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Islam is totally and completely bogus a sham and a fraud.

. The Koran is not the word/teachings of God but the word/teachings of Allah (the ANTI GOD) the word/teachings of Muhammad. The Koran is a book of evil which is a very great sin and obscenity against God. As will be shown in this website, Allah was the fictional creation of Muhammad who was no prophet of any God. Muhammad invented Islam. Muhammad was Allah and Allah was Muhammad. Muhammad - the prophet of peace, the apostle of god, ordered 60 massacres and personally participated in 27 of these acts of carnage. As the exemplary example and the perfection of humanity and the prototype of the most wonderful human conduct Muhammad massacred, beheaded, tortured, terrorized, raped, and looted in the name of God. In the Massacre of BanuQuraiza, Muhammad personally beheaded Jewish men and ordered the beheading of 600 to 900. To distinguish young Jewish boys from young Jewish men he ordered his SS jihadists "the Companions" to pull down the pants of the terrified boys. Just the slightest traces of hair around the genital area and the young Jewish boy were taken away and beheaded. Muhammad took a Jewish woman as his sex slave and looted the property of the murdered Jews and sold their women and little girls that the jihadists did not want as sex slaves into slavery. Allah the godfather and mafia chieftain of the Muhammad crime family rejoiced by creating as Eternal Laws of God 5 teachings in the Koran celebrating the great slaughter of theBanuQuraiza Jews and enslavement of terrified women. At the Massacre of Kaibyr, Muhammad brutally tortured a Jewish chieftain to reveal where he had hidden the golden treasure of Kaibyr. When the chieftain refused to give Muhammad the treasure he was taken away and beheaded. This chieftain was the husband of a most beautiful 17 year old Jewish woman - Safiyaah. After murdering her father, brothers, uncles, husband Muhammad will attack and rape Safiyaah. During the massacre of The Jewish Settlement ofBaniMustaliq - Muhammad will capture and rape a twenty year old Jewish girl Juwairiya. MUHAMMAD WAS THE FIRST NAZI SS MAN. If Islam was a true religion of peace in which Muslims prayed 5 times a day, fasted for one month yearly, abstained from alcohol, went on a pilgrimage once in a lifetime then nobody would care. But this is not the reality of Islam. Islam is not a religion but a political military ideology with religious trappings masquerading as a religion. Only 10% of Islam has anything to do with religion, the other 90% is political. The Koran is not the bible but the Islamic Mein Kampf. In order to understand Islam, you must suspend all rationally and reason. Everything you have ever been taught about God, the equality of humanity, morality, golden rule,

goodness and kindness must be abandoned for the irrational, immoral World of Allah the ANTI GOD where deceit, assassination, massacre, extermination, genocide, murder, rape, slavery, terror, torture, brutality, hate, robbery, looting and pillaging are not criminal acts but holy blessed duties, halal (legal) acts as long as they are perpetrated on kafirs guarantying accession to a Paradise filled with voluminous breasted, lustrous eyed virgins that they can sexually molest for all eternity. Islam permits polygamy, pedophilla, wife beating, marriage with adopted sons wives and unlimited sex with sex slaves. Allah is a pedophile permitting Muslim men to rape Muslim baby girls. ALL MUSLIMS REGARD THE KORAN AS THE ETERNAL DIVINE WORD/TEACHINGS OF GOD THAT ARE UNCHANGABLE (FOREVER)AND CAN NEVER BE QUESTIONED. THESE HEINOUS ACTS ARE JUST SOME OF THE DIVINE ETERNAL EVIL LAWS IN THE KORAN THAT ARE NOT CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ARE NOT SINS AGAINST GOD ARE NOT CRIMES AGAINST THE LAWS OF GOD BUT ARE THE LAWS OF ALLAH (THE ANTI GOD). MUSLIMS WHO QUESTION JUST ONE WORD OF THE KORAN ARE NO LONGER MUSLIMS BUT APOSTATES OF ISLAM AND CAN BE KILLED. Islam is anti God. Islam is a total and complete renunciation of God. While Muslims believe that there is only one God of the universe, their conception of God - a being they call Allah is not God but the ANTI GOD. This Allah (the ANTI GOD) worshipped by Muslims has divided all human beings into believers (Muslims) and non believers (kafirs i.e. YOU - Non Muslim.) Allah hates allkafirs with an intense passion. Kafirs are sub - human beings. They have zero humanity. Muslims must submit to Allah without question, non believers must submit to and be the slaves of Muslims, and Muslim women must submit to Muslim men. Islam means submission. Islam demands the complete surrender of all human beings to Allah. Islam is all about Muslim men. It is an evil ideology created by a man - Muhammad for his male followers granting them unlimited sex, riches, and political power. Allah hates all Muslim women with a deep seated loathing. Muslim women are vile, dirty, stupid creatures. Muslim men can have multiple wives, unlimited sex slaves, can marry and rape Muslim baby girls, beat his wives, and murder them and his daughters if they dare impugn his honor. Whereas kafirs have zero humanity, Muslim women are only just slightly higher on the human evolutionary scale having evolved to being half a human. This is the divine order of the universe ordained by Allah. This vision of the inequality of Muslim women to Muslim men, and the Eternal sub - humanness and lack of humanity of kafirs is FOREVER and can never be changed in any way. It is the prime directive of Islam to conquer the nations of the world for Allah by whatever means necessary. Allah seeks the extermination of all kafirs. By refusing to convert to Islam, kafirs have declared war against Islam, are a grave danger to Allah

