 paces. Individual Combat when it occurs, must remain a personal duel between the two opposing Personalities (and their Familiars if applicable). Once they have engaged in combat, they may not be attacked or fired upon by other forces and similarly, they may not themselves engage in melee or any firing whilst they are involved in Individual Combat. To resolve one move of Individual Combat, each throws a D10, adding or subtracting the following factors :
+1 +1 +1


+1 +1 +1

If If If If If If If

the the the the the the the

Individual Individual Individual Individual Individual Individual Individual

has more Magical ability than opponent. has a Familiar. has more Defence Value than opponent. is Good as opposed to Evil. is a Hero (or Anti-Hero). is Invisible. has a Magical weapon.

Determine the difference between the modified scores. If the difference is : 8 or more : The Loser is killed. 4 or more s The Loser suffers 10% casualties. Less than 4 : Each Individual suffers 5% casualties. Individual Combat will continue to the death, or until one Individual strikes and accedes defeat (which gives the winning side the opportunity to either accept the surrender for ransom, depending on the perceived value of the captive, or to just kill the Individual outright anyway!)

Army Standards Each army must have an Army Standard to which they look for signals and orders. The Army Standard may be given to a normal Unit of that army, or it may have a special Guard of up to 20 figures. Morale Factors : For Morale purposes, the Army Standard gives the following bonuses : +5 : If Standard with the Unit testing +2 : If Standard within. +1 : If Standard can be seen. Melee Factors : In Melee, any Unit to which the Army Standard is attached gains a bonus of +1. However, during the Melee, there is a 10% chance of the Standard being lost to the enemy. If the Standard is lost in Melee, or magically destroyed, all the Units within must test Morale - deducting DOUBLE the above bonuses. Points Cost : Army Standards : 200 Points Sub-Generals Sub-Generals are commanders of a lesser ability and are given smaller commands (3+ Units - 3 Units minimum) and specific orders. To the Units they command, a Sub-General is treated as a normal General with regard to melee and morale, but to all other Units, they are ignored. Sub-Generals still however cost 100 Points as Individuals. An Army may have as many Sub-Generals as it requires, as long as each commands at least 3 Units.

Characteristics (i)

UNDEAD INFANTRY : Defence Values Unarmoured Skeletons Unarmoured Zombies Armoured Skeletons Armoured Zombies : : : : : CAVALRY : Defence Values Unarmoured Skeletons Unarmoured Zombies Armoured Skeletons Armoured Zombies : : : : :

10 5 15 10

15 10 20 15

All Push Back Ratings : NIL Bow Sling Javelin Crossbow War Machine Melee Factor : Sword Spear Double Handed Axe Hands Move - Skeletons : Unarmoured - Normal Charge Armoured - Normal Charge Move - Zombies : Unarmoured - Normal Charge Armoured - Normal Charge Fire Factor : . : : : : s : : : 1 1 1 1 3 2 2 4 2

All Push Back Ratings : NIL Fire Factor : Bow . 1 Javelin : 1 Crossbow : 1 : : : : : : : : : : : : 2 3 5 3 200 250 150 200 100 100 100 100

: 100 : 120 ; 80 : 100 : : : : 50 50 50 50

Sword Spear Lance Hands Move - Skeletons : Unarmoured - Normal Charge Armoured - Normal Charge Move - Zombies : Unarmoured - Normal Charge Armoured - Normal Charge Melee Factor :

Special Morale Factors : -2 : All Units within radius of Undead -5 : If in Melee with Undead Special Characteristics : The Undead can only be raised by the spell 'Raise the Legions of the Dead' and only by the Forces of Darkness. A DIO is thrown is determine the type of Unit raised as per the table on page 3. However, different categories of Undead can be determined as follows, depending in which location the spell is cast : Battlefield Score 1-7 8-10 : : Skeletons Zombies 1-5 6-10 Graveyard : : Skeletons Zombies

Note : Only Infantry Units can be raised from a graveyard! Undead Morale Tests : The Undead will only test Morale under the following circumstances : a) Commander-in-Chief killed or flees the battlefield. b) General or Hero of own race is killed or flees the battle. c) When 50% casualties suffered and for each move thereafter.

