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"SENSE OF JUSTICE is supperior, than sense of culture" Pedro Henriquez Urena???

"We are all ignorant, but not all ignore the same things " Albert Einstein I'm not CHEMICALLY PURE - Nor do I care, so better cut to the chaseOR AS A PERSON, OR AS ARTIST OR AS A WRITER, but a simple citizen, hybrid citizen on the land. 1. A SAMPLE, A BUTTON ... I'm going to put it plain and simple, so you do not think it's a holdover: did you remember productions "The Cause Productions by Jimmy Sierra or El gordo de la semana? in any both cases, ON STAGE where production was more expensive and complex, to store memories ... 1. More people of ALL the country (including illiterates dominican citizens in all age range or groups) Benefited content of these posts AIR, in broadcast television, in the system

National public or non public, television, that: a) The circulation of ALL courses, conferences, panels or books published For the same authors or other guests on the same programs... at any stage, inside or outside the country ... b) MORE PEOPLE had contact With these thoughts, FEELINGS And worldviews, that have GO TO see the same guest at SCHOOL could or BUY their BOOKS ... on books stores then, THE REASONING from the point of view of circulation, access and cultural consumption. THEN the paper as a support, in such comparison

always lose out ... when resources ARE SCARCE, Other criteria are to play a role, to benefit NO TO THE GREATEST AMOUNT OF AUTHORS, BUT IMPROVING SOCIALIZATION OR COVERAGE OF HEARING ... CLEAR now there are other teachings, that time has brought:

"(...)If all you want is TO MAKE MONEY: DO NOT DO A film organize a financial ag ency with the same money for produce your film, if you do not reach mounts a sa le ... cinema is art, aesthetics, beauty, industry, technique... (Agliberto Melen dez: Source Interviewed Prensa Civil Quisqueyana, Foundation, by Oscar Grullon for III Mocas Fest(Caramanas,2010: youtube)...We EVER to revise the law, for promotes launching dominican film industry, because this law is designed for attracts me ga corps, foreign capitals and companies for use our locations, but the same law says little or nothing, on auteur cinema (...) is the auteur cinema the tool fo r PROJECTS THE COUNTRY worldwide, FROM THE FESTIVALS (...)" (Agliberto Melendez, Interviewed by Emprendedores) by Agliberto Melendez (2010, 2012) PURPOSE IN LIFE CAN BE MORE COMPLEX THAN Their appearances and poses. :) Yoe F. Santos/cciav 2. IF YOU STILL feel DOUBTS assault you on what has changed, between you and me,

since 1984 until today...? WHERE DID THAT jump, WAS DIFFERENT OR DRAMATICALLY CHANGED OUR PRIORITIES, PERSONAL AND CORPORATE Existential, in our personal, inter-institutional careers plans? ... Just in the way you see or self-perceive yourself, your creative process your c areer and cross cultural, local and global, tools for dialogue and sharing exper iences with most young, individuals, asking for emergent paradigms and trends, locally and globally (on glocalize) TOWARD A DIGITAL NATIVES AND how design approaches for afford NEW LITERACIES, i n early XXI century. Why is there a chasm between the contemporary Yoe and the old one, today and yes terday, when we met, should be understood before 1984? I'll put it in summary form as follows: I kept walking and making my own questio ns, while other people IMAGINE -I dont know WHY-they had who had arrived to Olympus ... to Parnassus, or something like that I ... then sat, in accordance ...But the world changed and emerged other totally different scenarios ( Nos cambiaron las preguntas, is not just only a song) problems that seemed NOT to care, AFTER THE END OF THE COLD WAR (1991) ...partly because of that emigrated to GLO CALIZE, B2B FIRST AND THEN FROM SEPTEMBER 2011, IN THIS INTERNET CHANNEL ... -ALWAYS TAKING audiovisual fields and new literacies as North, ground and compass on decision making for socio-cultural inclusion, NOT THE LITERATURE, on paper as support for human memory and experiences off lineOur contradiction has not linked with the dominican elections process, is a most radical and old problem, UN SOLVED problem, since 1994 until today: SOME of our generation members, decided ignore the context, and keep working and moving for build a career, without see the glocal and global contexts, other as Jose Marmo l, explored the digital or audiovisual fields, not just the exploration of repor ts or papers on paper support... or Cielo Naranja- by Miguel D. Mena- but is a l ittle little group of persons oprojects or fundational initiatives as Abecedario ( Pedro Valdez & Tati);Jorge Pinas experiment for Digital Journalism and Culturarte , itself: FEW individuals, with the talent for writing, creative or research things and at the same time communicate this experience out traditional media or editing indu stry. THIS EXPERIENCE -or reject by the technophobemade the gap, a seizure, on our generation... FOR REAL, MORE THAN philosophical,

religious or partisan differences, in worldviews and priorities. Everything is right and clear, offline and online: one part of us want cultures and cybercultures develop as a co-property or property on commons, for humanity as material and immaterial patrimony, FOR ALL, inside and Outside the classrooms, and others, prefer, keep, their knowledge as commodities or source of privileged, inside and outside educational and communicational surrounds. Did you understand it?

I started the first steps creative writing by the wave of poetry, between 1976 and 1984, year when he leaves the state of artist and writer chemica lly pure, to move to the professional life management in the fields as marketing, public relations and address of media spaces or production of content, -No longer educational, or scientific, but recreational, playful, pleasure, for pleasure or to satisfy the decision makers need in the areas of research, socio-cultural animation or seni or management. I have been extremely annoyed (1996-present) with my friends and fellow writers - Especially in the Dominican writerss community to stay faithful to the paper su pport, when they and these, as other vulnerable sectors of society, SHOULD OR ru n or have migrated to cyberspace, before the end of the XX century as a contribu tion to the diversification of their production, animation of spaces socio-cultural and scientific, creative, academic sharing process or exchange on cross fertilized ways moving out classrooms and out-islanders or provincial vi ews by cultural and communicational ways for emegent ways for been on the world FRIENDLY, OPEN, FREE OF PREJUDICES AND FREE OF PROPAGANDA AND LIES, with colleagues, readers and friends around the worldwide.

