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*' How numbers affect your everyday business and social affairs, and their influence on the important events of your life.

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W ashington Square

PREFACE T h is is not a b o o k on fortune telling, nor does it deal w ith anything o f a supernatural character. It is a plain statement o f the w ay numbers influence your life and your actions. F o r centuries, people have kn ow n that num bers possess mysterious properties ; but how those properties could be controlled o r used to advantage has only recently com e to light. In the fo llo w in g pages, the author tells how every reader m ay derive interest and benefits by using numbers intelligendy.


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C h apter I





It is a very old science, dating back to the early days o f the Egyptians, if not to a time even before then. F o r reasons unknow n, the science became fo r gotten during several centuries and it is only recently that its philosophy has been revived in the popular mind. D u rin g all those dorm ant years, people cer tainly knew that numbers had a force o f their own, fo r they spoke o f the luck brought by three, the ill-fortune o f thirteen and that seven gave some indication that a thing was perfect. There were many other notions about numbers, but the know ledge was unconnected or dis jointed, and no real use could be made o f it. Thanks to the w ork o f classical and other students, the science has been brought out o f its

N u m e r o l o g y is the science o f numbers.


The Power o f Num bers

o blivion and w e are n ow able to apply all that it teaches to the requirem ents o f m odern life. Briefly, the science o f n um erology claims that everybody is controlled by his or her ow n particular num ber and, by using that num ber, he or she may derive incalculable benefits. M o re over, num erology show s that m ost things in this w orld have their o w n special num ber, too. Thus, it is possible to find the relationship between people and things and, havin g found the relationship, to determine w hether they are harmonious or antagonistic. A n d , o f course, when this has been done, an individual w ill know exactly h o w to proceed under varyin g circumstances. This last paragraph m ay not be as clear to the casual reader as w e w ou ld w ish, so in order to make it perfectly simple, it w ill be useful to take an example or tw o . First, let us suppose that on a certain day you have an im portant engagem ent it may be that yo u are to be interview ed fo r a post or even that you are planning to be married on that day. It, o f course, may be any event that is o f great im portance to you. By means o f num erology, you w ill start by finding the num ber o f that particular day and, then, fo llo w that up by w orkin g out, if you have not already done so, your ow n special number. If the tw o numbers happen to be the same, there is every reason to suppose that what takes:

How to Use Numero/ogy

place w ill be for yo u r g o o d ; but i f the numbers are different, you w ill have to consider them carefully. It must not be concluded from this that the chances fo r g o o d fortune are m uch few er than they are fo r ill fortune. Y o u m ay argue that only one num ber can be the same as y o u r o w n per sonal num ber, w hile several can be different. N u m ero lo gy is not as sim ple as that. N o t only are certain numbers g o o d , as far as you are concerned, but others are perhaps beneficial, som e are adverse and others are m erely un satisfactory. T h u s, there are several classes o f numbers and all have to be considered. Before w e deal w ith the g o o d and the other classes, it w ill be necessary to explain that n um erology only recognises the num bers one to nine, calling them prim ary num bers and regarding all others as bein g com pound mbers, w hich can be reduced to prim ary numbers. T hus : (a) i , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are prim ary numbers. (b) 10 is a com poun d num ber and can be turned into a prim ary num ber by adding up the figures w h ich g o to form it. T hus 1 -f- o = 1. T herefore, n um erology regards the num ber xo exactly as if it w ere 1. (c) Sim ilarly 11 is a com pound number. By adding togeth er the figures, you have 2.


The Power o f Numbers

(d) T o take another num ber at random , say 56, w e have 5 + 6 = 11. B ut as 11 is, itself, a com pound num ber, it is necessary to continue the addition and 1 + 1 gives 2. T h u s, the signification in n um erology attached to 56 is z. (?) In the same w ay 3998 adds up to 29, but 2 + 9 is 1 1 ; and 1 - f 1 is z. F ro m this it is clear that any num ber can be resolved in to one o f the nine primaries. N o w , as regards the classification o f g o o d and bad numbers : (a) A num ber that is the same as yo u r ow n personal num ber w ill w o rk fo r y o u r go o d . Thus, suppose yo u r o w n num ber is 4 and the num ber attached to a date in w h ich you are interested is also 4 ; then you m ay expect w hat ever happens on that date to materialise bene ficially towards you. Just h o w yo u arrive at your o w n num ber and the date n um ber w ill be explained later on. (1b) A num ber that vibrates to yo u r o w n num ber is, also, advantageous to you. Before you can determine exactly the extent o f the advan tage, it is necessary to examine the circum stances w hich provide the vibratin g num ber. This matter is, also, dealt w ith fully later on, but here it w ill be explained that the num ber w hich vibrates to your ow n is the figure that has to be added to yo u r personal num ber to g iv e a total o f 10.

How to Use Numerology Thus : vibrating to 1 is 9 2 is 8 3 is 7 > 4 is 6 5 is 5 6 is 4 > 7 is 3 8 is 2 9 is 1


{c) In addition, there are what is know n as attraction numbers. These show some ten dency to be helpful, but how much they will help depends on circumstances. 1 possesses an attraction fo r 4 and 8 2 7 and 9 j, 6 and 9 3 1 and 8 4 j and 6 3 and 9 2 and 6 7 1 and 4 2, 3 and 6 (d) Lastly, there are numbers that arc absoutely hostile. Thus : 1 disagrees with 6 and 7 2 3 4 J 4 and 8 3 and 5

6 7 8

The Power o f Numbers 5 disagrees with 2 and 4 > j 1 and 8 1 and 9 3 and 6

Thus, there are four classes o f numbers that you have to compare w ith your ow n, in order to com e to a conclusion as to w hether a certain event or thing will be beneficial to you, or not. There is (a) the similar number, (b) the vibrating number, (c) the attraction num ber and (d) the disagreement number. In order to make all this a little m ore explicit, w e w ill suppose that yo u r personal num ber is 3 and that you are anxious to kn o w w hether a certain day w ill be a fortunate one fo r you. T his is how you w ill proceed to find out. (a) When the numerology number o f the day is x. O ne is not the same as your personal num ber ; it is not given as a vibratin g num ber fo r 3, nor is it one o f the attraction or disagreement num bers fo r 3. T hus, yo u may conclude that there is no particular g o o d lu ck or bad luck in the date for you. (b) When the numerology number o f the day is 2. Exactly the same conditions apply as in (a) above. (c) When the numerology number o f the day is 3.

How to Use Numerology


A s this num ber is the same as yo u r ow n p er sonal num ber, yo u m ay lo o k fo rw ard to the best o f chances. (d) When the numerology number o f the day is 4. F o u r disagrees w ith 3, therefore you will pre pare fo r nothing in the w ay o f g o o d fortune. (e) When the numerology number o f the day is 5. F iv e is one o f the attraction num bers fo r 3 and y o u w ill kn o w that forces are at w o rk to help you. () When the numerology number o f the day is 6. T h e same as (e) above. (g) When the numerology number o f the day is 7. Seven is the vib ratin g num ber o f 3 and you m ay expect to have assistance in procuring w hat you require. (h) When the numerology number o f the day is 8. T h is w ill be the same as explained fo r (d) above. (i) When the numerology number o f the day is 9. T h is w ill be the same as explained fo r (e) above. A ll this, o f course, is h ow a person w hose num ber is 3 should reason. T h e same process will naturally be em ployed for any other num ber, but obvio u sly the results w ill be different.

C h a p t e r XI




A s was explained in the previous chapter, everybody has his or her ow n personal num ber and, no doubt, you are anxious to .find o u t w hat yours happens to be. There is really nothing difficult in translating a name into its num ber, once the process is know n. It depends on the fact that every letter o f the alphabet is assigned a numeral value. Here are the values : A B C D E 1 2 F 6 H 8 I 9




4 j 6

K 2


W j X 6 Z 8 PH 6

1 2


om the above, it will be seen that, reasons already stated, n o letter has a higher value than 9. It w ill, also, be noted that P H is represented by 6. This is the only case w here tw o letters have a combined and not a separate value. It is easy to see that the reason fo r this depends on an adherence to the G reek alphabet w hich had an individual letter for this sound. l6

Your Personal Number


T o sh o w h o w y o u can use the a b o v e table for finding o ut y o u r num ber o r that o f a n ybo d y else, w e w ill take an exam ple. Suppose you want to kn ow the num ber that stands fo r Patricia. First, set d o w n the name thus : P A T R I C I A T hen, b e lo w each letter, w rite its num erical value by referring to the table, thus : P A T R IC IA 71 2 9 9 3 9 1 M any people then add up the figures and resolve the answ er into a prim ary num ber, if the addition, as in this case, happens to g iv e a co m pound num ber. T h is m ethod w o u ld provide some sort o f answ er, but a m ore accurate plan, and the one w e advise, is to resolve the figuring into the fo rm o f an inverted pyram id. T h is shape has, o f course, a m ysterious influence which even the E gyp tian s appreciated but did not understand w hen they built the fam ous Pyram ids. T his pyram id num bering w o rk s out in the present instance, as fo llo w s : P A T R IC IA 71299392 8329331 2 1 2 i<>a '/ ? ) v 1 535 i
8 8 6

