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1) Thiazide used in t/t of a/e a) Idiopathic hypercalceuria with nephrocalcinosis b) Hyperlipidemia c) CCF 2) IPC prohibits the disclosure of the

identity of victims in rape under A) Section 225A B) Section 226A C) Section 227A D) Section 228A 3) Sham rage is seen in a) Decerebrate animals b) Decorticate animals c) Hypothalamic lesions 4) Hypertriglyceridemia and Hypercholesterolemia seen in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1-Infected Treated with a) Ritonavir b) Reltegravir c) Didanosine d) Efavirenz 5) Doc for syphilis in pregnant lady a) Penicillin 6) Glasgow coma scale- Verbal Makes inappropriate words a) 4 b) 3 c) 2 d) 1 7) pt. was infected with MRSA. All of the following can be given except A) Cotrimoxazole B) Ceflacor D) Ciprofloxacin D) Vancomycin 8) Temozolamide is a) Oral alkylating agent b) Antibiotic antitumor 9) In Japan, known as detergent suicide, a near-instant death achieved by mixing common household chemicals into a poisonous cloud of gas a) H2S 10) Pancreas on CT shows grape like clusters and dilated pancreatic duct a) Ductectatic Mucinous Cystic Neoplasms 11) Cholera toxin acts via secondary messenger a) cAMP b) cGMP

c) Ca2+ d) IP3 12) Rheumatoid factor is a) IgM antibody directed against IgG b) IgG antibody directed against IgM

13) Person with accident unable to abduct shoulder and flex at elbow due to a) Shoulder dislocation b) Medial cord injury c) Lateral cord injury d) Upper trunk injury

14) Which fluoroquinolone shows the longest half-life? a) Levofloxacin b) Lomefloxacin c) Grepafloxacin d) Moxifloxacin

15) A Gram-negative marine bacterium causing ear infection a) Vibrio cholera b) Vibrio parahemolyticus c) Vibrio alginolyticus d) Vibrio mimicus 16) Apixaban a) Inhibits factor Xa 17) Most common cause of Mobius Syndrome while pregnant is use of the drug a) Misoprostol b) Thalidomide 18) In a case of repeated chalazion on upper eye lid, the biopsy was done. The most probable diagnosis on histopathology a) Sebaceous cell Ca b) Basal cell Ca c) Squamous cell Ca

19) Median is Imp for all except a) Blood pressure, b) Survival Time, c) Incubation Period, d) Health Expenses 20) Electromechanical systole a) Q wave onset to peak S1 b) Q wave onset to peak S2

21) A patient with BP 220/120, sudden death, pathological finding of kidney? a) Petechial hemorrhage on cortex with normal size kidney

b) Small kidney with granular surface c) Large edematous kidney with waxy surface d) Small contracted kidney with scars

22) Dilator pupillae is supplied by a) Postganglionic cervical sympathetic chain b) Postganglionic parasympathetic neurons

23) All of the following are bactericidal except a) Daptomycin b) Tigecycline

24) Langerhans histiocytosis a) CD1a

25) Individual intraoperative awareness is evaluated by a) Pulse oximetry b) Bispectral index c) Color Doppler d) End tidal CO2 26) Kegels exercise is advised a) Immediately after delivery b) 3 months after delivery c) 24 hrs. after delivery 27) Doesnt pass anterior to the ureter? 1. Terminal ileum 2. Vas deferens 3. Inferior epigastric artery 4. Genitofemoral nerve

28) The appearance of cortical cataracts show up small linear opacities like "spokes of a wheel". a) Lamellar cataract b) Punctate cataract c) Cataract centralis pulverulenta d) Coronary cataract 29) Dermatome of little finger a) C6 b) C7 c) C8 d) T1 30) Congenital aplastic anemia a) FANCONI ANEMIA 31) Erythematous lesions with Collarets of scales on trunk a) Pityriasis rubra b) Pityriasis rosea 32) What is not a complication in fracture head of femur?

a) Shortening b) Malunion c) Non union 33) Itchy lesion, linear IgA deposit in basilar membrane a) Dermatitis herpetiformis b) Chronic bullous disease of child 34) Small vessels vasculitis seen in a) giant cell arteritis b) takayasu arteritis c) PAN d) Microscopic Polyangitis 35) Sex ratio of children between 0-6 years a) 914 b) 923 c) 940 d) 945 36) Man with asbestos exposure for 20 yrs with involvement of lower lobe and Comet tail sign a) Round atelectasis b) Mesothelioma 37) Smallest AP diameter of skull in a) Trignocepahaly b) Brachycephaly c) Oxycepahly d) Dolichocephaly 38) Renal scarring detect in infected kidney is detected by a) DTPA b) DMSA 39) Salmonella typhi - dose needed to infect human a) 1 bacilli b) 10 bacilli c) 10^2 - 10^5 bacilli d) 10^8 10^10 bacilli 40) Drug induced osteomalacia a) steroid b) Heparin c) Phenytoin 41) Investigation of choice in Hirschsprungs disease A. rectal biopsy B.Barium enema C.MR angiography D.manometry 42) Type of hypersensitivity in myasthenia gravis a) Type 1 b) Type 2 c) Type 3 d) Type 4 43) Pt. has external strabismus, ptosis and uniocular diplopia. It shows the involvement of a) Trochlear b) Occulomotor 44) Agent is there in the environment but no transmission is taking place A) Elimination