But, as Lissette Colon Tatis (Pontificial Catholic University,1996), said artist s and writters on Dominican Republic, still keep on the Middle Age ground and re ference, when they try to analyze themselves as WORKERS. Some men and women, workers are not seen as / as, but imagine themselves as the medieval thought, which are really "lowered from heaven"

and therefore makes them better digestion, walking hanging to the table of princes, where-as we knowartists and writers took to kicking, from 1876 to date TO BEGIN to understand the character subordinate or proletarianzed of these occupations and socio-professional status.

Hence, they have remained faithful to the role in support of his thought, and so me of the freshest or abusive, even, if you do not bother doing the delivery or b ell boys of politicians or business man ( Odalis Perez Nina, 2010. Solo Radio Int erview. Quisqueya FM, Santo Domingo), and is dedicated to freely exercise their thinking or creative process, as a function of what each understand which is the most urgent or emergency for human development in the country, the continent or the world contemporary, that is: ahead of the agendas and unmet needs so-called "digital natives" (Prensky, 2001, 2006) and "multiple intelligences" (Gardner, 1986, .2006). 3. I cannot go your way, because WE will cost dearly everyone ONE DAY... this is why I preferred, stop those DEAF dialogues, on cyberspace, emigrating to B2b an d not keep wasting my time for keep on focus on future, with individuals and col lectives, beating in the same beat of my heart. Those technophobes writers. prefers to let Fuck, emergent generations, if their socio-professional or intellectual status, its privileges, its "charming" are sa fe, within their respective political parties: no matter if one day the world ex plodes into pieces, and will not return anyone in the short or medium term, able to sleep peacefully. I think on this in two songs:"Excuse the Lord" and "Macaras of Morals"as a tribu te to the genius Joan Manuel Serrat, at this point. VERY unfortunate OR PROUDLY not share these visions, and I have not allowed more slight slip in the writing, get under that umbrella, stupidity: "The wagon, 4 is instead"as Federico Henriq uez says Grateraux, no doubt. Latin America and Caribbean lost the train for industrialization and universal li teracy on XIX century, now running to XXI century, two new threats are identifia ble, additional to problems associates with classical illiteracy for the first l etters: emergent audio visual illiteracy and informatics-communicational litera cy... Arturo Uslar Pietri

(Listin Diario, Santo Domingo, 1994) I still am interested in human subjects such as solidarity and contacts hybrids, fertile, cross-fertilization between: sciences, art, literature, economics and communication, where all these lines, since 1984, when you stop being an artist and chemically pure writer, to become in man I am today (Damn complicated and not always in good humor): my worldviews, poems, articles, songs are born there, my Technical scriptural au thor and my agendas. 4. I believe and THINK -beyond economicism, focus and viewpoints- like Nicolas G uillen that purity does not exist in writing, or poetry. I HATE the pamphlet as any another form of indoctrination-Or numbof critical awareness or awake:

-Commercial _Policy -Religious -fundamentalist or dogmatic in any sense, I firmly believe that all beings Humans have the right to build, define and take their lives, from cradle to the grave, with liberty, as born free and equal to any other human being, who was born and lived before or will live after our generation. I AM NOT Cyclops, I try to see all sides of issues, I do not accept blackmail, or shits of power groups, creative in my work: I love human beings everywhere, in all circumstances, DO NOT believe in the death penalty, and corrective DO NOT BELIEVE in judicial executions or killings,

do not believe in misogyny, nor believe in violence, as a means of teaching, of education, control, organization, power, or anything that relates to human beings to each other.

I BELIEVE in Benito Juarez and the Secular State, for the government has no official truths, whether oys and to reap HYGIENE left or right, AND THAT NEITHER TEACHERS, no beggars, no on imposed on b girls, their favorite lies, the benefits, political, religious or commercial AT THE COST OF HEALTH, AND PEACE OF MIND of and most vulnerable citizens.

I like many other people in human brotherhood and peace culture, as a bridge to survival for human family, in today's world and this paradigmal transition, much more. I care about ideas and communication for human development, based on humanistic and democratic values, much more than the technicalities of school or aesthetic or philosophical movement.

Over the period 1984-today we have been linked to the social sector and supportive, from the work of Social Marketing and Public Relations educational organizations, scientific, academic and solidarity, which inall identification, segmentation and tracking of prospects, with roads to financing, have been routine, as well as the ideation and design strategies, production of documents, aimed to various public,

segments and niches, particularly donors and volunteers. In addition we have been at the forefront of organizations and projects social solidarity, responsible for the creation of plans of relationship and ideation of plans; evaluation, reading, and drawing up plans criticized technical strategic, and innovative, as in the building of communities and consortia, with goals and objectives of solidari ty; elaboration of proposals and contract management, sector projects / programs of development and humanitarian action; Networking, we have been working in solidarity networks, both face and virtual, from 1984 to date uniquely and particularly intensive from 1996 to date, from-renowned Latin American initiatives, such as project stay!. com, a community for the promotion of the humanities and social sciences in Latin America, Caribbean and Latin America (1998-present) , on this subject see references in UNESCO Yearbook ECLAC Rolando Palacios (2003): "Social and cultural uses of ICTs in Latin America and Caribbean." Source: Separate New Society magazine Caracas. Available on the Internet.

About the languages we work today from the Cultural Exchange Center Audio Visual, Inc a foundation and global network, currently celebrating its 28th anniversary,

from multi-cultural dialogue, intercultural and transdisciplinary primarily on content and ideas, or reports Research in English Language, but also following range of languages of the Region and in particular the Official Languages System in the United Nations Organization.