7 5 3


The Tower o f Numbers

T hus, Patricias num ber is 3. N o w fo r the explanation as to h o w the pyram id was w orked. T h e first line o f figures was obtained, as already explained, by using the alphabet table. T h e second line was produced by tak in g the top line and adding the figures togeth er in pairs. T hus, the 7 and 1 in the top line g a v e the 8 in the second line ; the 1 and 2 in the top line g a v e the 3 in the second ; and so on, rem em bering, o f course, to resolve com poun d answers into primary figures, w h en ever necessary. T h u s, the 2 and 9 in the top line gives 11 , w h ich resolves itself into 2, and becom es the third figure o f the second line. W hen the second line has been com pleted, a third line is w orked in the same w ay, and this is fo llo w ed by subsequent lines until, at last, one figure only is reached. O f course, the num ber o f lines needed to resolve a name into a figure depends on the num ber o f letters in the name. A name such as A d a can be resolved in far few er lines, as the fo llo w in g show s : ADA
1 4 1

5 5 1 T h o u g h Patricia is represented b y 3 and A d a by 1, the figu rin g m ust not be left at that. Patricia and A d a have other names as w ell and they should be all taken into account. A d a s

Your Persona/ Number


full name may be A da M ary Smith. In that case the three names, A da, M ary and Sm ith must all be resolved separately by means o f three pyra mids into their ow n num bers. T hen, w hen that has been done, the three numbers have to be added togeth er and, if necessary, resolved into a prim ary num ber. T h at prim ary num ber w ill be Ada M ary Sm iths persona] num ber, w hich she should refer to w hen ever she wishes to m ake use o f the benefits o f n um erology. Here is the full solution for this particular name : M ARY 4 1 9 7 5 *7
6 8

SM ITH 14928 5421 963 69 6

G atherin g up the three separate figures, 1, 5 and 6, w e have a total o f .12, w hich gives 3 as its primary number. [N o t e . T owards the end o f the book a dictionary arrangem ent o f Christian names, w ith their appropriate numbers, is given . Reference to it w ill save time when desirous o f finding the value o f any particular persons name.]

C h a pt e r III



N o w that yo u kn o w y o u r ow n personal num ber, or have the means o f finding it, yo u w ill be interested to learn fo r w h at it stands. In this and the eight fo llo w in g chapters, the interpretations o f the nine prim ary num bers are set out. N um ber O ne is sym bolised b y the Sun and the D eity, and is regarded as the stron gest and m ost p ow erful n um ber o f all. It stands fo r force, boldness and activity, as w ell as fo r pow ers o f organising and executive ability. From this, it is clear that people w h o are favoured w ith the personal num ber o f one have the initial force to make their m ark in the w orld . T h ey have the strength o f bo d y and o f m ind to g o ahead and reach the g o a l they have in v ie w , as lo n g as the w ay is straight and there are no side-issues to draw them from the main purpose. T h ey are headstrong people and always do their best w hen left to their ow n devices. T h u s, the parents o f such individuals m ust refrain from curbing the legitim ate enthusiasm o f their sons

Number One


and daughters w h o have one as their number. If they do set a brake on their actions, the results m ay be disastrous. T h e sons or daughters w ill probably curl up w ith in their shell and g iv e no further signs o f brilliant activity. M any people, w ith one as their num ber, have all the strength and ability that is usually accre dited to the num ber, yet they fail to clim b the ladder o f success. T o their friends, this is a matter o f m uch surprise, because the abilities o f such people are m anifestly present. T his is a frequent sign o f N u m b er O ne and is due to the fact that those w h o com e w ithin its influence m ust find the w o rk fo r w hich they are specially fitted, if they are to m ake a success o f their lives. T h e y are not p eople to effect a com prom ise and do the best under the circumstances. T h e y are all-or-nothing people. T h o u g h N um ber O ne confers great o p p o r tunities on those w h o can claim it as their ow n, it m ust not be supposed that it has no draw backs. Associated w ith it are the defects o f lim ited vision , petulance, selfishness, officiousness and a tendency to be unsym pathetic regarding the view s o f others. A cco rd in gly, w e are apt to find that those w ho advance high up the ladder o f fame are likely to be harsh w ith those beneath them and, m ore over, they are easily irritated by people w h o have not the initial advantages that they possess.


The Power o f Numbers

T here is a very o bvious streak o f selfishness in those w h o can claim one as their num ber. It show s itself in petty w ays, quite u n w o rth y o f those w ho betray them. In fact, to the on looker, it is rather surprising and difficult to understand. A n o th er failing associated w ith num ber one people is the w ay they express their view s. T h ey hold that w hat they say is law and everyone w ho differs from them m ust be w ron g. R egarding lo ve matters and all that is con nected w ith this side o f human nature, num ber one people are usually very attractive. T h ey have the ability to display their charms to advan tage and the force o f character needed for gain in g their ends. B ut they w an t to rule in partnership and, in cases where things d o not w o rk out exactly as they w ish, they are bad losers. W e have n o w stated the characteristics o f a num ber one person ; but it does not fo llo w that, if this is yo u r personal num ber, yo u are bound to be as we have described. A ll the qualities m entioned here will form part o f your m ake-up, but some o f them yo u m ay push into the backgroun d and they w ill not appear. Y ou may even repudiate that yo u ever had them. N o n e the less, they exist, either in evidence or in a dorm ant condition ; and it depends entirely on you w hich o f them yo u w ill brin g to the fore and which you w ill suppress.

C h a p t e r IV



It stands for peace rather than force ; fo r the heart m ore than the mind. It betokens quiet, calm, a restful influence and it radiates charm , affection and honesty. People w h o can claim this num ber as their o w n have m uch about them that is adm irable. T h e y w ill n ot soar to the heights attained by N um ber O ne, but they w ill play a ve ry useful part in the w orld , nevertheless. T h eir mission is to strive alon g peaceful lines, to help their neighbours rather than to help them selves. T hus, others often gain where they should reap the benefits. It must not be th o u gh t that the qualities o f num ber tw o people w ill pass unrecognised. Q uite the contrary. Friends and others w ill come to them for advice and guidance, and, w hen they have obtained it, they w ill g o aw ay and use it to advantage. But the num ber tw o people lack some special quality w hich precludes them from using, to the same extent, their ow n ideas and

N u m b e r T w o has the M oon fo r its sym bol.


The Power o f Numbers

suggestions. Thus, they suffer from reticence and, often, from a mild form o f inferiority complex. Those w ho can claim two as their ow n num ber are remarkably unselfish. T hey w ill never begrudge the time spent on helping others, and they have unbounded sympathy for those w hose lot is less favourable than their own. A s an out come o f this trait, the adult N um ber T w o is usually fond o f children. T he parent w ill slave for his youngsters and g o w ithout, cheerfully, in order that they may not want. Thus, num ber tw o people are go o d hom e makers. T o them, the home is the centre o f their ow n little universe and they are never so happy as when they are reading a bo o k by the fireside or helping the kiddies w ith their toys. T h e y do not w ant to gad a b o u t ; they have no need for clubs and bridge parties ; they are happier when indulging in simple delights than w hen im bibing the champagne o f life. N um ber tw o people have one outstanding quality w hich must not be overlooked. T h e y are ideal peacemakers. It w ill fall to their lot, tim e and again, to bring those w ho have grievances to a more rational frame o f mind. So far, we have been considering the favour able side o f the picture supplied by those whose persona] number is two. There is, nevertheless, the other point o f view . These people have one

Number Two


glarin g fault, w hich is indolence. It is easy to see w hy they suffer from this defect. T h ey are peace ful souls ; they lo ve calm and q u ie t ; they hate hurry and bustle ; therefore w h at could be more in harm ony w ith these characteristics than a tendency to let matters slide ? I f it requires a display o f energy to do anything to-day, the probability is that it w ill be left till to m o rro w , and as w e all kn o w , to -m o rrow never com es. T o marry anyone w ith two as his o r her num ber w ou ld be to g o th rou gh life w ith a very lovable partner. T here w o u ld be no calling o ve r the coals w hen thin gs w ent w r o n g ; no cases o f flaring-up w hen faults came to l i g h t ; life w o u ld unfold itself placidly. A ll this, o f course, makes for peace and harm ony ; but it is d oubtful w hether m any p eop le w ou ld not prefer a partner w h o displayed m ore fire and a m ore pugnacious temperament. It depends entirely on the indi vidual. T h e traits w e have m entioned here are those that w ill influence all people w ith two as their personal num ber. E n viron m ent can play its part, and to an extent w ill possibly d o so, in effacing some o f the characteristics and bringing others to the fore. T h at explains w hy everybo d y h avin g two as his o r her num ber is not alike as tw o peas.

