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People experience the presence of Jesus Christ in the world through the ministry of the church. The task of the church as a community is to reach out to all people in Christian love and service. Christian hospitality draws people together, opens them to participate. The ministry of ushering is a ministry of hospitality, thus an usher is also known as minister of hospitality. The ministry of hospitality is crucial because it is so visible in the church. Certainly the attitude, conduct and even the appearance of the minister of hospitality directly affects, either positively, or negatively, the experience of the guests and members of the church. An usher can make or break a persons experience of the church. The minister of hospitality should exercise his ministry with the aim to build up the Body of Christ. Be welcoming, friendly, and helpful. You are the face of the church. Be a smiling face.

love to be of service. With this in mind, ushers need to come prayed up so that they can be prepared to minister in each and every service.


Very often, the most enduring impression a visitor gets of our congregation is established by the welcome he or she receives upon first arriving for worship. In a large congregation, visitors could conceivably lose in a crowd. And while the importance of taking up the collection thoroughly and completely can never be underestimated, there is increasing area of responsibility of this ministry. Such may include directing people to various ministry sites and building locations, and they help continue the sense of welcome begun by the Greeters.


There are necessary guidelines to be followed in order to facilitate the functioning of this ministry. This ministry requires a certain level of discipline and determination to be faithful to the Lord and His church, and in being accountable to leadership. Ushers should present themselves to their appointed place on time, and in a consistent manner. Ushers should be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to the order of the service so he does not impede the flow of either. Ushers should be ready to respond to disturbances, illness, or either situation that could arise that would require special attention. Ushers greet people by name whenever possible, and are especially hospitable to visitors and guest, allowing the love of the Lord to shine on them. As representative of the church, he should be at least a regular attendee and adherent in submission to the teachings and leadership of the church.

is a recognized man of God who serves the church by enhancing the Worship Service by carrying out his duties. He provides a friendly, cheerful greeting to all those who pass through his post and maintains order in his section according to the policies promulgated by the Pastor.

THE ROLE OF THE USHER IN THE CHURCH SERVICE First thing to remember: This is a Hospitality ministry. The ministry
of Ushering is a vital part of our church ministry. Ushers are ministers of hospitality and assistance, and provide a wonderful service to each member of the church to visitors. Ushers are men and women committed to this ministry, and not merely anybody who are spontaneously called into action in a particular service. Ushers represent the church in a very visible way, and help set the tone in preparation for the worship service, as well as assist with the smooth operation within the service. Ushers are individuals whose primary purpose is orderly guide guests and members into pews and maintain order in the service. Greeters and ushers are individuals who have an opportunity to make a positive first impression. This ministry is for individuals who love people and

To serve the basic needs of the people attending the PMCC (4th Watch) South Bay so they can be free to focus on the worship and teachings of Jesus Christ. We do this by: Preparing for the people. Welcoming the people. Guiding the people. Protecting the services from distractions. Receiving and distributing materials and items.

Being sensitive to people: to serve, love, encourage and bless. Displaying things decently and in order. Not being rigid or judgmental. Servanthood: to God, the Pastor, and the people.