Yoe F. Santos

Writer & Management Consultant and Senior Communicational ICTs -Human Development and Human Rights of Children and Youth. Dominican Republic citizen Phone Residential 809 508 2036 809 299 2036 Mobile 809 467 0363 II. Reference Bio-Biblio-hemerographic and Curriculum. Yoe F. Santos - Dominican Republic | LinkedIn / in / yoefsantos Dominican Republic - CEO at Media Production Consultant and CCIAV Yoe F Santos profiles | LinkedIn F / Santos Yoe F. Santos (YoeFSantos) on Scribd | Scribd / YoeFSantos Yoe F. Graciano Santos - CEO / Executive Director - Teleworking ... - Translate this page MISTICA: Your at SSRN Abstract 270920: "Internet, Minorities and ... News Media Talk - ART TV 02.05.2012 February 5, 2012 - Yoe F. Santos / cciav The Real Meaning and Value for Ideas "... The draw as skill, process and product design is, base for architecture, painting, ... " Vassaris CC4AVE, CCIAV (since1984) Human Person, Talents, Criticism ... ... "24 Dec 2011 - Yoe F. Santos Graciano wrote a note titled Concerned about culture Consumption, e-citizenship, Child Labour, human rights: communicational ... " Andragogical theory. Assisted Class 15 "General Psychology (classes ... ... - Translate this page 1 Jan 2008 - Yoe F. Santos http://yoe-francis-santos-gra CCIAV-CC4AVE-Foundation-Net - Member Profiles - Community ... - Translate this page by Yoe F. Graciano Santos on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 8:09 pm "ALL the damage of the closure. School Eugenio Maria de Hostos, society, ... " Jose Joaquin Brunner: Journal of Educational Thought ... - Translate this page 22 Jan 2008 - Yoe F. Santos Writer's Guidelines: "stay%" Free Cultural Magazine Editor (s): Modesto Duran, Chairman, Yoe F.Santos, Editor-i.

Manual, tolerance and non discrimination - Blog * Spot / ... / manual-yn-tolerance ... - Translate this page 8 May 2011 - You are welcome ... Join our funny and Freely dialog on Facebook. Y oe F. Santos Music, ethno-diversity and unique thought - Illustrated! / ... / Music-ethno-pluralism-pe ... Translate this page Author: Yoe F Santos. Table 1. Introduction 2.Lainvisibilidad estate and strateg ies of the local-regional. 3. Internet, multiculturalism and music: Measures to society, parents and media - YouTube 6:56 6:56 23 Dec 2010 - 7 min - Uploaded by yoefs Oscar Arias Sanchez Yoe F. Santos, A society without soul | The Communication Initiative Network - Translate this page 30 Sep 2002 - yoe f. saints. Cultural Center ... Angel Hach and Ivan Garcia Guerra: Half a Century, forging ...> Arts & Culture - Translate this page "Yoe F. Santos ber Burger & schreiben Sie als, historisch buzzed-literarischen innerhalb Versuchs, Multigenerational wie, Transdisziplinres & Tribut des " CCIAV, CC4AVE - actionable / organizations / cciav... / information - Translate this page "3 Mar 2012 - Yoe F. Santos / CCIAV, CC4AVE. Inspirational Voices. open digital library or tools. for re think and re enchant ordinary lives ... by Yoe F. Saints ... " Qualitativos Insights 2.0: netnography - A contribution of Osbaldo ... ... Translate this page "February 10, 2009 - Yoe F. Santos Executive Direction ___ " Marketing 1x1, perceived quality and value added services Xing ... Translate this page "Foren General (Marketing 1 X 1) Recent URLs interest. 1-1 Beitrge von 1. Yoe F. Graciano Santos Gruppenmoderator. Signature Die leider ist nur fr ... " "Popular Consultation - Proposals Received / propuestas.html - Translate this page 90 + items - Proposals submitted by citizens / as, groups and ... " Review / go / review / "I'll be there! This will be a great new experience. The HACU Annual Conference 2012 is in ... Yoe F. Graciano Santos | 24/04/2012 00:26:50. .

"Of Salome Urea.a the Overcrowding / Identification of the ..." / ... / Salome Urena-Masificacio-... Translate this page Author: Yoe F. Santos. Download Doocumento: Related Articles: Influence of the activities ... " Audiovisual translation, cinema theory, analyzing and Critics / ... / Audiovisual_translation_cinema_theory_analy ... 20 + items - Follow Yoe F. Please <a ... Yoe F.Santos Graciano 1st half of ... in your News ... " "Memory, micro-history, and roots networks" / ...

"You can quote Them, Them disagree with, / glorify or vilify Them. ... Also in life and ... " Jack Kerouac Pasion for dance Caribbean and multicultural reading / pdf / community / ... / Dario.pdf Comments to MISTICA collaborative work on the Internet for social purposes | The Communication Initiative ... "As part of a project called" mystical " more than 200 researchers and activists from 30 countries share and organize, on the Internet, his reflections on how the Internet can positive social impact in Latin America and the Caribbean. Try to collaborate remotely and become a ... Perceptions & expectations contractuality Vs ... - Marketing 1x1 ... / ... / perceptions-expectations-vs-co ... - Translate this page "Author: Yoe F. Santos Senior Management Consultant International Executive Director Cultural Exchange Center Audio Visual, Inc. (CCIAV) ... " marketing Spruzer "April 23, 2012 - Yoe F. Santos Graciano 75 years, after Guernica ... You can make the difference: let's end child slavery, child abuse, fundamentalism, ... " 2006. Leisure and alienate everyday life - Sociology and - Xing ... - Translate this page "13 Jan 2006 - alienate the Leisure and everyday life.

1-1 Beitrge von 1. Yoe F. Graciano Santos Gruppenmoderator.Signature Die leider ist nur fr ... " Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library - Services - Gatherings of ...> Services - Translate this page "Yoe F. Santos: Neither the neighborhoods of the popular sectors, or rural areas in Latin America and Caribbean have access to the net, just think of only one ... " Diversity Best Practices Around the World Ebook Reviews - Boikeno / ebookindex.php? isbn = 9781118221600 & title ... "Yoe F. Santos Graciano said 9 mins ago. New Economics. Cultural Industries, Translation Global Index & E-contents. Inventory, Curatorial Methods and human ... " Buzz Region - Malawi 01.05.2012 5 Jan 2012 - Yoe F. Santos / cciav "WORLD BOOK DAY and Copyrights: Pleasures traveling .... Our Text and Photos signed by Yoe F. Santos / cciav (CC) 2012 " Blog of Yoe F. Santos - ICT Networking Club ... - Translate this page "1 Apr 2012 - Blog of Yoe F. Santos | Network organizations, professionals and experts information literacy projects, ownership and ... " Memory, micro-history, networks and roots (page 2) -> Anthropology - Translate this page Yoe F. Santos. Latin American Journal of Education. / novedades.htm - Translate this page 25 - 8-2003