C hapter V



T h i s num ber has M ars fo r its sym bol. It is considered to be a jo y -g iv in g numeral w hen used advantageously, and a w arring figure w hen the reverse is the case. A t best, it is typical o f happi ness, merrim ent, g o o d cheer, pleasure, inspira tion, even ecstasy. A t w orst, it spells quarrels, violence, anguish. From this, it w ill be seen that people w h o have three as their personal num ber possess character istics o f tw o very opposite kinds. T h e best o f such people cleverly com bine the tw o kinds, and strength rises Out o f the union. T h e y can be friendly and joyfu l w hen the occasion dem ands, and they can be a p o w erfu l fo e w hen attacked by an enemy. T his dual nature has generated a forceful character. A s they can fight or be friends, w hichever is needed, it follow s that they are ready to turn from one extreme to the other, w ithout being unduly put out. T his trait runs through their w hole nature and, if one thing fails, they can turn to another and be equally at

Number Three


home. A ll this accounts for the fact that num ber three people seldom com e to g rie f on the rocks. People w ith this number live in a hurry. They have no time fo r dawdling. Consequently, they make the m ost o f their chances because they see to it that opportunities do not slip by. I f success does not com e in their direction quickly enough, they go out to find it. A t all times, they lo o k on the bright side o f life, with the result that they radiate happiness w herever they go . T h e y do their business w ith a smile and they take to their sports in the same cheery way. In the latter, they can suffer a beating in the same spirit as they w ou ld carry o ff a victory. But, on the other side o f the picture, there is a somewhat different account. N um ber three people are the children o f Mars, w h o was the god o f war. T h e outcom e o f this is that they are quick to quarrel and show the spirit o f defiance. T h ey will never suffer an affront silently for the sake o f peace. Peace, to them, is a sign o f w eak ness and they glory in their strength. In spite o f all this bellicose tendency, there is nothing in their nature that makes them cruel o r underhand. I f there is to be a fight and it rests with them, it w ill be a clean one and, as likely as not. thev will shake hands w ith the enemy when it is ail over.


The Power of Numbers

Num ber three people are often found to have leanings towards literature, acting, dancing, singing, music and painting, as w ell as boxing, fencing, shooting, and gym nastics in general. T o marry one o f these people w o u ld be to have a partner w h o w ou ld prove to be as true as steel. He or she w ould defend the hon our and the comforts o f w hat was his o w n w ith his last drop o f blood. Such a person w ou ld shed a go o d deal o f happiness in the home ; but once there arose a storm, a real storm it w ou ld be. There w ou ld be no capitulating on his part. Such is the story o f a number three person. T h e characteristics w e have enumerated w ill be born within him or h e r ; but how time and circumstance w ill influence those traits depends entirely on the individual concerned.

Ch a pter V I



T h i s number owes its allegiance to M ercury, the smallest o f all planets. N um ber fo u r people have a varied assortment o f qualities some go o d and others less attracdve, but none o f a spectacular nature. T h e chief asset o f these people is their kn o w ledge. A s a rule, they have an almost uncanny apdtude fo r acquiring facts. T his, coupled w ith an excellent m em ory, makes them w ell inform ed. Therefore, they take up positions in the w orld where facts and figures stand them in g o o d stead. N um ber fo u r people are not suited for filling executive posts or being the big brains o f a vast concern. T h ey cannot sit in an office and direct a thousand workers, but they can stand at the elbow o f the man w ho does direct the thousand w orkers and give him all the inform ation he needs for his job. T h o u g h they have intelligence in abundance, they lack originality and inventive genius and, on that account, they have often been styled the hewers o f w ood and the drawers o f w ater. 29

The Power o f Numbers

But, do not imagine that num ber four people are downhearted or disappointed because they cannot climb to the top o f the tree. Some people shrink from authority and pow er those w ho are guided by the figure four do. Their habit o f acquiring facts and tit-bits o f information asserts itself in curious ways. O ne is that they becom e busybodies, the gossips o f the neighbourhood and, in extreme cases, the scandalmongers. T hough they have no love fo r pow er, they have a strong desire fo r gaining possessions. They do not throw their m oney about, but they save it up and, w ith it, buy the things fo r which they have a weakness. W ith their savings, they buy house property, land, stocks and shares, or they may be content to surround themselves with nice things, such as antique furniture, objets d'art, and so on. In almost every case, the acquisitive habit is plainly in evidence. A nother strong characteristic o f number four people is their constructive ability. They are able to make things w ith their hands. N atur ally, what they put together wilJ differ enor mously in different cases ; but one w ill be able to construct a fine piece o f furniture ; another will have the facility for binding a book in vellum ; a third, if o f the female sex, w ill know how to make her dresses look like models from

Number Four


Paris, and yet a fourth w ill knit a jumper equal to the best displayed in Bond Street. N um ber fo u r people are rovers. T hey like to travel and they like to g o about and see things. The hom e means less to them than it does to m ost people, and they look upon their place o f abode, as little more than som ewhere to rest and somewhere in w hich they can w ork. The halo o f a real home is unknow n to them. W hen it comes to marrying, those w ho claim four as their num ber are not lacking in attraction. T hey w ill expect their partner to be near to per fection, and they w ill try to g iv e perfection in exchange. O f course, they seldom succeed, but the effort is in the right direction and makes for harmony on five days out o f six. W hen tempers are ruffled, w hich fortunately is not often, they are rather m orose and it takes them a considerable while to regain their normal balance. Usually, they are generous, careful and considerate ; and, in the case o f their children, they are particularly anxious to provide them with a go o d start in life.

C h a pter V II



N u m b e r F i v e is linked to the planet Jupiter and

those w hose num ber it is are mainly fortunate. T h ey have an array o f characteristics w hich can place them in the front rank. D efects, in their case, are few. N um ber F ive stands fo r riches, productive ness, fulness and success. Translated into every day w ords, this means that people w h o claim five as their natural number have the ability to succeed in the w orld and m ake m oney, as a consequence. Such people are the ones w h o gradually climb up and up until they reach the top, where they are the envy o f their less fo r tunate brethren. In spite o f all this, N um ber F iv e has uncer tainty as one o f its characteristics. A s a result, those w ho have climbed to the top o f the laddei can never be certain that they w ill stay there. A t any moment, even when least expected, they may tumble to the bottom o f the ladder, and their efforts have to be started all over afresh. T ypical cases o f such catastrophes occur when some 32

Number Five


old-established business suddenly m erges w ith a rival house and all the heads are no lo n ger wanted. T h e redundant staff w ill be foun d to consist o f n um ber five people. T w o other qualities belo n gin g to those w hose num ber is five are hopefulness and confidence. T hese have n o value in them selves ; but they enable those p eople w h o possess them to w o rk w ith a keener w ill fo r success, and they are able to lo o k on the b righ t side o f thin gs. T h u s, num ber five p eop le are cheery, cheerful, jolly, satisfied individuals. T here is a ve ry decided element o f gen erosity in these people. T h e y w ill share their last far thin g w ith anyone w h o needs succour. But, it is n ot a far cry fro m generosity to extravagance and num ber five people often sh o w the latter fault. W e all k n o w the type o f person w h o cannot help spen ding w hatever m on ey he has. Such individuals belon g, m ostly, to the ranks o f N um ber F ive. In addition to gen erosity, they have sym pathy and benevolence. A s a rule, all these people are clear thinkers and they sh o w lo g ic and reason in their a rgu ments and actions. T hese qualities are, o f course, valuable in any w alk o f life, and all w h o possess them are sough t after fo r advice and assistance. O ne o f the outstanding failures o f the num ber five adherents is that they m ay be restless


The Tower o f Numbers

people. It cannot be said that they all possess this defect, though v e ry many o f them do. T his often causes them to th row up their life-w ork and start afresh at som ethin g else. A lso , it makes them pine fo r the green iiclds w hen they are sitting at hom e and, i f they are lu ck y enough to visit the green fields, they w an t to get hom e again. T o stick at anythin g lo n g is irksom e to them and requires the greatest effort. W h en N um ber F iv e falls in lo ve , he does it in no half-measures. H e w ill be courteous to a degree and very a rd e n t; but do n ot m ake too sure o f him until he has p ro ved his constancy. Rem em ber that he is a restless soul and, though he is perhaps burnin g w ith ardour to-day, to-m orrow there m ay com e a ch illin g frost and he w ill ask to be released from his bondage. I f he is able to put this restless streak in his charac ter aside, he w ill m ake an excellent lo v e r and a dignified one in the bargain. A n d , o f course, w om en have just the same o u tlo o k as men in these matters.