B) Control C) Eradication d) Holoendemic 45) In Preeclampsia a) GFR low b) GFR high c) remains same 46) In ARDS a) Diffuse alveolar damage 47) IUCD not necessary to change after 3 - 5 yrs. a) Cu 380A b) Cu 200 48) Which of the following is a cause of psychosis on a cocaine user? A. tolerance B. Withdrawal C. regular intake D. Reverse tolerance 49) Functioning of a gene can be best demonstrated by a) Western blotting b) Southern blotting c) Gene knock out d) Transgenic animals 50) Amylin is secreted by: a) Alpha cells b) Beta cells c) Gamma cells d) Delta cells 51) Porphyria with autosomal recessive inheritance a) Congenital erythropoietic porphyria 52) Least likely to cause infective endocarditis a) Small VSD b) Small ASD c) AS d) AR 53) All Structures Are derivatives of pharyngeal arches except? a) Tensor veli palatine. b) LPS c) Stapedius. d) Palatine Tonsils 54) All nerves supply the auricle except. a) Greater Auricular b) Lesser Occipital. c) Tympanic Branch of glossopharyngeal d) Auricular branch of Xth nerve 55) Diabetic elderly male with painful lesion in external ear, bone erosion with facial nerve palsy and resistant to antibiotics. Diagnosis a) Malignant Otitis Externa b) Nasopharyngeal carcinoma c) CSOM 56) Disease spread by culex, anopheles and aedes globally 1) Malaria

2) Filaria 3) Dengue 4) Yellow fever 57) All cause Conduction Deafness Except? a) Endolymphatic Hydrops b) Otosclerosis. c) Serous Otitis Media d) Suppurative otitis media 58) All are mixed germ cell tumor except a) Granulosa cell tumor b) Dysgerminoma c) Endodermal sinus tumor d) Choriocarcinoma 59) In active management of 3rd stage of labour, all are done except a) Controlled cord traction b) inj Methergine c) inj Syntosin d) Massage of uterus 60) Old blood stain is detected using? a) LUMINOL SPRAY b) Infrared rays c) ultraviolet 61) Common enzyme utilized in cholesterol and ketone synthesis a) HMG Co-A synthetase b) HMG Co-A reductase 62) In Kallman syndrome, which of the following is increased? a) LH b) FSH c) TSH d) GHRELIN 63) Lesion developed from Olfactory Mucosa? a) Esthesionneuroepithelioma 64) Repeated transcranial magnetic stimulation of brain is done in a) Depression b) Resistant schizophrenia c) OCD d) Acute psychosis 65) The occurrence of hyperthyroidism following administration of supplemental iodine to subjects with endemic iodine deficiency goiter is known as: A. Jod-Basedow effect B. Wolff-Chaiokoff effect 66) Vision 2020 in India includes a/e a) Cataract b) Refractory error c) Vitamin A deficiency d) Diabetic retinopathy 67) In posterior dislocation of shoulder Hill Sachs lesion is seen in

A) Anterior B) Anteromedial C) posterior D) Posteromedial 68) In Retinoblastoma metastasis occur commonly by which route a) Hematogenous b) Lymphatic c) Scleral d) Optic nerve invasion 69) A pt. present with vomiting of 500ml, spleen size 5cm below costal margin, diagnosis a) Gastric ulcer b) Drug induced c) Portal hypertension 70) After 12-24 hrs. starvation, what will not happen? 1. Increased free fatty acid 2. Increased ketone bodies. 3. Decreased glycogen 4. Decreased serum proteins 71) Contraindicated in renal failure a) Morphine b) Pethidine, c) Fentanyl d) Atracurium 72) Spread of infection from middle ear is through all of the following except 1) Natural connection through oval and round window 2) Eustachian tube 3) Lymphatics 4) Bone 73) In a neonate mother reports blisters and peeling off of skin at the site of handling and pressure with a similar history in previous child who died. Diagnosis a) Bullous pemphigoid b) Epidermolysis bullosa c) Congenital syphilis d) Letterer siwe disease 74) In an elderly man vaccine not given a) Measles b) H Influenza c) Tetanus toxoid d) Pneumococcal 75) All Are True about SACH Except? a) Full Form is 'Solid Ankle comfortable Heel b) Managed by prosthesis c) Shoes can be worn out d) Woody heel in center 76) A person is brought for examination and during examination he admits to be practicing sodomy. All of the following features are expected to be present except a) Presence of fecal matter b) Presence of smegma c) Tearing of frenulum d) Constriction of penis 77) Mean 105 with SD 10 , 95% will fall within limits of a) 75 -135 b) 85-125 c) 95-115 d) 65-145 78) Mean hemoglobin of a sample of 100 pregnant women was found to be 10 mg % with standard error of 1.0 mg %. The standard error of the estimate would be a) .01 b) 0.1