Santos, F. Yoe "Human Development and cultures local societies in transition. " Yoe F. Saints | Members | Education Technology Teacher Network / ... / fltnpzzjvcltfykq ... Translate this page Yoe F. Santos. Profile information. Nationality: OJ Communitarian Yoe F. Santos / cciav March, 2012 Waiting for a New Spring Season. ______ ... S. Kuhn (1962) by Berkeley Univ Yoe F. Santos Education Review in Astrolabio.NET - Translate this page "June 13, 2002 - Yoe F. Santos * Cultural Center Audiovisual Exchange, Inc. Dominican Republic Santiago de los Caballeros June 12, 2002 ... " People in World Arts And Cultures - Professional Experience, Email ... / s / degreesubject% 3A (World + Arts + and + Cultures) Yoe F. Santos. CEO at CCIAV and Media ...Creative Consultant Senior Management & Multimedia ... Director of Cultural Exchange Center Audio-Visual, Inc. Dominican Republic. "The future is to open: the future lies in co-manage ..." Transdisciplinarity - free download / t / Transdisciplinarity Results 1 - 10 of 52 "Dreaming out loud or testimony of gratitude to the dialogue multigenerational trasepocal and

transdisciplinary unprejudiced by Yoe F Santos " MISTICA | Cyberlibrary | l @ s Documents Participants | Contributions ... Translate this page "Prejudice and Rock.? Sameness of 'Good, the Bad and the Ugly'? " Author: Yoe F. Santos, Release Date: 30/08/2000 " F. Yoe page Graciano Santos - Amnesty International / profile / YoeFSantosGraciano Afro-descendant Testimony by Yoe F Santos> Creative Writing> Essays - Translate this page FAQ About Past Present and Future We Need URGENTLY or WHY ... / ... / FAQ-About-Past-Present-and-Future-or-WHY-W ... Yoe F. Santos - CEO at Media Production Consultant and CCIAV F. + Santos/.../9fa92f0668fcc1a40b5aab2c5 ... Dominican Republic - CEO at Media Production Consultant and CCIAV Yoe F Santos (June 2007) "What's New: Opportunities for ... ... We win or we educate "stealing" content on the web? - Yoe F ... / ... / Won + ... - Translate this page December 13, 2006 - Cross-Cultural F.Santos Yoe Essays Home Discussions Photos V ideos News Updates Members Sign in or.Apply to be a Writer ... Yoe F. Santos & Cciav / Cc4ave xxviii Anniversary (1984-2012 ... Violence is the fear to the Ideals of the others "Mahatma K. Gandhi 75 years, after Guernica ... YOU can make the difference: let's end child slave ry, child abuse, ... You've visited this page 3 times. Last visit: 05.04.12 Flickr: Yoe F Santos @ N00 / 5 Mar 2006 - Flickr is Almost Certainly the best online photo management and sha ring application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to ... Yoe F. Santos (author) on AuthorsDen ___ A lo largo del periodo 1984-hoy hemos estado ligados al sector social y solidario, desde el trabajo de Marketing Social y Relaciones Publicas, en organizaciones educacionales, cientificas, academicas y solidarias, entodas l as cuales

la identificacion, segmentacion y seguimiento de prospectos, con vias a la financiacion, han sido tareas rutinarias; al igual que la ideacion y diseno de estrategias, produccion de documentos, orientados a distintos publicos, segmentos y nichos, particularmente donantes y voluntarios. Por otro lado hemos estado al frente de organizaciones y proyectos sociales o so lidarios, siendo responsables de la creacion de planes de relacionamiento e idea cion de planes; la evaluacion, lectura, critica y redaccion de planes tecnicos de caracter estra tegico, como innovadoras, lo mismo que en la construccion de comunidades y conso rcios, con metas y objetivos solidarios; elaboracion de propuestas y gestion de contratos, en el sector proyectos/program as de desarrollo y accion humanitaria; Sobre networking, hemos estado trabajando en redes solidarias, tanto presenciale s como virtuales, desde 1984 a la fecha, y particularmente de forma exclusiva e intensiva de 1996 a la fecha, desde iniciativas reconocidas a nivel iberoamerica no, como el proyecto Alojo!.com, una comunidad para la promocion de las humanida des y las ciencias sociales, en America Latina, Caribe e Iberoamerica (1998-hoy) , sobre este particular ver referencias en Anuario UNESCO CEPAL, Rolando Palacio s (2003): "Usos sociales y culturales de las TICs en America Latina y Caribe". Fuente: Separata Revista Nueva Sociedad Caracas. Disponible en la internet. Sobre los idiomas en la actualidad trabajamos desde el Centro Cultural de Interc ambio Audio Visual, Inc una fundacion y red global, que en la actualidad celebra su 28 aniversario, desde el dialogo multi cultural, intercultural y transdiscip linar, fundamentalmente en contenidos y reflexiones, o reportes de investigacion es en Lengua Inglesa, pero tambien siguiendo el abanico de lenguas de la Region y en particular de las lenguas Oficiales en el Sistema de la Organizacion de las Naciones Unidas. Finalmente, no tengo limitaciones para desplazarme dentro de la Region. Agradecidos por su tiempo, Yoe F. Santos Escritor & Consultor Gerencial y Comunicacional Senior en NTICs -para el Desarrollo Humano y Derechos Humanos Infanto -Juveniles-. Ciudadano Republica Dominicana Telefonos 809 508 2036 Residencial

809 299 2036 Movil 809 467 0363 II. Referencia Bio-Biblio-Hemerografica y Curricular. Yoe F. Santos - Repblica Dominicana | LinkedIn Dominican Republic - CEO at CCIAV and Media Production Consultant Yoe F Santos profiles | LinkedIn Yoe F. Santos (YoeFSantos) on Scribd | Scribd Prof. Yoe F. Santos Graciano - CEO/Director Ejecutivo - Teleworking ... - Translate this page MISTICA: Your Abstract at SSRN 270920: "Internet, Minorities and ... News Media Talk - ART TV 02.05.2012 5 Feb 2012 Yoe F. Santos / cciav The Real Meaning and Value for Ideas The draw as skill, process and product is design, base for architecture, painting, ..." Vassaris CC4AVE, CCIAV (since1984) Human Person, Talents, Criticism ... "24 Dec 2011 Yoe F. Santos Graciano wrote a note titled Concerned about cultural consumption, e-citizenship, child labour, human rights: communicational ..." Teora Andraggica. Clase Asistida 15 Psicologa General (clases ... - Translate this page