C h a p t e r VTJ.T



N u m d e r S i x is gu arded o ver by the planet V e n u s ; con sequently, the people w h o claim this num ber as their o w n find their strength in peaceful rather than w arlike avocation s. T o summarise the qualities o f the num ber six people, w e m ay state them as b e in g peace, happiness, optim ism and material w ell-bein g. These people are in the fortunate p osition o f h avin g the facility fo r com bin ing som e o f the best characteristics o f N um ber T w o w ith the finest traits o f N u m b er Three. T h u s, they are able to sh o w a peaceful nature w ith o u t any dis play o f w eakness. T h e y can avo id troubles and not appear to be ru n n in g away from them. T heir sense o f optim ism gives them a great advantage. T h ey can lo o k on the b rig h t side o f things and hope fo r the best. A s everybo d y know s, h alf o f the troubles o f this w o rld arc those w e anticipate and w hich n ever actually arise. T h e num ber six people waste no time on the possible w orries ; their optim ism pre cludes them from d o in g anything so silly. T h ey


The Power o f Numbers

wait until misfortunes actually take place and then they use their strength to overcom e them. O f course, optimism can be carried too far, and there is no doubt that some o f the number six people display it to a fault. T h e y are the ones w ho lock the stable d oor after the horse has been stolen. Since N um ber Six is opposed to warlike pur suits, it is easy to understand w hy it is a sym bol o f social and domestic virtues. Adherents o f this number are, therefore, people w ho like company and entertaining. T heir homes are places o f welcome, w here friends foregather fo r pleasures and merriment. A s an outcom e o f this characteristic, it w ill be found that num ber six people are fond o f music, singing, dancing and everything that is embraced by the w ord, rhythm. A ll this must not be taken to mean that these people are the pleasure-loving kind that have no thought for the realities o f life. Q uite the con trary. T h o u g h they revel in social and domestic pursuits, they have a strong leaning towards the cultural arts and to learning. They are, as a rule, well educated and keenly interested in the ques tions o f the day. It must be admitted that they are not too prac tical and, therefore, the w hirlw ind type o f busi ness man is not am ong their number. N everthe less, it should not be thought that number

Number S ix


six people do not get on in the w orld. T hey do and, very often, they succeed in acquiring a posi tion which provides them with plenty o f this w orlds riches. I f the adherents o f N um ber Six display any faults, it is in bein g too optim istic and too con tented with the present lot. T h e latter is the out com e o f a peaceful frame o f mind, which in itself is good ; but it lulls the individual into a false sense o f security. And, w hile he is gracefully sleeping, his rivals are leaving him behind in the race. In matters connected w ith marriage, the people w h o claim N um ber Six as their ow n are remark ably attractive. T h ey are em inently fair and just, and they do not expect the impossible. T h ey appreciate the blessings and the favours which com e their w ay, and they kn ow how to overlo o k faults. The hom e is everything to them and they are never so happy as when they can enjoy it to the full.

C h a p t e r TX



S a t u r n is the planet w hich controls this number. It provides an abundance o f signs w hich g o to prove that seven is not nearly such a lucky number as many people suppose. T rue, the number has its g o o d qualities ; but they are far few er than is usually conceived by the popular imagination. The adherents o f N um ber Seven are generally o f a philosophical nature. T hey accept the inevitable and do not complain w hen it brings them misfortunes. They are stoics, fo r w hen pain and troubles becom e their lot, they grin and bear them. They put up w ith almost any and every form o f reverse and show few signs o f the ordeal. From all this, it w ill be realised that the adherents o f N um ber Seven are quiet, resigned people. They do not cry for the m oon, nor do they hope for the wealth o f In d. I f fortune comes their way, they accept it hum bly ; if it passes them by, they bow to the inevitable. It is all much the same to them.


Number Sever)


A s a matter o f fact, num ber seven people have m ore than their share o f troubles and reverses ; but their pow ers o f resignation enable them to bear them silently, and a casual observer w ou ld not notice that anything w as amiss. T hus it is that friends and relations o f people w ith this num ber should keep a w atchful eye o ver them , and spare no pains in m aking their lot m ore attractive. T h is last rem ark abou t friends brings us to a very curious characteristic in the nature o f n um ber seven people. It is that they have the p o w e r to cast o ff their ow n natural traits and assume those o f p eople w h o mean m uch to them o r w h o are in close touch w ith them. A n um ber seven w ife, fo r instance, w ill lose her ow n identity and take on that o f her husband, i f he has som e other natural num ber, and if she regards him as everything on earth that matters. Sim i larly, i f tw o w om en live togeth er and exist for each other, it w ill be found that, should one of them have the N u m b er Seven, her nature w ill gradually change and be rem odelled in to the num ber possessed by the other w om an. F ro m all this, it is apparent that the seven people m ake fast friends and deep friendships. A s a rule, the adherents o f seven do n ot lack m oney and the necessaries o f life their steady o u tlo o k preserves them from actual w ant but. on the other hand, they arc not born to be rich,


The Power o f Numbers

unless in the process o f years they cast o ff their natural number for some other. There has long been an idea that seven was lucky. H o w such ?> idea ev^-r arose, w hen con n trary facts are so abundantly clear, is difficult to understand. H ow ever, there i? just this to be said : Seven can be iucky at times ; but, when it is, it will be found that the luck is afforded at the expense o f another persons m isfortune, Tjhis robs the luck o f its glamour. W here marriage is concerned, the position is difficult to describe in a few w ords. A number seven person generally changes alm ost entirely, fo r the reasons previously stated, except in the cases where the tw o partners do not ge t on well together. T hen, there w ill be little or n o change. T he change, i f it takes place, w ill brin g the number seven person into closer union w ith his or her partner. But it must not be forgotten that tw o people may possess the same qualities and yet be different. Their personal presentation o f the same qualities accounts fo r the difference.

C hapter X

T h i s is the num ber w h ich Uranus influences. It is, in the main, a very favourable num ber, g iv in g to those w h o shelter under it m any valuable privileges. People h a vin g eigh t as their num ber are p eople o f resolution. T h e y set a high standard fo r them selves and they strain every nerve to attain their goal. T h ey have large capacities fo r organisation and thus they usually succeed in business. B u t their organ ising ability is not confined to busi ness ; they are the people w h o run everything, w hether it is a local society or just a fam ily party. Coupled w ith their pow ers o f organising, they have a keen in sight in to the w ays o f men and w om en ; thus, they are able to sum up character and read p eo p les thoughts. N aturally, all this helps them w on derfully and, w hen it is said that they have a large share o f ingenuity and inspira tion, it is easy to see w h y they succeed. W ith all these favourable qualities, there is no w onder that they are popular and m uch soughtafter people. In m anner, they are affable and



The Power o f Numbers

genial, and they do not forget those w h o have done them a go o d turn. A number eight person scarcely gives one the impression that he is a hard w orker. W e all kn ow the type o f person w ho is so busy that he has no time for anything. N um ber E igh t is not like that. Probably, he gets through ten times as much as the apparently busy person just men tioned, but he always seems to have time on hand for more and m ore w ork. T h e fact is that tie knows how to space out his tim e and he knows ho w to husband his energies. A s may be supposed, N um ber E igh t has tw o sides to his account. T he better side has now been unfolded : here is the other side. In Num ber E ig h ts make-up, there is a very definite streak o f w hat m ight be called the revolutionary spirit. It is an unpleasant streak w hich has spoiled many people w ho o w n this number. This revolutionary spirit may com e to light when least expected and fo r no apparent reason. It certainly w ill come to the fore, if the individual has suffered a serious check w hich is o f a to o great magnitude fo r him to overcom e. W hen this characteristic is allow ed to burst forth, Num ber E igh t becomes a kind o f dow nwith-everything person. N othin g is right and nobody is right, and the only w ay to put matters straight, in his estimation, is to give him the job o f looking after the w orld.

Number Eight


N um ber E igh t should make hay w hile the sun shines, fo r there are m any signs that he w ill go dow n-hill m uch earlier than is usual w ith other numbers. A n d , as he n ever does things by halves, he w ill g o dow n-hill rapidly, once the journey o f descent is com m enced. O f course, he finds it difficult to realise his dow nfall and misses the old-tim e favours that were show ered upon him . A cco rd in gly , he asks w hat the w orld is co m in g to, and he blames the yo u n ger generation for their m odern ways and behaviour. A t heart, he feels that it is these up-to-date youngsters w h o have pushed him out o f the lim elight. C on cernin g the question o f m arriage, N um ber E ig h t is one o f tw o characters. H e may be the kind o f husband w h o acts, in exactly the same w ay, at hom e as he does in the office. H e is the com e here and g o there husband w h o wants to be w aited on hand and foot. T h e hom e, in his estim ation, should be run as a business and a balance sheet should be drawn up to show the profits and losses. O n the other hand, he may be the kind o f man w ho leaves all his cares behind in the office and, once he crosses the threshold o f his hom e, is all smiles and affability. T h e latter is the more likely.

C h a pter X I

N u m b e r N i n e is related to N eptune, and many

o f its characteristics are o f a ve ry acceptable nature. T he outstanding quality possessed by people w ho have nine as their natural num ber is love. W e are not thinking o f the quality in the senti mental sense, such as w hen Cupid comes upon the scene ; but rather in the sense o f a desire to do good towards ones fellow-m en. N um ber nine people deny themselves to help others ; they g o about cheering the unhappy, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and so on. T heir great desire is to alleviate the trouble o f others, and it is their love for others that prom pts them to g o forward. As a second quality, cc number nine people are steadfast. I f they make a friend, it is a friend for life ; i f they set out on a project, the effort is not relinquished until the project comes to fruition ; if they give a promise, the promise will be kept, w hatever the cost. Thus, they are people in w hom trust may be im plicitly reposed.