c) 1.0 d) 10 79) Which of the following hypoglycemic drug causes vit B12 deficiency a) Exenatide b) Rapaglinide c) Gliptan d) Metformin 80) What will be the age of a child who can use 4-5 words including meaningful nouns & represent his ideas mostly by non-verbal communication? A) 15months B) 18 months C) 24 months D) 12 months 81) Least common presentation of multiple myeloma a) Hyperviscosity b) Anemia c) Bone pains d) Infections 82) 45 yr male, with both upper limbs paralysed in childhood, now develops pain, fatigue in both lower limbs. diagnosis? a. post polio syndrome b. polymyositis c. muscular dystrophy d. neuropathy 83) The effect on sleep pattern if external source is removed a) Will not change b) More than 24 hrs. c) Less than 24 hrs. d) Irregular 84) AIDS related complex include a. herpes zoster b. opportunistic infection c. generalized lymphadenopathy d. cancer 85) Splenomegaly is not associated with a. CML b. Polycythemia vera c. essential thrombocythemia d. primary myelofibrosis 86) Side effects of thalidomide are all except a) Myocarditis b) Neuropathy c) Sedation d) Constipation 87) Which of the following is not a phase one reaction? A) Oxidation B) Reduction C) Hydrolysis D) Conjugation 88) In Immune complex formation, structure of protein involved is A) Primary B) Secondary C) Tertiary D) Quaternary 89) 12 yr. old girl with rapid gain in height since last 11 months has inability to sit with legs crossed and difficulty in squatting. On bending, her knee reaches axilla of same side. Whats the most probable diagnosis? a. Slipped capital femoral epiphysis b. TB hip c. perthes disease

d. coxa vera 90) Blood group A will have which genotype? A. OO B. AO C. AB C. BO 91) Scholastic performance impeded by all except a) Pica b) ADHD c) Autism d) SCD 92) 60 yr. old male presents with varicocoele. Most probable cause u will think of is A) Lt Testes cancer B) Lt renal cancer C) BPH 93) In pneumococcal meningitis a) Pleocytosis with low protein and low sugar b) Pleocytosis with high protein and low sugar c) Lymphocytosis with low protein and low sugar d) Lymphocytosis with high protein and low sugar 94) Among the following which is the most resistant to action of antiseptics? 1. Spore 2.prions 3. Bacteria 4. Virus 95) A clinician diagnosed a patient as having SLE and ordered 6 tests. out of this 4 have come positive and 2 are negative. TO determine the probability of SLE what is required 1. Prior probability of SLE; sensitivity and specificty of each test 2. Incidence of SLE and predictive value of each test 3. Incidence and prevalence of SLE 4. Relative risk of SLE in this patient 96) All occur in mitochondria except 1 fatty acid synthesis 2 DNA synthesis 3 fatty acid oxidation 4 protein synthesis 97) Pyrogenic cytokines are all EXCEPT a) IL 6 b) TNF alpha c) IL 18 d) INF alpha 99) For Medical termination of pregnancy, the consent is to be obtained from a) Only husband b) Only wife c) Both husband and wife d) Neither Husband nor wife 100) General Adaptation syndrome is seen in? a) Depression b) Anxiety c) Panic attack d) Stressful situation 101) monitoring of blood level is not required in a) Lithium b) Cycloserine c) Gentamycin d) Warfarin 102) Metabolic failure occurs at critical cerebral blood flow of a. 10ml/100gm b. 20ml/100gm

c. 30ml/100gm d. 40ml/100gm 103) Cyanide toxicity caused by drug a) Nitroprusside 104) Yoga if considered as a part of medicine, will be considered as 1. Physiotherapy 2. Preventive medicine 3. Emergency medicine 105) What is mechanism of drug used in asthma which acts on mast cell? a) Inhibits calcium influx which prevent degranulation b) Inhibits leukotriene synthesis c) Blocks b2 receptor not sure d) Inhibition of lipoxygenase 106) Glutamate is pre dominant neurotransmitter in which part of the brain? A. Globus pallidus interna B. Substantia nigra C. Globus pallidus externa D. Putamen 107) After applying a statistical test, an investigator gets the p value as 0.01. It means that a) The probability of finding a significant difference is 1% b) The probability of declaring a significant difference, when there is truly no difference, is 1% c) The difference is not significant 1% and significant 99% times d) The power of test used is 99% 108) Pituitary macro adenoma is defined as size: a) >1 cm b) >1.5 cm c) >2 cm d) >2.5 cm 109) Which of the following amino acid can have o-glycoxylation linkage in oligosachride molecule A. Asparagine B. glutamine C. serine D. cysteine 110) Function of restriction endonuclease II enzyme A. Prevents protein folding B. Removing formed DNA C. Cleaves DNA at palindromic recognition site D. Negative supercoiling 111) Keratin is present in both skin and nail but skin is more flexible than nail because a. increased no of disulphide bonds b. decreased no of water molecules c. increased Na content d. increased hydrogen bonds 112) Third generation assay of thyroid function tests can detect minimum TSH value of a. 0.4 IU/ml b . 0.04IU/ml c. 0.004IU/ml d. 0.0004IU/ml 113) The following method is not a method of estimation of total proteins A biuret B Bradford's c. lowry's d. bromocresol green 114) One year child is admitted with history of fever and cough who had three episodes of bronchiolitis prior now has large foul smelling bulky stools which disorder may be suspected A. Cystic fibrosis B. Maple syrup disease C. Bilirubin conjugation defects