1 Ene 2008 Yoe F. Santos http://yoe-francis-santos-graci CCIAV-CC4AVE-Foundation-Net - Member Profiles - Community ... - Translate this page by Yoe F. Santos Graciano on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 8:09pm " TODO el dano del cierre de la. Escuela de Eugenio Maria de Hostos, a la sociedad, ..." Jose Joaquin Brunner: Revista Pensamiento Educativo de la ... - Translate this page 22 Ene 2008 Yoe F. Santos Writer's Guidelines: "Alojo%" Cultural Free Magazine Editor(s): Modesto Duran, Chairman , Yoe F. Santos , Editor-i. Manual, tolerancia y no discriminacin - blog*spot - Translate this page 8 May 2011 You are welcome...Join our funny and freely dialog on Facebook. Yoe F . Santos Msica, etno-pluralidad y pensamiento nico - Ilustrados! Translate this page Autor: Yoe F Santos. Indice 1. Introduccin 2. Races y estrategias de lainvisibilid ad de lo local-regional. 3. Internet, multiculturalidad y msica: Medidas debe sociedad, padres de familia y medios de - YouTube 6:56 6:56 23 Dec 2010 - 7 min - Uploaded by yoefs Oscar Arias Snchez Yoe F. Santos, Una sociedad sin alma | The Communication Initiative Network - Translate this page 30 Sep 2002 yoe f. santos. Centro Cultural de ... ngel Hach e Ivn Garca Guerra: Medio siglo, forjando ... Arte y Cultura - Translate this page "ber Yoe F. Santos als Brger & schreiben Sie, innerhalb dieses historisch-literarischen Versuchs, wie Multigenerational, Transdisziplinres & Tribut des "

CCIAV,CC4AVE - Actuable - Translate this page "3 Mar 2012 Yoe F. Santos/CCIAV, CC4AVE. Inspirational Voices,. open digital library or tools. for re think and re enchant ordinary lives... by Yoe F. Santos ..." Insights Qualitativos 2.0: La Netnografa - Un aporte de Osbaldo ... Translate this page "10 Feb 2009 Yoe F. Santos Direccion Ejecutiva ___ " Marketing 1x1, calidad percibida y valor aadido en servicios Xing Translate this page "Foren General (Marketing 1 X 1) URLs Recientes de Interes. Beitrge 1-1 von 1. Yoe F. Santos Graciano Gruppenmoderator. Die Firma ist leider nur fr ..." "Consulta Popular - Propuestas Recibidas - Translate this page 90+ items Propuestas enviadas por ciudadanos/as, grupos e ..." Review "I'll be there! This will be a new great experience. The HACU 2012 Annual Conference is in... Yoe F. Santos Graciano | 2012-04-24 00:26:50. .

"De Salom Urea.a la Masificacin / Individualizacin de las ..." -

Translate this page Autor: Yoe F. Santos. Descargar Doocumento: Articulos relacionados: Influencia de las actividades ..." Audiovisual translation, cinema theory, analyzing and critics 20+ items Follow Yoe F. Please <a ... Yoe F. Santos Graciano 1st half of ... in your News ..." "Memory, micro-history, and roots networks" "You can quote them, disagree with them, / glorify or vilify them. ... also in life and ..." Jack Kerouac Pasion Danzaria una lectura caribena y multicultural MISTICA del trabajo colaborativo en la internet con fines sociales | The Communi cation Initiative... "En el marco de un proyecto llamado "MISTICA", mas de 200 investigadores y activistas de 30 paises comparten y organizan, en la Internet, sus reflexiones sobre como la Internet puede tener un impacto social positivo en Amrica Latina y el Caribe. Tratan de colaborar a distancia y de transformarse en un Percepciones & expectativas Vs. Contractualidad... - Marketing 1x1 ... - Translate this page "Autor: Yoe F. Santos Consultor Gerencial Internacional Senior Director Ejecutivo

Centro Cultural de Intercambio Audio Visual, Inc. (CCIAV) ..." marketing - Spruzer "23 Apr 2012 Yoe F. Santos Graciano 75 years, after Guernica YOU can make the difference: lets end child slavery, child abuse, fundamentalism, ..." 2006. Desalienar el Ocio y la vida cotidiana - Sociologa e - Xing - Translate this page "13 Ene 2006 Desalienar el Ocio y la vida cotidiana. Beitrge 1-1 von 1. Yoe F. Santos Graciano Gruppenmoderator. Die Firma ist leider nur fr ..." Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes - Servicios - Tertulias de ... Servicios - Translate this page "Yoe F. Santos: Tampoco los barrios de los sectores populares, ni las zonas rurales en Amrica Latina ni Caribe, tienen acceso a la net, basta pensar solo un ..." Diversity Best Practices Around the World Ebook Reviews - Boikeno "Yoe F. Santos Graciano said 9 mins ago. New Economics. Cultural Industries, Global Translation Index & E- contents. Inventory, Curatorial Methods and human ..." Region Buzz - Malawi 01.05.2012 5 Jan 2012 Yoe F. Santos/cciav "WORLD BOOK and Copyrights DAY: Pleasures traveling .... Our Text and Photos signed by Yoe F. Santos/cciav (CC) 2012"

Blog de Yoe F. Santos - Club Networking TIC - Translate this page "1 Abr 2012 Blog de Yoe F. Santos | Red de organizaciones, profesionales y expertos en proyectos de alfabetizacin informacional, apropiacin y ..." Memoria, micro-historia, redes y races (pgina 2) - Antropologia - Translate this page Yoe F. Santos. Revista Iberoamericana de Educacin. - Translate this page 25 - 8 - 2003 Santos, Yoe F. "Desarrollo Humano y culturas locales en sociedades en transicin". Yoe F. Santos | Miembros | Red Docente de Tecnologa Educativa Translate this page Yoe F. Santos. Informacin del Perfil. Nacionalidad: DO Communitarian Yoe F. Santos/cciav March, 2012 Waiting for a New Spring Season. ______ ... S. Khun(1962) Berkeley Univ by Yoe F. Santos Revista Educacion en Astrolabio.NET - Translate this page "13 Jun 2002 Yoe F. Santos* Centro Cultural de Intercambio Audiovisual, Inc Republica Dominicana Santiago de los Caballeros Junio 12, 2002 ..." People in World Arts And Cultures - Professional Experience,Email ...