Number Nine


A third quality is typified by their intelligence and learning. T hey are people w ho combine practical know ledge w ith theory. O f both, they usually have a large store ; but o f the tw o, theory probably appeals to them more than practice. 'Thus, they are often bookish and w hat is properly called scholarly. T his enables them to pass examinations w ith flying colours. Many, th o u gh not all, o f the people w h o claim nine as their natural number are devoted to the mystic arts. T hus they live in the dream state of telepathy and premonition. A s a rule, they have a keen desire fo r travel. It is not that they chafe at being anchored to the same spot or that they lo n g for a change o f sur roundings. It is because they feel that G o d has set them dow n in a beautiful w orld and it is their duty to see as m uch as they can o f it. T h ey look upon the w orld as a very w onderful place, ever revealing fresh surprises. T h ey are keenly alive to its mysteries and hardships ; but these they ascribe to the failings o f m ankind, rather than to the w orkings o f fate. There is no doubt that num ber nine people find a great deal o f attraction in fife, in spite o f the fact that they are w ell aware o f the trials it imposes on many people. E very day, to them, brings forth its fresh problems ; all o f which they encounter w ith the spirit o f a sportsman.


The Power o f Numbers

From all that has been said, it will be appreci ated that the number nine person is not altogether a go-ahead, twentieth-century indivi dual. He is certainly not what the Americans call a slick business person. N or is he quite at home amidst all the hurry and bustle o f city life. Some people might say that he is old-fashioned ; but that is hardly a fair estimate o f him, if he is an average specimen o f his type. W e would prefer to say that he'refuses to scamper through his work, since he considers that what is worth doing is worth doing well. O f course, there are tendencies for the weaker type o f the number nine people to slide into laziness. The characteristics o f the number rather lean in that direction. When this happens, they are people who neglect themselves in the matter o f appearance, dress, feeding and health. If they are forced to live a life o f loneliness, especially when getting on in years, their self-neglect is all the more likely, and those who are attached to them should endeavour to keep them up to scratch. The number nine man or woman makes a first-rate partner in marriage. He or she will set a high standard and endeavour by all means to live up to it. It is only when the other partner is o f the flighty, superficial type that troubles may arise. Even then, it is more than likely that his or her influence will temper the other partner

Number Nine


and, little by little, bring him or her to a more sensible frame o f mind.

A ll the numbers o f numerology have now been described and, before turning to the applications o f the science, it cannot be pointed out too defin itely that there is nothing in numerology which says that, because your number may possess unfortunate characteristics, you must inevitably go to the dogs. N or does it assert that, if your number has good characteristics, you need make no further effort. Numerology points out the qualities and defects which enter into your com plex nature and, with that, you are left to inter pret them in your own personal way.

C h a p t e r X II

D A T E N U M BER S o f the most valuable uses to which numer ology can be put is to find by its aid the number assigned to any particular day. Then, when we have the number, it will be possible to learn a good deal about that day and, especially, how it will treat us, individually. There is nothing very difficult about turning a date into its own number. There are four steps. First, you write down the number o f the day o f the month, and if it is a compound number, it must be reduced to a primary. Second, you write down the number of the month and reduce, as before, whenever necessary. For this purpose, the months are assigned their natural numbers, thus :
O ne

January February March April

i 2 3 4

May June July August

5 6 7 8

September 9 October 10 November 11 December 12

Third, you simply write down the number of the year and add up the individual figures.

Date Numbers


And, lastly, you add up the three answers. This answer, when reduced to a primary number, gives the number of the day in which we happen to be interested. T o make all this clear, let us take one or two examples. Suppose you are tentatively consider ing December 24th as your wedding day, and we will imagine that the year is 1959. Naturally, it will be very helpful to know the numerology number o f this date. Y o u proceed thus : 1st. The 24th day = 2 -f- 4 = 6. 2nd. The month is December and the table, above, assigns the figure 12 to this month. As twelve is a compound number, it must be reduced to a primary number. So 1 + 2 = 3. 3rd. The year 1959 is added thus, 1 + 9 + 5 + 9 = z4 Again, we have a com pound number which requires reducing. In this case it reduces to 6. 4th. W e now total up the three answers just obtained. They are 6 + 3 4 - 6 = 15. Reducing this to its primary form, we get 6. Therefore 6 is the date number o f December 24th, 1959. N ow that we know that this day has for its symbol the Number Six, how can the fact be used ? First o f all, we are supposing that you tentatively chose the day for your wedding. This is evidently a personal matter, so how does the number o f the day accord with your persona] name number ? In Chapter II you were told how

50 77ic Pow er o f N um bers to find this num ber o f yours and by referring to Chapter I you are able to discover whether the N um ber S ix pail's with your num ber or whether it vibrates, attracts or disagrees w ith it. If your personal num ber pairs or vibrates with the num ber o f the d ay you have tentatively chosen for your wedding, then go ahead and fix it definitely. If it attracts, you will probably do the sam e. In either case, the issue should be propi tious; but if it disagrees, you will be advised to choosc som e other day tor so im portant a function. N aturally, it cannot be claim ed that you have a personal interest in any and ev en ' day, such as we supposed in the previous case. M any days arc m erely passive as far as you arc concerned. Then, it would be useless to find the num erology num ber o f the day and com pare it with your own personal number. T he com parison must be made in some other way. T o m ake this clear, w e will suppose that an earthquake takes place on a certain day, or a devastating lire occurs. There is no personal relationship w ith the earthquake or lire and you. Yet, you m ay wish to check up the day and find out w hether it was a happening in accordance with the laws of numerology. In such a case, the process o f working will be as follows: Suppose the earthquake takes place on July 15'\ 1910. You, first, seek out the num erology num ber o f the date, thus:

D ate N um bers 51 i . The 15"' day = 1 + 5 = 6. 2"'1. The m onth is Ju ly and the table o f m onths, already given, assigns the figure 7 to it. 3"1. T he y ear 1940 is added, thus: 1 + 9 + 4 + 0 = 1 4 . This com pound num ber 14 resolves itself into the prim ary num ber 5. 4,h. We now total up the three answers. T h ey are 6 + 7 + 5 - This gives 18 or, in prim ary form, 9. Thus the num erology num ber o f the date, J u ly 15th, 1940, is 9. H aving discovered the num ber, the next step is to seek out its application. The following list gives the readings for the nine possible numbers. It should be consulted in all cases in which no personal interest is at issue: O ne sym bolises heat and light, wisdom and love. It stands for progress and improvement. Tw o sym bolises procreation, fruition and the relation o f all opposite tilings. It stands for doubt, hesitation and a lull o f progress. Three sym bolises intelligence, consciousness and resolution. It stands for movem ent, change and business. Four sym bolises discernm ent, discretion and intelligence. It stands for work, reason and logic. f iv e sym bolises judgm ent, sym pathy, benevo lence and the fruits o f action. It stands for good fortune, plenty and surprises. S ix sym bolises peace, harm ony, satisfac tion and material well-being. It stands for

52 The Pow er o f Num bers co-ordination, m arriage relationship and a spirit o f understanding. Seven sym bolises death, rest, wisdom and evolution. It stands for doubts, m isunderstand ings and darkness. Eight sym bolises revolution, rupture, separa tion and expulsion. It stands fo r waywardness, loss and foolish actions. N in e sym bolises regeneration, the birth o f a new era, voyaging and extensions. It stands for powerful actions, unexpected happenings and reform ations.