115) All occurs on decrease in liver glucose level except a. inhibition of PFK2 b. Activation of Fructose 2,6-bisphosphatase c. increase in glucagon d. increase in Fructose 2,6-biphosphate 116) Spleen is a common site for metastasis from A. Pancreatic Ca B. Stomach Ca C. Ovarian Ca D. endometrial Ca 117) design effect is used for 1. Stratified sampling 2. Simple random sampling 3. Cluster sampling 4. Systematic sampling 118) A young boy came with dyspnea and was found to have a mediastinal mass. Which of the following is known to commonly produce mediastinal lymphadenopathy? A. diffuse large B cell Lymphoma B. B cell rich T cell lymphoma C. T cell rich B cell lymphoma D. T cell ALL 119) Source of training for ASHA A. AWW and MPW B. ANM and MPW C. AWW and ANM D. Medical Officer and ANM 120) A man on provocation hit another man with a stick leading to formation of a bruise 3 X 3 cm on his arm. Which of the following is correct for his punishment? a. simple imprisonment 1 yr. with 1000 Rs fine b. rigorous punishment for 6 months c. simple imprisonment 2yr and 5000 fine d. none 121) How does Ebstein Barr Virus causes autoimmunity A. Molecular mimicry B. exposing sequestered antigens C. antigenic cross reactivity D. polyclonal B cell activity 122) Commonest cause of keratitis in contact lens wearers a) Acanthamoeba b) Staph aureus c) Naeglaria d) Herpes 123) Till the time of surgery, meningocele is protected by draping with a) Mercurochrome b) Methyl blue c) Normal saline d) Tincture iodine 124) Topical mitomycin C is used for a) Angiofibroma b) Skull base osteomyelitis c) Tracheal stenosis d) Sturge Weber syndrome 125) Alkaline diuresis is useful for a) Morphine b) Amphetamine c) Phenobarbitone d) Quinidine 126) Cognitive Behavior Therapy for treatment of OCD a) Exposure b) Thought stopping

c) Desensitization d) Response prevention 127) A female with abdominal distension, ascites, dyspnea and raised CA 125. Diagnosis a) Ca ovary b) Ca cervix c) Ca colon d) Ca endometrium 128) the mitochondrial enzymes involved in metabolism of clopidogrel and PPI are a. CYP3A4 b. CYP2C10 c. CYP 2A d. CYP 2C20 129) Best way to detect minimum pneumoperitoneum a) Erect abdomen 2) Supine 3) Right lateral decubitus with horizontal beam 4) Left lateral decubitus with horizontal beam 130) A child came with a lymph node and fine needle confirmed it to be a papillary carcinoma thyroid. He subsequently underwent total thyroidectomy and functional neck dissection, what should be the next step in the management? A. Administer I131 B. Suppressive doses of thyroxin C. scans to search for metastasis D. CECT to see residual disease 131) A pt. on one regular medication, which should be stopped before an abdominal surgery A) statin B) steroids C) beta blockers D) ACEI 132) About pathogenesis phase of disease which is not true a) Screening does not affect the progression b) Tertiary prevention possible c) Marks entry of agent d) Includes sub clinical cases 133) Which of the following is radioprotective a) Cisplatin b) Amifostine c) Methotrexate d) Colony stimulating factor 134) All of the following are larvicidal except a) Abate b) Paris green c) Malathion d) Pyrethrum 135) In Alzheimer disease, neurofibrillary tangles are not seen in a) Temporal lobe b) Visual association areas c) lateral geniculate body d) Entorhinal cortex

136) Which of following is most common cause of bone fracture in India A) Sarcoidosis B) Pagets disease C) Nutritional deficiency D) Steroids

137) Drug used in cerebral vasospasm a) Nimodipine b) Nifedipine

c) Amlodipine d) Verapamil


1) Syphylis + Pregnancy > Penicillin G

2) Secondary Amyloidosis > AA 3) Bruise + Accused + Provocation > (Rs 1000 / 3month jail / Both) 4) Non-Disclosure of Rape Victim > IPC 228A 5) Japanese Suicide Technique + home detergents > H2S + other poisonous gases 6) Osteomalacia > Phenytoin 7) Not used for MM Hypercalcemia > Thiazide 8) Thiazide NOT used for > Hyperlipidemia 9) Flower Petal > Cystoid Macular Oedema 10) Limbal scar + Deep Chamber + 11D correction > Aphakia 11) Brain Stem Death > Fixed Unreactive Pupil 12) Apixiban > Xa Inhibitor 13) MC Metastasis in Spleen > stomach 14) Left Varicocele.. Rule out > lt RCC 15) Sodomy Active agent .. ve finding > Smegma 16) Child with bullous lesion.. Scrapped on friction > Epidermolysis Bullosa 17) Meningomyelocele Sac before Sx shud be covered with > NORMAL SALINE 18) Cardiac Mortality is associated with > Rofecoxib 19) Amylin is secreted by > Beta Cells 20) it was breast milk jaundice- symp present with in 20days 21) One qust relatd to carban mono oxide poison,wrong statment is..1.oxygn disocitn curve shiftd to right? 22) Elderly diabetic with Facial palsy > Malignant otitis externa