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Violence is the fear to the ideals of the others Mahatma K. Gandhi 75 years, afte r Guernica YOU can make the difference: lets end child slavery, child abuse, ... You've visited this page 3 times. Last visit: 5/4/12 Flickr: Yoe F Santos 5 Mar 2006 Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and shari ng application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to ... Yoe F. Santos (author) on AuthorsDen

_______ Yoe F. Santos :Self Introduction on Cyberspace... 006-Updated-sept-18th-2010 _________ Yoe F. Santos on Xing Virtual Community Yoe F. Santos On linkedin __________ If you have any interest or work in any of these 7 areas ... we would, meet you, welcome.. by Yoe F. Santos , January 6, 2012 at 4:49 pm Hello ... you can, talk ... ABOUT 1976-TODAY read, write, question, enjoy and learn while in the process. Nothing is the totally truth in my particular vision, that's means, we, together, you and me, need to find a rational or creative consensus, depending if we are working in creative process, sciences or consultancy services, in each case. I love the complexity, diversity, contrasts, the dialectics into ordinary life. I started to take pictures, see others doing it, or trying to make familiar stories in films, after my father returns from made his specialized studies in Spain, in earlies 70s.

In my case with less than 15 years old, was impossible put a finger in my father's camera, I need to watch, and wait to be an adult, for make my own pictures, in early 80s. I love pictures, cinema and make things with images... help others to practice, learn and show they own results within this particular field, in arts, communications and self expressive visual speech. I believe firmly, if you are trying to exercise solidarity, methods, social sciences, education or management, you do not need to BE A BORING PERSON, to be out of control, stressful, and mad personality... you can do all these things, and be an optimistic, funny, person, with memorable humor sense, and communicative skills for transmit information to many different kind of audiences, segments and niches for help and improve message penetration, sensibilization and human (not cyborgs) interaction, kind, friendly, humild, with hope... For me, to find, check, feedback these balances levels in my actions and thoughts, are a considerated focus, for open and close personals, institutionals, interinstitutional alliances and co-productions... I could not imagine doing something like a compilation of proposals and work in the which, personally, from the authorial status, I had to involve over all these years. "(...) Modern World (1800-present), l child-youth movement on a global scale, as social subject, socio-educational and socio-cultural (1945-present)

and their impact on the juvenilization of the customs, lifestyles, consumption patterns, such as market segmentation niches and identities constructivos.... Researches / proposals on talent - Innovation, creativity, infantile or juvenilehis relationship with Gardner's multiple intelligences, visions of Prensky (2001-2011), on digital natives, the city as a meeting place, committed to overcoming violence, child-friendly cities (UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, UN) Instructional Leisure (Doumazedier, 1967, 1968) or edutainment (UNESCO, 2007.2008) " What matters in this page, Yoe F. Santos, is: return to the values, inspirations and continue to deepen the dialogue with people and organizations that share or discuss about recent evidence on some of the topics -Concerns, priorities, values and attitudeswhich can be traced in our writings (of any type or kind), while carrying a log or memory of the new content, which we disseminate inside and outside of cyberspace, and channels or specificity, the now-here and now. On the other hand-and face to people who are much younger, in these endeavors, we strive to continue building bridges in the dialogue

and multi-generational debate, transgenerational and the points or areas of intersection between disciplines, where: -Everyday life - The quality of life, -Inclusion, -Communication, Leisure- Research, get to touch or coincide with what the local and global, are developing - In post-modernity and modernity the so-called human sciences and their impact on the conformation, performance, or apprehension of the world as it is today and particularly, the Modern World (1800-present), with their respective periods: 1. First Industrial Revolution (Manchester, 1850) 2. Telecommunications, human rights, citizenship and mass society (1945-present) 3. Hatching or emergency child-youth movement on a global scale, as a social subject, socio-educational and socio-cultural (1945-present) and their impact on the juvenilization of the customs, lifestyles, consumption patterns, as in market segmentation and niche identities of citizenshipbuilding attitudes values, freedoms and rights-of these sectors multimillenary invisible, oppressed and vulnerable (Convention Rights of the child, adolescent, UN, 1989)

4. Post Industrial Society: dematerialization of exchanges and dominance of services (Bell, 1973-present) Crisis of the condition of the author SOCIAL FUNCTION, AS INVIDIVUAL inherited from modernity (Foucault, 1979) 6. End of the Cold War (1991): emergence of the internet civic and academic solidarity. 7.Investigaciones/propuestas on talent, innovation, creativity, child or youth, his or her relationship with Gardner's (1983) multiple intelligences, visions of Prensky (2001-2011), on digital natives, the city as a meeting place, committed to overcoming of violence, child-friendly cities (UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, UN), leisure instructional (Doumazedier, 1967, 1968) or edutainment (UNESCO, 2007.2008); A free open space for dialogue and informed about reality and fiction, as a channel of gratitude, pay off our personal debts oriented with the past, to better understand the present and build -From creativity and collective actiona more inclusive, just and versatile that the legacy of our ancestors, at any place on earth and with an eye toward self-realization of individuals, any of them and they, in the potential of any -From 7.000 million more human beings existing on the planetfrom the cradle to the grave: Your feedback, participation in a

horizontal dialogue, free, responsible and informed of: -Democratization -Modernization -Citizens rights, contents ombudsman, individual freedom and human rights -The search for truth, -The development of a sustainable life free of violence, - As personal ethics, As in the practice of democratic and humanistic values, early twenty-first century and the Third Millennium , 21 goals for education and culture, - The 8 human development goals for the new millennium, - As the Ibero-American Charter of Culture and its impacts In: - Regional integration, -Raising the quality and exportability of goods, services, processes and symbolic flows of cultural and creative industries, in every corner, city, region, country, language, culture or continent, as well as - Impacts of these changes and opportunities of the Digital Age, -In overcoming ignorance, technophobia, elitist views, on education and culture, As in the improvement from citizen empowerment, of material and spiritual poverty, the bungling and theoretical misery in a dialogic continoum of conviviality where involved, happily from the unity in diversity,

people with common interests and vocations, regardless their levels of expertise in each of these themes, their age, in the same subjects, candidates, novices, aficionados/asas citizens / as / xs of the earth ... regardless of their militancy and their preferences (Sexual, academic culinary cultural, aesthetic ethical ideological religious party or trade union), In the attempt to build that bridge to peace and to the understanding of the stage, Glocalized, between human beings - Equal in dignity and rightsBEYOND discrimination, prejudice or hatred ... which in addition to be writing their respective biographies and fighting each with the means at its disposal to weather the global crisis, developer or project their talents, careers and opportunities within and outside of cyberspace, recognized as Pedro Henriquez Urena, that: "The ideal of justice is superior than the ideal of culture." We are interested, let flow our intuition