Characteristics (ii)

WERE-CREATURES Defence Values Wererat Werebear Werewolf Fire Factors Melee Factors Wererat Werebear Werewolf ; ; : : ; : ; ; 25 40 30 NIL 4 6 4 Push Back Ratings Wererat Werebear Werewolf Move- Wererat Normal Charge Move- Werebear Normal Charge Move- Werewolf Normal Charge ! 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 : 3 5 4 50 100 150 200 250 300

Special Morale Factors : Werewolf

-1 if fighting in sunlight.

Special Characteristics : The above characteristics are for were-creatures Tn their 'alter-ego' form. When in Human form they will move and react as humans, but fight with the addition of a +1 bonus due to their inhuman strength. Wererats and Werewolves are Evil creatures. Werebears are Good creatures. Wererats may fight in a third form - that of 'man-rat', which is somewhere between human and Wererat. In this form, they move as humans, but fight as Wererats! For the sake of practicality, Were-creatures are allowed the ability to 'shape-change' whenever they wish. However, it takes one move's concentration, during which they must remain stationary. Were-creatures may be found in alliance with their normal brethren, i.e. Were-rats in association with rats etc. In terms of numbers, the ratio is calculated as follows : Wererats to rats : Throw 4 DIO Werebears to Bears : Throw 1 DIO Werewolves to Wolves : Throw 2 DIO RATS Defence Value Fire Factor Melee Factor Claws/bite 2 NIL Push Back Rating s 1 Move - Normal : 50 Charge : 50 -3 if under fire attack. BEARS Defence Value Fire Factor Melee Factor Claws/bite 20 NIL Push Back Rating : 3 Move - Normal : 80 Charge : 100 (i.e. For each Wererat there will be between 4 and 40 normal rats.)

Special Morale Factors

Special Morale Factors : -1 if under fire attack.


Characteristics (iii)

VAMPIRES Defence Value Fire Factor Melee Factor Bite : 750 : NIL s : 6 Push Back Rating : NIL Move - On foot : 100 Airborne : 300

Special Morale Factors : -5 if fighting in sunlight. Special Features ! Vampires fly in the form of a giant bat. Tney have the ability of a 'minor' Magician, but they also have their own special inbuilt abilities - including teleportation, invisibility, telepathy and hypnotism. Hypnotism : The ability to hypnotise costs 20 points and gives the Vampire an 80% chance of hypnotising any single individual or creature. The spell range is only 100 paces, because the Vampire must be able to see his 'target'. If the spell is successful, the victim will be completely under the Vampire's control. BATS Defence Value : 2 Fire Factor : NIL Melee Factor : 1 Push Back Rating : NIL Move - Ground : NIL Airborne : 250

Special Morale Factors : -2 if fighting aerial opponents. Special Features : Bats may not land. If they are caught whilst on the ground, they fight at -1 effect. Bats melee by hovering over their target.

BOARS Defence Value Fire Factor Melee Factor Claws/Gore : 10 : NIL : :2 Push Back Rating : 2 Move - Normal : 150 Charge : 200-

Special Morale Factors : -1 if under fire attack. Special Characteristics : May be used as mounts by Ores.



Here we are again, at the conclusion of another Brigade Games publication... Which means that it's acknowledgement time - and thanks once again to Sharron who kept out of the way whilst the draft was prepared - but provided the necessary encouragement when imagination failed! To Brian of Brigade Games for publishing this tome and for the timely reminders and nudges as the print date got closer. Finally to all the members of the Newton Aycliffe Wargames Group who provide the playtesting facilities, arguments and the necessary (and unnecessary) criticism!! May your Spells never fail.... Mike C. Thompson Further Reading : The The The The Complete Works of M. DragonLance Series Necromancer's Bane Necromancer Besieged Moorcock. Hickman & Weis. Brigade Games. - Brigade Games.