23) Pharyngeal arches all except > LPS 24) Auricle nerve supply A/E > TYMPANIC BRANCH OF GLOSSOPHARYNGEAL 25) Tumour from olfactory mucosa > Esthesion-neuroepithelioma 26) True about Houston Valves > Lost after mobilisation of Rectum 27) LH Surge > Increasing Estrogen 28) Little Finger > C8 29) Normal MCHC, Raised MCV > Cobalamin Def. 30) True about SACH (Solid Ankle Cushioned Heel) ANS 31) Raised in Pader Wili Syndrome > Grehlin 32) MRI Not True > Can detect calcification accurately 33) Standard error of mean > 0.1 [REPEAT] 34) SLE Probability > Prior probability of SLE; sensitivity and specificty of each test [REPEAT] (checked myself) 35) Corneal lesion + Vegetable matter injury > Fusarium 36) Contact lens + Acute keratitis > Acanthamoebea 37) Structure eroded in Post. Duodenum perforation > Gastrodudenal Artery 38) Extensor plantar + Absent Knee, Ankle + Pes Cavus > Friedrichs Ataxia 39) DIC > Inc. Fibrinogen / Decreased Prothrombin time 40) Pneumococcal meningitis > Pleocytosis with high protein and markedly decreased sugar (checked myself) 41) Basal exudates + infarcts + Headache + hydrocephalus > TB Meningitis 42) Pareital lobe tumour + resected + vomiting + headache.. IOC > FDG PET or HMPAO SPECT (notsure) 43) Asbestos exposure + comet tail + pleura thickening > Round Atelactasis 44) Nocardia characteristic lesion > Brain Abcess 45) Strabimus + ptosis + diplopia > Occulomotor Nerve 46) Contraindicated in Renal Faliure > morphine 47) Slow Acetylators INH toxicity > Peripheral Neuropathy

48) Fibromyalgia True is > EEG Abnormalities 49) Depth of Anaesthesia > Bis Spectral Index [REPEAT] 50) Alcohol consumption before and after > Paired T Test [REPEAT] 51) Reids Index Increased in > Chronic Bronchitis 52) RTA + unable to abduct shoulder + flex elbow + rest normal > Upper Trunk Injury 53) Wilms tumour stage 1 + other kidney normal > Open Nephrouretectomy 54) During Early Pathogenesis true A/E > Tertiary prevention 55) Latest trend in Drug designing > Target Drug Design 56) Diff between Case Control and Cohort > Less time, More time 57) Reporting of health statistics done for > To know trend of disease 58) Vaccine NOT given to elderly man > Measles 59) Disease Spread by Culex + Aedes + Anopheles > Filiariasis 60) Vision deteriorate after Phaco + flare + redness > Post op Endoophthalmitis 61) Dialator Pupilae supply > Post Gand Symp from Cervical Chain [REPEAT] 62) Age related dementia associated with > Homocystiene 63) Night Blind + Tubular vision + Abnormal ERG + Waxy appearance > Pigmentary dystrophy 64) Electromechanical systole > Q S2 65) Best MI Marker in Athlete > Trop T,I 66) Child on Rx with Tacrolimus + Na 136, Ca 7.5, Creat .5, Urea 78 + seizures.. Cause > hypocalcemia >Tacrolimus Toxicity (Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome) 67) CT + Atherosclerosis + CAD Screening > Calcification or inner circumference decrease( not sure ) 68) Keratin diff in Skin and Nails > Disulphide Bonds 69) Enhancing Dural Lesion > Meningioma [REPEAT] 70) Yoga + Modern Medicine > Primary Prevention

71) Child + recurrent Polysachride cap bacteria infec.. Deficinecy of > IgA + IgG2 72) Hisrshprung + Diagnostic investigation > Rectal Biopsy [REPEAT] 73) URI + Fatty Stool + 1yr old Child > Cystic Fibrosis 74) Mean 105, 95% confidence > 85 125 [REPEAT] 75) Branching aseptate fungus with pseudoconidia in Diabetic > candida 76) 60/70 year old patient; Proteinuria + haematuria + Anti HCV +ve > MPGN >Mixed Cryoglobulinemia [REPEAT] 77) Hematemesis + Splenomegaly > Portal HTN 78) MC cause of Bone # in India > Nutritional 79) Urine Alkalinasation for > Phenobarbitone 80) White disc + retina totally normal > Primary Optic Atrophy 81) Least common presentation of MM > Anemia 82) ASHA Training > ANM + AWW 83) Cyst in Cerebellum + Mural nodule + VHL > Haemagioblastoma (Dont remember this question) 84) True about VHL > Haemangiblastomas in cranio spinal region 85) SAH + Blood in 4th Ventricle > PICA 86) A Blood Group > AO 87) Diurnal variation in Eosinophils > Cortisol Variation 88) Episodic Generalised weakness A/E > hypercalcemia 89) Lid Lag + Diplopia + ext. Starbismus > Thyroid Ophthalmopathy 90) Old Blood Stain > infrared rays 91) Right Side pain + ventrolateral cordectomy > Left Lateral Spinothalmic 92) Resistant to Disinfectants > Prions 93) Germ cell tumour A/E > Granulosa Tumour 94) Tumour detected in fetus > Sacrocoxygeal teratoma