- Not just make a note on biblio-hemerography, active or passiveBUT live in the process, sharing you, cutting against the landscape ... what an individual, personal: We believe it could help others -Girls, children, youth and adolescents, to explore their own vocations, for creativity, innovation, interrogation or design proposals, written; same thing in the world of fiction, communication and pragmatic purposes -Like awareness, solidarity, social marketing, online journalism and the likeinside and outside of cyberspace. Welcome / as, new and old friends / as writing ... and thinking solidarity ... Yoe F. Santos Cyberspace January, 2012 PS. The content and proposals contained from the current date, issuance of this website, in this virtual space, Are our sole responsibility, personal, Uncommitted, to any company - Organization, company, project or initiative, in which we participate before, and the present. ALL the original texts, in our firm, to be included on this page be available to anyone under licenses scientific commons, creative commons and oers Commons:

attribution, NON commercial USES, share alike. (Yoe F. Santos (2012): CC) _________________________ Si vous avez tout intrt ou de travailler dans n'importe lequel de ces sept domaines questions ou des sujets ... nous serions, vous rencontrer, bienvenue .. par Yoe F. Santos Graciano This new web or URL: le vendredi 6 Janvier 2012 16h49 Bonjour ... vous pouvez, parlez ... lire, crire, question, apprcier et apprendre alors que dans le processus. Je ne pouvais pas imaginer faire quelque chose comme une compilation de propositions et de travailler dans le ce qui, personnellement, partir du statut d'auteur, J'ai eu impliquer plus toutes ces annes (1976-aujourd'hui). "(...) Modern World (1800-prsent), enfant mouvement de jeunesse l'chelle mondiale, comme l'objet social, socio-ducatives et socio-culturels (1945-prsent) et leurs impact sur la juvnilisation de la les coutumes, les modes de vie, consommation tendances, telles que la segmentation du march niches et Constructivos identits .... recherches / propositions sur le talent - L'innovation, la crativit, infantile ou juvnile

sa relation avec de multiples de Gardner intelligences, des visions de Prensky (2001-2011), sur les digital natives, la ville comme un lieu de rencontre, s'engage vaincre la violence, Villes amies des enfants (PNUD, UNESCO, UNICEF, ONU) Loisirs d'enseignement (Doumazedier, 1967, 1968) ou ludo-ducatifs (UNESCO, 2007,2008) " Ce qui importe dans cette page, Yoe F. Santos, est la suivante: retour aux valeurs, des inspirations et de continuer approfondir le dialogue avec les gens et organisations qui partagent ou discuter des donnes rcentes sur certains des sujets -Inquitudes, priorits, valeurs et attitudesqui peuvent tre traces dans nos crits (de tout genre ou tout type), tout en portant un journal ou la mmoire des le nouveau contenu, ce qui nous diffusons intrieur et en dehors du cyberespace, et les canaux ou de spcificit, le dsormais ici et maintenant. De l'autre main et du visage aux personnes qui sont beaucoup plus jeunes, dans ces efforts, nous nous efforons de continuer construire des ponts dans le dialogue et multi-gnrationnel dbat, transgnrationnel et les points ou les zones d'intersection entre les disciplines, o: -La vie quotidienne

- La qualit de vie, -Socio-culturel et socio-ducatif d'inclusion, -Communications, -Loisirs- Recherche, arriver toucher ou concider avec ce que le local et global, se dveloppent - Dans la post-modernit et modernit les sciences dites humaines et leur impact sur la la conformation, la performance, ou d'apprhension du monde comme il est aujourd'hui, et en particulier, le monde contemporain (1800-prsent), avec leurs priodes respectives: 1. First Industrial Revolution (Manchester, 1850) 2. Tlcommunications, les droits humains, citoyennet et la socit de masse (1945-prsent) 3. D'incubation ou d'urgence aux jeunes enfants mouvement l'chelle mondiale, comme un sujet social, socio-ducative et socio-culturels (1945-prsent) et leur impact sur la juvnilisation de la douane, modes de vie, les habitudes de consommation, comme dans le march identits de segmentation et de niche du la citoyennet de renforcement des valeurs les attitudes, les liberts et les droits de ces secteurs multimillnaire invisible, opprims et vulnrables (Convention des Droits de l'enfant, l'adolescent, l'ONU, 1989)

4. Post Industrial Society: dmatrialisation des changes et de la domination de services (Bell, 1973-prsent) 5. Crise de l'tat de l'auteur Fonction sociale INVIDIVUAL, hrits de la modernit (Foucault, 1979 - aujourd'hui) 6. Fin de la Guerre froide (1991): mergence de la civiques, communautaires et ducatives ou sur internet B2B pour la solidarit. 7.Researches, des propositions sur le talent, l'innovation, crativit, enfant ou l'adolescent, sa relation avec Intelligences multiples de Gardner, visions de Prensky (2001-2011), sur les natifs numriques, la ville comme un lieu de rencontre, s'engage dpassement de la violence, Familial villes (PNUD, UNESCO, UNICEF, ONU), loisirs pdagogiques (Doumazedier, 1967, 1968) ou ludo-ducatifs (UNESCO, 2007,2008); Un espace web gratuit ou ouvert au dialogue et informer processus de partage, sur la ralit et la fiction, comme un canal de gratitude, payer nos dettes oriente personnelle avec le pass, pour mieux comprendre le prsent et construire -De la crativit et l'action collectiveune socit plus inclusive, juste et polyvalente que l'hritage de nos anctres, tout endroit sur terre et avec un oeil vers la ralisation de soi des individus, aucune d'entre elles et eux, dans le potentiel de tout