C hapter


I n the Great Pyramid o f Gizeh, there are to be

found some figures which will interest those o f our readers who are intent on solving the riddle o f their future marriage. The figures are set out in a cryptic manner and several interpretations have been put upon them. But, i f we place aside all the doubtful messages which they convey, we are still in possession o f some very illuminating information. Briefly, these tablets tell us how to discover whether two people are o f suitable temperament to marry each other. O f course, it will be admitted straight away that a man and a woman may both be very worthy and estimable, yet totally unsuited to each other. Conversely, the two may be very differently constituted, yet the qualities o f the one may bring out the good points of the other and, though a casual observer might prophesy that a decided failure will result of the union, it ultimately proves to be a great success. Thus, failure or success does not depend upon the joining o f like natures, nor yet of unlike


The Power of Numbers

natures. It is based on something far more subtle, and numerology is the only occult science which attempts to peer into the future, in a rational way. The method suggested by the inscriptions at Gizeh is as follows : Suppose a lady wishes to find out whether a certain man would make her a suitable husband, she first finds out her own personal number and, then, compares it with the number belonging to the man. According to the answer, she will know if the union will be propitious or not. T o explain exactly how the figuring should be done, it will be helpful to take ah example. The lady, we will suppose, was born on August 17th, 19x6, and the man on October 10th, 1910. Then : Lady (a) 17th d a y = 1 + 7 = 8. (b) August = 8. (c) 19x6=1-1-9-1-1+6=17 = 8. (d) 8-f- 8+ 8= 24=6, personal number. Man (a) 10th day = i + o = i . (1b) O ctober=io = x -f-o = i. (c) 1910 = 1-1-9-1-1-1-0=11 = 2. {d) 1 + 1 + 2 = 4 , personal number. N ow the question is H ow will Number Six harmonise with Number Four ? The answer is supplied by the following table, which can be used for any two numbers that happen to be found by this process of working :

Numerology and Marriages


1 vibrates to 9 ; attracts 4 and 8 ; and disagrees with 6 and 7. It is passive to 2, 3 and 5. 2 vibrates to 8 ; attracts 7 and 9 ; and disagrees with 5. It is passive to i, 3, 4 and 6. 3 vibrates to 7 ; attracts 5, 6 and 9 ; and dis agrees with 4 and 8. It is passive to 1 and 2. 4 vibrates to 6 ; attracts 1 and 8 ; and disagrees with 3 and 5. It is passive to 2, 7 and 9. 5 vibrates to another 5 ; attracts 3 and 9 ; and disagrees with 2 and 4. It is passive to 1, 6, 7 and 8. 6 vibrates to 4 ; attracts 3 and 9 ; and disagrees with 1 and 8. It is passive to 2, 5 and 7. 7 vibrates to 3 ; attracts 2 and 6 ; and disagrees with 1 and 9. It is passive to 4, 5 and 8. 8 vibrates to 2 ; attracts 1 and 4 ; and disagrees with 3 and 6. It is passive to 5, 7 and 9. 9 vibrates to 1 ; attracts 2, 3 and 6 ; and dis agrees with 7. It is passive to 4, 5 and 8. Explaining the above :
{a) A number that vibrates to another shows that there is considerable mutual attraction and the marriage will be very favourable. (b) A number that attracts another shows that the two people are w ell suited to each other. (c) A number that disagrees with another shows that the union will call for a great deal of diplomacy, if it is to be attended with any measure o f success. (d) Where a number is passive, it merely means that numerology offers no opinion, there being no outstanding influence for good or bad.


The Power o f Numbers

(e) O f course, i f the tw o numbers are alike, it is a foregone conclusion that the union will be very favourable. Returning n ow to the example cited earlier, in which the ladys num ber was 6 and the mans 4, it will be found that they have temperaments w hich will vibrate to each other. Consequently the prospects for the union are good.

C h a p t e r X IV

F r o m time immemorial people have known that, in some way, there was an attraction between themselves and certain colours : also that the exact opposite held equally good, and that other colours were positive harbingers o f trouble. In order to find some rule for deciding on the colour that spelt success to any particular indi vidual, people came to the conclusion that there must be some connection between a person s birth-date and the colour which brought him or her luck. And, from that assumption, they arrived in some mysterious way, which we do not presume to understand, at a lucky colour for every individual. Since the revival o f numerology, it has been proved, over and over again, that each person has what might be called a lucky colour, and that it is revealed not by the use o f birth-dates but by an application o f the science o f numerology. Numerology says that your name can be reduced to a number : it also shows that every colour can be reduced to a number. In Chapter II 57

The Power o f Numbers

we explained how the reduction is effected in the case o f your name : the same process exactly is followed for arriving at the number o f any colour. So, it all amounts to this : if you want to know which colours affect you beneficially and which adversely, you first find your own persona] number, and then you note the numbers attached to certain colours o f your choice. When a colour has the same number as your name, you can rest assured that it may be used beneficially by you. It is a colour that will help you : you should select it whenever possible for your dress : you should choose it in your decorative schemes : you should wear it as your mascot. A t the other end o f the scale there are colours that positively hinder your progress and, of course, they should be avoided. Such colours are found by referring to Chapter I. There you will find a list o f numbers that disagree with other numbers. Thus, when a colour has a number disagreeing with your personal number, you will know at once that it is not a colour for you. It should be straightway shunned. Coming between the two extremes there are colours that vibrate with and others that attract your own number. They will be more beneficial than otherwise to you. You will accept them for your uses, but not to the same extent as you do the colours which pair with your personal number.

The Colours You Should Favour


As it entails a certain amount o f figuring to find out the chief colour numbers, w e give them here. It will then be a sim ple matter to find out those which pair, vibrate, attract or disagree with your own number. (In each case the figure at the apex o f the inverted pyramid is the one that is required.)
7 5 3 3 65

7 6 3 4 4 9 7 4 7

7 3 9735

58692 2562 728 9 1 1

7 9 57 7 5 3 3 8


13718 4189 5 9 8 5 8

1319352 441387 85426 4968 465 12




18395 9 23 5 2 58
7 4

639 4 5
9 3 4 9 3 7 4



8539629675 483682643 3295x817 5256998 772698 59868 5855 4 4 1 8 5


4 13 4 5 54 7 9

3994165 3 9 4 5 7 2
3 4 9 3 9 7 4 3 3

9 54 5 9 5

927 29 2

94 4


The Power o j Numbers

W HITE 58925 4827 3 19 4 1


O RA N G E 69 1 57 5 61633 7 7 9 6
576 3 4 7

7 9 5 5 5 7 5 11

362 98

EMERALD 54 59 134
9 9 5 147

95652 5227

IN D IG O 954976
59 4 7 4

ROSE 9615 676



5422 964 61

19 3 4 5 9 1379 5 4 17 5

583 4 2

BLUE 23 3 5 56 8 25

BROW N 29655 2621 883 7 2


PIN K 79 52
7 57 3 3

BLACK 23132
54 4 5


From the information now given, it is possible to set out the good and bad colours for every individual.
(a) When your Personal Number is 1.

Best colour yellow. W orst colours pink, silver, emerald, indigo, blue, orange and black.

The Colours You Should Favour


Medium colours brown, heliotrope, crimson, purple, rose and green. (b) When your Personal Number is 2. Best colours- grey, gold, azure and mauve. Worst colours white and red. Medium colours green, rose, indigo, blue, orange, brown and black. (c) When your Personal Number is 3. Best colours scarlet and olive. W orst colours heliotrope, crimson, purple, green and rose. Medium' colours indigo, blue, orange, black, white, red, pink, emerald, silver and brown. (d) When your Personal Number is 4. Best colours heliotrope, crimson and purple. Worst colours scarlet, olive, white and red. Medium colours emerald, pink, silver, yellow, green and rose. (e) When your Personal Number is 5. Best colours white and red. W orst colours grey, gold, azure, mauve, heliotrope, crimson and purple. Medium colours scarlet, olive and brown. (j ) Whenyour Personal Number is 6. Best colours pink, emerald and silver. Worst colours yellow, green and rose. Medium colours heliotrope, crimson, purple, scarlet, olive and brown. (<) When your Personal Number is 7. Best colours indigo, blue, orange and black. Worst colours yellow and brown. Medium


The Power o f Numbers

colours scarlet, olive, grey, gold, azure, mauvi pink, silver and emerald. (h) When your Personal Number Is 8. Best color *:s green and rose. W orst colours scarlet, olive, pink, emerald and silver. Medium colours grey, gold, azure, mauve, yellow, heliotrope, crimson and purple. (/') When your Personal Number is 9. Best colour brown. Worst colours indigo, blue, orange and black. Medium colours yellow, grey, gold, azure, mauve, scarlet, olive, pink, emerald and silver. ( N o t e . When red is given one value and scarlet or crimson another, it is implied that all shades of red except scarlet or crimson have the force suggested. Similarly in the case o f blue and green and their shades.)

Chapter XV

O n c e you have discovered your number by the means already described, the ways o f using it are endless. W e will suppose that you are comfortably seated in your office and, suddenly, a matter crops up which requires your decision. It happens that you have to choose between two things. O f course, if one is better than the other, you will use your judgment and select the better. Natur ally, numerology will not expect you to reject the better for the worse. But, in this particular case, the two seem equally acceptable and there is nothing to choose between them. This is evidently a case for numerology. The two things cannot be exactly alike : they must differ in some way. Perhaps they are offered to you by tw o different firms. Then here is a solution to your difficulties. Scribble, on a slip o f paper, the names o f the two firms and transpose the letters into figures. Perhaps you have not memorised the numbered alphabet and cannot put your hand on this book. That need



The Power o f Numbers

not trouble you long. Write down the alphabet and then number off the letters, starting with one for A and going as far as 9, then beginning with one again ; but remember that PH is the same as F. When you have done that it will be easy to see which o f the two firms have a name number that accords most with your own. And when you have found that out, decide in favour of the firm in question. I f you have not the name o f a firm or person to compare with your own, take the name o f the article and use that. O f course, you are now departing from the path o f safety and you may alight on some factor for your purpose that will not give you a correct clue to suitable numbers. That is when numerology is blamed for faults which it has not committed. Take another case. Y o u have to call upon a firm and you hope to pull off a good piece o f business while there. Y o u are booked to reach the firm by 2.30. Thoughts o f numerology flash across your mind and, on the back o f an old envelope, you scribble the now familiar inverted pyramid, but wdth these figures : 230
5 3

Ah ! you say, thats no good, as my num ber is two and not e i g h t Well, if your number

Numerology in Everyday L ife


is two, why not reach there at 2.25, and all will be well, as the following pyramid shows 225
4 7

Mind you, we are not suggesting i f you were going to Edinburgh, and a train at 2.30 suited your convenience, but did not give your number, and that an inconvenient train at midnight gave your number, that you should lose the first and catch the later one. Numerology, when used in this way, is more a nuisance than a help ; and its real mission is to help. D o not think that numerology is something to. use now and again. It can be applied to the ckawing-up o f a dinner menu, a dance pro gramme, to mapping out a summer holiday or buying a new frock. Its uses are unlimited.