95) Thiopentone + cerebroprotective Why > Decrease Cerebral Metabolism and Oxygen Consumption 96) Bizarre Misinterpretation of object > Illusion 97) Hand wash 40 times/day OCD Rx > exposure [snip]) Most potent cerebral Vasodialator > Hypercarbia 99) Prevents Cerebral Casospasm > Nimodipine 100) Aquous flare + corneal diameter 13mm + 1yr old > Congenital Galucoma 101) Sinus Tachycardia A/E > Nifedipine 102) Paracentral scotoma + Disc Atrophy + normal pressure > Normal tension glaucoma 103) Delusion NOT a feature of > Conversion Disorder 104) Without external cue, Sleep cycle is > {>24hours} 105) Not a component of India Vision 2020 > Vit A deficiency 106) Angioneurotic oedema A/E > Pitting Oedema 107) Yellow Flag sign for Back pain > ?????????? (options required) 108) Mast Cell Stabaliser MOA > Inhibits calcium influx which prevent degranulation 109) Mobius syndrome > Misoprostol 110) Millenium Development Goals > hiv reversal from 2015 111) 9yr girl + lesion tibia .. which Translocation > n-myc 112) Extended criteria for Liver Transplant A/E > Age>70 years 113) General Adaptation Syndrome seen in > Stressful conditions 114) NDPS Act True is > User sent to Rehabilitation center and not to jail OR seller & buyer both are punished ( not sure ) 115) Conductive deafness A/E > Endolymphatic hydrops 116) Iodine + hyperthyroidism > Jod Basedow! 117) AD A/E > Ataxia Telangiectasia 118) LCH > CD 1a [REPEAT] 119) Mitomycin C > Laryngotracheal Stenosis [REPEAT]

120) Sex Ratio 0-6 yrs > 914 121) Constipated IBS > Lubiprostone 122) Design effect applicable to > Cluster Sampling 123) Supra duodenal Bile duct + blood supply > Right Hepatic A, Retroportal A?? 124) Undiff Carcinoma(this word was nowhere mentioned in the question, instead the word tumor was used) Marker > Cytokeratin /AFP/CEA??? 125) # neck femur complication A/E > Mal Union 126) GFR + Pre eclampsia > Decrease 127) Smallest AP diameter > Brachycephaly 128) Medican value cant be used for > BP 129) Individual unit of study in A/E > Health education 130) Upr Abdo pain + Panc Head mass + dialated duct + multiloculated > Intraductal Papillary mucinous Ca 131) Small Bowel carcinoid > Associated with Lung Ca (AA have not given any answer 4 this)[REPEAT] 132) White reflex + White opacity with wheel spokes > Lamellar Cataract 133) Thalidomide A/E > Myocarditis 134) Autosomal Dominant Porphyria A/E > Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria 135) Pyogenic Liver Abcess MC Cause > Billiary Tract Infections 136) Small Fibre Neuropathy > HIV 137) Cyanide toxicity > Na Nitroprusside [REPEAT] 138) Least recurrence + rectal prolapse repair + middle age man > Rectopexy 139) HBV+ve Pregnant.. Ig to child > within 12 hours 140) Pyruvate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase inhibitor > Cryptosporidium 141) Bactericidal A/E > Tigecycline 142) SHAM Rage > decortication 143) Small Vessel Vasculitis > Microscopic polyangitis 144) 14 year old girl, quadriparesis, facial palsy, winging of scapula, ptosis, Fade on EMG> Fascioscapulohumeral

145) Ambiguous genetalia + Normal BP + no Hyperpigment + Normal mullerian structures on USG > Primary Virilisation/Congenital adrenal hyperplasia 146) Pain on Injection > Rocuronium 147) Pt for surgery.. Withhold > Statins 148) Pyrogen A/E > IL18 149) MC Complication of TPN > Canula related 150) Recent Problem after advances in TIVA > decrese cerebral metabolism 151) Proximal Segment Scaphoid AVN due to > Retrograde supply 152) Quinolone with longest t1/2 > Moxifloxacin 153) Wide Neural Foramina > NF1 154) Splenomegaly least likely in > Primary Thrombocytosis 155) IUCD NOT changed after 3-5yrs > Cu 380A 156) Rheumatoid factor is > Anti IgM over igG 157) Not done in active management > Massage of uterus [REPEAT] 158) Deceased FSH,LH,Testosterone A/E > Klinefelter , confusion ( how constitutional delay lead to deacrease LH, FSH,TESTOSTERONE ) 159) Antiretroviral causing Hypertriglyceridemia > RITONAVIR 160) Hypoechoic metastasis in Liver > Mucouscystadenoma 161) Subclavian Canulation + hypotension + low air entry +hyperesonance > Tension Pneumothorax 162) Female + finger pain + cant touch Cold > Sausage Digits 163) Vibrio causing ear infection > V. Alginolyticus 164) ARC associated with >LYMPHADENOPATHY 165) Estimate protein content A/E > bromocresol green 166) Dysphagia + regurgitation + Foul smell from mouth > Zenkers Diverticulum 167) CRAO seen in > DM 168) Amputation +Stump neuroma + pain Rx > Ultrasound therapy 169) Least affected by Anaesthesia > BERA