De plus, 7,000 millions d'tres humains existant sur la plantedu berceau la tombe: Vos commentaires, la participation un dialogue horizontal, libre, : responsables et informs -La dmocratisation -La recherche de la vrit, -Le dveloppement d'une vie durable sans violence, - Parce que l'thique personnelle, Comme dans la pratique de la dmocratie les valeurs humanistes et, dbut du XXIe sicle et le Troisime Millnaire , 21 buts pour l'ducation et la culture, - Les 8 objectifs de dveloppement humain pour le nouveau millnaire, - Comme la Charte ibro-amricaine de la culture et de ses impacts Dans: - L'intgration rgionale, -Amliorer la qualit et l'exportabilit de biens, services, processus et flux symboliques des industries culturelles et cratives, dans tous les coins, ville, rgion, pays, langue, la culture ou d'un continent, ainsi que - Les impacts de ces changements et opportunits de l're numrique, -Dans vaincre l'ignorance, la technophobie, vues litistes, sur l'ducation et la culture,

Comme dans l'amlioration du citoyen l'autonomisation, de pauvret matrielle et spirituelle, l'incomptence et la misre thorique dans un continoum dialogique de convivialit taient impliqus, heureusement de l'unit dans la diversit, personnes ayant des intrts communs et des vocations, quel que soit leur niveau d'expertise dans chacun de ces thmes, leur ge, chez les mmes sujets, les candidats, novices, amateursen tant que citoyens de la terre ... indpendamment de leur militantisme et les prfrences (Sexuelle, acadmiques culinaires , culturels esthtiques thiques idologiques religieuses Parti ou un syndicat), Dans la tentative de construire ce pont pour la paix et la comprhension de la scne, Glocaliss, entre les tres humains - L'galit en dignit et en droits Sans discrimination, les prjugs ou la haine ... qui, en plus d'tre crit leurs

biographies et les combats de chaque avec les moyens sa disposition pour rsister la crise mondiale, dveloppeur ou d'un projet de leurs talents, carrire et les opportunits dans et l'extrieur du cyberespace, reconnu comme Pedro Henriquez Urena, que: L'idal de la justice est suprieure celle de l'idal de la culture. Nous sommes intresss, laisser couler notre intuition - Pas seulement faire une note sur les biblio-hemerography, active ou passiveMais qui vivent dans le processus, le partage vous, la coupe contre le le paysage ... ce qu'un individu, personnelle: Nous pensons qu'il pourrait aider les autres -Les filles, enfants, jeunes et adolescents, d'explorer leurs vocations, pour la crativit, l'innovation, propositions d'interrogatoire ou de la conception, crite; mme chose dans le monde de la fiction, la communication et des fins pragmatiques Comme-sensibilisation, solidarit, social marketing, le journalisme en ligne et le type intrieur et en dehors du cyberespace. Bienvenue / que, anciens et nouveaux amis crit ... la solidarit et de la pense ... Si vous tes de travail, se tordant ou de penser sur l'un des ces prcdents, les sujets, vous tes les bienvenus, dans cette page web ... SI vous n'tes pas dans cet tat d'esprit en bton, S'IL VOUS PLAT simplement continuer marcher ou votre cole,

Yoe F. Santos Cyberespace Janvier 2012 PD. Le contenu et les propositions contenues partir de la date actuelle, dlivrance de ce site, dans cet espace virtuel, Sont notre seule responsabilit, personnelle, Uncommitted toute entreprise - Organisation, entreprise, projet ou initiative, laquelle nous participons avant, et le prsent. TOUS les textes originaux, dans notre cabinet, pour tre inclus sur cette page tre disponible n'importe qui sous des licences Scientific Commons, Creative Commons et OERS communes: l'attribution, Pas d'utilisation commerciale, partage l'identique. (Yoe F. Santos (2012): CC) _____________________ Als u interesse of werk in een van deze zeven gebieden kwesties of onderwerpen ... wij zouden ontmoeten, welkom .. by Yoe F. Santos Graciano on Friday, January 6, 2012 at 9:31pm Als u interesse of werk in een van deze zeven gebieden kwesties of onderwerpen ... wij zouden ontmoeten, welkom .. door Yoe F. Santos Graciano op vrijdag de 6 januari 2012 om 16:49 Hallo ... je kunt, praten ... lezen, schrijven, vraag, genieten en leren terwijl in het proces. Ik kon me niet voorstellen om iets te doen, zoals

een compilatie van voorstellen en het werk in de die persoonlijk, vanuit het auteurschap status, Ik moest betrekken dan al die jaren (1976-heden)... (Dutch Version... ) ___________ Se avete interesse o di lavoro in una di queste 7 aree problemi o temi ... noi, si incontrano, benvenuto .. da Yoe F. Santos il Venerd, 6 Gennaio 2012 alle 16:49 Ciao ... si pu, parlare ... leggere, scrivere, domanda, divertirsi e imparare, mentre nel processo. Non potevo immaginare di fare qualcosa di simile una raccolta di proposte e di lavoro nel che, personalmente, dallo stato d'autore, Ho dovuto coinvolgere oltre tutti questi anni (1976-oggi). "(...) Modern World (1800-oggi), bambini movimento giovanile su scala globale, come soggetto sociale, socio-educativi e socio-culturali (1945-oggi) e la loro impatto sulla juvenilization di i costumi, stili di vita, il consumo modelli, come la segmentazione del mercato nicchie e constructivos identit .... ricerche / proposte sul talento

- Innovazione, creativit, infantile o giovanile, il suo rapporto con pi di Gardner intelligenze, le visioni di Prensky (2001-2011), su nativi digitali, la citt come luogo di incontro, impegnati a il superamento della violenza, citt a misura di bambino (UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, ONU) Tempo libero didattico (Doumazedier, 1967, 1968) o edutainment (UNESCO, 2007,2008) " Benvenuto / come, amici vecchi e nuovi la scrittura ... e di pensare la solidariet ... Se siete di lavoro, che si contorcono o pensare su uno dei quelli precedenti, i soggetti, sei il benvenuto, in questa pagina web ... Se non sei in questo stato d'animo concreto, SI PREGA DI continuate a camminare o tornare alla tua scuola, Yoe F. Santos Cyberspazio Gennaio, 2012