C h a pter XVI




claims that during the whole of our lives we are influenced by numbers. A number denotes the year o f our birth : another will herald the year o f our death, and still others mark or will mark the years in which events of special importance occur to us. A ll these numbers, the science contends, are not mere figures that happen by chance. In some special and rather mysterious way, they are related. N ot long ago we applied one o f the most useful numerology tests to a lady who happened to call on us. For reasons which will be appreci ated later, we purposely did not explain to her what we proposed to do. The experiment con sisted in asking certain questions which she was required to answer.
N um erology

Here are our questions and her answers : (1) When were you born? In the year 1900. (2) What happened to you in 191 o ? I had a very serious illness, but what makes you ask ?

The Past, the Present and the Future


(3) What happened to you in 1921 ? Why, that was the year I was married. (4) What happened to you in 1929 ? Nothing that I can remember o f any importance. (5) W hat happened to you in 1934? I went for a tour round the world. These were our questions and now let us explain why each one of them was asked. First o f all, the lady said she was born in the year 1900. The figures o f that year add up to 10. Add xo to 1900 and we get 1910. Hence the date of the second question. Next, the figures o f 1910 add up to 11. A dd 11 to 1910 and we get 1921. This date accounts for the second question. Again, the figures o f 1921 add up to 13. A dd 13 to 1921 and we get 1934. This accounts for the fifth and last question. But what about the fourth question ? you will immediately ask. It will be recognised that the date asked in that question did not belong to the progression years. It was a year chosen at random to see if the lady was giving events for any and every year that might be asked. Her answer shows that she did not look upon the yeai with any significance, as far as she was con cerned ; nor was it. This little experiment with what are known as the progressive years o f your life will point


The Power of Numbers

out the years that have passed and those that are to come 'which will be or have been out standing years. Just apply the experiment to your own life and the lives o f some o f your friends ; then see if the test does not answer satisfactorily. Continue beyond the present year and you will be told the years to come with special significance. It will be noticed that, for this progressive sequence, the annular figures are not reduced to a primary number. T o save you the bother of working out quite a few progression years o f significance, we append several lists in which you may find some o f the dates required. In each case, no more than five or six years are given. The first is the birth year. The others are the years to think about and w a tch :
(a) 1900-1910-1921-1934-1951-1967. (b) 1901-1912-192 5-x 942-19 58-1981.

(c) 1902-1914-1929-1950-1965. {d) 1903-1916-1933-1949-1972.

(<) 1904-1918-1937-1957-1979. ?
(J) 1905-1920-1932-1947-1968. (g) 1906-1922-1936-1955-1975. (b) 1907-1924-1940-1954-1973.

(/) 1908-1926-1944-1962-1980.
(j) 1909-1928-1948-1970-1987.

(k) 1910-1921-1934-1951-1967. (/) 1911-1923-1938-1959-1983.

The Past, the Present and the Future (m) 15)12-1925-1942-1958-1981.


() 1913-1927-1946-1966-1988. (0) 1914-1929-1950-1965-1986. (J> 1915-1931-1945-1964-1984. ) (q) 1916-1933-1949-1972-1991.

(r) 1917-1955-1953-1971-1989.

(x) 1918-1937-1957-1979-2005. (/) 1919-1939-1961-1978-2003. (u) 1920-1932-1947-1968-1992. For any earlier or subsequent year o f birth, add up the figures forming it. Then, add the answer to the birth year. Y o u now have a fresh year. Add up the figures it contains and add the answer to the fresh year. Y o u have now, yet another year. G o on in this way until you have gone beyond the period in which the person whose birth year it is can have any interest.

C h a p t e r X V II

W e have hinted in several places that when difficulties and troubles arise, it depends on our individual qualities how we will face them and overcome them. The astrologers o f old had a way o f determining the measure o f our strength in these matters. The method is fairly simple and well worth applying to our own particular cases. The system is based on a mystic square con taining certain numbers. Here it is :


9 5 4

6 2

The above numbers are represented by the following heavenly bodies : 1. Sun. 4. Sun. 7. Moon. 2. Moon. 5. Mercury. 8. Saturn.
3. Jupiter. 6. Venus.

9. Mars.

Your W ill to Overcome Difficulties


N ow , to make use o f this mystic square, we commence by drawing the square, but leaving out the figures. Then, we take the day on which we were born and reduce it to figures. Thus, supposing our day o f birth was the 12th Septem ber, 1901, it is written 12-9-01. It w ill be seen that the thousand and hundred figures o f the year are omitted, as they are redundant for the purposes o f the square. Next, w e write these figures in the square, in their appropriate places. In the case w e have suggested, the square will now take this form :

O f course, in every case some o f the squares will have to remain unfilled. Another point to note is that when the birth date happens to be formed by the repetition o f one or more figures, the figures are duplicated in the appropriate square. Thus, in the example w e have selected, the figure one occurs twice. Therefore, both o f them are set dow n in the middle upper square, and they must not be read as eleven, but as tw o ones. N ow , whenever two adjacent squares are filled with a number, the heavenly bodies that


The Power o f Numbers

influence those squares are said to be in con junction. This means that their influence will be exerted towards helping you to overcome any difficulties which beset you. H ow much they will be exerted is shown by the follow ing table : Sun and Moon, 21. Sun and Mars, 20. Sun and Venus, 19. Sun and Saturn, 18. Sun and Jupiter, 17. Sun and Mercury, 16. Moon and Mars, 15. Mars and Venus, 14. Moon and Venus, 13. Mars and Saturn, 12. Mars and Mercury, n . Moon and Saturn, 10. Moon and Jupiter, 9. Jupiter and Saturn, 8. Jupiter and Venus, 7. Venus and Saturn, 6. Mars and Jupiter, 5. Jupiter and Mercury, 4. Mercury and Venus, 3. Moon and Mercury, 2. Mercury and Saturn, 1. Thus, in the present case, the tw o squares representing the Sun and Mars are filled ; the two squares touch ; therefore it follows that, in the case o f a person born on 12th September, 1901, the Sun and Mars are in conjunction, as far as he is concerned. By referring to the above list, it will be noticed that the Sun and Mars have

Your W ill to Overcome Difficulties


the number 20 given as their value. This is a high value and the strength which a person born on this particular day will have within him to overcome difficulties will be great. The fact that the Sun is doubled in the middle upper square shows that strength is added to the reading. So, a person with this birth date should be well satisfied with his prospects for surmounting the obstacles of life. N ow, why not try your own figures ? Before leaving the matter, it will be advisable to consider the follow ing birth-square, because it presents a condition that did not arise in the previous example. Suppose you were born on April 5th, 1907. On filling in your square you obtain this :

5 4

N ow , in this instance, there are three cases of conjunction. In which order should we deal with them ? The rule is to start with the lowest numbers on the square and to take them in ascending order. Thus, we have : (a) 4 in conjunction with 5 \b) 4 > 7 , (0 5 7


The Power o f Numbers

Now (a) means that the Sun is in conjunction with Mercury. (b) Means that the Sun is in conjunction with the Moon. (c) Means that Mercury is in conjunction with the Moon. In the table o f values, it will be noted that when the Sun is in conjunction with Mercury, the value o f the personal strength is i 6. Regarding the table o f values given above, it must be understood that the figures are merely comparative. From 21 to 14 may be taken as excellent; from 13 to 1 x as good ; from 9 to 5 as fair ; and below 5 as weak. As a matter o f interest, we conclude this sec tion with a few examples o f people whose names are universally known. They are given without com m ent:
E arl H a ig . F ea ^ k l i n R o o s e v e l t .

Born, 19/6/61. 11 66
9 3

Born, 30/1/82. 1

2 Sun arid Venus (dupli cated), 19.

Sun and Jupiter, 17.

Your W ill to Overcome Difficulties

F lo r e n c e N ig h t in g a l e . O l iv e r C r o m w e l l .

7 5

Dorn, 12/5/20. I

Born, 25/4/99.
99 5

22 Sun and Mercury, 16.

B e n it o M u s s o l in i.

Sun and Mercury, 16.

A d o l f H it l e r .

Born, 29/7/83.

Born, 20/4/99.

9 7

Moon and Saturn, 10.