170) Region least affected by Neurofibliary Tangles in Alzheimers disease> Visual cortex 171) Splenomegaly + intestine perforation > Longitudinal ulcer 172) Clozapine True A/E > D2 > D1?? (if the option was D1> D2 as I remember then option B ie Blood level below 350 mg/ml should be maintained to avoid agranulocytosis would be correct) 173) Pregnancy A/E > Reduced SBP 174) Bone marrow Stem Cells A/E > Myoblast 175) Antigen Antibody Rxn + Protein Structure > Tertiary (ANANTHNARAYAN) 176) After 12 hour fasting what will not increase in blood > Protein or ketone body ( not sure ) 177) Consent for MTP > Wife ONLY 178) Rod used for Rape victim exam > Glaster Kein rod 179) Best way to test gene function > Knock Out Mice 180) Hill Sach Lesion > posterior >Postero Medial 181) mRNA True is > Translated from nuclear DNA or hnrna heavier ( not sure ) 182) Enzyme used in both Cholesterol and Ketone Synthesis > HMG CoA Synthase 183) Mitochondria A/E > Fatty Acid Synthesis 184) T & B cells true A/E > mhc I related 185) Graves Disease + Hypersensitivity > Type II 186) Response to dec in Glucose in Liver A/E > increase in Fructose 2,6biphosphate (checked myself) 187) Mediastinal Lymphoma + MC > Diffuse Large T Cell 188) Scholastic performance affected by all except > PICA 189) Transmission STOP, Agent still present > Elimination 190) Test for Bone Density > DEXA Scan [REPEAT] 191) Frequency used in Keratoplasty > 193 nm 192) Ant. Relation of ureter A/E > Genitofemoral nerve

193) Procedure done 1cm away from sternum to > Save InteRNAL THORACIS artery 194) Slit lamp Golden at oblique, Dark in centre > Subluxation of lens 195) Least chance of IE > Small ASD 196) Drug user with Hallucination > LSD 197) Kegels exercises > in 3rd trimester of preg 198) 3rd gen TSH assay > 0.004 199) Bronchiectasis + nephropathy > Amyloidoisis 200) Pustules on Leg + cocci > Bacitracin 201) Baroreceptor Reflex acts at > Rostral Venterolateral Medulla 202) Sub Himalayan region + recurrent leg ulcers > Sporothrix [REPEAT] 203) Inappropriate words + GCS verbal score> 3 204) Childhood history of paralysis + now pain and fatigue > Post Polio Syndrome or myotonic dystrophy ( not sure ) 205) Conduction Block A/E > ???? ; Electrophysiological change associatd with prolonged or absent F potential 206) Infective dose of Salmonella > 100 100000 [REPEAT] (checked myself) 207) pain in pressing in pin point seen in - glomus tumor 208) Twin True is > 2nd has more chance of ARDS 209) Negative intrapleural pressure > Opposite recoil of Chest and Lungs [REPEAT] 210) HUS A/E > Rarely associated with Haemorrhagic colitis 211) Cocaine addict + psychosis > TRIPHASIC withdrawal ( characteristic of it ) 212) 20% lipid better than 10% lipid for A/E > Less Phospholipid 213) Temozolamide is > Alkylating agent 214) Ch Hypertensive + SAH + Death + kidney appearance > Hemorrhagic Petechiae 215) Lifting heavy weight + Pain in great toe > L4-L5 216) Hypospadias + drug in Pregnancy > Diethylsilbestrol

217) Girl + rapid height gain + Inability to squat > Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis 218) Not associated with Lymphoma > Lynch Syndrome 219) Characteristic of ARDS > Diffuse Alveolar Damage 220) Exfoliative cytology diagnostic for > TCC 221) Transcranial Magnetic Therapy > Depression 222) Cervicograph + multigravida + cervix 4cm at present + 5cm after 5hr > Shud have touched action line ( not sure ) 223) Glutamate is predominant neurotransmitter in > Globus pallidus externa ( not sure ) 224) Structure passing thru inguinal canal A/E > Inf. Epigastric Artery 225) Amino Acid NOT phosphorylated by kinases > Aspargine 226) Clopidogrel + PPI metabolism > CYP2C19 227) Nerve Impulse + muscle contraction > Release of Ca2+ from SR 228) New Drug B + compare efficacy with existing Drug A > Phase II 229) Direct Brain Stimulation in Parkinsons > Subthalamic nuclei 230) Brain area for external self-stimulation > ??? 231) Vaccination is based on the principal of > Immunological Memory 232) Papilary Ca Thyroid + near total Thyroid + next step > I131 scan 233) Pitutary Macroadenoma > 1cm 234) Child + low IgM + thrombocytopenia + eczema > Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome 235) Age standardisation done for/ Age related parameter > Crude Death Rate 236) 55yr lady + abdo distension + ascites + raised CA 125 > Ca Ovary 237) Carotid ligated above Carotid sinus > Bradycardia & hypotension 238) 2yr Child + Plays with himself + Doesnt respond on calling > Autism [REPEAT] 239) Renal scarring > DMSA 240) Suprasellar mass with Calcification > Craniopharyngioma