and must be destroyed. Islam is a declaration of war against kafirs. The Koran is not a holy book but a book of war. A book of genocide. Allah is a god of war. This war is permanent until allkafirs convert to Islam or agree to pay a devastating Jizya(submission tax) or are murdered. For Muslims, it is a holy religious duty to murder kafirs. The Quran is written in the language of terrorism. It is filled with numerous verses urging the Muslims to terrorize the non Muslims, kill them, and take possession of their lands and properties. The important points to remember is that whatever Muhammad did to terrorize thekafirs was actually the actions of God. Among the many verses which exhort Islamist terrorism, the following verses stand out as naked aggression of Allah/Muhammad on the unbelievers: 2:63, 3:151, 8:12, 8:60, 8:59, 9:5, 9:29, 9:55, 11:102, and 17:59 etc. These teachings are the Eternal Laws of Allah authorizatingmurder and extermination as a holy duty. Again as a kafir, you are not a human being to a Muslim. You have absolutely no humanity. A Muslim has the full right granted to him by God, to murder you, take your wife and young daughter(s) rape and gang rape them (no matter what the age of your daughter) take them as sex slaves or sell them into slavery to be breed like cattle for future sex slaves and profit. Your male children will be beheaded if they are young men. If there is any doubt as to whether your young son is a young man or a young boy, Muslims will pull down their pants and examine their genitals for the slightest growth of hair. Just the slightest hair growth is enough for him to be beheaded. All your property will be seized and whatever the Muslim does not want to keep as his personal property, the remainder will be sold. As a kafir you have absolutely NO RIGHT TO OWN ANYTHING. It is a sacrilege against Allah. All your property your home, car, money, furniture, stocks and bonds, corporations, farms, is the property of the Muslims who have holy blood flowing through their veins. Your wife and children are the Muslims property to be tortured, brutalized, raped as the Muslim desires. If a Muslim kills or is killed murdering, raping, pillaging non Muslims then they are guaranteed accession by God to a Paradise of full breasted, lustrous eyed virgins who regenerate as virgins after each sex act that they can sexually molest with external erections for all eternity. THIS IS THE EVIL INSANITY THAT IS ISLAM. Dar al-Islam and dar al-harb: the House of Islam and the House of War (By Robert Spencer) Islam is based on an uncompromising division of the world between Believer and Unbeliever, or Infidel: dar al-Islam (The house of Islam) and dar al-harb (the House of War). There must be a state of war between the two -- though not always a state of open warfare. For Muslims have a duty to spread Islam, and to constantly expand the boundaries of Dar al-Islam, the place where Islam dominates, and Muslims rule. This is a duty, not a suggestion.