N o conjunction.

C h a p t e r X V III



W e have now sketched the subject o f numer ology in outline. The main rules are few and straightforward in their purpose. Their applica tion to your own personal self and to the things around you does not demand a belief in the supernatural. The Bible refers, in several places, to numerology, if one can read between the lines. Numerology gives strength and support because it helps you to discover facts about yourself which you could not know otherwise. These facts depend upon the numbers which influence your life and actions. Once you know them, you can go ahead and not grope about in the dark, as you were forced to do before you knew them. W e do not claim, because you are now able to compare the figures which vibrate from your own person with those of outside events, that there is nothing more for you to do. N or are we suggesting that you should sit down and wait for things to happen. Quite the contrary.

In Conclusion


What we do seriously suggest is that when you have got to know your good and your bad numbers, as explained in Chapter II, you should take thorough stock o f yourself. Num erology only helps those w ho help themselves. There fore, find out your good and your weak points. Chapters III to X I will tell you a great deal about yourself that you already know and much more that you do not know. Think over all these matters and be very frank with yourself. Then, make up your mind to gild the good in you and eradicate the bad. Both will be simple things to do, because numerology will give you the necessary inspiration.

H e r e is a dictionary arrangement o f Christian names and their numbers. In each case the personal number is the figure at the apex o f the inverted pyramid. T o find your own number, seek out the figure for each o f your Christian names and apply the method o f resolving to your surname. Then, add all the figures and reduce them to a primary number.

ADA i4i <5 )

AGATHA 171281 8831 9 7241 9 65 62 8 AG N ES 17 55 1 831 6 24 7 62 8 78

19 3 5 5 5

13811 4292 622 84


ADRIAN i 499 1 5 54916

9 4 17 458 94 4

ALBERT 132592 4 57 52
9 3 37

36 1
9 7 7

Christian Names and Their Numbers ALFRED 136954 49659 4625 1 87 9 6 6 ANN AM Y J4 7 5 2


A L IC E 13 9 3 5 4 3 3 8 762 48

ANDREW M 4 9 5 5 69451 6496 146 5 1

ANTONY 152657 67823 4615 176 84


A L IS O N 139165 43172 7489 238 5 2



AN GELA 1 57 5 3 1 63384 9623 685

5 4 9

193895 13285 4 5 14 965 62 8

A M E L IA 1 4 5 3 91 59831 5824 416

5 7 3

ANGUS i ) 7 3 i 6314 945

4 9 4

ARNOLD 195634 15297 6727 499

4 9 4


The Tower of Numbers

ARTHUR 192839 12123 B E N JA M IN 25511495 7162545 878799 66679 BLANCH E 2 3 M 385 546824 91516 1 6 &7



334 7

BARBARA .2192191 31231 1

49 4
BERNARD 2595x94 755614 31 27 5

7 34 17
8 B R IA N 29915 2916 2 1 7/ 38 2 B R ID G E T 299475 2 294257 24651 6126 73 8 12

4 3 54 2
7896 6 86


4 39 3 733

BASIL 21 1 93 3213

534 87

B E A T R IC E 25129935 7652938 495232

BERTH A 259281 75219 373 i 1 x4 25

C A T H E R IN E 312859955 4 3 1 4 59 5 1

BERYL 2 597 3 7 57 i 338 62

7 4 5 9556
295512 25163 7679

4 57 5 5 933i
364 91


Christian Names and Their Numbers

C E C IL i 5 3'9 3 C O C O


726 98 8

CO N STAN CE 365121535 9 2 6 3 3688 2896957 186653 95328 5851 446 8x

D A IS Y 4 19 17 511-8 629 82 I

CH ARLES 38x9351 291386 21425 35- 67 S 24 1 '6

CORA 3691 961 67

D A V ID 41494

5 54 4
198 1 8




375 2891

4 5 9 5 2

8 i

6 447 91

4x809 90

V 3 64

5 9* 9

CONRAD 365914
9*5i 5


4 9 U i

9 4 3



61 7 4


82 DO N ALD 465134 12647 3812 29 3 23

The Power of Numbers

E D IT H 54928 9421 4 6 3 1 9 1 E L A IN E
5 3 19 5 5

84151 3566 823 1 5


5 4 5 i


4691 161
7 7 5

996 96

539812528 83895771 2283158 412464 53611 8972 879 67

DOROTH Y 4696287
1 6 6 8 1 6 7 3 5 9 7

5 4 5 19 4

9 6 7 5 6 4 3 17

i 857
9 4 3 4 7

54 9 3 7 9 4 3 1 4 7 4

2 2

5 4 7 19

5 4 5 9 5 9 9 5 5 9 5 1

59 9 3 5 9 3 5 3

2 1 9
3 1 4


Christian Names and Their Numbers

ERN EST 59 5 5 1 2 55163 1679
7 4 7


EVAN 5 4 M 9 5 6 5 2


G EO FFREY 75666957 3233653 556928 12621 3883 272

9 9 9

E ST H E R 512859 63145
9 4 5 9 4 9 5 4 5 9

FLO RA 63691 9961 967 64

GEORGE 756975 32673 5841

4 3 5

FLOREN CE 636 95535 9965188 962697 68867

5 7 54 3 3 9


6 GERALD 7 5 9 1 3 4
3 5 14 7

ETHEL 52853 7148 8 5 3 48



5 27 7 9 7

EVA 5 4 1
9 5 5

F R E D E R IC K 69 5 4 5 9 9 3 2 6 59 9 59 3 5 2595538 755182 31691 4761

2 4 7


GERTRUDE 7 5 9 29 3 4 5 3522379 8 7 4 5 17 62968 8265 1 82 9 1 1


The Power of Numbers

GLADYS 7 3 14 7 i 14528 . 5971 578 36

H IL A R Y 8 9 3 i? 7 83417 2758 934 37 1

9 9 5 5 5

9 5 1 1

562 28 1

7 3 7


1 1 2

H IL D A 89341 83 7 5 2 1 3
3 7 4

9x1253 12378 3516 867

5 4 9


85 5 9 7 4 M 7 56 3 29 2


< > > C O

0 0

HUGH 2 I 6
3 7

1 1451 2596 7 5 ^ 32

HERBERT 8592592
4 5 2 752 9 7 9 3 7 7 7 3 i 5 14 65

ID A 94 1
4 5 9

JAN E 1 1 5 5 261 87 6

Christian Names and Their Numbers

3 5 59 1


151 195 66215 3836 229 4 2 6

16735 7418 2 59
7 5 3

8151 966 63

KENNETH 2555528
JO A N 7 j 1 1 7 1

39 39 1 5 3 3 3 1 6

1615 7 7 6
54 9

82288 14 17 5 5 8 I4

6647 3 1 2
4 3 7


7 54 3 9 3

3 1 391 4 4 3 t 874 62

4 12 5 3 5 3 7 8 8 1 6 9 7 7


16156 7762 54 8
9 3 3

3565194 822614 14875 5363 899 89


4 1 97 1 9 52 5 1 7 8 1 57 686963 55669 j 236

3 5 9 85 4


The Power o f Numbers M ARTHA 419281 51219 635 1 964 61


M IC H A E L 4938153 432968 75265 3782 161

7 7 5

NORM AN 569415 26456 8192 912 13


M ARY 4197 517

6 8

M YRA 4 7 9 1 271

PAM ELA 7 1 4 5 3 * 85984 4583

9 4 2

4 6


5 4 7 5 5 3 3 7

pAU L ?I , ,

9 5 7




MA Y 417 58 4

NORA 5691 261 87


(P H )O E B E 6 6525 3277 595 55


Christian Names and Their Numbers (P H )Y L L IS 6 73391 41631

5 7 9 4 3 7 4


1 2

ROBERT 962592 68752 5 6 3 7 29 1 21


RUTH 9328 3 5 1
8 6 5

RA L(PH ) 9 13 6 149
5 4 9

ROGER 9 6 7 5 9 64 3 5 178
8 6 5

S IB Y L 9275 29 1 3 2 1
5 3

S ID N E Y RHODA 98641 8515 466 1 3


RO SE 96 1 j 676
4 4

1491 3
5 4 14 9 5 5 5 1

R IC H A R D 9938194 932914 3 5 21 5 8736 6 19 7 1


RUPERT 9 3 7 59 2 3 1 3 5 2 4487 836 29


STAN LEY 1 2 1 53 57 336883 69572 6539 283 12


1 25 6

The Poiver o f Numbers

3 7 2 2 1

4 5 9 5 ^ 5 9 5 5 2 2

5 9 3 6 954 5 3 9 6 59

1945 147 52

682 51

83625 2987 286



1 3 1 15

4 9 6 3 5 2


4426 868
5 5

46987 1686
7 5 5

89946 8941
8 4 5



THOM AS 286411
1 51 52 6 6 67
3 3 4

513259 64575
1 9 3 3 1 3 6 4 9 4

WINIFRED 59596954 5556659

112325 2 35 5 7
5 8 1 3 4 9 4 4 4 8