241) True about spinal cord A/E > help me in options 242) Radioprotective > Amifostine 243) Linear IgA deposit in BM > Chronic bullous disorder of Childhood 244) Minimal Pneumoperitonium > erect abdomen 245) T3 lesion + paraplegia + Initial Rx > Steroids 246) Spasmodic Dysphonia True A/E > ABDUCTOR Palsy l/t strained voice and dyspnea 247) 4-5 meaningful words + nouns > 4-10 words in 15months , but 2-3 nouns 21-24 month ( not sure ) 248) Not true abt Resistance in Bact > Plasmid only Vertical [REPEAT] 249) Antibiotic resistance carried in > Plasmid 250) Vibrio acts thru > cAMP [REPEAT] 251) Ketoconazole for Fungal Infection, what not to give > Cisapride 252) MRSA Antibiotic NOT used> Cefaclor [REPEAT] 253) Pink Papules near limbus + poor background > Phlyctenular Conjunctivitis 254) Reccurent mebomian infection Rule out > Sebaceous Carcinoma 255) Laryngomalacia true A/E > Surgical Tracheostomy Best Rx 256) Short Bowel synd. Affects absorption of > Vit B12 257) Not a Phase I rxn > Conjugation [REPEAT] 258) O Site for binding Carbohydrates in > Serine 259) Advantage of Post Cochlear Implant > Better learning and Voice development 260) Larvicidal A/E > pyrethrum 261) TB Bone due to > Multibacillary + Hematogenous 262) Oral Anti Diabetic causing B12 deficiency > Metformin 263) Oxygen in Blood at 4 ATM and 100% delivery > 6mL ( not sure ) 264) G ve bacteria whose endotoxin dosent cause injury > Vibrio Cholera 265) acute SEVERE pulmonary oedema treatment all except -

morphine,digoxin(ANS),frusemide ,positive pressure ventilation 266) Blood Level Monitoring required in A/E > gentamycin 267) Which dosent cause Gynaecomastia >Prolactinoma 268) Erethema + Scales of trunk > Pytriasis Rosea 269) White lesions in mouth + Genital Lesion > Psoriasis > Secondary syphilis 270) Butterfly lesion on face + blood finding > Anti DsDNA Ab 271) Pain + shortening of leg + fall + gluteal mass > help me for option 272) Which is Hereditary > Fanconis Anaemia 273) True about HIV vertical transmission A/E > help me for option 274) Pt of leukemia given induction therapy + persistent pancytopenia A/E > persistent leukemia >B12 Deficincy 275) Serotonin Dopamine antagonist are a/e > Sulpiride/Doxepine 276) Blood in vessels dosent clot coz > Antithrombin III 277) MC Aneurysm in Circle of Willis > Ant. Communicating A. 278) Labour + leucocytosis + Frangmented rbc A/E > Evans Syndrome 279) Lethargic baby + Infant of Diabetic Mom + Blood Sugar 35 Rx > IV 10% Dextrose Infusion 280) Secondary Hemochromatosis A/E > PNH 281) Restriction endonuclease II function > Cleave DNA at specific palindromic sequences 282) Protein precipitates at 40deg redisolves at further heating > Bence Jones Protein 283) DALY > Years lost due to premature death and severity of disability 284) RTA Type 1 true A/E > hco3 level > 15 285) Non-Small Cell Ca Lung True A/E > Bilateral mediastinal lymphadenopathy is inoperable ( not sure ) ,I marked that option with erlotanib given in female smoker with adenocarcinoma 286) CNS tumour Rx with Radiotherapy true A/E > Effect severity dosent vary with Dose of radiation 287) NOT a feature of drug dependence > Use of Illegal Drugs

288) Electron Beam Irradiation used in which skin tumour > sezary synd >Mycosis Fungoides 289) Migraine Pt. + Vasospasm MC due to > Dihydroergotamine 290) Advantage of stopping smoking > Prevent progression of disease 291) Flare + Pressure 18mm + Breadcrumb appearance > Fuchss Uveitis 292) True about Cardiac Output > reduces from lying to standing position 293) Infection from middle ear transmitted by a/e > lymphatic spread 294) EBV + Autoimmunity > Polyclonal B cell Activation 295) True about Anaesthesia machine > O2 Sensor in Inspiratory Limb at Machine end 296) Spontaneous CSF Leak A/E > RAISED ICP 297) Wrong about Central Hypothyroidism > Plasma TSH has no role 298) Brain Metabolism completely Stops at > 10ml/100gm 299) P Value > Probability of Significant result when actually no difference 300) QuatiferonTB assays True A/E > Cannot diff. b/w Typical and Atypical Mycobacteria!